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Kevin Ray lyrics - Kevin Ray

Greyhound Bus

Original and similar lyrics
Does it bother you to have my feet on you're desk? You'd take it as a sign of no respect You're office was open, thought we'd have a little talk Here's something you can stuff in your suggestion box Chorus: You're a bone-head, jerk Yeah, I've said it I've been doing all the work While you've been taking all the credit You keep shootin' me down And ridin' me steady Come on boss Fire when ready I know you can't let me go Without a good cause And I wouldn't wanna see you breaking any laws I could just lay down on the job, when I'm not home sick But the more I think about it This oughta do the trick Chorus: You're a bone-head, jerk Yeah, I've said it I've been doing all the work You've been taking all the credit Shootin' me down Ridin' me steady Come on boss, fire when ready I could've given my notice Or sent you a memo Or written it in ink would have been better Sayin' I quit, but I've made a bad dession But this just feels so much better Chorus: You're a bone-head, jerk Yeah, I've said it I've been doing all the work You've been taking all the credit Shootin' me down, and ridin' me steady Come on boss, fire when ready You're a bone-head, jerk There I've said it I've been doing so much work And you've been taking all the credit You always keep shootin' me down And ridin' me steady So come on boss, fire when ready Come on boss, fire when ready

Quiet Time

ARCHIVE "Controlling Crowds"
Juxtapose feeling, just suppose I reel in revolving doors closing, imposters posing, turn spinning it round about, pulling your inside out, know that they will do it now without a doubt, motivated in quick time to stop the watchman exposing orchestrated explosions, medicine man mix a potion sedate the not so great nation, now they be jumping out of their skin to fear factors, run through acres morphing shape shifters, lift the lid and give a wide berth, the earth not a million miles away, minor detail as I put it in another way, to the latter day, burning out your retina pitch black enveloping hells fire developing heat, skin crawling up you swear blind, the cruel and unkind advance you’re running out of time, the adrenalin flows hitting the wall, ready to fall over but still they stand tall, winner taking it all in, stalling for some ideological ways out, twist and then shout out aloud, steady bellowing, subtle moment following, subsequent change rearrange, how we doing? We are fine, quiet time, ready for the steady climb, cross a ley line down into the open mind’s eye, attack they react and turn into the maniac, critical breakdown why? ‘cause it’s an actual fact, focus at take a longer look at how we can prevail and not fail.

We Ballin'

MIKE JONES "Ballin' Underground"
Now when I step out on the block, I'm like a new set of J's My sticky green European, with DVD on play My bumper kit recline, when I press rewind Blue face with baguettes, on my Rolex shine I got a Navigator with alligator skin, and 4 or 5 TV's in it 20 inches spinning, my Cadillac black on black with four 18's in the back I put a glacier on my chest, and almost had a heart attack I got my mind right, 24 hours going dollar for dollar Candy red, on fo's and choppers Black flipper yack sipper, mo-mo wood grain gripper And a platinum Italian Bentley, on 20 inch clippers When the mic on Mike Jones, the crowd get outrageous When they see my slab, they all scream contagious I crawl like a kitten, with my windows tinted Watching TV's in it, so you won't see me in it Got a piece so shiny, you see yourself in it Cause I'm a bread winner, 3-65 head spinner Mike Jones be my name, but you can call me Sachie I pull up in a slab, that'll knock out Rocky I'm a baller baby, shot caller baby In the Lex having sex, 20's crawling baby I pull a white Jag, with a raw blue rag It's been two three weeks, and I ain't used my thumb rag But my grill (still shining), fifth wheel (still reclining) And when the freaks see the platinum teeth speak, they be whining My fo's are magnificent, ask Magnificent My piece my chain and pinky ring, be all glistening I'm Mike Jones, through the Woodnorth mayn I can pimp the pen, or freestyle from the brain Spit game from the head, and make a bitch give me head If I ain't getting that bitch head, I'm getting that bitch bread Dollas, hopping out the marble blue Impala You ain't stepping in my slab, if you don't go low and swalla I'm swerving in a Excursion, with three fo' pound birds Now let's freestyle, I show my platinum smile Mike Jones going long, head shots up in the chrome I stepped outside, my girl got a Gucci thong On her body call me Sacci, my do stay cocky You might see me with Magnificent, or Kiotti I steady be going, Mike Jones steady flowing And wherever you see me, I gotta throw some mo' in Showing off, it's the Mike Jones ain't got a job But I still got the bitch, to go low and head bob Teeth falling for an hour, I hopped out the shower You in see Miogi on, with the baby powder Where is the Chris Braser, hopped in my Blazer Got cash up, so I bought a skyscraper Steady freestyling, steady going long and strong

