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KID INK lyrics - Almost Home

Fuck Sleep

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1: Kid Ink] Eyes wide open… We’ve been up all night, I ain’t even notice Fuck sleep… You know the money is the motive ’til the morning I be hungry every moment, man, a nigga gotta eat Cookin’ up, no Pyrex, it’s IMAX My weight up, you could check my biceps I’m puttin’ on for my team, holding me down like Maurice I ain’t in no hurry ’til we ain’t got no worries, so… Ain’t no rest for me now Look around, and I’ve got more bills than dad, Stunny’s child Everywhere that I go, you should know the motto My time is my money and I always need more, so [Hook] So fuck sleep… ‘Cause I’ve got a lot of bills And nobody gon’ pay ‘em but me (I keep my mind on my money, nigga, I don’t love these hoes) Fuck sleep… You could chill while I stack these bills Why you think these bitches love me? Fuck sleep… (Bitch you ain’t know, you ain’t know) (When you throw stuff, I was gettin’ money) (So fuck sleep…) Fuck sleep… [Verse 2: Kid Ink] Yep – I’ve got her legs wide open Late night, undercover freak, so you know it’s no sheets Then it’s back to the work Fuck 1st and the 15th, I’m tryna get paid Every week – and that’s the only way to be Work hard ’cause I need soft leather on the seats See the money’s all the talk, and the only thing I breathe Is that California kush, God blessed me like a sneeze I’ve gotta keep it real, but I’m living in a dream If you made it from the bottom Then you know just what I mean Everything on the other side ain’t always what it seems But I heard that it’s some green, so I gotta go and see [Hook] [Verse 3: Rico Love] In a matter of a week, I made 200 Gs Fuck niggas takin’ breaks – real niggas gotta eat I told my nigga Jah – when he get back on the streets I’mma drop a bag on him, but him right back on his feet Made millions off of beats, and the melody is sweet Keep my shades on ’cause I ain’t slumbered in weeks I’m dickin’ down a freak I’m bustin’ off like “Blocka! Blocka!” And sleep, I don’t need nada – champagne is my Viagra [Hook]

Top Of The World

JOE BUDDEN "No Love Lost"
[Verse 1: Joe Budden] You can catch me in a strip club, stacked up, I don't keep em visible Won't see a man get thirsty cause I'm known to keep a bitch or two Probably both be bisexual, I tell them chill and kick it boo And never get uncomfortable these waitresses start kissing you Y'all would call it birthday sex, I call it a ritual If you seen it like me then I already know why y'all be miserable You don't really want no problems, cause those shooters they're hospitable And they gon grab them blockers while you try and keep it physical Pool house or that guest house it don't matter where it goes down Driveway is cobblestone, garage is like a ghost town I ain't even touch em yet they feel like they've been hosed down If you real then you gotta respect this shit, Gs up, hoes down [Hook: Kirko Bangz] I'm chilling on top of the world (top of the world, top of the world) Now you know all about me girl (about me girl, about me girl) Tell them niggas I did it, look how I came up Tell em niggas I'm with it, if they bring my name up Tell em bitches I'm gone, Don't be callin' my phone (phone) if it ain't 'bout the money baby (baby...) [Verse 2: Joe Budden] Hold up, let's get back to my loved ones, those of y'all that been with me Helped me to exercise my demons, brought them to the gym with me Probably why she text me to death like "Joe I got a friend with me And I'd love to eat her out while you on top [?]" Let's get back to those things I like, let's get back to that stripper pole Let's get back to her popping that, I ain't even really gotta tip her though It's bonjour while I'm on tour, I mean every night, different show And if you a little bit too sober, just tell me your favorite liquor, ho Wait, tell me your favorite, then lick a ho We them dudes you wanna get to know, cameras up no pictures though Looking for them broke niggas, [?] To respect my position gotta respect where a nigga came from [Hook] [Verse 3: Joe Budden] She know I like it when her hair curled, sun dress, little bit of make up on Turnpike, parkway, either way won't take us long Hit the club, 20 minutes, deuces either way I'm gone Be a fool if I stayed there with an ass bouncing in my favorite thong I came from nothing like my father was a deadbeat Wasn't for that I don't know if I'd say success is sweet Top of the world let's let how I sustain maintain my legacy Taking a bit of my soul but won't let it consume the rest of me Now let's get back to this paper though, every day, same shit Screaming RNS for life, some of y'all don't know that language Living for you, never for them, best way to explain it is I want the most because I had the least, that's why I'm on my game, biotch [Hook]

