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Kevin Ray lyrics - Holding, Kissing, Hugging

Forever Works For Me

Original and similar lyrics
Kevin at the kitchen table Short of breath, legally disabled Wife walks in she's so surprised So dissapointed I'm still alive I say I'm hungry for biscuits and gravy But patty melts that you always made me And I can't eat them, anymore Chorus 1: They say greese kills, taste good to me Day in, day out, it's all I eat A third by-pass, unclog the bile Just to clog them again Never felt worst, a constant thirst Lordy how my mouth dun hurts I blame my job, I blame my wife For this coronary life Kevin on the E.R. table My vital signs ain't too stable Hey doc, I'm proud of you I didn't think that I'd pull through And later in intensive care I have the nurses laughing there So thankful blue-cross will pay Chorus 2: For the pills, my IV's A thousand dollar E.K.G And that's the last Time I'll need angioplasty It's off I go, too tae-boe To improve my cardio Guess 'bout time I said goodbye To my coronary life Sweat pourin' off me at the health spa That old stair master wore me out again You know I can't believe how much I've missed The way I used to live Chorus 3: I'd eat red meat Pickled pigs feet Always craving something sweet My food was fast But that's the past I can't eat them again Arobicize, reduce my thighs No more german chocolate pies I miss my fudge, I miss my pies And my coronary life

Back In The Days

[Flava] Yo dis is Flava n this one goes out to all my boys in the ends yo just rememberin all the good times yeah It seems like only yesturday, if I can remember, say September time used to rhyme nothin ever on my mind chillin in filled with friends starin up at pink skies, nights would last forever no one ever watched the time but it flew by, you wouldn't know my luck my mum was always sayin how her baby looks so grown up but I still feel like I felt I still won't change I'd kill for a chance to go back in the day Hey yo Kenzie [Kenzie] Just a little souvenier makes me think of my best years, my boys still here fulfillin our dream career remember at the school gates chattin bout makin tapes or our first stop play which was the major debate. Teachers they always said bout homework I'd rather get red chirps girls practice writin I was first startin I think back life was laid back I'm still in contact with my beats from way back and I'm proud enough to say that [Chorus] Back in the days when we were kids Back in the days when times were like this Thinkin bout all the things we went through now I'm taking my time Grew up in the streets of London struggling now it's our time to shine [Platnum B] I really miss the wonder years, tears running down my eyes trying to find my piece of mind remember summer time, I used to wear my soccer shirt like it was football half a dozen friends half a dozen stick wiv you. The fame and glory I'm talkin bout my child stories some days I wish I remenisce I feel like Jackenory, my dreams in life I want my kids to call my house and wife. Take some real advice treat your friends and family nice. My former visions as a teen I would pay any price and with the love and with the trust coz he would judge my life. Krazy tell 'em [Krazy] I really miss those special times.

A Simple Mistake

ANATHEMA "We're Here Because We're Here"
Think for yourself you know what you need in this life See for yourself and feel your soul come alive tonight Here in the moment we share, trembling between the worlds we stare Out at starlight enshrined, veiled like diamonds in.. ...time could be the answer, take a chance or lose it all It's a simple mistake to make to create love and to fall So rise and be your master you don't need to be a slave Of memory ensnared in a web, in a cage I have found my way to fly free from the constraints of time I have soared through the sky seen life far below in mind Breathed in truth, love, serene, sailed on OCEANS OF BELIEF Searched and found life inside, we're not just a moment in time... ...Could be the answer, take a chance or lose it all It's a simple mistake to make to create love and to fall So rise and be your master you don't need to be a slave Of memory ensnared in a web, in a cage [spoken words from "Defending Middle-Earth Tolkien: Myth and Modernity" by Patrick Curry:] Despair is for people who know, beyond any doubt, what the future is going to bring. Nobody is in that position. So despair is not only a kind of sin, theologically, but also a simple mistake, because nobody actually knows. In that sense there always is hope.

