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LOU REED lyrics - The Raven [1 CD Version]

The Valley Of Unrest

Original and similar lyrics
[Spoken Track] [Rowena:] Far away far away Are not all lovely things far away As far at least lies that valley as the bedridden sun in the luminous east The paralyzed mountains, the sickly river Are not all things lovely far away Are not all things lovely far away It is a valley where time is not interrupted Where its history shall not be interpreted Stories of satan's dart of angel wings Unhappy things Within the valley of unrest The sun ray dripped all red The dell was silent All the people having gone to war Leaving no interrogator to mind the willful looting the pale past knowledge The sly mysterious stars The unguarded flowers leaning The tulips overhead paler The terror stricken sky Rolling like a waterfall over the horizon's fiery wall A visage full of meaning How the unhappy shall confess As Roderick watches like a human eye While violets and lilies wave Like banners in the sky Hovering over and above a grave As dew drops on the freshly planted eternal dew Coming down in gems There's no use to pretend Though gorgeous clouds fly Roderick, like the human eye has closed forever Far away far away Roderick, whatever thy image may be Roderick, no magic shall sever the music from thee Thou hast bound many eyes in a dreamy sleep Oh tortured day The strains still arrive I hear the bells I have kept my vigilance Rain dancing in the rhythm of a shower Over what guilty spirit to not hear the beating To not hear the beating heart But only tears of perfect moan Only tears of perfect moan


Artifact "Between a Rock a Hard Place"
[El Da Sensai] I calculate that eighty-five was the year I first grabbed the pen, daydreamin of the cheers Ahead from rockin shows, no Girbauds that sag The windbreaker suits and backspins that was mad I stress progress roll joints at my rest til the ill wee hours, and I knew it was the best I hit mad spots, many crews got dropped While I was gettin props niggaz was dealin on the block Stayin in crib on the weekends was Marley Marl was freakin the cuts Mr. Magic was speakin That's how I got my first taste, makin tapes til the rhyme skill was great and my style would escalate Practice made my perfect tactics Now my dap gets clap, cause I'm the rap snap fanatic But now in nine-trey I got the T-Ray track And my trunks, my roots are growin styles from whayback .. [Tame One] I flash back to fat Kangol hats, with plastic Back when steppin on kicks in eighty-six got your ass kicked Bombers and sheepskins, were common when I first started rhymin Still I found time to go bombin Me and my pals rocked Cazals with no glass Dark flavored Clarks, Lee Denims off the ass Back when Mr. Magic had it goin all the way on the beat with BDP, added flavor like a crayon Indeed MC's would represent with the skills But now in ninety-three a lot of them can get the dillz It seems like a little sumthin missin in the mix But now I got a deal, so it's up to me to fix When niggaz put me up on, with funky raps to cut on Word is BOND, if I hear another wack rap song I might snap and it's an actual fact that I'ma kick it like that, cause this is strictly bout the whayback .. [El Da Sensai] Aww man damn, whayback, things was kinda fat Had the Godfather knot, a Starter hat, things are kinda wack now, packed up, my cardboard and stepped away I didn't have a choice, the culture was slayed B.D. had died, and things were dissapearin The West coast was here and all these wack beats appearin DJ's were breakin down record store doors to get the Biz Dance and the Chante Moore's Peace to Buck Four, Rocksteady on the floor New York and Dynamic crews plus many more Remember the time when you didn't pack a nine Niggaz just came to hear some, funky ass rhymes But all of that's over, cause brothers wanna act up No clubs to go to, they'll just pack rap up That's how the media wants it to stop So peep the verse and last showin of Graffiti Rock So check it, the brothers wanna wreck it To get what's expected, cause hip-hop, should be respect Gotta get it back, to get it on track Artifacts kickin styles illy on the whayback [Tame One] Like back when my Timberlands were only size sixes I used to take pictures shootin spitballs at bitches Cross New Jersey Transit just to see a rapper kick it But now I ain't with it, cause niggaz just ain't worth the ticket Shit man, I remember jams that were slammin Gettin me and my man in, was harder than backgammon DJ's would scratch back to back from boom baps And rappers with real raps, could drop shit real fat But now kid, as I recollect, rappers out who caught wreck respected, just got stuck up in my tape deck Real deal hip-hop, when Biz used to flip-flop His fat ass, on stage'd do a dance, in busted Reeboks Niggaz musta forgot, when real rhymes was hot Cause now if you ain't gold, you ain't got no props But fuck that, I'm above that, I don't play that The Artifacts staff drops math about the whayback .. It's a demo..

