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Mac Mall lyrics

Ghetto Stardom

Original and similar lyrics
Now when I just made 12 years old My mama told me:'Baby boy you know you gotta be strong And even though they lead you wrong stay on the right track Cause it ain't no get right without some get back.' Yeah I heard that but back then I didn't feel it Cause I was rollin' do or die tryna see me a ticket just kickin' G block I said I'll never leave Even when the rollers chase me down til I can't breathe Nigga freeze, who me? Oh, never that! I'm hittin' fence after fence until I'm chillin' at my doormat Like a mack I had to get away Cause I'm a smooth operator, ask Shanda But the rollers in the V is so shady If they could, they would plan something on me But really, them ain't the fools I gotta worry 'bout Cause white folks goin' loced in the white house And I doubt a republican or democrate Gives a fuck about us young inner city blacks It's a trap, Uncle Sam keeps cursing me Rather have me in the pen than the university Yeah, it's a shame but mane, that's how it is So ya better peep game and try to lace ya kids Cause it ain't no tellin' what's soon to come When the punk president might drop the bomb Got me all stressed out with my brain on numb My little cousin asking me where dope come from Chorus: They try to tell us in the verses and the scriptures But I guess the real message must have missed us In '96 all my brothers and my sisters Is on a mission, we're trippin' livin' senseless Tell me, will I see the sun in days to come Will blacks be the victors instead of victims Or will my people keep killing over fuckin' crumbs Pushin' dope just to reach ghetto stardom If you ask Mac Mall who I'm voting for I say:'Farrakhan' as I'm hittin' the bomb I .. to the swisher or the dohja spliff Get elevated to another as I reminisce About fresh candy paint and peanut butter tops Young hustlers havin' paper, livin' top notch And then the D-game straight decline And all you Sawyer turf niggas makin' headlines 10 o'clock news or America's most Unsolved mysteries, you better soak some dope Then the judge starts droppin' the injuries On all the gangstas, playahs, macks and G's And you know you wont see 'em til about 2 thou' Cause ya boy got washed with a faulty assed trial But at least one day he gone be free Some soldiers ain't never gonna see the streets That's why I keep servin' game over my beats So all my people, in and out, can straight feel me Chorus There is nowhere for me to run Nowhere for me to hide from reality But I don't wanna be a casualty Of another tryna smother a brother just cause my salary And dog, I tell ya that these times' so sick That my sister's smoking dohja, 8 months pregnant My brother bubble on the grind and he's way legit Working on his third strike and he still won't quit But I can't tell him nuttin' bout a salary job So in order to get tha paper the boy gotta mob or sob All will fall to the waistside While the rollers overlook they wanna take lifes Youngstas they gettin' raised off the T.V. Got white kids around the country wanna be me And the way they point the finger ain't even shob Television replace religion, now the gangsta's god And old folks wonder why we so crazy 90 knuckleheads and 70 high babies And can't nobody tell me that I'm wrong Uncle Sam finding ways to fit computer chips in my dome So I should ask before you slip See it's higher than the ultimate trip Chorus You know, dedicated to DJ Cee, S-Double the Mac Reach Ghetto Stardom

