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M.O.P. lyrics - First Family For Life

Facing Off

Original and similar lyrics
Come on, come on Rap dudes, let's rap Rap dudes Yeah, (laughing) Yeah, come on motherfucka Yea I gave ya a hour nigga But now I want my shit back Bring it to ya ass Fizzy Wo Mack, L.A. I'm a continue to bring it to ya ass Motherfucka [Lil Fame] Welcome me back bitch nigga, it's the rapper dude (Slash) No actor dude (Brownsville), snap a dude You listen to gun shots pop, it's murder capitol We all for one boy, where them young boys clappin you And thugs hold the fort down tight, they bust back at you Another nigga drop, tryin to stop drug traffic dude B-Boy's employed decoys, just to trap a fool Any and every individual, this can happen too We move on niggas, rip two's on niggas Cuz ain't no tellin what them fellas about I remain in the cut, comprehendin ya doubts Back up off me, soft me, spit ten then I'm out Silly motherfuckas gettin carried away But they fuck around with Fame and get carried away Cuz I'm a nigga of the Earth, nigga of Sea Nigga of the Sky, the Fire, M.O.P. I'm a front big willie, like I'm runnin this game What I can play, Lil Fame like a mothafucka Say why ya rollin, I'm patrolin, man god on steel Who the fuck you think you are nigga? Ron O'Neal? (fuck outta here) All I really need is respect, that's what I'm mention for (bitch) What you inchin for (clack clack), what ya flinchin fo? And when it jump off don't ask did he know Because he knows who the fuck I am, Fizzy Woe Magnificent, baby [beat changes] Firing Squad One of a kind nigga, top of the line niggas, divine niggas Illest My niggas You know my steez nigga, you know my steez M.O.P., Fizzy Woe [Billy Danze] Yo I'm a Brownsville native junior, I'm talkin born and raised That's where we learn to let the pistol spark bark and blaze (First Family) Suffer for days (come on) And we inheritin them criminal ways I survive with a fist full of hopes and dreams And a hand full of niggas that I call upon team By the time I was thirteen (thirteen) I got myself a 318 and startin makin moves baby It's like I told ya boy, my environment put me on front line (Soldier Boy) Rapid fire the greatest of all time We 'em dance, waitin for Shaq to get back (welcome home my nigga) I done made plans - 96% of this world don't know I exist; that's why my point is gettin missed I walks with my brother Mike Sone, as I stroll thru the ghetto And the sun is like the wind beneath my wings like zeros [Laughing] Nigga Ha ha *several alarms heard*

As High As Wu-Tang Get

WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
(come on in) [Ol Dirty] *singing* Dinn-dnn-dnn-ta-dnn (come on in) Dinn-dnn-ta-dnn, dinn DNN DAH (come on, come on, come on in) Dnn-da-duh-duh-DAH, you BITCH ASS niggaz! (come on in, come on, come on, come on in) Intro/Chorus: Ol Dirty/Osirus As high as Wu-Tang get Allah allow us pop this shit Just like black shoe fit If you can't wear it, well don't fuck with it! Verse One: The Genius/GZA Yo, too many songs, weak rhymes that's mad long Make it brief Son, half short and twice strong No doubt, it took time searchin, eventually it was prime urgent, for you to examine the rhyme merchant Lace MC's with styles when they rhyme drunk On a label hunt, until twenty thou, out the trunk Eight Diagram sword swinga armored tank force RZA throw in the disc but then change the bank source You can't flow, must be the speech impediment You got lost off the snare off Impeach the President Whether in Amsterdam smokin seven grams of green then you pack, a thousand white teens in tight jeans This Witty Unpredictable shot is critical to analytical analogy, insurance policies why Said he know that sounds define the note Couldn't recognize, blast him the fuck behind the ropes Too many dope niggaz I see starvin Catch a single deal, a possible plea bargain Wu slay regardles to whom or what, five mics five nights Hang him from the balcony, drop twenty-five flights A fugitive bass playin rap czar smoke the cigars, his prints on the strings of his guitar Chorus Verse Two: Method Man/Iron Lung Tical got a hold on ya, doin exactly what the fuck I mariju-wanta, dis nigga nasty Deep in the dirty dungeon, buggin, lovin the ways these rhymes keep comin, at cha splash ya Get your head piece fractured, with killer cuts prone to drops ya, slash ya, rip shit up Got this whole thing Tang mastered, sho nuff An MC too good to be touched, John John bring the phenomenon, I cold crush MC, inferiorities they froze up, ice cold as we move on, saga unfold Captivated by a saga that go untold, like Goldfinger Caught up in a cliffhanger Yo I-N-S another code red, danger, break out the vest Now it's tactical warfare, it's all here Come with your shield and hardware, it be on here Don't ever roam, in the naked city Eight Fingers stories none pretty Bomb em wit the Witty Unpredictable, conditionin be critical Peace to Tang, gettin high on your physical, dis next drink is a toast to your memory When I go how many niggaz gon' remember me Chorus