What The Seasons Change

HILLTOP HOODS "Left Foot Right Foot"
i once knew this man who was cursed from birth, destined to stagger through his life just to earn his worth. In one turn of the earth this story takes its place upon the summer shores of nowhere the place that he makes his home he returns alone from a long day having lost his job .... his home and fiance the wrong way to turn was the path that he took, he pissed his savings up the wall and on the grass he was hooked the path that he took for granted had messed with his .... he missed the finer points such as lessons in life It was his word to be ... that brought the cool in his heart And by the time the autumn came things were falling apart... things were falling apart So now hes standing in the dole queue, this girl with the face of an angel says hes looking down but she has a way to sustain you, it comes in a powder form and its good for healing scars but healing scars comes at the cost of robbing till's and steeling cars. Feeling far from obliged he follows her lead, down a beaten path where the homeless wallow in seed he swallows his need for pride he cant hold his thin weight so finds him self in a church to control his intake, being judged by a father for trying to pave his way he looks him in the eyes and asks hows your faith these days, i strive for better he replies in tones with sentiment but i lost all faith in this god that i once saw heven sent. He never meant to destroy all the things that he came across. Its the sour taste of defeat on the street, now all aim is lost, the pain and cost, f or his mistakes but never even really a sinner ..HUH..Its gonna be a long winter, His brow body shudders as the winter wind passes through him. Thinking of all the people in his past that knew him. The shafted or screwed him. His heart is brewin for knowing what he must do is seek shelter and aid from the love he once knew. One last shot fo courage hits him then his eyes are blood red. Inside he sees a man living the life he once led. Forfits in to the anger and torture within he decides to pay back mankind for her sins jumps in a stolen car grabs a needle from the glove box, deciding that he never even really knew what love was, he kicks in the front door to catch em havin sex, slams him to the floor then stabs her in the neck She kicks and she screams so he beats her till shes slack mouthed realising what he's done he says dumb founded, smacked out. Blacks out. Awakens in a holding cell knowing he cant see hope tommorow is spring... Time for regrowth,x3 So with the first light of spring the officer removes his chains, his mood is pained as he re-enters the world his vision to regain. Takes a step and says in a divine statement 'anything lost can be found again except for time wasted.' He's right adjacent on a path to heal himself, kicks the habit before he kills himself and feels his health returning in the mental n physical. His intention ...... Though a struggle when prevention is visable. Redemption isnt all its cracked up to be he decides as he dreams of smackin up a key. On the brink of life or loss, not knowing what he's holding so before he fucks it up again somebody should have told him. No matter your status factors weve all been humbled, no matter the foundation all solid things can crumble, no matter the strength or length something sustained, it never stays the same thats simply what the seasons change. No matter your status factors weve all been humbled, no matter the foundation all solid, things can crumble, no matter the strength or length something sustained, it never stays the same thats simply what the seasons change.