Ruff Ruff

Boogie Down Productions "Sex and Violence"
[KRS-One] * voice echoing* Think you dope? Want this title? Then you better come step up or step OFF! [Freddie Foxxx] Yo check this out, all jokes aside Let's get busy [KRS-One] Word! Blastmaster KRS-One in the house Hah, everybody for some reason wanna be a gangsta You don't know NUTTIN about bein no GANGSTA [Freddie Foxxx] Worrrrrrrd up! Aiyyo check this out This is Freddie F-O-X-X-X And guess what's next [KRS-One] Every posse wan fi chat, they wan fi chat, they wan fi chat Every posse wan fi chat, but ju knows dem is wack Every posse wan fi chat, they wan fi chat, they wan fi chat Every posse wan fi chat, but ju knows dem is wack Every posse wan fi chat, but ju knows dem is wack They jump pon the mic, an' wan fi do it like dat But ahh, now dis a KRS, me nah takes dat When me open up to work, I put a cape on me back Then me, FLY ALL AROUND THE EMCEE WORLD KRS, the Artical, is not to be [*changes from patois*] fucked with, ? with, or tampered with Don't give a fuck if you wanna riff But when you say Kris, already derivative of Kris My eyebrows lift and that ass I get with (HUH) As a matter of fact, I attack, hijack Set back, your career, like a quarterback that broke his back, my tongue is like a bat Your eye'll get black, you'll need an icepack (RRRRRUFF!) I'm all that, come with your whole pack You'll be prayin to the God of Isaac So Freddie Foxxx, it's time to get tough [uh-huh] Just, get on the mic and get RUFF, RUFF [Freddie Foxxx] Soon as I flex, cause I'm about to rip up shop It's the return of the hip-hop master, Freddie the Foxxx (Bo!) Rappers that see me, don't even speak, just walk Cause I'm the maddest nigga in New York (hah!) I see a rapper in the crowd that I don't like I wanna fight, so when I drop the mic I'ma jump off the stage, bumrush your crowd to whip (suckers) that wanna be pimps How I heard it said that a pimp'll sell his ass if his hoe won't, but Freddie Foxxx don't Cover your chest G, you better wear a bulletproof vest see Cause I'm about to leave this place a motherfuckin mess Open hearts on the floor as I explore rappers that wanted to be more than number four Number one's a hard spot; either you fight or get shot, so this is what I got (BO!) Three Tec-9's, my uzi, ten grenades, my razor blades and I aim to get PAID! So who wanna step to this, don't come soft Cause I'ma straight up knock niggaz off (POM! POM!) And when the cops come to get me I'ma take a dead body, and bop ten cops with me I'm sick and tired of hearin rappers talk smack about who's nice, and who's whack, MOTHERFUCK THAT They know my style, and my rep, every stage that I stepped on - I was the rapper they slept on But y'all rappers keep sleepin - cause when they plant bombs in your house, I'ma wake you up and punch you in your motherfuckin mouth, knock your wife out Take your sons to safety, cause they're just kids and I wanna raise em to face me And when they get a little bigga I'ma MARK them little niggaz, and put their fingerprints on the trigger -- double homicide, call the vice Another rapper and his family with no life Yeah you're Mr. Tough and, you're full of stuff and and Freddie Foxxx caught you bluffin I got you in my torture chamber and you scream Oh God damn, it's like _Silence of the Lambs_ but I don't mangle em and eat em I take MC's to the war zone, and there I defeat em It gets much worse, with every verse as the F-R-E-D-D-I-E F-O-X-X-X, HURTS! Punishes, stomps, smashes, crushes, maims You suckers know my name! Aiyyo Kris! I'm rhymin long enough (say what?) Get on the mic and get RUFF, RUFF [KRS-One] This is the year that I go all out (why?) Edutainment's what I'm all about (and) I don't eat franks with the sauerkraut (cause) because I don't eat pork from the tail to the snout (well kick it) Get on down, to the hip hip hop Before I start, peace to Scott LaRock! (word) Now let me drop the style that has action Cause many MC's don't believe they're rappin They're lost, crazy mixed-up in their identity This is not, what hip-hop is meant to be (word up) I come unique, I can't be beat, hardcore street for the kids, with a hundred-and-fifty on their feet (kick it) I don't compete, I defeat and delete ya then critique ya, all MC's retreat, HERE COMES THE T'CHA Chewin suckers like Smuckers Hittin on, sittin on, shittin on, flippin on motherfuckers Yeah, I'm like the movie _Aliens_ I hide inside your right hand man, when you think you got me BAM! My head comes out your chest A mutilated mess of nastyness Chunks of bloody flesh, yes KRS on the slaughter Specialize in instant rhyme style, you simply add water Evian, I pull the string then RING-DING-DING, DING-DING-DING-DING Back in the days, I wrote +South Bronx+ The Juice Crew got stomped, lick two shot POM! POM! Really it was Magic's fault Always wanna diss somebody, he got put to a halt It's wack, when a sucker DJ babbles on Soupin up MC's to battle on song That's wrong, but in any event, I drop the classic in 1992 the original it ain't plastic Everybody know, BDP, is fantastic, burn like acid Credit card plastic, stretch like elastic Love and respect is the TACTIC Bam! In your motherfuckin face KRS in the place I never liked listening to bitches and hoes anyway (Fi-YAH!) [Freddie Foxxx] Well you know I like hoes, cause I'm a mack but I don't like the wack tracks, youknowhatI'msayin? And for all your suckers out there that underestimate the militant mack, get the BO-ZACK You know what I mean? (Word) Word! [KRS-One] You know why? Every posse wan fi chat, they wan fi chat, they wan fi chat Every posse wan fi chat, but ya knows dey is wack Every posse wan fi chat, they wan fi chat, you know dem a wack Every posse wan fi chat, but ya knows dey is wack [Freddie Foxxx] Yes.. fresh.. for nineteen-ninety-two you suckers * echoes * [KRS-One] Motherfuckers! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! * echoes to fade *