Millie Fell Off The Fire Escape

[Slug] She dropped the gun and started running down the corridor She found the exit to get out that department store She reached full sprint when she hit the parking lot She didn't see police, not even any rent-it-cops She ran across the street and went behind the Applebee's From there she could see those abandoned factories Figured there's a good place for her to hide away Knowing she could climb inside through the fire escape At this point, still felt like a dream In her head she could still hear the little kid's screams Leaning up against the dumpster to find some breath She could hear the sirens, now it's time to step Running through the alleyway now relentless Bobbing in between houses, hopping fences Only two more blocks till the overpass The adrenaline is rendering a panic attack Maybe she should go back and explain it all Maybe the best thing to do now is take that fall Ain't no way that they won't understand Daddy's little girl is never gonna hurt again She can't believe that she's having this dilemma Tryna find a reason that she shouldn't go surrender She's a kid and a first time offender Plus he had it coming, hell it's colder in December Decided she would make it to the vacant warehouse From there she could try to get her head to clear out She needs a minute to sit and think Some time to reflect on these events and let 'em sink There's the building, it's empty she hopes to God The fire escape is on the back near the loading dock The next chapter to the happy ever after Wrapped her little fingers round the cold metal ladder Started climbing, that's when she heard the officer "Millie turn yourself in now girl, come down from there" She tried to look over her shoulder Lost balance, fell four stories, it was over

La Familia

JAY-Z "Magna Carta... Holy Grail"
[Hook] Head of the family El Padrino Welcome home to Emory Let's get back to this dinero [Verse 1] Niggas wanna kidnap wifey Good luck with that bruh You must gonna hide your whole family What you think we wearing black for Ready for that war Ready for that war ready You ain't ready yo, you radio You ain't really ready Real nigga outchea Alpo bought his bricks here Elvis got his records took It's like we got our seventh gear NFL investigations Oh, don't make me laugh FBI investigation We stood up to that Facts only Everything real in my raps only Every nigga real in my clique really Everyone is a movie star you got to film me La Familia [Hook] [Bridge] Ready for that war Ready for that war, ready You ain't ready yo, you radio You ain't really ready Head of the Family El Padrino [Verse 2] My brothers is my brother like my brother is My nigga is my brother Like my mother kids Not in just in good times That's that sucka shit But it war times It just what it is Head of the family All my niggas bosses though Y'all don't understand we We talk that shit bosses know Triple fuckin' OG What's up to my nigga Juan Tell these niggaas pull their fuckin' skirt down I could see their ovaries Niggas snitching switching teams Out there telling bitches things Industry talk behind your back Ain't nobody got time for that Facts only Everything real in my raps only Every nigga real in my clique really Even the girls keep it two hundred and trilly It's la familia

She Loves The Jerk

JOHN HIATT "Riding With The King"
We've talked it to death, cryin' on the telephone. Nights when he drinks at home, she has to whisper throught her tears. "Johnny," she says, "you'd never do these things to me." But I can never make her see he's wasted such precious years. Well, "you married the wrong guy" is all I ever say. [Chorus:] He's a no good so and so, but she'll never let him go Though she knows it will never work, she loves the jerk. She loves the jerk. He was the guy always out on the make. I guess he had what it takes to turn the heads of pretty girls. She thought he would change; the worst of us will settle down. But he couldn't stay out of town, not even with this precious pearl Now she lives with the lies and the bumps and the bruises. [Chorus] Well, I hang up the phone and I pretend she's in my arms. What I wouldn't give for just one-tenth of what she gives Mister Charming. [Chorus] He's a no good so and so, but she'll never let him go. Though she knows it will never work, she loves the jerk

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