Things You Can't Do

Ideal "Ideal"
[Intro] Make it make it make it hot Yeah, ya know something? Ladies always saying, I'm too old for you You're too young for me But cha know something? Age, it really shouldn't matter As long as I know how to do it right You know what I'm sayin'? Hey man, kick the verse Said I got a story She came in town on business (And I was just hanging 'round) At first I never expected (Something that might go down) But still I must admit I was checking (Checking out the way she smiled) Next thing I knew, I was stepping to her She tried to play it like she runned out an affair (I don't wanna hear about) Things you can't do (Cuz you can really do it if you) Wanted to (And I don't want you to tell me) Tell me what you won't do (Baby, just do what you feeling) (How to do it too) I approached her in a conversation (I just had to talk) She told me that she used to be engaged (But she called it off) Then the question came (Why can't girls today tell me your age) Girl it doesn't really matter Let's just get together Whoa oh yeah (I don't wanna hear about) Things you can't do (Cuz you can really do it if you) Wanted to (And I don't want you to tell me) Tell me what you won't do (Baby, just do what you feeling) (How to do it too) I could be the nigga to get witcha Be the one to hitcha Luckey ain't had a hit in a very long time Can I, can I, can I, can I (Go creep with you tonight) Kiss your (Kiss your body tonight) Touch you (Touch you tonight, hold you tonight) Baby I (I don't wanna hear about) Things you can't do (Cuz you can really do it if you) Wanted to (I don't wanna hear about) Things you can't do (Cuz you can really do it if you) Wanted to (And I don't want you to tell me) Tell me what you won't do (Baby, just do what you feeling) (How to do it too) (I don't wanna hear about) Things you can't do (Cuz you can really do it if you) Wanted to I could be the nigga to get witcha Be the one to hitcha I could be the nigga to get witcha Be the one to hitcha Repeat above until fade

Hurt And Virtue

CRADLE OF FILTH "Damnation And A Day"
Distant vistas Swathed in the haze Of the reddening sunset Fell to whispers 'Neath the stars that marred descending skies From the cusp of midnight mountains Wending as a mist Rebels truced with Feriluce (In truth, few could resist) Came praising this hellraising trough The sparse and marble clime Where Virtue bathed, their ravenings made Her fountains flood with vine Lifted with the gift Of their dark seductive songs She drifted from the path She was surely set upon Courting chaos Prized in the sight Of the covering angel Taught in ways of Smothering another love Other than God Worshipped in each other's arms Like spider eidolons The moon conducted like a charm Those strange arrangements on And this is how they came to be Dragged before the throne Trough tongues that hung whilst theirs were run On soft white throats and punctured moans Though fated now than later By his tutor that had been He baited the Creator With the future he had seen Of Michael, psyched with jealousies A reich by His side And worming Man about to be The apple of His eye His children lost to free will And the cost of beaten hearts Like the nigt 'twixt vice and Virtue When Her kiss became a scar Seraph enemies Why has my lord forsaken my judgement Am I not free as He to indulge my darkest fantasies? From embittered lips These words were slavered Split on the whips Of their witch hunt gathered He sought Her gaze Midst drowning crowds that howled in rage... Blasphemer! Blasphemer! Though She was gone Not lyriced to the song of their spirited throng But ghosted back where She belonged... A grace embracing Michael In a lace of tears that bleared Her pride He swallowed Blood followed Through with spit for all things divine Through with spit for all things so fucking blind His seal He tore And to the floor He threw his tie to Heaven Signifying holy war And watchful of this sign A thousand flames, unauthorized Left celestial posts To coalesce and, unified Return their fallen leader As he turned one final time And threw a glance Like a downward lance That stung like guilt in every mind

All Alright

SAIGON KICK "The Lizard"
That's what I want is a blood in your eye. That's all I need is a reason to die. Put it in your vein. It will ease the pain. So talk your shit to someone else cause I ain't got the time. Don't ask me things you don't wanna hear. Turn your heart to stone in the blink of an eye. You're all I want. You can take me higher. Lady of my soul. You can't change my mind. Suicide Jones ain't got shit on me. Don't ask me things you don't wanna hear. We're all alright, whether it's wrong or right. Baby it's all alright from here.

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