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Kool Keith lyrics - Matthew

Extravagant Traveler

Original and similar lyrics
Kool Keith Checkin out of the Venetian Hotel That's right, flight to Africa Mastercharge Yeah.. Chorus: Kool Keith Extravagant traveler, Puerto Rico out to Africa (4X) [Kool Keith] MC's is wack, I'm lookin at the Robb Report Eighty-thousand-sixty-two Bentley Owner of the Houston Astrodome, Don King represent me (?) bus with gold trim and you can't act up frontin on your lemon Legend status with keys to the MGM Grand Got your wife and kids holdin my poster, grabbin my hand All I hear is a bunch of wack primetime MC's sayin I hate him cause he's great He's on all the billboard and the highway Face is on soup cans and milk crates Resteraunts with movie theaters in 'em Continental airlanes, planes we buyin off the lot while y'all rent 'em Excursion flights with Bill Clinton Takin fine girls out to Washington to get they extensions Usin my TV phone I see girls in they thongs fantasizin while they home alone Pack my bags - I need room service Chorus [Kool Keith] Cause my face is in the newspaper every week Pronounce words right - ask Jesse Jackson how I speak Sign my autographs for Jagged Edge and Sisqo on 125th Street Red carpet on the sidewalk I gotta step on it before I talk Part investor of the Utah Jazz, I'm the real king of New York London cashmere, walkin around with Guiliani regular football shirt Tailors grab my Armani, maids cook dinner Sauteed fish and shrimp Dallas Mavericks want me as a baldheaded five-eight guard with a ninety-five inch vertical, Vince Carter respect my legs Ask Shawn Kemp; Wes Unseld and the NBA commissioner takin pictures of me in front of Nell's Special election day got chocolate girls with flowers dresses on You would swear they Naomi Campbell and Nia Long from section 8 Yes, I guess Chorus [Kool Keith] Bustin no freestyles, lookin at you in the back of the car Rappin for twenty miles I'm sittin in the back of the limo with the fly brim-o Me in a black Cadillac, Elliot Ness Sendin rappers with doo-rags an S.O.S. You wanna rap big man? Take Mickey Mouse off your chest I let you wear your vest; plaid shirts or stripes is that the way your stylist make you dress? She should be sued for that Contract renewed for that And on stage, you should be booed for that I'ma tap you in the back and let everybody know they wack Yo SkyCab hand me my platinum suitcases Chorus


Last Emperor
[Verse One] Being righteous is my career and conflict is just a job risk No stoppin this when I build rhymes like an Egytptian obalisk Watch me get down in your Provincetown or populace Cause my life rhyme is Prime posess the matrix like Optimus Now you'll get framed like a diploma in your spiritual coma I'ma black Moor like Othello but I won't die for Desdemona Older diamond studded mic walk on a stage of solid marble Leave the flyest MC's startled in ? like Captain Marvel Are you, aware of the fact that I left mankind devastated? And they still look for the blueprints of the monuments that I've created See the Gods live, don't compare my hard drive to your floppy disk Chicago to Gotham City, New York to Metropolis From city streets to Athens, Greece from the pyramids to the Acropolis My final resting place will be a solid gold sarcophagus But what I can't understand is how these foolish humans use the mic to their advantage And get lost like the City of Atlantis Your a long way from Kansas, and this is more than just black chrome You gotta be fresh, yes, and never talk in no wack tone Cause once I got you in my attack zone You could click your heels three times like Dorothy and couldn't get back home So, drop the mic and save those wack rhymes for later Cause my battles leave more Broken Arrows than Christian Slater May the, force be with you It's true nothing in life is coincidental The Emperor is monumental Chorus: Monumental For mortal men who pretend they never knew me Monumental For these MC's, thinkin that they can do me Monumental For the simple things in life that suit me The dead ancestors that speak through me Monumental *repeat* [Verse Two] Break a one-niner, its the democratic socialist rhymer On stage I keep out invaders like the Great Wall of China My style transcends where the divine starts and man ends Understand friends, colleagues, comrades, companions Los campaneros who wreck stone temples like pharaohs Searchin Americans, La Batista, Ralph Bandalero The empire builders must construct societies Thats the difference between my spirit and the man that deceives The imperial to the masses, imperialistic fashions Titaniums and plastics, alkalines and acids From the cradle to the casket fantastic stories are told Stolen maps are sold leading to hidden cities of gold Hold your ancient artform sacred, let not the 85(%) forsake it Hitler's armies saw it in 1945 and tried to take it Infiltrate it and break it, no substitutes nor replacements I've got a Stargate leading to other dimensions in my basement Honesty, energies of the mind are designed to empower spaceships My crew builds on politial science and international relations Feed off sunlight when the Earth grows void of vegetation Attack the U.N. like the Klingons did the United Federation Fully operational, mobile, global and intercontinental The Emperor is truly monumental Chorus [Verse Three] When worlds collide and are destroyed by earthquakes and tremors What I build serves as a culture for generations to remember From the cold-hearted to the tender, any ethnicity or gender Slaves to a higher power, you gave freedom when you surrender Bend your steel low, save that gangster talk for Quentin Tarantino I gets deeper than those 20,000 Leagues on Captain Nemo's So, abort the mission or get played out of position Never let technology overrider this oral tradition I'ma rather odd man, here to carry out the God's plan While you try to be larger, I stay camouflaged like Tarzan I don't rhyme just to cash checks, but to create new aspects Blacks and Latinos are really, Kemites and Aztecs Some voices got trouble, some voices got base The Emperor's got the voice that be all up in your face Now some MC's drop one single and vanish without a trace Call me Lord Vader, the baddest black man in outer space Mechanically rhyme prone, any MC or time zone Hard rock get broken up into small pieces of limestone To put it plainly modern forms of psychology can't explain me There's no man-made religion that can't contain me See I realized that in the mind is where each man must build his holy temple Now thats the true meaning of monumental Chorus

