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Kevin Ray lyrics - Kevin Ray

Cold Outside

Original and similar lyrics
I got your number Written on the palm of my hand I gave you my number When we were just kids My heart starts racing When I hear the dial tone I never dreamed You'd be waiting by the phone When you answered, it felt so right We talked all night Chorus: Now it's Bingo, bulls-eye Dead on the very first try Now your the right girl And I'm the right guy Bingo, bulls-eye Everywhere we go We're together now There's talk We're talking 'bout forever now What are the chances What are the odds We knew it was right Right from the start Only heaven knows How the story's gonna end But every now and then Chorus: Bingo, bulls-eye Dead on the very first try When you're the right girl And I'm the right guy Bingo, bulls-eye Who'd have ever dreamed it Who'd have ever thought it Love's a shooting star And we caught it Chorus: Bingo, bulls-eye Dead on the very first try When you're the right girl And I'm the right guy Bingo, bulls-eye Bingo, bulls-eye Dead on the very first try When you're the right girl And I'm the right guy Bingo, bulls-eye The right girl The right guy Bingo, bulls-eye

Be A Heartbreaker

JUSTIN GUARINI "Justin Guarini"
Girl : You know you're in trouble Justin: ooooooo Ah baby Hey lady I know, I should be the last one Who's tellin you How to run your life But im feelin like My concience wont let it go Gotta make a downpayment On my karma, Cuz I know I caused So much trauma I wanna make up For all the breakups And the dreams of love I stole -=-Chorus Hey girl i'm not tryin to do that to you So listen baby Be a heartbreaker Everytime Till ya find the one Who does ya right who'll be loving you Treat ya true Not saying I hit now we are through Be a heartbreaker Dont compromise If he aint about yours You're wasting time Cuz a guy like him wanna a girl like you So he can say I hit now girl we're through -=- He's a player Cant ya see He keeps 2 or 3 girls on his team Its his resume His routine So baby girl listen to me Girl you should be thinking about his ways Cuz its too late for him to change Now when other guys come spitting game Want you to know your being played -=-Chorus-=- I sayin that you aint up on game Comin straight i'm tryin to make it plain His a.j is to do the things he do He'll break your heart in two ya He aint cool for u No girl, I aint tryin to do that to ya oo oo eh oo oo eh oo oo eh oo oo eh oo oo eh oo oo eh oo oo eh oo oo eh -=-Chorus-=- -=-Chorus-=-

Chocolate Girl

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE "Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished"
In cycle, I'll lead you around the ocean, Where grass grows, And remnants of you in devotion, My breath's out, Inhaling upon trees, it's frozen, And look out, And trace along the house where shit is frozen, Then holding, Quietly, The sound is dead, and sing in turn, in light. When life meets child, your only plight in light. When ceilings smile, we'll sleep a while in light. I'll take you for walks among the patients, She had a pretty dad, But she was growing out of play-school, Still she could kick and scream and play, Until she wanted to. My little chocolate girl. Her brother barely out of high school, lived in a place where he could scream, until he wanted to. Oh fuzzy tidy cat. And she could bury him in apples and curl around a bowl of cotton 'til she wanted to. Still she had to speak loud, 'cause hearing isn't, “I am here with them”, And we took, a picture: Sunday flowers in the garden. And quite late, still drinking with the boys until it's later. And pray small, your hopes of something better to show her, And holding tight, the sound is dead, it's singing time in light. When life meets child, your only plight in light. When ceilings smile, we'll sleep a while in light. I'll take you for walks among the patients, She met a pretty boy. And they would dance between their elders and she would cream until the wine she bought had settled in. My little chocolate girl. She used to love the stars of England. She slept on records and her market jewelry from her school, Her colors matched the room. And she would twirl around the curtains, she had a hand to hold her chin up when her friends walked out, the kid across the street. He'll keep around when she was changing, And he would wait and she would tell her friends about the boy. Her Mom and Dad at home. She had saliva in her pockets, She gave a girl when her last grace hath found thee, dig the day So good, my chocolate girl, Oh won't you like an 'A' So put your lanterns on across the maze, So I won't feast on folly, Bell of the rain who brought the stings and dead and who will pop the trade, 'cause I can't see you. I'll open up my brain again. [repeat]

