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MANIC STREET PREACHERS lyrics - Everything Must Go

No Surface All Feeling

Original and similar lyrics
Embarrassed possessed and so uncivilised Just take a look at the whites of my eyes See me now and I will apologise For me for you we knew they were lies It makes me angry ashamed but really alive It may have worked but at what price What's the point in always looking back When all you see is more and more junk It was no surface but all feeling Maybe at the time it felt like dreaming Maybe richer maybe wiser Seems so easy to not go too far Beg me to stop hate my face I know They tell me forever just to go Just one thing before I get to sleep Nothing here but the stains on my teeth No not blood just liquid from you I only wish it was the truth Feel the guilt of a sinner Feel the cold of a winter It was no surface but all feeling Maybe at the time it felt like dreaming


FLAW "Through The Eyes"
so you think the areas gray but it continues each day a bad example of the attitude you portray act like I owe you my life you should be burdened with strife so i continue to pray hope that you'll go away a bad addiction to a home wrecking thing who plays with my heart and that's the bottom line i feel so empty what can you give me that I can't give myself and what part of my life can you fix, that I can't fix my damn self god i'm losing patience each day i've put myself in harms way can't seem to justify none of the shit you say can't find another way out here's nothing left but pure doubt i'm on the verge of pulling my hair straight out so if you listen to me not to the powers that be we're not supposed to be together can't you see in decision is the bottom line i feel so empty now [chorus] i'm gonna show you now this time i'm getting out i've said it many times but this time I have figured out just how i'm moving on it's taken way too long inside I know i'll feel much better when you're really gone [chorus]

The Rain

WILL SMITH "Willennium"
[Chorus: Jill Scott] The little rain drops fallin' down on me But I can't seem to feel it, feel it Feel it coming over me [Will Smith] The rain gon' come through the window, pain will come Black, white, rich, poor, it's the same old drum Rainy days like the war, use wisdom as a weapon Hold your head up, dry your clothes and keep steppin' Let the children feel the rain, 'cause if they feel the rain gt;From the wetness, they stand to gain I came into the game, it felt like the middle of June Music was warm, artists, like flowers, they bloom Then boom, I shook the room, many felt the thunder My time to shine, did it like summer I wondered if the sun would shine forever Pops said rain gon' come , to him I said never Chedder in the genes, face on screens Got a benz wit' the sheen, but what did it all mean I earned money and burned money, credit cards smokin' Platinumn, grammys, famous, but still broke and Not having cash put me in check Yo, the road to the riches is slippery when wet Amongst the fall is where you truly find yourself Ever since then, the rain I never felt Deal wit' it [Chorus] [Will Smith] At age seventeen, the worst pain, a hurrcaine Her first name still conjuers the rain Vowed to never let nobody ever get me wet Lest we forget, love is a four season concept Many say the rain they can't stand Never let the weather determine the man God has a plan, from it I never ran Follow my heart through the storm, my umbrella in hand I'm Noah, life's my arc forty days and forty nights, still can't take my heart Seen the fallen man To dope and liquor brands The devil'll dance to make it rain Bringing the pain Walk through the puddles of struggle on flooded streets Soakin' wet, but mastered the art of peace Through grey skies, I grew wise, on bended knees I knelt Since then, the rain I never felt What's wit' it [Chorus] [Will Smith] Sometimes I sit in my room, stuff on my mind Stress, can't rest, so I open the blinds See kids in the streets, runnin' around It wasn't touchin' 'em, but the rain was comin' down I wondered how, with my mouth wide Reminisce of the key, said I wanna go outside In the rain, to see if the same would happen to me 'Bout that time, God started rappin' to me He said pain is the mother of change, the rain must flow So the seeds of joy might grow Don't be afraid, find shelter in me The road to greatness, through the valley of adversity I felt the light as He proceeded to drop the gem These little children, the world we must receive like them I just smiled, and thanked Him for the cards He delt And since then, the rain I never felt What's wit' it [Chorus]

Finally Free

DREAM THEATER "Scenes From A Memory"
The Miracle: Friday evening The blood still on my hands To think that she would leave me now For that ungrateful man Sole survivor No witness to the crime I must act fast to cover up I think that there's still time He'd seem hopeless and lost with this note They'll buy into the words that I wrote This feeling inside me Finally found my love, I've finally broke free No longer torn in two I'd take my own life before losing you Victoria: Feeling good this Friday afternoon I ran into Julian Said we'd get together soon He's always had my heart He needs to know I'll break free of the Miracle It's time for him to go This feeling inside me Finally found my love, I've finally broke free No longer torn in two He'd kill his brother if he only knew Their love renewed They'd rendezvous In a pathway out of view They thought no one knew Then came a shot out of the night The Sleeper: One last time We'll lay down today One last time Until we fade away One last time We'll lay down today One last time We fade away As their bodies lie still And the ending draws near Spirits rise through the air All their fears disappear, it all becomes clear A blinding light comes into view An old soul exchanged for a new A familiar voice comes shining through Nicholas: This feeling inside me Finally found my life, I'm finally free No longer torn in two I learned about my life by living through you This feeling inside me Finally found my life, I'm finally free No longer torn in two Living my own life by learning from you We'll meet again my friend someday soon CNN report: news in London, France, Russia and Italy have deleted their lead story, all anticipating the outcome of the man considered to be a member of American nobility. And as you can imagine, as the skies have grown darker here over Washington, the mood has grown darker as well and people here are beginning to resign themselves to the possibility that they are witnessing yet another tragedy in a long string of misfortunes. Reaction from everywhere, from Washington and certainly from around the world has gues... Hypnotherapist: Open your eyes, Nicholas. Nicholas: AAAH!

