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Leo Reisman lyrics

Stormy Weather

Original and similar lyrics
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes The Platters Words by Otto Harbach and Music by Jerome Kern Peak Billboard position # 1 in 1958 In 1934, four versions charted: Paul Whiteman (#1), Leo Reisman (#3), Emil Coleman (#4), and Ruth Etting (#15) In 1941 Artie Shaw took it to # 24. from the 1933 musical Roberta starring Bob Hope They asked me how I knew my true love was true I of course replied something here inside cannot be denied They said someday you'll find all who love are blind When your heart's on fire, you must realize smoke gets in your eyes So I *chaffed* them and I gaily laughed to think they could doubt my love Yet today my love has flown away, I am without my love Now laughing friends deride tears I cannot hide So I smile and say when a lovely flame dies, smoke gets in your eyes (smoke gets in your eyes, smoke gets in your eyes) Smoke-gets-in-your-EYES *chaffed* is NOT a guess-my buddy has the sheet music to prove it!!


Faith And The Muse
A thousand dreamers crept as one Journey'd by the colder sun Knocked at the chamber's gate Yet this sleeper does not wake In the oracle overhung With careless whispers, ivystung Their tiny fingers cling to warmth A home for the love weary heart Onward sacrarium, time sojourns Polanquin leads this path adorned While reverent creatures soft prepare The slumberous beauty carried there And lay their hands on silken skin As through these veins the gods did run Two thousand arms in twilight Endless dream and endless night Past echoed ruins overgrown Small voices drift in ancient tongue Mindful to their deepest wish For a home to the love weary heart In soft embrace I now arise And search for peace in hungering eyes Thy faces change: my love renames Our starlit world, the past remains Forgotten by linnear spite One thousand pairs of second sight Who through my eyes at last may see We are divinity We choose to be

Until I Die

this one's for you pretty momma this one's for you girl chorus until i die until i'm gone until i can't see light no more i'll be your queen, your everything cause you've been so good to me until i die until i'm gone until my last words have been told until i die, until i pass, cause our love was meant to last i remember when i met you i couldn't get you off my mind even when i closed my eyes all i could think was you gotta be mine there's no replacement for your smile and pretty eyes the way you never cursed at me even when i made you cry we've come a long way since that very first day skipping class to be together in the hall way you make me feel like i got reason to live, my pride possession, my medallion, my best friend, through the drama, pain, funerals, and family fights not for one second did you ever leave my sight that's why i love you girl te quiero de verdad and if i lose you girl hasta la muerte voy a llorar chorus before my eyes close and my soul goes home, these were words that i never told you, you were everything to me my last hope, my last dream and on my last breathe i would tell you this you were my sun rise and my sun set, my best friend who i woulda shared my last dollar with you were the last of my faith in these last days and please let it be you to kiss away these last tears too fall from my face until my last hour i'm yours, my last hug, my last kiss, the last smile on my lips, but my last regret was this that i never even got a chance to tell you this chorus Gemini in a blink of an eye imma meet my demise, live only as a memory deep into mind, but until that day comes when i breath no more just know who i lived life for i used to walk in the darkness with no real purpose in life never blinded just never really cared about life i used to say once your born your just waiting to die and everyday in between it's just a waste of some time but in time i was convinced i was far from the truth believe it or not i found truth the night i met you so just know that if there's life after death imma wait for you there to love you forever chorus

I Love You Baby

Frankie Valli "10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack"
(Chorus 1) You're just too good to be true Can't take my eyes off you You'd be like heaven to touch I wanna hold you so much At long last love has arrived And I thank God I'm alive You're just too good to be true Can't take my eyes off you Furdon the way that I stare There's nothing else to compare The sight of you leaves me weak There are no words left to speak But if you feel like I feel Please let me know that it's real You're just too good to be true Can't take my eyes off you (Chorus 2) I love you baby And if it's quite all right I need you baby To warm my lonely night I love you baby Trust in me when I say Oh, pretty baby Don't bring me down I pray oh, pretty baby Now that I found you, stay and let me love you Baby let me love you... (Repeat Chorus 1) (Repeat Chorus 2)

Another Puff

I know there's a lot of talk going around today About cigarette smoke and whittlin' your life away I've seen it and I've heard it so many times That finally it just started to pray on my mind I guess it scared me a little bit That's why I decided I was going to quit So while I was sitting here forming my battle plan I took another puff and turned on the fan I just sat there in my easy chair And thought of all the money I've wasted on cigarettes all these years I thought how I'd spend the rest of my days After I kick this habit my body craves I said to myself this ain't gonna be so tough And with that little bit of insurance I took another puff I took a puff I puffed then I ripped off another puff I decided I about had about enough That breaking this habit won't be too tough Now I gave a lot of thought to this thing If I didn't smoke cigarettes I'd feel just like a king Besides with the price going up every day I knew I was just throwing all my good money away You know I ain't lit one in an hour or so Just wanted to make sure I could quit you know I was thinking maybe I ought to write all this down And put it in a song kinda circulate it around Can't ever tell it might make a hit not after they call a little bit Can you imagine me a hit songwriter Now where'd I put that cigarette lighter After all it's a habit and a habit you can break Just a little bit of willpower son that's all it takes I said to myself you gotta be tough And with that little bitty wisdom I took another puff I took a puff and I puffed then I ripped off another puff I decided boy this ain’t gonna be tough besides I'd just about had enough I'm about ready to quit this rotten habit anyway Oh I think they ought to take it off the television it looks too good I like them skinny ones with the filter Give it to me give it to me take a rest I say if I quit smoking what'll I do maybe I'll eat Maybe I'll eat cigarettes Oh I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it Chester B don't smoke he smokes logs Makes you laugh funny too oh my throat's scratching Lord I wish I could think of something bad to say about cigarettes Boo on cigarettes ha ha ha Don't smoke don't smoke don't smoke You quit smokin' that'll leave more for me I love it I love it no I don't love cigarettes Don’t misunderstand me I hate cigarettes Makes you cough when you don't smoke it makes you shake I don't know what's worse to shake or to cough I think I'll make me a cough shake Son did you ever smoke oh I remember one time I quit smoking I quit for three months My wife left me so did my children she took my house and left It was a mobile home ha ha

Italian Song

Jon And Vangelis
Is it love, is it love, Is it love that I think I'm after ? Is the moment so expressive in my heart To believe I could be with you ? Treasure this, treasure this. Is it everything you hoped it would be ? In your soul, in a job, at the firelight, Could be life in a heart of stone. Is it love, is it love, Is this love that I think I'm feeling ? Hold me in your arms, lie by my side, Let me be inside of you. Let me go, let me fly, let me love you. Let me go, let me fly, let me love you. Somehow I must believe, you need me too, You dream me too summer love. Cause I will be unchained When true love surrounds me. I will be unchained When true love I see in your eyes. Yes, I will be unchained When true love I see in your eyes. Tell me I'm a fool, I would know how to believe it. (eyes) All the words you say enfold me, touch me, but Somehow there's more to being this love. It's a game of give and take. Call it love, (give and take) Call it love, (give and take) Is it love that I think I'm after ? It's the world that inspires my every move, A world so much to do with you. Tell me now, I'm alive. So alive that I need to show it. Gather round me, come to me, the firelight. Come to me, wait by my side. I will be unchained When true love surrounds me. I will be unchained When true love I see in your eyes.

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