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KILLER MIKE lyrics - R.A.P. Music

Anywhere But Here

Original and similar lyrics
I gotta get out of here, this city’s gonna kill me Could be anywhere, anywhere but here I wonder how long before this shit gone take me under [Verse 1:] Moving through New York City in a black seven fifty Like Batman moving through Gotham Dodging pot holes as I gently move Through Harlem with my wheels on slalom Pain in my eyes as I'm passing the place Where they found Sean Bell and they shot him Forty one times, he committed no crime But I guess life ain't Times Square But in the city that's gritty where the bottom is shitty Where the mayor's a billionaire You learn Manhattan keep on making it And Brooklyn, keep on taking it Cause life just ain't that fair For the kids in the park, watching out for the Narcs Putting Sour Diesel in the air Tryin' to flip them a pack, stack up a couple racks And make it the hell outta here… (New York) [Hook:] Let the city peel away right from under you There are too many clouds in the sky I can hear them calling out to me I can hear them calling out [Bridge:] Let the city peel away There were too many ghosts in this town I can hear them calling out to me, out to me! [Verse 2:] I maneuver through the ATL in a black SL With the goddess of a black female This is black male Heaven with the ballers are professing But to me home feels like Hell Even though it's black cops from the mayors to the top Black blood still gets spilled They raided a house, no drugs were ever found But a black grandmother laid killed Like the dream of the King when the sniper took his life On the balcony of Lorraine Motel From now forthward, these young black boys Seem to self-sabatoge they selves Or maybe they're just smart, and they choose to go hard Cause they know the good guy will fail So you ask what happens to a dream deferred Langston, well it kills itself... (Atlanta) [Hook:] Let the city peel away right from under you There are too many clouds in the sky I can hear them calling out to me I can hear them calling out Anywhere but here

Life In The City

Living in the country far away from home, how I miss those city lights, yes I'm lost when I'm alone. Grew up on the sidewalk, always had a friend, every day was something new and the nights would never end. I can hear you oh calling, life in the city is calling. I went away without knowing changes you put me through. Calling, life in the city is calling, calling me back and I'm feeling like I belong to you. Living in the country gave me time to see traffic jams and neon lights, baby mean a lot to me. Bought myself some freedom but it just don't feel the same as the crowded streets and subway seats and the place I got my name. I can hear you oh calling, life in the city is calling. I went away without knowing changes you put me through. Calling, life in the city is calling, calling me back and I'm feeling like I belong to you.


METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Street Life, Raekwon, Masta Killa) [Method Man:] Uh [Masta Killa:] Deadly Melody part two [Method Man] Thats my word It aint safe no more bitch [Masta Killa] Yo yo Brain is punctured and drained through the nasal Hour of assassination be upon you Moving with the tiger strike, bound, gagged and shot the head in, (not sure of this verse) East remains hot with police But I keep a lease for my, four-fifth automatic Extended clip rewind, bust mine, Anytime you reveal your snake is raising actions Observe the magnetic attraction [Method Man] And its time for some grid... [Street Life] ...iron rap, action-packed grudge match Tough act to follow, hard copy novel throw you off the Farasauno We swimmin with these sharks, yo I raked body guard Stamp my initial in your birthmark, P.L.O Plus like a calico, tally ho Black expo, checks in afro, we back yo, Stole-a-mite, crash your wind pipe, with the (right to right) Fatal strike, daily mic fights, shoot-out street lights [Method Man] Sight beyond sight, late night, city light Tight like a virgin, merging with my aye-a-like Splergin, dirty to the grain, no detergant Filthy, innocent till I'm proven guilty Submergin, deeper in the lecture I'm servin Truth or consequences, life or death sentence I'm hurtin, your person, I'm certain, its curtains [Chorus:] It aint nothing like hip-hop music You like it cause you choose it Most D.J.'s won't refuse it Alot of sucka M.C.'s misuse it Don't think that Wu can't lose it Too much to gain you'll abuse it The name of the game is rapture This one is completely captured bass [Inspektah Deck] Yo I bring chaos to blocks like the riots in Watts Rapid fire shots ripple through Kevlov, 9 Glocks Technique your rhyme part machine gun ammo Sporadic flow buckle the foe, intro to outro Galico, throw verse, we slide my dough first I make thousands in the club with no shirts, go beserk >From the Shao burrow, wylin out on the furlow Commando, style thorough, solo inferno It burns slow, thermal nuclear degrees Heads of underseas down to the youngest seeds Wannabes clone, they light like summer breeze Hundred G's for the garden, the fierce stampede >From the die cast, hit the mic like the iron-palm blast Equipped to perform the task S-I-N-Y, and what, had a gut The head rush, will cause your cerebellum to bust [Killa Sin] We be the world's most fabulous, hazardous, to fuck with these ravenous Killas get you stuck to the wall like wooden cabinets Extravagent, drop a helicopter high Up into the sky, lines philosiphie Watch my pockets ride, to the bottom bus Confide in God and Sin, I trust the villianous Criminal minded killas rust I intend to build a fortifying man, Mastermind vying men, navigate the globe and retire quick [Raekwon] Aiyyo fluid rap bend, through a black Veluga black act Tackle that, ghetto tabernackles throw it in your lap Slang A-K, national, geographical, mathematical Slide up in your worth casual Night air dog, who wear it all, blouse down to bra All a thousand with a bloody hair, flammable Rap mayors, who clap Himalayas pinky fingers Ever glacer, lacer, hand laser touches grail bomb blazers Sly-workin, network beserk, mad hurting Killing whales, fucking up sales, crash Bloomindales , John Lennon tenor break, mad descendo Fuck yall niggas carve my ice through my beige window [door creaking open] [gunshots followed by a car alarm] [Chorus] [Method Man] Spazz Spazzola Ola S-I-N-Y 10304 Lock your door Crack your jaws Drop your draws It's all day everyday with this rap souflee' Muzak...

