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Kurtis Blow lyrics - Tough

The Boogie Blues

Original and similar lyrics
I was walkin' down the avenue the other day When I heard this crazy sound It was nothing but a guy with a set of drums But he was really gettin' down He said my name is Jack and I'm a rhythm attack When I got a pair of sticks in hand I got savior faire on the bass and snare And I'm here to take my stand I got juice The next to show was a guy named Joe Came in from Kalamazoo Had a Kango cap with a real smooth rap And he knew just what to do He was an outta work bricklayer,part-time conga player Brought along a set of LP's Don't do a lot of talkin',let my fingers do the walkin' And I play just as pretty as you please I got juice There was a guy with a bass,had a handsome face And designer clothes all around He said I'm into threads,don't wear Pro Keds But I can make that funky sound I play Fender Jazz,I got razz-ma-tazz I got style from head to toe It's a funky sound that I learned uptown And I'm here to let you know I got juice About a minute went by when another guy Showed up with an old guitar Well it hard to be from World War III Or run over by a car It don't look like much,but it's sweet to touch They don't make'em like this today It's been around,but check the sound Then see what you say I got juice There was a dude with a bongo,came from the Congo Had a rough beat of his own He dressed real strangle,wore beads and chains But he could rock you all alone He said call me Chief and I've got relief For those weary dancin' blues I got jungle heat from a primative beat And I know I'll move your shoes,HUH-HUH I got juice The next to show was Kurtis Blow With timbales in his hands Well I'm known for rap and I play with snap And I think you'll understand Now I was taught to play in a different way By a dude known as Delgado He said listen to me and you soon will be A timbale desparato I got juice What do you say when you're bustin' loose JUICE,JUICE It's good for the gander and chilly for the goose JUICE,JUICE Breakin' out from that weekday noose JUICE,JUICE Gettin' down on the one and up on the deuce JUICE.JUICE

I Got The Knack

Everlast "Forever Everlasting"
You got it (13x) Get up everybody and listen to this rhyme My name is Everlast and yo I'm always on time I got what it takes to make this groove complete When my DJ cuts he's never missin' a beat I'm down with the Syndicate and they're down with me I'm also down with Divine, Bilal and Quincy D Terry B., DJ Lethal and my brother Kool Nick Kid Jazz, Scratch, Bangle and Cut Master Quick I worked hard and long to master this traight And to quote my other song, yo I'm just out to get paid So sleep on me now, For my time will come Everlast lasts forever That's why I'm number one I got the knack (7x) Everlast is in effect, gettin' full respect I collect big checks, 1's, 5's, 10's, 20's, a 100 G's I'm pullin' honey's left and right, day and night You gotta see it to believe it, it's quite a sight There all on my tip to get a sip of this poetic performer I can get whipped but I'm out to get paid, not to get laid All across the country my records gettin' played The radio stations, clubs and renkores All the shows I play I make them do encores So sleep on me now, For my time will come Everlast lasts forever That's why I'm number one I got the knack (5x) (Ah, yah, hit me, alright, check this out) Step up place your bet and I'll serve your fortune But first I must issue just one word of caution Dope lyric presentations are my soul notiriety Everlast is on the rise movin' through society My voice is moist resighting choice vocals Respected world wide and feared by locals Poppin' junk out your punk mouth Makin' bets it's too late for regrets It's time to pay your debts, E-v-e-r-l-a-s-t It's the name that I fed a poetic demigod with skin that is fare I got the knack (10x) Now there are too many people in this world tryin' to play me Like I'm some kind of sucker constantly they disobey me Tellin' me what's sellin', what kinda records be charted Sound like him, sound like her but they all sound retarded Takin' very little time to write down a rhyme It's confusing to see so many people so fly Some think that it's a sell out rhymin' to this beat But Everlast takes any groove and makes it sound complete I got the knack!