Follow Tha Leader

take tha tezt, when u facin ace, do not hold bacC/ kant fake tha bezt, race acceleration, na thiz iz full throttle rap/ na I wont shoot u, ill twist ya head off ya necC like a bottle cap/ ya like puddy tha way ya silly ass kan so easily be modeled wacC/ when u write ur verze juz add my name n itll be an unstoppable trak/ mc'z step to me, y waste life? Leave em left n an untoppable stacC of carcasses/ pyrotechnikz aint got shit on me cuz yall aint neva seen sum sparkz like thiz/ settin flamez to carpet bitch, fucC burnin ya place down ill lite up tha town like a arsonist/ pull up to ya crib n start sum shit, slap ur mom on accident, pardon miss/ ur gurl n me… thatz happiness, but her wit u meanz far from bliss/ iight I laid it on now I must insist, quit tryin ta akt like uve got a chance against me/ tha closest u kame to getting a punch landed wuz looking in tha mirror for defense, see?/ I aint juz cutting u off at tha knee capz.. u getting defeeted immensely/ Battling me u don't get beat free… but thoze extra bruises were complementary/ Like a blonde with a college degree, ur lozt, u cant even get sense(centz) free/ u aint got a clue so herez sum hintz g, don't try to battle me itz elementary/ so get a clue Watson, don't waste ya time, juz slit ya own throat/ y even step to me? Tha minute I wuz born tha window swallowed ur hope/ attention plz: ur being followed, no joke, look behind u, then get smoked/ y step to tha highest player in tha game/ I kould rearrange ya brain/ Make u feel no pain/ Juz follow me to fame/ If u feel up fa tha exchange/ Gloryz ridez on thiz road/ So here, juz take tha reinz/ bacC fo more I see, I hold ya life in me, confidence residez in me/ im tha exhaulted 1, Poseidon aint got flow on me, call me almighty/ im tha dark lord, how dare u try n take me lightly, leave u finishedbefore we fight G/ see me in tha nite, flee, u got no rite to be me, ull never be able to defeat me/ u could chop my legz from beneath me, n still I would leave unscathed/ light cannot overtake me, I created moonlight, tha sunshinez fake/ see how many shotz ur gunz take, to make me fall before u do/ I kan see thru u, ya invisible to my radar, y eat u? ill juz chew u/ Mcz r killed free dude, ur obsolete watch me delete u/ fucC it exclude my click n kill each krew, then go bacC n time before I meet u/ kill u while ur uknown, so kno1 will miss u, u juz got heat blew/ thru ya skull, my rage iz full n now itz time to retreat dude/ go bacC up threw time to write thiz rhyme n tell tha story of how I beat u/ or u got anotha option, surrender, give me tha opportunity to save ya life/ cuz if not u only got 2 chiocez, wanna die by blade or knife?/ I have to stay on top of tha game, itz like I wuz made for height/ Welcome to defeat, who sent u? ace, k then stay tha nite/ N still im tha highest in tha game, getting fame, and paid for flight/ y step to tha highest player in tha game/ I kould rearrange ya brain/ Make u feel no pain/ Juz follow me to fame/ If u feel up fa tha exchange/ Gloryz ridez on thiz road/ So here, juz take tha reinz/

Shock Wave

There's no reason for you to run You can't escape the fate of the chosen one Black moon rising, in a blood red sky This time you realise that you're gonna die Drinking your blood brew is your answer That's what you plan to do No dreaming, time you cheat this master You're on your own going through Wind of mist has taken over your mind And you think you're on your own Don't believe you are the only one here Look around, you're not alone Feel the forces from another world Ghostly shadows fill your mind Evil power hanging over you As you freeze, you're like a child Look behind you! Somebody's calling Someone is near Feel yourself falling Falling with fear You tell yourself you're dreaming You realise you're screaming You know that this shouldn't happen to you You tell yourself that it's scary too But there is nothing you can do, oh! Ghostly shadows from the other world Evil forces in your mind Trapped between the worlds of life and death Frozen in the realms of time Look behind you! You feel yourself falling, you're at the end of the line Your body is crawling, but your senses are blind Cold, cold feelings are running through your brains Ice cold fingers, running through your veins

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