I Spy

PULP "Different Class"
I spy a boy, I spy a girl. I spy the worst place in the world, in the whole world. Oh you didn't do bad, you made it out, I'm still stuck here oh but I'll get out. Oh yeah I'll get out. Can't you see a walks among you seeing through your pretty lives. Do you think I do these things for real I do these things just so I survive. And you know I will survive. It may look to the untrained eye I'm sitting on my arse all day And I'm biding my time until I take you all on my Lords and Ladies I will prevail, I cannot fail. Cause I spy. Oh I've got your numbers taken notes and all the ways your minds work out. I've studied and your mind's just the same as mine except that you're just clever swines You never let masks slip, you never admit to it, you're never hurried. Oh no no no. And every night I hold my plan how I'll get my satisfaction How I will blow your paradise away away away ooh. Cause I spy. It's just like in the old days - I used to compose my own critical notices in my head. The crowd gasps at Cocker's masterful control of the bicycle Skilfully avoiding the dog turd next to the corner shop. Imagining a blue plaque above the place I first ever felt a girl's breasts, the whole 'nana. You've got to wait for the best. You see you should take me seriously. Very seriously indeed. Cause I've been sleeping with your wife for the past sixteen weeks Smoking your cigarettes, drinking your brandy, messing up the bed you chose together. And in all that time I just wanted you to come home unexpectedly one afternoon And catch us at it in the front room. You see I spy for a living and I specialise in revenge On taking the things I know will cause you pain. I can't help it, I was dragged up. My favourite park's a car park, grass is something you smoke, birds is something you shag. Take your year in Provence and shove it right up your arse. Your Ladbroke Grove looks turn me on, yeah. With your frightened eyes and roach burns under your eyes and addresses And thousands of tiny dryna-slides running a path, running a path to the corner of your eyes. And every night I hatch my plan, it's not a case of woman v man. It's more a case of haves against haven'ts and I just happen to have got what you need, just exactly what you need yeah. La la la la la la la la la la, in the midnight hour. La la la la la la la la la la, I will come to you, I will come to you I will take you from this sickness, dinner parties and champagne I'll hold your body and make it sing again. come on - sing again, let's sing again. Oh yeah, cause I spy, yes, I spy, ssss. I spy a boy and I spy a girl. I spy the chance to change the world, to change your world.

I Want to Talk To You

NAS "I Am"
[Chorus: repeat 2X] I wanna talk to the mayor, the governor, the motherfuckin president I wanna talk to the FBI, and the CIA, and the motherfuckin congressman [Nas] Step up to the White House let me in Whats my reason for being I'm ya next to kin And we built this motherfucker You wanna kill me because my hunger Mr. America young black niggaz want ya I wanna talk to the man understand Understand this motherfuckin G-pack in my hand Look what happened to San Fran young girl hit by policeman Twelve shots up in her dome, damn Niggaz thought we slept but the architect sent The Pentagon's from Egypt, government secret The 99 to 2-G computer shutdown, what now Extension on Earth, human cutdown Niggaz play with PlayStations, they build a spacestations On Mars plottin civilizations Dissin us discriminatin different racisis Tax payers pay for more jail for black latin faces [Chorus] [Nas] I'm just a black man why y'all made it so hard damn Niggaz gotta go create their own job Mr. Mayor imagine if this was your backyard Mr. Governor imagine if it was your kids that starved Imagine your kids gotta sling crack to survive Swing a mack to be live cart ack to get high It's the ghetto life yea I celebrate it I live it And all I got is what you left me with I'ma get it Now y'all combinin all the countries we goin do the same Combine all the cliques to make one gang It ain't all about a black and white thing it's to make the change, citizens of a higher plane [Chorus] [Nas] What y'all waitin for the world to blow up Before you hear this rewind this 4 minutes before we timeless Let y'all niggas bang my shit before is The Nastradamus tell us what time it is They try to buy us with doe Fake black leaders of puppets always talking bout the city budget The news got it all confused lyin to the public They eyes watchin stay wise move above it Water floods predicted hurricanes twisters Its all signs of the Armageddon three sixes People reverse the system politics verse religion Holy war muslim verse christians Niggaz in high places they don't have the balls for this People in power sit back and watch them slaughter us Mr. President I assume it was negligence The streets upside down, I'm here to represent this [Chorus 2X] [Nas] Can I talk to you Mr. President Niggaz tryin to get with the computers We ain't John Henry Banging down machines and shit Part of establishment That's what we are steppin up for This shit is real Total Package in this nigga LES in this nigga Ill Will nigga Mr. President wanna keep us from establishment Niggaz are american baby American Made

