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Out in New Mexico, many long years ago There in a shack on the desert, one night in a storm Amid streaks of lightnin' and loud desert thunder, to a young Mexican couple, a baby was born; Just as the baby cried, thunder and lightnin' die, moon gave it's light to the world and the stars did the same Mother and Father, both proud of the daughter, that heaven had sent them, Feleena was this baby's name. When she was seventeen, bothered by crazy dreams She ran away from the shack and left them to roam Father and Mother, both asked one another What made her run away, what made Feleena leave home; Tired of the desert nights, fartherly grieved to strife She ran away late one night in the moon's golden gleam She didn't know where she'd go, but she'd get there And she would find happiness, if she would follow her dream. After she ran away, she went to Sante Fe And in the year that she stayed there, she learned about life In just a little while, she learned that with a smile She could have pretty clothes, she could be any man's wife; Rich men romanced her, they dined and they danced her She understood men and she treated them all just the same A form that was fine and rare, dark shining glossy hair Lovely to look at Feleena was this woman's name. Restless in Sante Fe, she had to get away To any town where the lights had a much brighter glow One cowboy mentioned the town of El Paso They never stopped dancin' and money like whiskey did flow; She bought a one-way, a ticket from Sante Fe Three days and nights on a stage with a rest now and then She didn't mind that, she knew she would find that Her new life would be more exciting than where she had been. The stage made it's last stop, up there on the mountain top To let her see all of the lights at the foot of the hill Her world was brighter and deep down inside her An uncontrolled beating, her young heart just wouldn't be still; She got a hotel, a room at the Lily Belle Quickly she changed to a form-fitting black satin dress Ev'ry man stopped to stare, at this form fine and rare Even the women remarked of the charm she possessed. Dancin' and laughter, was what she was after And Rosa's Cantina had lights, with love in the gleam That's what she hunted and that's what she wanted Rosa's was one place, a nice girl would never be seen; It was the same way, it was back in Sante Fe Men would make fools of themselves at the thought of romance Rosa took heed of, the place was in need of This kind of excitement, so she paid Feleena to dance. A year passed and maybe more and then through the swingin' doors Came a young cowboy so tall and so handsomely dressed This one was new in town, hadn't been seen around He was so different, he wasn't like all of the rest; Feleena danced close to him, then threw a rose to him Quickly he walked to her table and there he sat down And in a day or so, wherever folks would go They'd see this young cowboy, showin' Feelena the town. Six weeks he went with her, each minute spent with her But he was insanely jealous of glances she'd give Inside he was a-hurtin', from all of her flirtin' That was her nature and that was the way that she lived; She flirted one night, it started a gun-fight And after the smoke cleared away, on the floor lay a man Feleena's young lover, had shot down another And he had to leave there, so out through the back door he ran. The next day at five o'clock, she heard a rifle shot Quickly she ran to the door, that was facin' the pass She saw her cowboy, her wild-ridin' cowboy Low in the saddle, her cowboy was ridin' in fast; She ran to meet him, to kiss and to greet him He saw her and motioned her back, with a wave of his hand Bullets were flyin', Feleena was cryin' As she saw him fall from the saddle and into the sand. Feleena knelt near him, to hold and to hear him When she felt the warm blood that flowed from the wound in his side He raised to kiss her and she heard him whisper 'Never forget me - Faleena it's over, goodbye.' Quickly she grabbed for, the six-gun that he wore And screamin' in anger and placin' the gun to her breast Bury us both deep and maybe we'll find peace And pullin' the trigger, she fell 'cross the dead cowboy's chest. Out in El Paso, whenever the wind blows If you listen closely at night, you'll hear in the wind A woman is cryin', it's not the wind sighin' Old timer's tell you, Feleena is callin' for him; You'll hear them talkin' and you'll hear them walkin' You'll hear them laugh and you'll look, but there's no one around Don't be alarmed - there is really no harm there It's only the young cowboy, showin' Feleena the town

The Assumption Song

Arrogant Worms
There was an old farmer who lived on a rock He sat in the meadow just shaking his Fist at some boys who were down by the crick Their feet in the water, their hands on their Marbles and play things at a half passed four There came a young lady who looked like a Pretty, young preacher She sat on the grass, she pulled up her dress And she showed them her Ruffles, and laces and white fluffy duck She said she was learning a new way to Bring up her children, so they would not spit While the boys in the barnyard were shoveling Refuse, and litter from yesterday's hunt While the girl in the meadow was rubbing her Eyes at the fellow, down by the dock He looked like a man with a sizable Home in the country, with a big fence out front If he asked her politely, she'd show him her Little pet dog, who was subject to fits And maybe she'd let him grab hold of her Small, tender hands with a movement so quick And then she'd bend over and suck on his Candy, so tasty made of butterscotch And then he'd spread whip cream all over her Cookies that she had left out on her shelf If you think this is dirty You can go f*ck yourself!