Verbal Gunfight

JURASSIC 5 "Power In Numbers"
Verbal Gunfight Now what you hear is not a test This is a verbal gunfight like the wild wild west And if you got beef get it off your chest my son Because the 2na's gonna show you how the west was won [Akil] We rolled up to the spot about a half past noon Jumped from the horse, slid into the saloon Walkin in the spot I heard the musicman stop Danced up to the bar, a double snapple on the rocks [Chali 2na] Now mr. bartender told me strangers get flack (Really black?) But they'll be fuckin with the black billy jack Feel the mack, ?? you can never even got the chance bro We move the crowd like we were ?? [Akil] And my drink he never passed it, he got real sarcastic (Fat Bastard) You them niggas from the crew called Jurassic Talkin mad shit as his face showed a frown You niggas better leave before the sun go down [CHORUS 1] Cuz uh, we be the king of, the verbal gunslingers You better bring a casket, a preacher and a singer nigga We be the kings of the ones that brought static I use my rhymes like a glock automatic [Both] Ay yo, somethin lookin fishy yo I think we better watch Yo, I'd make sure you got your trigger uncocked Yo I'm sayin real niggas always deal a gun blast Get the horse, kiss the girl, grab the mic and let's dash [Chali 2na] Cuz uh, we be the king of, the verbal gunslingers You better bring a casket, a preacher and a singer nigga Cuz when the lead locks on it don't let ya I'm not a grifter more like a high-plains drifter [akil] And as the plot kickened, thickened, niggas started shovin me Muggin me, tuggin me, into the good bad and the ugly Troubly doubly I grabbed a glass full of bubbly Publicly rubbin me I told my nigga Chali cover me [Chali 2na] Yo, I gotcha back and I'm buckin I'm lookin back and I'm duckin I'm tryin to get us the FUCK out the place Brothas who was harassin we was doin the blastin Yo suit go get us the bucks out the safe [CHORUS 1] Dead men never tell about the things they saw The stakes is what can make a man become an outlaw Hey, we be the peeps who keep the past alive 2na fish, and Akil from the Jurassic 5 [Akil] Ay yo peeps has been grand, but understand we in a hurry Emergency currency, many niggas that wanna murder me Heard of me And 2na fish ?? capacity keepin the west blazin like Sundance and Butch Cassidy [Chali 2na] Man, we need some type of plan cuz peeps is skanless Thinkin that they can make a man hush with the ambush My man bust til you crack the safe Yo back is safe and we gon take the back escape [Both] Now if you don't know who we are, I suggest you better hiiiide Or look down the devil's eye, sing a lullaby And the picture on my poster make my left side my best side [Chali 2na] I'm on my last two rounds I let a thousand free I heard the bartender called for the cavalry Now they outside, waitin on my ?? Verbal gunslinger forever and proud to be Cuz uh, we be the king of, the verbal gunslinger And now they got the casket, the preacher and a singer cuz they ?? at the ?? Stay alive yo! Rhymin with our back to the wall, tryin to survive the fall Cuz dead men never tell about the things they saw The stakes is what can make a man become an outlaw Hey, we be them peeps that keep the past alive It's 2na fish, and Akil, from the Jurassic 5