Bills Bills Bills (Trackmasters Remix)

[Jazz] I stay away from cats that rap That ain't got traps And producers that make tracks That ain't got no plaques I'm J to the A-Z-Z, chrome Z3 You ain't balling, you ain't rolling with me Jazz said it These cats ain't cheap, they broke Take me to a flick Can't even buy me a Coke All them quick say you ain't gettin' nada from us Cause in their pockets they ain't got nada but dust Come on, come on [Beyonce] Why you sitting here under me Giving me grief Saying you love me You know you're lying through your teeth Living it up The good life for free I don't know what you want from me Don't you know I need somebody who can do me right And keep his pockets tight I don't know why I keep taking this mess from you 1 - [Destiny's Child] I need a baller Someone not like you Who do me right You're triflin', good for nothing, type of brother Keep a sister working day and night [Kelly] I don't think you do So you and me are through, oh ooh 2 - [Destiny's Child] I'm looking for a man who will pay my bills Pay my car note, give me what I want Keep a sister real tight And ladies if you hear me say right (Right, right) Cause I don't really wanna have to front the bills Buy your clothes, give you everything you want Cause I can't go for that, can't go for that, no, no I can't go for that [Beyonce] So you rolling around in my drop six Frontin', telling your boys how you copped it Leeching off of me all the time Why won't you just get a life You really don't get it I spend my money on myself I gotta move on and find somebody else Repeat 1 [Kelly] I don't (I don't) Think you (Think you) You do So you and me are through Repeat 2 (2x) [Sporty Thievz] Hey yo this one babe After we done laid Started telling me about bills that's unpaid And you know me, I'm that nada cat Type to loan you a buck, get my dollar back You holla at, me Like you want me to trick, trick I trick you into letting me hit Said she ain't a pigeon and she hate nada Uh-oh, put you off with the fake Prada, uh-oh I'm getting dough but it ain't splendid Offended, cause they tax for it when I make it Running game when I spend it Then chicks hit me with that 'Kirk, let me get that' Then I hit back 'Alright! Well first let me hit that' Yo when I flow for her Blow for her, get dough for her Cop an O for you, and trip and what you can't go for it Let's get it down to the nitty-gritty Yo pretty-bitty Give me two years and I might consider you for fifty-fifty Shot caller Repeat 2 till end

Do You Know?

Fiend "There's One in Every Family"
Chorus: (Fiend) [All] 9X (Do you know who you fuckin with?) [Don't start no shit, there won't be no shit] [Mystikal] (Fiend) I'm the tarantula on the caterpillar I'm the 18-wheeler rolling over the armadillo I'm the orange-and-blue fire comin from under the skillet (Do you know who you fuckin with?) I'm the dick in the pussy, I'm the fly on the shit I'm the motherfuckin, concrete-crushing torpedo I'm that loud, hard [thumping sound] that killed the mosquito I'm the motherfuckin red ant draggin the bettle Nigga remember me when you was shootin up? I was that needle When you coughin, I'm that (cough) that comes from your chest When you dead, I'm the maggots that's eatin your flesh I'm every last sad note from the violin I'm the hammer that hit that firing pin I was the voice in your head that was tellin you not to try it again Now I'm the carbon dioxide that replace your oxygen I'm the mysterious, Mystikal monument I'm the man, I'm the south, I'm the muthafuckin prince Chorus: repeat 8X [Fiend] Me? A bad motherfucker, boy Hater destruction, pistol bustin (BHAW, BHAW) I'm the chubby one cussin, verbally keep em (?) Herbaly keep em puffin, all the weed that I need Smokin some trees, I groove from some left over seeds Leave it to the soldier's creed on the set where they pretends (TAKE THAT) Throwin some hot shit nigga (TAKE THAT BOY) faded all my ends Give a fuck if it were ten I want nine and the change (GIVE MY CHANGE BOY) Doing strange things behind mine and my change, boy (COMIN, COMIN) I'm a bad man, let it be known to any cop (FUCK Y'ALL) Use a ten, many glocks and got plenty in stock (GOT MORE NIGGA) If anything the tank hot, that paper keep us heated Computer can't delete it And penicillin can't defeat it Chorus X 8

