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Kevin Ray lyrics - Kevin Ray

Bingo, Bulls-eye

Original and similar lyrics
The game was tied at 7 all She said, let's take a walk We found a place behind the stands She said, we need to talk She went on and on 'bout this town being small And how she needed other things Just about when they made it 7 to 10 She gave me back my ring The cheers went up As she broke down And said, it isn't you I think you know how I really feel But there's things that I've gotta do She said something about some school down South Where she was gonna go next fall Fourteen to ten, we were winning again While I was losing it all She looked at me with tear-filled eyes And said, I hope you realize That this is not the way that I Meant for it to end And suddenly the crowd broke through Yelling, we've got spirit, how 'bout you And all that I could think to do Was simply join in She said, It's best if we do this now And it began to rain I wasn't sure if I was shaking From the cold or the pain She turned away then she stopped to say She really hoped I understood I nodded my head as the loudspeaker said The kick is up, it's good I waited til she'd walk back in To turn my back into the wind Before I let the tears begin To fall with the rain I made it back in time to see Jason throw to Bobby Lee And make homecoming history With a 90 yard gain Now there's a banner hanging down From the stadium wall Reminding everybody of The year we won it all And though I was there at every game I swear Only one remains a memory It was 21 to 17 When time ran out on me 21 to 17 When time ran out on me

Rise & Fall

AZ "The Format"
[Rapper Big Pooh:] Cold as the cold in the wintertime Slow rhyme when I rhyme, no beginner I'm City walk when they sin tryna make a dime They don't ask for too much, just a lil' shine Lil' time on the grind tryin get that gwap Wah'n't worth eight years for your first time pop Now you back rehabilitated, punchin the clock Old neighborhood witnessin your man and 'nem drop Got the drop on that nigga said he runnin the block Graduated from the greens to servin up rock So you plot and you think and you sin on the plan on some scheme-ass shit but, that's your man I'm sayin, you tryna push reasons to the front and put a block on that other shit you want But the streets keep callin ya name An 9-to-5 slave to the rhythm ain't bringin you fame So it's back to the game, round up a lil' gang Set it up to stick ya manye but he stick you first Goodbye! [Chorus:] I seen 'em rise, seen 'em fall (seen 'em fall) Seen 'em come, seen 'em go, seen 'em all (seen 'em all) Seen stars wit dey name on the wall til the money get tight and the limelight's gone (light's gone) [Rapper Big Pooh:] 3 A.M. in the backseat leanin' Thinkin 'bout all the things I've seen, man [Phonte:] Remember (-member), befo niggaz was on the bandwagon... I fell asleep til the sound of hand cannons Leavin holes in souls the size of Grand Canyons Late nights [?] streets with my man Brandon Fast forward, twelve years now we grandstandin Because I'm main-taining, wit'out man-tanin and it made me an ani-mal But I need another quota book for the catalog I could dumb down and rap for bitches and alcohol But I'm too loud, and too proud to tap-dance for these crackers, dawg So, won't be no Gregory Hine-it When Tay get hostle, he in the gospel like he in the Winans and right now, he in there finding a new platform for the rhymes that I arranged A new ideas for the lines that I exchanged cause I can't be, a laughingstock homie, that'll be a crying shame All I need is six bars and an intro Cause I relate to these beats like it was kinfolks And the flow's so fresh like Mentos and this is all real talk, that's for your info Cause that's where I been, yo, ho! [Chorus:] I seen 'em rise, seen 'em fall (seen 'em fall) Seen 'em come, seen 'em go, seen 'em all (seen 'em all) Seen stars wit dey name on the wall til the money get tight and the limelight's gone (light's gone) [Phonte:] Uh, 3 A.M. in the backseat leanin' Thinkin 'bout all the things I've seen, man [AZ:] Grindin, time limb muh'fucker back up, stepped-up muh'fucker So quiet, I coulda crept on a sucker (ahhh!) From behind and blew the breath out the busta (poooow!) But instead, held my head like a hustl-er Pumped-up and get the sound of the muffler Heard him clown bout his pounds bein fluffier Tellin niggaz outta town they be luckier and get sad when the hood had enough of ya Broke niggaz buck at cha, poke you in ya jugga-ler But when you high, you feel niggaz can't fuck wit ya I'm surprised some niggaz still had customers [?] my eyes and inhaled my smoke Tryna decide, should I let him slide - but nope! He broke ties when he spoke his lies Tell his pi's that he hope I die, so my reply is to "Keep it real, I hope you could fly" Cause I'ma send him to them open skies (Gah! Gah! Rrraaah! Rrraaah!) [Chorus:] I seen 'em rise, seen 'em fall (seen 'em fall) Seen 'em come, seen 'em go, seen 'em all (seen 'em all) Seen stars wit dey name on the wall til the money get tight and the limelight's gone (light's gone) [AZ:] 3 A.M. in the backseat leanin' Thinkin 'bout all the things I've seen, man I seen 'em rise, seen 'em fall (seen 'em fall) Seen 'em come, seen 'em go, seen 'em all (seen 'em all) Seen stars wit dey name on the wall til the money get tight and the limelight's gone (light's gone)