25 To Life

WYCLEF JEAN "Masquerade"
(feat. Xzibit, Juvenile,Nature, Ja Rule,Reptile) [Wyclef talking:] Yo to my people doing time, Xzibit, Juvenile, y'all need to (Wake up everybody) Nature, Ja Rule, Reptile come on bring the heat. [Xzibit (overlaps)] Look, I'm inhumane livin' in this house of pain stuck with a thousand street hustlers down on they luck Repeat felons caught up with the death I was sellin' and for the past three months yo I can still hear my victims yellin' but I can't listen to my conscience it's nonsense if I didn't shoot I'd be the nigga in the suit in the box under the ground fox chased by the hound locked permanent frown Xzibit get down by liftin' iron by the pound for the tough individual runnin' run his mouth throw some hands with the General walk one day in the shoes of a criminal death disease keep your luxuries to a minimal I'm not talkin' about weed, jewels, & Bentleys I'm talkin' about clean clothes, hot food, and Dentyne see what I mean livin' with the scum of the earth hit with plenty of time to adjust to life on the inside [Wyclef] (For every rhyme I write get 25 to Life) [Juvenile] You got me fucked up I'm innocent look I ain't do this shit you don't want to hear my side but you believin' that bitch You makin' my nerves bad I need to smoke me a jo' 'cause I know y'all ain't even thinkin' 'bout lettin' me go Where my lawyer, nigga told me Juv' I can't do nothin' for ya Y'all go tell that to my mother & my father but they gon' cus y'all so don't you even bother you know that shit ain't right that bitch didn't see nothin' 'cause it was dark at night but I guess us blacks look the same to y'all passin' niggas around like a game of ball This is my third felony plus my third strike man I ain't goin' home I got 25 to Life. (For every rhyme I write get 25 to Life) QU New York, you try to criticize me I criticize you been the same muthafucka since in high school any beat I shed light to with crazy wattage Blankin' out bought my first eight ball for eighty dollars learned who not to trust grew obnoxious so niggas start to hate me same time the boys in blue watch us circlin' but they don't slow down take you to court think you seein' Judge Joe Brown they just actin' Indy's throwin' Tyson back in another year fuckin' with a nigga's career I cock back at bust in the air give me space beats with plenty bass drink my Hennessey straight 'til I hurl out third world clout I'll take niggas hearts and turn killers into girl scouts works of art Picasso from the Hydro roller-slash-hustler CEO-slash-retired soldier (For every rhyme I write get 25 to Life) [Ja Rule] Kill or be killed behind the wall 40 day short still the thought of murderer true to the sport I bang with the best niggas them career criminals now I'm in with these youngins lookin' to feel me out Hollerin' 'bout how they gon' hit on me now Niggas is real wild bangin' before trial new kicks new trial I don't give a fuck I'm playin' the yard ox taped to my nuts ready to self destruct Lord I don't wanna die but what powered your honor to hit me with 25 I know that real recognize every hustle and die with these niggas in the struggle Ya feel me [Reptile] Oh God shells loaded in the semi auto quoted unknown cat never voted picture me on the scene huntin' for greens like Mike Meyers trick or treatin' on Halloween mashed down in the fatigues servin' the fiends kill or be killed metal pipes under the sleeve in the city slicker bust checks or puff cess ruffneck love liquor & act figures bloodsport on the streets no gloves pullin' knives out the 'fridge handin' out cold cuts ugh streets real thug so recognize thug close yo' eyes thug you 'bout to die thug! Call the President I'm blowin' up ya residence spill acid on the corpse to clear the evidence Protestors outside screamin' free Gotti guard your body SWAT teams is waitin' with the shotty (For every rhyme I write get 25 to Life) [Wyclef:] Y'all need to (wake up everybody) [REPEAT] For all my people doin' time keep your head up Wyclef Jerry 'Wonder' New Millenium new millenium come on


AB-SOUL "Long Term"
Guess it's got to the point Where I just gotta spell this shit out for y'all, know what I mean? See, y'all niggas hear the name Ab-Soul, right? Y'all niggas think I'm supposed to be talkin' about mu fuckin' The flowers and the earth or somethin' like that, know what I'm talkin' about? I'm a real ass nigga though, on everything Lemme break it down [Hook:] I said A is for the apple on the tree I ain't far from B is for the bottom of the bottle of hard rum Dash to the finish line, chasing the S Which stands for my favorite three letter word (Sex) O is for all the ounces of dro I consume U meaning a unanimous decision of whom Is number 1, leaving the L which stands for Love I spread it like the blood of fallen soldiers above You put it all together and you get Ab-Soul- Lutely, the best, salute me or meet death Like Gaylord Focker met the parents of his girl Martha We're staring at you, will depart ya Thats the 38 special Commentary from the King author not the knights of the round table sponsor But amongst the dopest the west coast has had to offer since the '80s crack epidemic I play drums for the contraband Matter of fact, hit me King Blue you a fool for this one I ain't even gon' spit, just drool on this one My saliva's way liver than yours, rappers Shut your trap 'fore I set it Y'all gassed up like your guns, unleaded Yeah I said it, don't chat, no telling where we headed Close shop when I open fire Cause Soul known to carry the cannon like Mariah Yes I uh Bring it to you raw and uncut No buts like an empty ash tray, what the fuck Matter of fact, lemme break it down for y'all one more time, look [Hook:] I said A is for the apple on the tree I ain't far from B is for the bottom of the bottle of hard rum Dash to the finish line, chasing the S Which stands for my favorite three letter word (Sex) O is for all the ounces of dro I consume U meaning a unanimous decision of whom Is number 1, leaving the L which stands for Love I spread it like a virus, it'll kill you if you buy it I'm with your girl playing games like Who could get the highest at the Hyatt, real fun you should try it I got her wet, I'll send her back to you to dry it You ain't the flyest or the king of the jungle, but you lying And I can see it through ya iris Drink like I'm Irish, think like a genius Fall back I'm all that like Kel and Keenan Add a bag of chips and the baddest bitch I'll be posing with a black in my mouth, grabbing my dick Constipation is an understatement I ain't ever gave a shit You know you hot when You only get 8 bars in a song and it's still everybody's favorite My fault, my god, I'm a problem like a broke condom A editor just told me nobody was in my column Top Dawg 4th wheel and I'm still ill Open up the car door that look like a steel mill I hotbox like cable in the hood And I'm good like wrenches with a sentence, understood? And if it's not I'll leave you with this Top Notch muthafucka, like snot muthafucka, I'm sick Don't get infected Bitch ass niggas T-D-E