Can Fuck Wit A Nigga

Intro: (voice-over) Yeah motherfuckers Right back on your ass Right about now we about to let you know that Compton's in the motherfucking house I got my niggas Dre and ? in this motherfucker And my road dog KK We gonna put niggas to sleep in the Four-hundred three Check Verse 1: (DJ Quik) Yeah motherfucker right back up on your ass I hid in the bushes and I crept up through the grass What you running for bitch? You fake Irish faggot You got a big booty Everlast let me tag it Cause you look like a Roman but you try to clown I kicked you in your ass that's why you jump around So don't try to fuck with a Compton nigga And I'mma tell you who's Daddy fuck with a trigga Now Daddy is the nigga getting head from your Mommy Daddy is the nigga with the gun like a tommy Daddy is the nigga that you wanna be like And Daddy is the nigga with your shit on his nikes So don't be scared just be prepared For when you dis a nigga that you won't be spared Little white boy how the fuck you figure No you can't fuck with a nigga Chorus 1: (You can't fuck with a nigga) (Thinking you wanna fade me) (Mark Killer) (Fool you crazy) (Can't fuck with a nigga) (Motherfuckers just like you) (You'd better step before I beat you with a switch) (You can't fuck with a nigga) (Thinking you wanna fade me) (Mark Killer) (Fool you crazy) (You can't fuck with a nigga) (Motherfuckers just like you) (You'd better step before I beat you with a switch) Verse 2: (Hi-C) Now there's a certain type of nigga that can make you sick Motherfucking booty and ain't saying shit But you have to start to stepping you ain't got no style Your white is showing like Belinda Carlyle And the only way that you can be cool Is if you jump your ass in the pool Mr. Everlast went up to the Hill To steal a style from the brother B-real Then these no-talent fools out here getting breaks Who the fuck better make these wack-ass tapes The homie said squash it and just let it slide But I gotta shoot Ã'em down in the middle of the ride I heard your head was big but I can still crush it Every check you lay you know we have to flush it Fuck it pass me the brew and let me swig a Uhh it's the funky white nigga Chorus 2: (No you can't fuck with a nigga) (Thinking you wanna fade me) (Mark Killer) (Fool you crazy) (Can't fuck with a nigga) (Motherfuckers just like you) (You'd better step before I beat you with a switch) (You can't fuck with a nigga) (Thinking you wanna fade me) (Mark Killer) (Fool you crazy) (No you can't fuck with a nigga) (Motherfuckers just like you) (You're a punk motherfucker with a punk mother fucking crew) Verse 3: (KK) The black fool from the other side Watch me when I who-ride Creeping up on you from the blind side Now here we go hoe yo niggas bring it on Four dogs barking in a dawn Hey watch em all catch all your homies when they fall Nothing but bullet holes left in the wall KA tripping never caught slipping Throwing three fingers to the fools that's [censored] Say nigga don't you know what's up? Coming up on to get you fucked up Knuckle or the belt-buckle which way you want it? It really don't matter I'm a be all up on it KK all the way from LA Still the same nigga up to no good I'm signing out D Quik and my nigga Hi-C Yo you can't fuck with a G Chorus 3: (No you can't fuck with a nigga) (Thinking you wanna fade me) (Mark Killer) (Fool you crazy) (No you can't fuck with a nigga) (Motherfuckers just like you) (You'd better step before I beat you with a switch) (You can't fuck with a nigga) (Thinking you wanna fade me) (Mark Killer) (Fool you crazy) (You can't fuck with a nigga) (Motherfuckers just like you) (You're a punk motherfucker with a punk mother fucking crew)

