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LIVE lyrics - Mental Jewelry


Original and similar lyrics
What do you say to the child Whose god is in the T.V. And what do you say to the man Who blames the world on T.V. They don't even know how to sing my song But they won't even try it With me, with me, with me Who is standing over playing like The teacher Harnessing the learned Who try but can't leave her I want to beg the liars to lay down Their sirens That play like the angels To my deep desire Free my son Let him walk right through the rain Free my son Make him waterboy Free my son There he stands down on the shore Free my son What do you say to the man Who treats her like a mother And what do you say to the man Who treats him like a father 'Come and see my heart. Come inside And learn' Come and see my soul, it's like yours, I say it's just like yours' Who is making over Idolizing princes banishing the dreamers with Barbed-wire fences And telling all the children who run to Her feet That they have no vision And love's all diseased Free my son

Only Love

2 a.m. and the rain is falling Here we are at the crossroads once again You're telling me you're so confused You can't make up your mind Is this meant to be You're asking me But only love can say - try again or walk away But I believe for you and me The sun will shine one day So I'll just play my part And pray you'll have a change of heart But I can't make you see it through That's something only love can do In your arms as the dawn is breaking Face to face and a thousand miles apart I've tried my best to make you see There's hope beyond the pain If we give enough, if we learn to trust [Chorus] I know if I could find the words To touch you deep inside You'd give our dream just one more chance Don't let this be our good-bye

Lullaby Werent We Wild

There's no sense in coming to your senses Our best ideals walk on barbed-wire fences All blood runs thin when reality dispenses Tall tales unfold And peasant becomes princess CHORUS We don't all have vision but some of us can see The sweet dulcinea rapt in everything I've made my decision; delirious and free We don't all have vision but some of us can see I saw you there Winnowing the black wheat, singing a dry dusty song Flat as the hulls at your feet Mi Aldonza In your hardened features Nothing replete, neither coy nor splendid All rags and cursing in the white heat Conoci con mi aldonza y yo no la queria Traigame mi guia Get me far from this place But oh too late, too familiar Leave me linger with this dark face CHORUS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tumbling Down

Eskobar "'Til We're Dead"
vers Hard times come Let them be Mark that stone Who is she? Leave this town On your own Take this sound To where you roam ref If this could ever make you free my love Then that's the way that it should be above the sky is telling you to stay inside and that's the way it should be vers Watch these men on the ground Feel this rain come tumbling down All those dreams washed away Change your ways let the children play

The Empty Bottle

ARCHIVE "Controlling Crowds - Part IV"
The colours run away as the sun fades the day I find it so hard to find the right words to say I know that when I have to leave and close it all down I'm losing everything that you have made me Let it all just fade away like leave from green to grey Defeat the impossible finish this war with enemies And how I love your smile in my aching heart But why does everything I touch become so sharp Let the sea roll over me and wash me away Let me slide deep beneath this crushing blue The light in the night and the stars on your face You are everything that surrounds me in this place I am the hollowness the empty bottle at the end I am the falling part playing at pretend I want that feeling back deep inside my heart Lay down these feelings push them all aside Crawl out into the light my love I cannot hide Searching for togetherness on the other side A thousand bullet holes this love cannot die For I am the hollowness the empty bottles at the end I am the falling part playing at pretend I want that feeling back deep inside my heart This feeling This feeling This feeling This feeling This feeling This feeling This feeling


JOHN DENVER "Windsong"
(Denver/Henry) The wind is the whisper of our mother the earth. The wind is the hand of our father the sky. The wind watches over our struggles and pleasures. The wind is the goddess who first learned to fly. The wind is the bearer of bad and good tidings, the weaver of darkness, the bringer of dawn. The wind gives the rain, then builds us a rainbow, the wind is the singer who sang the first song. The wind is a twister of anger and warming, the wind brings the fragrance of freshly mown hay. The wind is a racer, a wild stallion running and the sweet taste of love on a slow summer's day. The wind knows the songs of cities and canyons, the thunder of mountains, the roar of the sea. The wind is the taker and giver of mornings, the wind is the symbol of all that is free. So welcome the wind and the wisdom she offers, follow her summons when she calls again. In your heart and your spirit, let the breezes surround you. Lift up your voice then and sing with the wind.

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