Some L.A. Niggaz

Dr Dre "2001"
[MC Ren] Yeah nigga, MC Ren up in this motherfucker (West West y'all) Yeah, L.A. niggaz L.A. niggaz rule the world nigga Y'all niggaz gotta recognize, yaknahmsayin Niggaz don't wanna peep game, yaknahmsayin But this shit come all the way back around here My nigga Dre, droppin heat box on y'all bitch-ass Yaknahmsayin You gotta recognize L.A. niggaz, connected all over the motherfuckin world, nigga Recognize this [Time Bomb] Now in my younger days I used to sport a rag Backpack full of cans plus a four-four mag G'd from the feet up Blued up from the sewer's how I grew up Loc'n, smokin and drinkin til we threw up (threw up) At Leimert Park, taggin, hittin fools up Ditchin my class, just to fuck yo' school up You don't wanna blast, nigga tuck yo' tool up But don't sleep, y'all niggaz quick to shoot you Now there's another motherfucker with no future But Time Bomb much smoother when I manuever, dope like Cuba Got em jumpin {*King T starts speakin, indecipherable*} [King T] I'm comin Straight Outta Compton with a loose cannon Smoke big green, call it Bruce Banner Watch your manners, at last another blast from the top notch From way back with the pop rocks, I pop lock witcha Picture this, Dr. Dre twistin wit Tha Liks and Hittman bought a fix Don't trip, it's a Time Bomb in this bitch Here it tick tick tick tick {*BOOM*} Wait a minute it's on, I tell it like a true mackadelic Weed and cocaine sold seperate, check it From sundown to sunup -- clown done run up The Aftermath'll be two in your gut, nigga what Chorus: Knoc-Turn'al, Kokane We roll deep, smoke on weed drink and pack heat Requirements for survival each day -- in L.A.! It don't stop, we still mash in hot pursuit from the cops Analyze why we act this way -- in L.A.! [Hittman] Gimme that mic fool, it's a West coast jack move They call me Hitt - cause I spit like gats do cock me back Bust caps for my max crew, at Fairfax who used to wear Air Max shoes, that's true But I grew up where niggaz jack you, harass you Blast you, for that set you claim (where you from) Mash on you for your turkish chain, C.K. B.K. Blued up or flame, I ran wit a gang I helped niggaz get, jacked for they Dana Dane's My pants hang below my waistline I look humble wanna rumble (yeah yeah) I bang though, like Vince Carter from the baseline don't waste my time Fuck a scrap in killa Cali, AK's and 9's One-time's, sunshines, and fine-ass bitches Hawaiian thai, drive-by, six-fo's on switches [Xzibit] I was raised in the hood called WHAT-THE-DIF' Where the brothers in the hood, refused to go Hollywood Slugs for the fuck of it Anybody hatin on us can suck a dick If I catch you touchin mine you catch a flatline, dead on the floor Better than yours, drivin away gettin head from a whore It's AvireX-to-the-Z Fuckin with me might get you banned from TV, cassette and CD it's all mine the whole nine the right time Multiply, we don't die, the streets don't lie What, so neither do I, I'm bad for your health like puttin a pistol up to your face and blastin yourself [Defari] Five in the mornin, burglars at my do' Glock forty-five in my dresser drawer Let em come in BLAOW he see the thunder roll Roll with niggaz, who by fifths by the fo' and bruise by the case SLAP YOU in the face with the bass, Dr. Dre laced Likwit Kings wit Sedans and gold rings Haters fold the style, but can't find no openings Chorus [Outro] In L.A. That's how we ride (4X)

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