Young and strong Hollywood son in the early morning light this star fell down on Sunset Boulevard young and strong beautiful one we embraced so close is gone was torn away let the youth of America mourn include him in their prayers let his image linger on repeat it everywhere with candles, with flowers he was one of ours one of ours why don't you let him be he's gone we know give his mother and his father peace your vulture's candor your casual slander you murder his memory he's gone we know it's nothing but a tragedy lay to rest your soul and body lay beside your name lay to rest your rage your hunger and amazing grace with candles, with flowers you were one of ours one of ours I saw cameras expose your life I heard rumors explode with lies I saw children in tears cry and crowd around the sight of where you had collapsed that day where your last breath and word had been sighed where your heart had burst where you had died I saw how they were lost in grieving all half believing you were gone the loss and pain of it crime and shame of it you were gone it was such a nightmare raving, how could we save him from himself


JAY-Z "Unfinished Business"
[Intro: Swizz Beats] Swizzy...Beats... [Chorus] Aiyo I cannot (Stop), I will not (Stop) AS WE PROCEED [Verse 1] Young Hov got the block on smash Put the gun to the back and hop on some ass Nigga fresh-dressed and stay poppin' tags Put the ewings on the truck 'for I drop the rag Bitches want to bring up the topic of my past It's legendary in the hood how I got my cash I'm legendady in the hood so I got the mag And I've never been a fronter so I've got to blast Will I flash... Not... As I'm not playing with you motherfuckers the casket drops You bastards not gon' assassinate the name I got Ya'll hear me though Young Hov got the block on smash And everybody and their momma want to stop my cash Everybody want drama with the top of the brass 'Til I come through hop out the cab 1-8-7 they ass [Bridge] (Stop) Somebody 'gon (Drop) Ya'll hear me though... [Chorus] [Verse 2] Young Hov got the game in a frenzy Twenty million sold all independently So when you mention me Make sure you got together your 'semblies Like he's the games J.F.Kennedy I started out I ain't have no chimney My ma was Santa Claus, well at least she pretended to be 'Til one night, well that's if memory serves me correct I caught her under the Christmas tree Young Hov ain't have no pops Thank God man I had the block Ya'll hear me though You young fucks got the game all wrong This is my life man this ain't no song You ain't livin' your rhymes out, you live at your mom's house In that tight-ass room, pullin' the cars out And the mirror pointin' at your reflection, killing yourself You American Pie, stop feeling yourself Nigga, you just a worker, go deal yourself Stop being a server, get a meal yourself Where your heart at, all that yick-yack, ain't nobody scared of your gats We got bigger ones How many niggas done shot at me shivering They were so scared they ain't hit me once Young Hov 'bout to go to the range 'Bout to work on perfecting my aim [Chorus]

Piggy Pie (Old School)