Jive Talk

Kool G. Rap
[Kool G. Rap] Brothers on the corner sellin junk got held up by the hotties got the shotties in the trunk You got the hardrocks wavin glocks at the punks Police only harass you when they wanna get a chunk They got so many corners and they got so many spots And I can't even bump up the block without the, Yo man, what you got? I'm walkin past somebody lookin strange He's lookin for a hit for veins or he'll blow out somebody's brains Even the shorties livin naughty lives Walkin around, even drive around, with big forty-fives I just found out the candy store's a front They walk in the candy store Man G, candy's far from what they want You might see a pickle or a popsicle But if you step to the back, you get dimes, twenties, and nickels Honey used to look like a winner Now she can't even get took to dinner cause so many dealers ran up in her Somebody's blood is on the tar Last night was a homicide from a fight inside the bar Loudmouth tryin to show her ass, but somebody broke a whiskey bottle and cut her butt up with the glass Money got robbed for his bank They broke in his house and took everything except the kitchen sink Little man murdered on the scene He tried to come off at the liquor store, he's only 17 Granny's damn near pushin 80 A couple of hoods grabbed her pocketbook, and stabbed up the lady Cover your head, cause it's a dead zone, in the red zone Yeah, this is my home sweet home Three card molly, another man to fool Whites will stop at the red lights, to look at us like animals I'm gettin frisked by the cops They only tryin to get props, for blowin off a black man's top Up in apartment 3G, this sweetie named DiDi wants to see me but yo I heard she's givin VD Just when you think the skies are gettin blue Bang bang -- another brother's split in two Can't sleep, cause the streets are filled with danger Miss, your little daughter's a swinger, you can't change her She left with a stranger, inside a drug dealer's party Now off to the morgue, to go indentify her body Sonny boy is goin on the strip Robbin niggaz cracks, with a mac, without a clip Somebody gave a tip, so the next time he flipped and shorty got ragged, another bodybag is zipped A baby is born and needs lovin but instead, the mother smothered him and shoved him in a oven Cops killin our kids, but they bill us So what's more worse, the killer cops or the Cop Killers Everyday's another risk I'm even mad to go to my pad, the hallways always smell like piss No heat, just pots of hot water I'm walkin eight flights up, the elevator's out of order Man that landlord is the lowest Because I let my door slam and saw a damn eviction notice I felt like breakin all his bones, pssssh I'm gettin kicked out of my home sweet home *door shuts*

The General Says Hell Yeah

Gluecifer "Tender Is The Savage"
Well you can live your life on a common ground or you can strut your stuff to the idiot sound waitin' for a chance now - wantin' to get down Lacin' up the shoes for a new vendetta wantin' to get even bet you heard what I said I'm linin' up my troops now better hang around You'll be a dreamer - You'll be a screamer too You'll be a ruler in everything you say and do Headlocked in a solid groove Dead rocked coz it's time to move First man in first attack, aint no turnin' back so get in line now, get in line allright Warrin' coz you're borin' to the bone I am the general baby and I'm gettin' it done Got you runnin' with my gunnin' got you cold I am the general baby callin' it rock'n'roll Well you can live your life on a common ground or you can strut your stuff to the idiot sound waitin for a chance now - wanna hear a little noise Well you can dig yourself in for a heavy barrage Or you can play a vox in that goddamned garage We'll do it my way now - coz I've armed my boys Said - in the wake of the day I wanna come out and play Said - that is all that I have to say Big guns on a big machine My troops they are lookin' damn mean Salute the general or you'll have to be shelled to hell Full force with a rockin' twist Souped up and I'm gettin' pissed You take your orders take gonna strike it on the biggest bell