Ghetto D

MASTER P "Ghetto D"
Water bubbling, Voice in background repeating make crack like this Masta P Imagine substitutin crack for music I mean dope tapes This is how we would make it. (There it is right there) For all you playas, hustlaz, ballas and even you smokas Ma ma ma ma make crack like this Masta P Ghetto Dope No Limit Records (Ma ma ma make crack like this) Part of the Tobacco, Firearms, and Freedom of Speech Committee. Thank you dope fiends for your support. Ha ha. (Beat starts) C Murder Let me give a shot out to the D Boys (drug dealas) Neighborhood dope man I mean real niggas Thata make a dolla out a fifteen cents Ain't got a dime, but I rides and pay the rent Professional crackslanger I serve fiends I once went to jail for having rocks up in my jeans But nowadays I be too smart for the Taz C Murder been known to keep the rocks up in the skillet man Waitin on a kilo they eight I'm straight you dig What you need ten Ain't no fuckin order too big And makin crack like this is the song You won't be getting yo money if yo shit ain't cooked long Never cook yo dope it might come out brown Them fiends gonna run yo ass clean outa town But fuck that I'm bout to put my soldias in the game And tell ya how to make crack from cocaine. 1. Look for the nigga wit the whitest snow 2. No buying from no nigga that you don't know make yo way to the kitchen where the stove be You get the baking soda I got yo D Get the triple beam and measure out yo dope Mix one gram of soda every seven grams of coke An shake it up until it get harder Then sit the tube in some ready made cold water Twist the bitch like a knot while it's still hot And watch that shit while it can rise to the fuckin top Now ya cocaine powda is crack. Nigga I hopes you strapped cause you might get jacked. Ghett Ghett Ghett Ghetto Dope Ma Ma Ma Ma Make Crack like this Ghett Ghetto Dope (Repeat 4 times) Silkk My phone rang I picked it up (Need some weight) What you need (Silkk bout a coupla K) I had it all into powder but it ain't no thang Gimme a coupla hours I have it all in a cake Trust nobody got my gun and went an smacked Kane and Abel You probably catch me choppin ki's choppin ki's up on my mom's table I got a big order for some coke I called some hoes up I want ya'll but naked while you cookin up my dope I told ya'll we some Tru G's See me and P and C with uzi's Choppin up two ki's Baby twenty-four oz's a piece Cause see if it ain't about money Then it ain't about me Hella mail from sales Hella yeah for scales Come up short My money jumpin yo ass like bail First of all you gotta have nuts Don't give a fuck Cause when I bust niggas guts They know if it miss it ain't by much Thinkin short like I'm only seventeen A coupla dope fiends Some oz's A triple beam And then playa hit yo block And tell a bitch nigga to raise up off the spot That's why I acts like this But I rides rims, them gold D's (Ma Ma Make Crack like this) I made crack like this Chorus Masta P Nigga Nigga never let a nigga Front you no dizos Start from the ground Work yo way up to a kilo Get some killas on yo team Keep one up in the chamber For the jackas and the dope fiends Fools come short get rowdy Kick down doors Show mutha fuckas that ya bout it bout it Break ki's down to oz's Never buy any dope Without weighin it on the triple beam Fuck soda use V-12 Keep a stash for the tryin to take other niggas clientele Check the man made junk for residue Cause every fiend you miss want three or two 1. Never talk on the phone in ya house 2. Never slang dope out ya baby momma's house 3. Never fuck with snitches Cause niggas that talk to the police is bitches 4. Keep a low key And if you movin weight Treat yo'self to an uzi The first hit for free (damn) But the next time you see me You betta have twenty G 5. Never pay Pimp hoes for the pussy That's the 'Merican way Clean up ya dirty money to good money Cause legal money last longer than drug money. Chorus. Fade Out.

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