Hollis Crew (Krush-Groove 2)

RUN DMC "Run-D.M.C."
Sucker MC's who did not learn If you don't this time, we shall return The beat is big, it's kind of large And when we're on the mic, we're in charge It's like that y'all (that y'all) like that y'all (that y'all) Like that-a-tha-that a-like that y'all (that y'all) Cool chief rocker, I don't drink vodka But keep a microphone inside my locker Go to school everyday, on the side makin pay Cause I'm rockin on the mic until the break of day And now the things I do make me a star And you could be too if you know who you are Just put your mind to it, you'll go real far Like a pedal to the metal when you're drivin a car ...Liggy-liggy-liggy-listen to the things that I say Because it's not routine, it's the way I play Just come out my mouth all time of the day And then I must have time to give it away Hey, they used to call me Easy Dee Cause I rapped on the mic so easily But now they call me D.M.C. (He's) the Emcee of the party The D's for doin it all of the time The M's for the rhymes that are all mine The C's for cool, cool as can be (And why you wear those glasses) So I can see Huh-huh Got rhymes so def, rhymes, rhymes galore Rhymes that you never even heard before Now if you say you heard my rhymes, we're gonna have to fight Cause I just made the super-def rhymes last night Microphone master, super rhyme maker I get def as the others get faker It's me, D.M.C. in the place to be And I still got the same old harmony I'm the devastatin mic-controller The word wizard and the chief rock roller Bad b-boy made for the b-girls Rock ruler rhymes as the turntable twirls Supreme being who was born to talk And over sucker MC's all day I walk A few years ago my name was Joe And then I went to a party, cold stole the show Stole it as sure as birds have wings Now they're callin me DJ Running Things Got Kurtis Blow down with the two And my man Larry Lah makes beats for you Keepin up the funky beat is the Hollis Crew So Dee, take the mic cause you know I'm through In case you wonder what all this means We're funky fresh from Hollis, Queens Run and Kurt both down with me And that's the way it's meant to be I'm the microphone master D.M.C. Devastatin mic-controller personality And to the sucker MC's who did not learn If you don't this time we shall return...

