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Kevin Ray lyrics - Chasing A Dream Called Love

All I Need Is You

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Willie Johnson Was locking up his store Monday night When someone snuck in And they commenced to fight His wife Amielia found him lying on the freezer floor Now this sleepy little town It ain't sleeping no more Well Sheriff Walker holds three local boys in jail They confessed right down to the last detail They beat Willie with a bat He was 70 years old Then they bought some beer with The six dollars they stole Chorus: Well I know my anger is not politically cool But brother we're in danger When kids can be so cruel As to kill for play Dear God have mercy We're living Just like there's no judgement day Billy Haney Is the youngest of the three accused His grandpa got him as a baby Hungry and abused But no one guessed the depth of his emotional scars Til we saw him on the news Grinning like a movie star Chorus: Well I know my anger is not politically cool But brother we're in danger When we can be so cruel As throw our kids away Dear God have mercy We're living Just like there's no judgement day Today the headlights lined up In the drizzling rain To the graveyard stretched The five mile chain And we laid to rest one of this towns sweeties souls And we burried the peace we know In that very same...hole Ummmmmmmmm

Grocery Blues

words and music by Arlo Guthrie I went down to the grocery store To get in I had to pay a dime or more I hadn't yet begun to start When I had to pay the rent On the shopping cart CHORUS Deedle lee dum, deedle lee dum Deedle lee dum de dum dum Well I let the kids loose on the floor And they ran round for a while or more Till the manager with the broken smile Said it's a dollar down and a quarter an aisle CHORUS I was down in the freezer upon my knees Somebody was yelling that the price got freezed There was a rioting mob, a strangling hold I received the bill for the escaping cold CHORUS It was about this time that I was goin' insane I went and picked the kids up in the other lane Put back the food and ran out of the store I ain't goin' back to that place no more CHORUS Well I'm tellin the truth now, I don't fib I don't mind no women's lib But if my woman don't want To go down to the store The family ain't gonna eat no more CHORUS


Well I hear in Miami they have a lot of girls Who toast their flesh in the sun Living on allowances they receive from the old man at home To keep up appearances to have fun CHORUS: Hey baby Living in Miami I know you're hip to those hotel alibis I know you're nowhere near twenty But I ain't the kind to kiss and tell or tell lies Well they are easy to look at, they are hard to hold They have high opinions of themselves But at night you can find them drinking in the bar Wishing that they could find somebody else CHORUS Well they pull and tug on their high fashion clothes As they strip off their armor in their apartment bedrooms They wish that somewhere they can find a spark Well their sights and visions and dreams are set high They think the world can be won with a smile I hear 'em giggle out loud, lost in the crowd Give me a cuddle when we get outside CHORUS Hey baby Living in Miami I know you're hip to those hotel alibis I know you're nowhere near twenty But I ain't the kind to kiss and tell or tell lies

Pre-school Days

All the things I've seen, Couldn't prepare me, For what I was about to experience. As a little boy, Growing up in a world, Made for all the big kids and the big toys. Sometimes I'd sit around and wait, Play with my toys cars, Until the wheels would turn no more, Than I'd think to myself... Is my dad's car coming home? Or will this be another night, My mom, brother and I, Tucking ourselves in? Chorus: I learned my alphabet to spell dad, How quickly dad turned to sad, In my preschool days, And the rest of my life. My mother did the best she could, My brother stayed as strong as he stood, A father figure to me, My preschool days. I remember all the times mom cried, My brother stayed strong by her side, And I would stand and wonder why, There was three when there should be four. Maybe my dad got lost driving home, And then again it wouldn't make sense. I feel alone. (Chorus) So where has he been? He's running out of time. I haven't heard from him. I hope he's doing fine. Money cannot buy, Years of missing them. Daddy gave it up, The kids forgave him.

Down And Out In Paradise

Dear Mr. President I live in the suburbs It's a long way from Washington , D.C. Had me a job Workin' for wages Till the company moved out And they forgot about me Can't draw unemployment For some unknown reason My kids are hungry I've got four mouths to feed I go out every day looking for suitable employment Do you think there's something you could do for me Cause I'm Chorus Down and out here in paradise Down and out and I'm on my knees I'm down and out here in paradise Looks like the milk and honey Done run out on me Dear Mr. President I used to be a dancer Got a little bit too old So I became a secretary Married a man In Las Vegas, Nevada And ten years later He ran out on the kids and me Some said I was pretty But those days are over Now I've no place to live And I'm out on the streets Oh, Mr. President Can I tell you a secret I never ever thought that this could happen to me Cause I'm Chorus Dear Mr. President I'm just a young kid I'm in the fourth grade At Riley Elementary My mom and dad's been actin' funny I'm not sure what If it's got something to do with me My daddy's always drunk My mom's a babysitter And I don't like the Russians Cause I hear they hate me Dear Mr. President Can I ask you one question When the bombs fall down Will they hurt everyone in my family Yeah, yeah Chorus

North Country Blues

JOAN BAEZ "Any Day Now"
Come gather 'round friends And I'll tell you a tale Of when the red iron pits ran plenty. But the cardboard filled windows And old men on the benches Tell you now that the whole town is empty. In the north end of town, My own children are grown But I was raised on the other. In the wee hours of youth, My mother took sick And I was brought up by my brother. The iron ore poured As the years passed the door, The drag lines an' the shovels they was a-humming. 'Til one day my brother Failed to come home The same as my father before him. Well a long winter's wait, From the window I watched. My friends they couldn't have been kinder. And my schooling was cut As I quit in the spring To marry John Thomas, a miner. Oh the years passed again And the givin' was good, With the lunch bucket filled every season. What with three babies born, The work was cut down To a half a day's shift with no reason. Then the shaft was soon shut And more work was cut, And the fire in the air, it felt frozen. 'Til a man come to speak And he said in one week That number eleven was closin'. They complained in the East, They are paying too high. They say that your ore ain't worth digging. That it's much cheaper down In the South American towns Where the miners work almost for nothing. So the mining gates locked And the red iron rotted And the room smelled heavy from drinking. Where the sad, silent song Made the hour twice as long As I waited for the sun to go sinking. I lived by the window As he talked to himself, This silence of tongues it was building. Then one morning's wake, The bed it was bare, And I's left alone with three children. The summer is gone, The ground's turning cold, The stores one by one they're a-foldin'. My children will go As soon as they grow. Well, there ain't nothing here now to hold them.

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