Too Late

Brand Nubian "Foundation"
Intro/Chorus: Shelene Too late, too late baby, bye-bye I'll be there tonight You'll get left behind Now's my time to shine Verse One: Grand Puba Now I got the best birthday present when my ass born It was my mama, old dad plant the seed like a farmer Life was kind of hard livin in hell's backyard Didin't have a job, honey fronted on the GOD Shorty racing, only hollering at cats who be lacin She had some shit with her, she was caught up in the glitter Brother come see me when you get five digits bigger Oh that's the way you tryin to doo-doo on a nigga She likes the lavish, no time for a brother livin average Play the knees for the cheese like a savage Now she lost and turned out, rotten teeth in her mouth cos she ran the wrong route Shorty 'member me, now I'm seven digits bigger Platinum artist status, mad cheese from Hilfiger Now ya feelin me because you're smoked out and high but too late baby, bye-bye Chorus Verse Two: Lord Jamar I wish you could have been there when I had my first fight The other kid said he was gonna get his father I didn't bother to respond cos I knew that you was gone Forced to carry on and teach myself right from wrong As far back as I can remember you was never around In September it was back to school The eldest member of my family so I packed the tool It made a nigga feel manly when I smacked a fool with it, could've schooled me on pussy before I hit it Or took me to a park with a ball and said Hit it But we was all left in the dark, accepting the parts of you we was able to get, affectin my heart Nowadays you expecting to start, anew when I lived my whole life apart from you Too late you better check the due date See there's no explanation for the expiration Chorus Bridge: Sherene It's too late, bye-bye Oh bye-bye-bye-bye-bye-byeeee, yeah It's too late, bye-bye, oh babe Bye-bye-bye-bye-byeeee-bye-bye Bye-bye-bye-bye-byeeeee Verse Three: Sadat X Niggas disrespect my crib droppin ashes on the floor Another half of beer I'm findin behind the chair Let you meal like you wish but you can't even wash a dish but you love to eat and rest them stink ass feet And blow up my telephone line like you was home Seen a nigga make five quick calls to the dome Ride around all day, 'Dro-ed or hash I ain't never heard once Can I help you with gas I ain't never heard X, can I buy you a meal But if we going downtown niggas is ready to wheel Now if you broke you broke, you got five dollars, give me one Cos most likely I'll give it back before the day is done If I'm spendin and bending, you should do it pendin That day when you break out and finally get your cake But I don't let that stress me cos life is but a test, B And every waken day, I'ma stay okay Chorus to fade