No One To Depend On

Lil' Rob "High Till I Die: Remix 2000"
As I look around at all these smiling faces I don't trust them, I've got no one to depend on [Chorus] Ain't got nobody to depend on, no tengo nada Don't need nobody but myself, can't trust nobody Cuz everybody that I've trusted has done me wrong No tengo nada, ain't got nobody to depend on Some people make up lies staring you down and shed your name Smiling faces all in my face but all this time wanna take my place Give me the pat on the back then the stab in the back Trying to hold me back now I'm back All these fools talking smack, figure that It's been this way since Junior High, everybody whispering shit But like I said before jealous was never cool not even a little bit I know you're phony, but who's the one who hit the scene when I was 16 with the bullet I came this close to do it but I blew it, I was foolish Kicking back on the corner smoking a j everyday Some things never change, I'm still that way infact today I got so blazed, it was so magnificent First you saw it then you did it Disappear like a magic trick with my magic sticks Then I disappear in the smoke as you soak in your lies Lil' Rob lighting up the sky like Fourth Of July I can't believe myself, how I could subdue and just deceive myself [Chorus x2] Mistakes, I know I made a few But I'm only human, you made mistakes too I crease my Levis one leg at a time just like you But you wanna keep talking shit telling stories that are not true Let's get it on, like a possom you try and cover your tracks Cuz you'll be a rat like Donny Brosco Now and then I lose my way, feeling like I never knew my way Thinking all those times that blew away, opportunities that I threw away If I had wings I'd fly away, and I would do this night and day Oh by the way I like to play from Saturday to Saturday It doesn't matter ay, what you say I was told don't let no one get you down and turn that frown upside down See you can depend on me but I could never seem to depend on you I try and look you in the face but then again I can't see two What do I do? I'm so confused, someone's got to lose, I'd hate to be in your shoes I'd probably be dressed in the county blues singing the blue to the things that I choose Didn't I blow your mind this time? It was probably already blown Ain't got no one to depend on homey Lil' Rob, what am I on? [Chorus] Everybody is somebody's fool, there's no exception to the rule There's no guarentee that the one you love is gonna love you But I refuse to be like I used to be, everybody using me Watching over and schooling me, I know what they want to do to me Only out to make a fool of me Don't try to be schooling me please cuz I don't need to retire Throwing eyes at my steel and make me feel like everyone's dealing I'm peeling too many cuz I'm the one that rocks steady If you're not ready, get ready, fool this is it I've got plenty And I won't stop, til I see that pretty penny, that's heavy Just like a Chevy on twenties hitting switches I'm hitting thirty nine inches and leaving you bitches in twitches While all you snitches be snitching and wanna be burning down riches I got you twisted like robes while I'm breaking down on your hoes You make me laugh just like jokes, I fade away just like Ghost You wanna turn you back on me pero, esta vez I got no one to depend on homey, no tengo nada [Chorus]


HARRY CHAPIN "Legends of the Lost Found"
If you were looking for a way to make me mad it was a sure fire way you found Acting like a half wit fool, laying your money around Well I came back here to tell you Lou, 'bout what you almost did Don't you ever put the cash on the counter Lou, when I'm with my kid Yeah the kid's thirteen he's growing Lou, two years and he'll be bigger than me Still he thinks I'm strong as a blacksmith and straighter than the tall oak tree I raised him alone ten years now since his Mama ran away And you ain't gonna blow his image of me for the stunt like you pulled today Chorus: They took the copper right out of the penny Lou They got the pig locked up in the pen But you're in big trouble with me, yes you If you ever do that again Ten bucks a week protection don't mean I can't knock you down You've got to treat me like a living saint Lou, whenever my son's around Yeah the kid wants to be a policeman just like me You know he'll be a good one the way I started out to be And he just might end up police chief, now wouldn't that be something to see? 'Cause then the kid would kick right off of the force all the two-bit grifters like me Chorus I guess it was when my old lady left me and she took off with a salesman guy I started to see things so differently, cut your own slice out of the pie Yeah I grew up and it came clear to me all the smart cops on the make You get a silver badge not an old tin star when you're on the take It's pimps and whores, punk gang wars, robberies and homicides When you walk the beat with the creeps on the street, well there ain't no way to hide I spent half my life without no wife ridin' herd on the scum of the earth I learned the tricks of the trade from the gutter parade and then I prayed for all I'm worth Don't you know I appreciate the money Lou, 'cause it all goes into the bank And when I send my kid to college someday I'll have guys like you to thank Yeah ten bucks a week on your grocery store means you don't have to worry 'bout crime But hold your money when the kid's with me you can pay me double next time Chorus Ten bucks a week protection don't mean I can't knock you down You've got to treat me like a living saint Lou, whenever my son's around

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