Something In Common

VERSE 1: Sung by Bobby I know I may have made mistakes before But now I understand what those mistakes were for Throughout my travels girl I realized What you see, what you get don't always coincide A bird in the hand beats two in a bush But just one look was all it took Could it be that we're the only ones thinking of Harmony, ecstasy, there's something about this love CHORUS: Bobby sings indented lines on the first chorus We, we have something in common Girl (Boy) you mean so much to me it should be plain to see that we... We have something in common It's the way we feel about each other when we're together VERSE 2: Sung by Whitney Now I'm the type of girl who understands my man I'll be strong when he's weak, I will hold his hand Now I believe old fashioned rules and old fashioned ways Courtesy, honesty, like in the old days You're my man and I'm your girl There's nothing better in this whole wide world I'll stand by your side till the very end All in all, best of love, we are friends CHORUS: with Whitney singing indented lines (see above) BRIDGE: Bobby: Girl you know it's you that I adore Whitney: And there's no one in this world that I love more

Memphis In The Meantime

JOHN HIATT "Bring The Family"
I got something to say little girl You might not like my style But we've been hanging around this town Just a little too long a while You say you're gonna get your act together Gonna take it out on the road But if I dont get outta here pretty soon My head's going to explode Sure I like country music I like mandolins But right now I need a telecaster Through a vibro-lux turned up to ten CHORUS: Lets go to Memphis in the meantime baby Memphis in the meantime girl I need a little shot of that rhythm baby Mixed up with these country blues I wanna trade in these ol country boots For some fine italian shoes Forget the mousse and the hairspray sugar We dont need none of that Just a little dab'll do ya girl Underneath a pork pie hat Until hell freezes over Maybe you can wait that long But I dont think Ronnie Milsap's gonna ever Record this song CHORUS TWICE BRIDGE: Maybe there's nothin' happenin' there Maybe there's somethin' in the air Before our upper lips get stiff Maybe we need us a big ol whiff If we could just get off-a that beat little girl Maybe we could find the groove At least we can get a decent meal Down at the Rendez-vous 'Cause one more heartfelt steel guitar chord Girl, it's gonna do me in I need to hear some trumpet and saxophone You know sound as sweet as sin And after we get good and greasy Baby we can come back home Put the cowhorns back on the cadillac And change the message on the cord-a-phone But... CHORUS

How Soon

JOE "All That I Am"
(Spoken:) Wait a minute, baby You packin' your bags How soon Naw, don't do that Wait a minute Why don't you stay a while How soon We can work this out Sit down Let's talk about it CHORUS: I miss your smiling face The smell of your perfume Girl, this damn bed is cold Nothing to hold on to Oh yeah, the phone is cool But girl, I need you here Be it plane, train, or automobile How soon can you get here I'm gonna miss you More than you know Every time you leave I wanna beg you not to go We have so much fun, girl Don't we though When you pack your Bags to leave I try not to let My feelings show It's so hard for me Especially when You been around Distant lovers Is what we are And girl It's breakin' me down Repeat chorus When will I see you? It's never too soon Can you come In the morning And leave later On that afternoon? See, I'm just as scared Whenever you're away Girl, I'd give anything Just to see you everyday It's so hard for me Especially after You've been around Distant lovers Are what we are And girl It's breakin' me down You're a career girl You gotta do What you gotta do As much as I want You here with me Girl, I'm so damn Proud of you Repeat chorus twice Get here, get here Yeah, yeah How soon Ooh, baby Girl, I hate to see you leave Can't you see it's killing me Be it plane Train or automobile Get here Repeat chorus twice

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