Awaiting The End

Shroud of velvet, ebony coffin Deathly pale like peaceful sleep The past looks back with thousand faces From the confluent hiding of time Break through your mental derangement Wait for the inevitable end Pray to your lord for forgiveness While you hope to bear it up well Hope you reach the sphere you dreamt of Broken dreams seem so dreadful, grotesque Slowly all your power's fading Your own life shines so worthless, sinful Embraced by silent shadows Loneliness, guides all your path No one's left to hear you Alone with your fear of death Flame of life lost in unknown Fear of death crawls inside Now you lost your energy of living While you taste the chalice of death Deep depressions enter your mind Why doesn't god hear all your cries Now the chapter's finished, it's your turn to die You are in agony, death laughs at your cry

All Gone To Hell

MOTORHEAD "Sacrifice"
Wide Wake, wide awake, hear the silence hiss, Will you break, will you break, ironbinds your wrist, In your face, in your face, see the others flinch, Iron law, Iron claw, don't you move an inch. Strike toward the one you love, Throw the dark ones down, Velvet fist, iron glove, the lost one now is found, Don't you ask me why and when, I will never tell, Life was so muck stranger then, But that's all Gone to Hell. Make a start, make a start, open up the door, In the dark, in the dark, who could ask for more, You are blind, you are blind, wish that you were deaf, In the mind, in your mind, hear the serpent's breath. Fight the demons in your head, Whatch until the dawn, We all heard the words we said, We all braved the storm, Never show the ones within, What we do or sell, Life is so much safer now, But it's all Gone to Hell. In the night, in the night, hear your shadow breathe, Feel the bite, feel the bite, no-one wi' believe, By your side, by your side, Beware of shadows now, Kiss your bride, Kiss the bride, Seal your marriage now. You must be much braver boy, Then you ever dreamed, Or your world will be destroyed, By the small and mean, You must stand, and fight them hard, You must never run, You must be a shining star, Do what must be done, Don't you ask me why and how, You must lift the spell, Life could be much mmore than this, Unless we've Gone to Hell.

Full Color

P.O.D. "Brown"
I cry why O' why did my mommy have to die? Too many questions, no answers confuses my mind Like what did I do, what did she do, who's to blame No one understands what I'm going through So how can I trust what I can't touch and can't see Believe in love and she's in front of me Silence in your eyes, my heart so cold No time for goodbyes, then you leave me alone So what do I do accept it and carry on? Or release my anger, until it's gone Show you and this world exactly how I feel death in full color It's never been so real, It's been me and you, It's always been me and you No matter what we faced, we always made it through Get out of this dream, do what I gotta do No one can take your place and I don't want them to If I could take your place, I would, I would take your pain Just to see you smile and say my name, Just to hear you laugh and hear you cry I don't understand, I don't know why I've never been it this state of mind, life just don't make sense With you I could move mountains, right now I'm helpless I guess, you always knew what was best Believed in your God, til the very last breath You showed me how strong you can be If Jesus saved your life, could he do it for me? I'll lay down my life for you and for Him Believe God's promise, I'm gonna see you again Lord here I am, but I am no one, Believe in Your name Believe in your Son, if you meet me here I will wait on you Sacrifice and serve, do what you want me to I'll take it day by day, and sit at your feet You are strong when I am weak I seek to keep from going under Until I hold you again, I'll always wonder Why did my mommy have to Die? [repeats] ¡¡

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