INSANE CLOWN POSSE "Forgotten Freshness Vol. 2"
Once upon a time there were three little pigs who went out into the big world to build their homes and seek their fortunes The first little piggy, his house is made of wood, He lives in a chicken turkey piggy neighborhood. He likes to fuck his sister, and drink his moonshine, A typical redneck filthy fuckin' swine! I rode into town with my ax in my holster, Everybody knows about the wicked piggy roaster. The sheriff at the border, he tried to take me out, I drew my ax with the quickness, and cut his adams apple out! Walked in the village, and to the piggy's place, He opened up his door, and shot me in the face. It blew me off the porch, and blew my head in half, But I'm a Juggalo, so it only made me laugh. (Hehe!) Ax in hand, I rose like the dead, And swung with all my might, I made a thump noise in his head. Since we out west, I grabbed the shot gun, And blew his fuckin' tongue out the back of his cranium! Three little piggies, to make a piggy pie. There's nothing like the squeal when you hear a piggy die. I might use a gun, (No!) I might use an ax, (yes!) The carnivals in town, come and get your piggy snacks! The second little piggy, his house is made of brick, And this little piggy is a mutha fuckin' dick. He lays down his rules and reads you your rights In that funny lookin car with the little blinkin lights I drive a Volkswagon bug 17 deep Packed full of juggalo's lights out and we creep To the piggy station and lay on the horn First piggy out we blow his lungs out his uniform Now they in pursuit, like Starsky and Hutch But there's only 2 of them the rest are out to lunch They call up Dunkin Doughnuts to gather up the rest 25 piggy's with a bullet proof vest We lead 'em on a chase, they bustin' off rounds but now they all fucked cuz we at the carney grounds And they gettin swallowed by their very own greed Dark Carnival and Wicked Clownz cuz we need Three little piggies, to make a piggy pie There's nothin like the squeal when you hear a piggy die I might use a gun, (NO!) I might use an ax, (YES!) The carnivals in town come and get your piggy snacks (2x) The last little piggy, his house is made of gold, He lives in a mansion on his own private road, I started walking down it, the guard he told me wait, I snapped his fucken neck in 2 and slammed his nuts in the gate! Cuz this little piggy, must definitely die, I'm a lob his nugget off and toss it in the sky. And then I watch the moon take the form of the devil, And pull it out the sky, and beat it with a shovel. People in my city, they fight for their meals, He sleeps on a mattress stuffed with hundred dollar bills. A ritchie is the devil, he never will admit it, So I'm a cut his hand off and slap his face with it. Opened up his door, he's sleeping in his bed, I grabbed a brick of gold and smacked it upside his head. He begged for his life, I told him it's too late, And tied his neck in a knot and watched him suffocate, cuz I need Three little piggies, to make a piggy pie There's nothin like the squeal when you hear a piggy die I might use a gun, (NO!) I might use an ax, (YES!) The carnivals in town come and get your piggy snacks

What Can I Do

(Kelly Price) What can I do? What can I do, to make it better? Yeah, yeah (Scarface) I thank the Lord, for every morning, he allows me to rise And though the sun is shining, there's a cloud in the sky Lettin' me know, that at any moment, there could be rain And as beautiful as life is, there still can be pain Down the park, I hear the sirens, just screamin' away And then the unevitable happens, the end of them days As sad as it sounds, but that's the price we all gotta pay And the whole world knows God giveth, will taketh away (will taketh away) I live and I learn, I sit and watch my cigarette burn Down to the ash, it reminds me of the now and the passed I say a little prayer, 'cause eventually I'll stand in the path Of the souls and dark rows that lead to rest (Chorus) Do you hear them, crying? Waiting for someone to come and dry their tears (someone like you and me) Take away their fears And then a child is born Bloody legged, clingin' to life Unaware of his surroundin's or breathin' is right In the arms of his mother as he looks in her eyes He takes his first breath and he screams (baby's alive) At the same time, another mother, murders her kids And the unbarable thought of this hear, just' brings me to tears It's hard enough we gotta raise our kids to live in this world So full of hate with no faith, and killin' your pearls And sometimes, I sit it down, and wonder myself But then again, I ain't Jesus, and I can't help All I can do, is hope I never live with the fact That if I heard one of my seeds is dealin' with that That'd be the hardest thing, I'd ever have to do in my time I'd have to take my own life too, and I couldn't glide Instead what he'd, what you hear me singin' bout it in my ride And a parent hurtin' his kid ain't decidin' the time I know it's truth, the next day, we just livin' to die But I believe if you livin' right, you'll live in the sky Lookin' down on the good and the bad, the world as a whole And hopefully you did what you did, before you had to go (Chorus) Do you hear them, crying? Waiting for someone to come and dry their tears (someone to dry their tears) Take away their fears Can I make it, better? (I want to make it better) Can I ease the pain that they are goin' through? (they're through) What can I do? What can I do? I say 'goodbye' to your cruel world I see peace to the red sky I see these are where the dead die, leavin' my head high And if the streets up ahead crowd with the heat from the lead fly But the grief when I said 'Bye,' pull the sheets on my bed dry We're turnin' the table, we tellin' a tale That the destruction of human flesh, and it not so great Long list of the John Doe's, and Kauntly the spirit With them jails of souls lost, we hope that God hears it Resurection very harsh, crowdin' in the room Muffle sounds on the outside, echo the tomb But I'm cold (Kelly Price) Do you hear me? I'm cryin' (Chorus) Do you hear them, crying? (x2 to fade) Waiting for someone to come and dry their tears (someone to dry their tears) Take away their fears (take away their fears) Can I make it, better? (gonna make it better) Can I ease the pain that they are goin' through? (everything they're goin' through) What can I do? What can I do?

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