All Y'all

TIMBALAND & MAGOO "Indecent Proposal"
(feat. Sebastian, Tweet) [Timbaland] Uh, feel me To all the women across the world, we can't diss y'all We gotta love ya, that's real, uh To all my ladies in lingerie, never underage, who stay gettin paid Who like to take trips where the sun is shade To my women who love to ball out And spend all that money 'til ya fall out I feel like a pimp with a different pimp game with a different pimp name, with a little pimp fame I'm loaded with cash, loaded with class, loaded with a lot of things Even got a gat loaded for that ass I love my mind, love my soul, love my body I don't drink or smoke that's why I love my body You might catch me chillin with a little short hottie With a little piercin on her body Yes, I get it poppin, 'specially overseas Japenese girls even love my beats They say, 'Timbaland we love you We love the dope things that you do' Even in London they say, 'Tim, we love ya' They even call me things like wicked, and the f'n governer That's why I can't forget y'all That's why I had to make this roll call, uh [Chorus - Tweet] This here's for one and all It's so good to feel all a y'all, oooh Make that move and just ball out, oooh Life's too short for some time out, oooh This here's for one and all It's so good to feel all a y'all, oooh Make that move and just ball out, oooh Life's too short for some time out, oooh [Sebastian] Back when shorty cherished the thing, yo' time was frequently saved for us stoppin and whiskey poppin to the Marvin and Gaye (Sonny, don't plan tomorrow but live for today) (Sonny, here's a quarter for that groovy arcade) From Cool J to Kane dawg, we changin the game So graphic with thangs, Pac-Man ain't lookin the same Haters, get more familiar who you robbin for change Sebast', a.k.a. Tyler Durden's the name [Timbaland] Guess what people, it's the first of the month Guess what people, I can do what I want I can take, all my peoples on first class flights I can buy all my homegirls lightning new bikes I'm a don when it comes to just servin girls I'm a don so that's why nobody's in my world 'Cause Timabaland's that cool cat Aka Thomas Crown, don't forget that, uh [Chorus] [Tweet] I'm just tryna' find what I need But I'd rather be smokin weed [Magoo] Live life to the fullest, drive cars, eat hot food Live in a mansion next to Hanson [T] I ain't forgot that I'm from yo' hood I'm just tryna' be who you would [M] Cause I hate the game, I hate the glory I could be with y'all, it would be another story [T] You don't know all the things I seen More than fame and his naked greed [M] They took my cash, take my name Put it up in bright lights, I ain't got a damn right [T] Think I'm chillin and livin large Girl he's Mag not El DeBarge [M] But I'm a be the man in charge in due time All my P-Town folk gettin paid, bottom line [Chorus]

One Last Time

'When she picked up the telephone His voice came on the line She said this can't be happening And tears fell from her eyes She said 'What am I supposed to do I can't handle losing you?' He said 'I just had to call and say goodbye One last time' He said 'There are some things in this life That are out of our control Like who we fall in love with And when it's time to go' She said 'What about the plans we had' He said 'This connection's gettin' bad Now, c'mon baby let me hear you smile One last time' She started to apologize for All the things that she'd done wrong She said 'I would've loved you better If only I'd known' He said 'You were the perfect wife Promise me you'll gon on with your life' She says 'The boys won't understand' He says 'Tell them Daddy loves them and Be strong' He said 'Hon, I've gotta go' She said 'Don't you dare hang up There's so many things I need to say I love you so (much)' It was almost like she felt him leave She cried out 'Can you still hear me' She fell down on the kitchen floor The signal died As the pilot tried to pull out of the dive One Last Time.

Can't Come Back

KANDI "Hey Kandi"
A funny thing happened to me just the other day A girl came my way She called your name, she said some things I thought it was just some hear-say But then she showed me a picture or two Of her with some dude In positions that weren't cool And then I looked again And I saw that this dude was you My first reaction was to snap on her But what good would that do? You know that I had better things Than fightin' over you So many times, it seems that I refuse to see the truth But this time, you know that I am through 1 - So just walk right out the door Cuz you can't come back here no more You know we've been through this before So you can't come back, you can't come back You're in and out of my life This time was your last try You made your bed, so there you lie So you can't come back The last time you deceived me You said give you one more chance You blamed it on your weaknesses Of just being a man I was a fool to believe in you Put my heart in your hands I shoulda known when you did me wrong You'd just do it again Please just leave, no convincing me You will ever be the man for me I'm so sick and tired Of hearing lies from you Just pack your bags Cuz I am through Repeat 1 Did everything to please you But still, there wasn't enough Gave you my heart and soul, total control All I wanted was your love And see, now time after time I kept takin' you back Endless tears I spent on you And I'm tired of forgiving So goodbye, good riddence It's time for me to start living Repeat 1 Can't come back no more (You can't hurt me, no) No, you can't come back no more (No matter what you say to me, boy it's over) Can't come back no more No, you can't come back no more No more, no more, no more

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