Hip Hop Lyrical Robot

UB40 "Baggariddim"
[Chorus:] Can you dig it, alright I can dig it Cause I'm your hip hop lyrical robot and a real cool cat Yes I'm your hip hop lyrical robot and a real cool cat I want the girls to hear me rap Cause this mc has got the nack I'm your body-popping shell shocking Girls hocking eye popping lick me all over like a lollipop I'm your juicy fruit Alright, alright, alright I said hey white man, indian or black I'm your number 1 MC and that's a fact I'm a goodlooking, girl hooking outstanding Mike chatting lyrical shock attack All MCs freeze there on the spot One false move and you must get drop I'm always devastating, fascinating Vibemaking, painstaking, watch it man I'm hot [Chorus] Its a struggle in life when your skin is black The system is designed to hold you back how sya do shake hands on the shoulder a pat One love to my face then a stab in the back Seven points in snooker when you put down the black But I still thank God for the little I got [Chorus] I don't stop rapping to the musical beat And I'm in the mood to turn you on In the groove thats so complete Wind you hips, shake your body Or clap you hands even stamp your feet Just like a bed thats just been spread You know I'm neat, neat, neat Just like a tap that's running hot Man can't you feel the heat Not just now but every minute every hour Everyday and every week I don't give a hoot for loot and shoot Or prostitutes in skin tight suits Standing on the corner They call their beat I'm not a pimp drug pusher Gambler or even thief To the teachers I will preach And to the teachers I will teach Cause I'm a hip hop lyrical robot That is why so unique Well police and theives are playing The game of hide and seek When an imformer gives imformation Then its called a leak I jail your a number ruled by govenor Screws keep you under, wanna see you blunder When they say 'Sit' just take a seat And when they say 'food' it's time to eat If a screw says 'Nigger' I don't answer 'Yes Sir, no Sir three bags full Sir' Sometimes inmates would even call me a growler Me a growler, I'm no growler [Chorus] Well I'm a hip hop lyrical robot I don't stop rapping to the musical beat Well I'm a hip hop lyrical robot and a real cool cat


JOELL ORTIZ "Farewell Summer"
[Intro] Oh yeah, it's him again! {"Joell Ortiz"} Y'all know the voice [Chorus: Gangstarr sample] Always bless you with a new joint, shit you never heard I need a place to lay low bro, cause this one is murder [Joell Ortiz] Check; cool as a fan, fresh as a new leather The new member in an argument of who's better The cool cheddar keep it New Yorican In a hoopty gettin brain from a chain on the Major Deegan The haters speakin, never mind playa The block ex-crack dime shaver turned best rhyme sayer The candy chewer, Laffy Taffy over Life Saver The orgasm every time, that's what the pipe gave her The gutter dweller, never nice neighbors The sour mixin with the Jack Daniel's to give it nice flavor The back in the days type gamer The used to hate Super Nintendo nigga that used to like Sega The clawed his way in the door rapper that's like Vega Never killed nobody, in that booth he's such a life taker The every other night somebody else's wife scraper The nigga makin veterans look like a 9th grader [Interlude] You goddamn right I'm that nigga {"Joell Ortiz"} [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] Uhh, the talk of the town, clown when we in the party Karaoke sing on the low but yo don't tell nobody The never had nothin, now he doin hella cocky The haters vomit from the smell of papi The low caesar with the sharp parts That might fiend on the scene with sixteens gettin green like a golf cart The beef lookin at the rest of y'all like Pop-Tarts Verses got y'all frownin up y'all faces like my mom's farts The N.Y. repper, don't dare side-stepper The casual dresser, low whites, light sweater The bike revver on a summer day The give the DJ so much heat they don't know which one to play! The E-1 gunner, used to be up under Trey Finna drop crack and not look back like a runaway The have fun every time he in the booth spitter The take on anybody, old nigga, new nigga [Interlude] Y'all think it's a game? I ain't playin! {"Joell Ortiz"} [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] Uhh, the truth in the purest form The frontliner, first nigga to shoot when the war is on The hop on your beat and cruise like the Autobahn and force radio to play my version of all the songs The diddy bopper in the city proper The walk up in the strip club and throw it up like a shitty vodka The used to be a butt man turned titty clocker The hop up in the bed and beat it up kitty boxer Okay, the occasional kitty licker Only if her box is the shit, kitty litter The good swimmer, Caribbean beach feet dipper The Rican whale size of three Flippers The flow stronger than the current in the winter in the East River The poker player, top pan with the mean kicker The hip-hop light, when it was in its darkest hour The can't do a song without at least one YAOWA [Interlude] This ain't gon' stop brother, heh {"Joell Ortiz"} {"Statik Selektah!"} [Chorus]

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