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Lovebugs lyrics - Whirlpool


Original and similar lyrics
you never needed anyone you never loved companion solitary swimming against the tide uh uh uh you never left your neighbourhood but always dreamt of hollywood now you feel that empty hole inside and nowhere you can hide on awayayaydays a stranger lost in paradise on awaydays ohohoh on awayayaydays you're dancing on the drifting ice on awaydays on awaydays it's only when you're far away that you remember why you stayed it's only when you're lost you truly find uh uh uh it's only when you taste success you notice that your life's a mess all the wealth and fame was in your mind how could you be so blind? on awayayaydays a stranger lost in paradise on awaydays ohohoh on awayayaydays pleasure is a lonely vice on awaydays on awaydays instrumental everything is slipping out of mind and out of hand and there's something lost and missing and you just can't understand oh you'll never understand

It's Not The End

Alexia "Mad for Music"
Now I know, how you feel Going down without a chance to deal No more friends to take your hands Without a reason to believe! Do they know, the way it feels Living in this world that's made of steel With no plans, as a broken man Loosing your mind is hard to survive You don't have to kick and fight Because they'd never understand All you've got to do Believe in yourself Cause this is not the end Where is he gone, there's still a chance We can try to take the right from wrong Let me stay, show me your way Your sunny side until the end of the line You can say to me you're sorry But you know that it's no good This is not a story Baby this is you! You've lost your mind, you've lost your friends You've lost your everything again Without your love you can't pretend But if you keep this burning flame I'll understand I'll understand baby, this is not the end

Paradise (Lost & Found)

JUST JACK "The Outer Marker"
Hangin about in the sun With prozac Annie and the schizo alcoholics The sharp edged shadows And these mad electronics The barbeque's burning With the moon-ray sensations I'm lying on my back And watching cloud formations Trying to see the beauty Minus the black inside She told me people came here To get drunk before they died Too many problems And not enough solutions Ms. Monroe is in the bathroom Taking care of her ablutions Hiding myself behind illusions Stand back and watch the evolution Of the secondhand lives your using So many fucked up souls In this locality I need the choice of some Relative banality The raw twistings of your mind spewing forth As you stare at me Is fucking scaring me [CHORUS] Paradise lost and paradise found I'm just trying to keep my feet on the ground Paradise lost and paradise found And I'm just trying to get lost in my sound Paradise lost and paradise found I'm just trying to keep my feet on the ground I'm just trying to keep my feet on the ground Storms rage across Metallic skies Reflecting in the multi faceted eyes Of lazy buzzing flies The heavens collide In primeval cacophonies I contemplate my demise And hope the gods are appeased A long distance love affair that's alive But barely breathing A thousand times I thought about leaving Giving all this up And put myself at your mercy But still scared to death About the fact you might hurt me Instead I came here And became an agony uncle And now I'm saddled with this Freaky carbuncle Who's stalking me forcefully And I'm begging her Please let me go about my business peacefully Let my days flow seamlessly Cos since you've been around Everything's got so messy You stress me God bless me and test me Daily [CHORUS] Well it's the original tales of the unexpected You thought I couldn't do it Now stand corrected Cos I'm connected To every nerve ending Cerebral cortex messages I'm sending There's two sides to every story Black and white The day and night Wrong and right And the paradise lost and found All inside this sound [CHORUS x2]

Too Far Gone

Incognito "100° and Rising"
(J.P. Maunick/G. Harvey) He wanted to believe that the Field was his to play Say's he's happy that she's gone away Any fool can tell she's here to stay From his mind she would never stray He's trying to hide it But inside the pain can't be denied I guess he's too far gone No he's spendin' all his time tryin' To tell the world he's free Depp inside he know he'll never be And now it seems that he's lost the key He's like a raft driftin' out at sea He's tryin' to to fake it But the sadness is all that he can feel I guess that he's too far gone He cannot see that as he talks He's takin' a road that is goin' nowhere There's no tellin' hime, he's too far gone He's walkin' down the street lookin' sure of himself today He's never short of things to say In his mind he knows he's lost his way It's the proce he has to pay. Gone too far Too far gone Gone too far Too far gone

The Prodigal Son

Why did I leave? Lost, fooled, confused Crawling in the mud with pigs Starved to death Discouragement strangeling me I have no breath Full of sorrow and despair The father lets his son away Challenging the world without fear Unkown of the evil atmosphere Imperfect man, imprudent mind Disobediant to the call of God Exhaustion becomes predominant Hell on earth is where I am I'm longing back to a life in peace With abundance of food And plenty of water I'll return to my fathers house And tell him I'm worthless as his son Father please forgive me For I have sinned against you Regretting man, independent mind Attraction to the call of God With open arms the father Welcomes his son back He was dead and became alive He was lost and has been found Spiritual satisfaction Inner peace Comes from the Father

A Light In The Addict

ACTION BRONSON "Mr. Wonderful"
[Action Bronson:] Sittin' first class, feelin' like shit though Starin' out the window with the mind of a schizo Thinkin' if I jump, will I feel it when I hit the ground? Fuck that, I want the crown off anybody head I wouldn't care if everybody's dead It's why I keep the pump shotty layin' in the bed Have a fuckin' sleepover with my weapons My Rambo knife is eatin' nuggets with my Smith & Wesson Shit, I made this out of nothin' Damn, these ladies love me out in London Laurenivici served the granulated onion My mind is locked in a contaminated dungeon Dog, what the fuck is with your mother? She got one leg longer than the other One eye through the shutter Made the transition from weed to butter, like spring to summer [Action Bronson & Black Atlass:] I nearly lost my mind All a motherfucker got is time, time, time Time, time I nearly lost my brain Dealin' with this motherfuckin' pain, so bad So bad, I'm so glad

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