1, 2, 3

NAUGHTY BY NATURE "Naughty By Nature"
Intro/Chorus: (x6) 1 motherfuckin 2 motherfuckin 3 1 and here comes the 2 to the 3, and Verse 1: Lakim Shabazz rappers are full of this, since I'm a Don I'm pullin out a hit cos I'm fired up, I'm tired of all the bullshit Flavor Unit, it's time to attack the prey So make way for hip-hop's green beret Bring on the refills, you see we feel the name of the brain game is kill or be killed I'm an expert, who will be the next jerk to try Let me explain you got 8 million ways to die We torch and scorch ya, make ya feel real sore Have that ass lookin just like *this boo-boo* slipped the door Known to kill, dunk skills, e-rupt You ask why My reply is 'I don't give a fuck!' I'm a Panther, I love fresh meat After I kill ya, I'ma leave ya body across 110th Street My tactics are drastic and real fast I tie one to a truck and go drag ya ass I'm more than a threat, I'm a problem To hell with cotton, watch out when I come to Harlem So don't whisper or make a sound or croak Shit ya prop, go straight back down ya throat Everyday all day this be the hard way Puttin rappers outta commission even on an off-day Flavor Unit rules G, we're takin rappers out 1 motherfuckin 2 motherfuckin 3 Chorus (x3) Verse 2: Apache Here comes trouble and it's all that, in fact contact You're next of kin, friend, follow the flow format While you slip, I grips so expect to get bruised Ask me if I give a fuck cos I ain't got shit to lose Fuck around, lay around and get stuck up You beatnit, wait a minute, hold the fuck up If I was deaf, dumb, blind, stupid, blame handicapped, crippled and pussy was my middle name you couldn't beat me slick, snap that neck like a Chico stick I know who beat'cha quick (who), my grip *Failin this* to some type of tournament I cut ya fuckin head off and use it as a Christmas tree ornament Come and give me a test whoever claims to be the best He's with the 40-below footprint on his chest Fucked up, got stuck, go press your luck Both of his legs were found in back of a garbage truck Head found in the bar of a limosuine The rest of his body at a dove site in Queens Damn man, Mr. Handman, you like braggin Ya fucked up, made a wrong turn and entered the dragon I told you I'm out to stalk, Last nigga tried me, died G, felt my tomahawk Apache, that's me, I'm gettin rappers' ass 1 motherfuckin 2 motherfuckin 3 Chorus (x4) Verse 3: Treach You coulda been my main shit but you scrap and will wack, black The only thing I smoke witta pipe is an ass crack You challenge Treach, I'll seal you quick, you can't touch that I thought you did a triple cos you said Aw, fuck that! Diamond Hill how ya feel, *hey Ben Hef* Give me a hearin aid or two then I'm thru cos I'm that def That's how we all be, tighter than small leaves Club rappin all be, I'm wreckin on all 3 This drill means chill, Guard Ya Grill, trouble Is that your head or is your neck blowin a fuckin bubble A-B-C, skip to the S-T U-V-W-X, fuck the Y-Z Brand new, Brand Nubian, Grand Puba-in Tape dem and cruise me then, if I'm wrong, sue me then Wait let me hear another tune, tune me in so I'm straight, if I hear drop the bomb I have to go Break this nig' for anytime or any day, as many rhymes are played Erase, forgive me not cos shit I'm hot, if I can get then you'll get got Au contraire mon frere this is all my hair I wouldn't cut it for the biggest butt-ocks out there Put on a tip or hittin hips, I'm more than quick I Grease my Lightnin', it's frightening how I get, a slick schooled, dark, cool Sagittarian Two types of marryin: very thick or very thin Naughty By Nature and the Flavor U-N-I-T 1 motherfuckin 2 motherfuckin 3 Chorus (x4)


On a cold and windy morning, said goodbye to my old friends They were hangin' around the corner, They were stayin' till the end On the other side of midnight, I was lookin' for a place to stay And one thing's sure for certain, I ain't never goin' back again The streetlights looked so pretty as they spread into a town I was lookin' for another sundown And my head was spinning round and round Chorus: Lookin' through the eyes of a stranger Lookin' through the eyes of danger Lookin' at the all-night dancer Never takin' all the chances As I walked into the main street, saw a crowd across the square And I heard a guitar playin' and I saw you standing there Repeat Chorus: Distant bells they started ringing, somewhere far off in the night And the place was full of loneliness that disappeared from sight

Future Plans

(Keith Urban) It's six Monday morning, she's back into her routine Kicks off the covers and thinks about last night's dream Shower and coffee, she heads for the train Thinkin' how every day's the same There's gotta be more than life of her own All that she wants is a man to come home too CHORUS: She's lookin' for someone to love her And stay forever true Just somebody who she can believe in And say they need her too She's lookin' for somebody to hold her Until the light of day Someone she can make future plans with And know he's here to stay Late in the evening she is dreamin' in black and white An old love story she wishes portrayed her life No one would know what goes on her mind Thinkin' it's only a matter of time Till someday she finds what she's lookin' for And her ship'll come sailin' into her shore REPEAT CHORUS 2x

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