I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me

BELLEFIRE "Spin The Wheel"
I hear you're taking the town again havin' a good time with all your good time friends i don't think that you think of me you're on your own now, and i'm alone and free i know that i should get on with my life but a life lived without you could never be right chorus: as long as the stars shine down from the heavens long as the rivers run to the sea i'll never get over you gettin' over me i try to smile so the hurt won't show tell everybody i was glad to see you go but the tears just won't go away loneliness found me, looks like it's here to stay i know that i oughta find someone new but all i find is myself always thinkin' of you chorus oh, no matter what i do spending a lifetime to live through i can't go on like this i need your touch you're the only one i've ever loved chorus i'll never get over you gettin' over i'll never get over you gettin' over me

Get Money

Eightball "Lost"
Gloomy days got my head twisted Mystic visions of a razor blade Cut my blunt with precision Stuff it till it's bustin' Sippin' on some Tussin Imagine it gothic hustlin' Men tusslin' women fussin' And they babies in the corner cryin' Young niggaz bang and they ain't afriad of dyin' Pistol keepers mobile phones and beepers Cars and hoes and plenty dust for the geekers Me I'm a break beater microphone eater Weed leader, siizlin' like a fajita But it's so hard for me to stay out the streets Behind tint blowin' cheap Fuckin' with freaks What kinda role model, I'ma be? Don't get it twisted Gifted, linquistic. graphic and realistic God, deleiver me from harm and arm me with, Sense enough to know when to quit Chorus: I don't wanna die I don't wanna die (lord forgive me for the anger that I feel today) I don't wanna die I don't wanna die Thinkin' about what my eyes witnessed Thinkin' about what my kids gon' see when they get grown and independent What you doin' baby? 18, strippin' daily A small ass apartment, tryin' to flip a Mercedes I don't knock shit, unless you a fiend Tryin' to hock shit Protectin' myself I gotta grab the gock and pop shit I guess that's the problem with the world today (what?) Black, white, asian So many people think this way Fuck with me and I'll shoot ya We live in, what used to be the space age, future To acid droppin' hippies Now they run the country Drug smugglin' with my tax money Bomb makers, nuclear, death creators White power, skin head, Jew and nigga haters All of this, plus I gotta watch the nigga next door What you think I pray for, man Chorus Life ain't nothin' but preperation For the angels and the demons that we all gon' face when, The soul and the body seperate, that's death Nothin' left but darkness, after your last breath Well, all of that shit is in the past Enjoy it while you got it, cause you can't take it with your ass Where I'm from, any day can be your last That's why them thug niggaz live life hard and fast Slowdown, and find yourself surrounded by the lowdown Unaware, a showdown's about to go down Why we gotta clown instead of bein' kinfolks Why do white folks, think all we know is sellin' dope? Some can't cope, and got out hangin' from a rope Slit wrists, found shakin' from an overdose Tupac and Biggie got they life snatched away Nobody knows when they gotta go, mayne Chorus That's all baby, You never know when you gotta go Deaths around the corner Your nobody, till somebody kils you But I don't wanna die I don't wanna die Hey, I don't wanna die Can you hear me? I don't wanna die I don't wanna die I don't wanna die DIe, die, die, die, die (repeated till end)

The Day You Said Goodnight

Hale "Hale"
take me as you are push me off the road the sadness I need this time to be with you I'm freezing in the sun I'm burning in the rain the silence I'm screaming calling out your name refrain: and I do reside in your light put out the fire with me and find yeah, you lose the side of your circles that's what I'll do if we said goodbye chorus: to be is all I gotta be and all that I see and all that I need this time to me the life you gave me the day you said goodnight the calmness in your face that I see through the night the warmth of your light is pressing unto us you didn't ask me why I never would have known oblivion is falling down (repeat refrain then chorus) bridge: if you could only know me like your prayers at night then everything between you and me will be alright to be is all I gotta be and all that I see and all that I need this time to me the life you gave me the day you aid goodnight she's already taken she's already taken she's already taken me she's already taken she's already taken me the day you said goodnight....

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