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Senorita Mas Fina

Original and similar lyrics
Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro Well her name was Rita Flores Met her down in Matamores She was hotter than the Mexican sun She's one sweet Chicita My latino lolita I knew right then she had to be the one She worked at the cantina So I ordered a teqilla Just to get a closer look into her eyes Handed her my peso She turned and walked away I don't think she even realized Oh Senorita, Ooh Mas Fina Come and love my por favor I wanna be your numero uno Your one and only Vato Me love you long and that's for sure wanna hold you, never let go I'll be your little gringo Marry you and take you away Aww Senorita, Ooh Mas Fina Why won't you love me baby Por Que Yeah she never caught my lingo because I was a gringo she didn't understand a word I'd say she say 'mi no comprende' but that smile on her face told me I should try it anyway chorus X2 I said aww senorita, ooh mas fina why won't you love me baby por que

This Is What You Came Here For

Kid Capri "The Tape"
{*whistling wind sounds*} And now.. the quiet blizzard {*cracks up*} .. on your radio dial.. I like doin this shit Now let me tell you it's Capri, and I'm as smooth as I wanna be Givin you flavor, constantly I never thought another rapper wanna step to this and get hisself caught up in the mix Cause this is a groove that I don't wanna lose and if you step wrong, you might get battered and bruised, huh And you don't want none of that my man Cause on stage, I'm bad with the microphone stand And all the girls love to see me perform Some niggaz said well, Capri got it goin on Tape master, blew up large And sit back, let my girl, give me a massage and sippin Dom Perignon, eatin grapes while Silver D makes the record, with no mistakes, huh This is the life, so how could I give it up? If anything, the ? is gonna live it up And Money Mark, he's sharp as an Acura You used to laugh, so now he's laughin back at ya So now you know how it feels when the tables turn Kid Capri is in effect and I'm here to burn And now you're beggin and beggin for more So let's face it, this is what you came here for This is what you came here for Ah come on baby, yeahhhahhh This is what you came here for This is what you came here for (for) so don't you move Sit back, listen to the music and groove It's been a while since you had somethin smooth as this I don't think this is somethin, you wanna miss How could I show somebody that don't wanna be shown how to act grown, on the microphone All I need is somebody to hear what I say Give me my props, give it to me right away Now for a moment, I thought that I let you wait for the lyrics of a poet, Capri the great Rap lord with the twist, I promise you this that I'm, bad on the mic, double bad on the mix I put people in the groove I make big crowds move and I'll prove that I'm smooth and so now you gotta give me the benefit, of the doubt Let me show you what it is to turn a party out, huh I came here, to ease your mind If I didn't wanna rhyme would I waste my time? Huh I'm like a bodybuilder, I keep gettin thicker While I watch all sick rappers get sicker They's in cahoots, usin horns and, flutes Makin all kinds of weak, samples and loops, huh I can't see it, the crowd deserves more than that because they came to see a real rapper rap So Capri gives you more After all, this is what you came here for This is what you came here for Yeah, aw come on baby This is what you came here for Mmmhmhmmmmm This is what you came here for Lawwwwwwd, c'mon Ah come on let's compete ?? This is what you came here for I will rock you all day long honey my love This is what you came here for Lawwwwwwd, yeah.. This is what you came here for It's what you came for And DJ Doc let em know what you came here for

Born To Run

[Originally by Bruce Springsteen] In the day we sweat it out in the streets of a runaway American dream At night we ride through mansions of glory in suicide machines Sprung from cages out on HighWay 9 Chrome wheeled, fuel injected And steppin' out over the line Baby this town rips the bones from your back It's a death trap, it's a suicide rap We gotta get out while we're young 'Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run Wendy let me in I wanna be your friend I want to guard your dreams and visions Just wraps your legs 'round these velvet rims And strap your hands across my engines Together we could break this trap We'll run till we drop, baby we'll never go back Will you walk with me out on the wire 'Cause baby I'm just a scared and lonely rider But I gotta know how it feels I want to know if your love is wild Girl I want to know if love is real Beyond the Palace hemi-powered drones scream down the boulevard The girls comb their hair in rearview mirrors And the boys try to look so hard The amusement park rises bold and stark Kids are huddled on the beach on a mist I wanna die with you Wendy on the streets tonight In an everlasting kiss The highway's jammed with broken heroes On a last chance power drive Everybody's out on the run tonight But there's no place left to hide Together Wendy we can live with the sadness I'll love you with all the madness in my soul Someday girl I don't know when We're gonna get to that place Where we really want to go And we'll walk in the sun But till then tramps like us Baby we were born to run


PAC DIV "The Div"
[Hook: Mibbs and Like] She hugs and kisses, loves attention You know how she gets down Loves that money, honey can't get enough That's why she (shake that, shake that) Shake that baby (go 'head shake that, shake that) Shake that baby (sh-sh-she's got to have it) [Verse 1: Like] Baby got the Gucci on the frames, Fendi on the shoulder She hang around the rappers, she kick it with the rollers She addicted to the light, you would swear she was the solar System on bang while she dipping in the Rover I was sipping on a soda when I first seen her roll up Car pull right behind her, parking at the diner Strutting down the aisle, everybody stopped to eye her I'm peeping in the cut with thoughts to get in that vagina Simple old me, tried to pimp it on she But damn she ain't having that She wanna see my crib on TV with a couple Humvees And then I might have a chance, but wait, wait A couple weeks passed, I had stopped to get gas Heard a voice to my left, she was talking real fast High-pitched was her tone, smiled at me then she asked "Ain't you in that one group? " I looked at her and laughed, hit the gas! [Hook] [Verse 2: BeYoung] I was treated like a dirtbag, growing up Everything that they used to do, was cold as fuck All I had was my dreams of, blowing up Couldn't really do shit so I, soaked it up Played my part, seen girls hate on me like it was an art I tried to play it smart Why the baby hair have niggas always throw they heart I played the role of sucka hoping for the chance to spark A convo, now it's like bravo, everywhere that I go It's like I struck the lotto They throw the "got dough? " at me, they used to call me nappy Now they bring they homegirls, hoping they can tag me On some take one, get the other free shit Let me cook for you, let me spend the weekend Falling in love with you Let me show you everything that I love to do Say what? [Hook] [Verse 3: Mibbs] I wonder how she moved in that tight ass room Sweating out her weave and her cheap perfume She hotter than the sun, I can be her moon And when the night is done, my house'll be her tomb Soon we'll go together like spinal cords and car seats Or kind of like my words and hard beats She whispered in my ear she's an artist But I ain't trying to hear all that, straight to the bar please We at the bar and she asked to see my car keys I'm like "Why? " and this was her reply: "I ain't fucking with guys unless they drive Nothing less than a 6, or a 745 You ain't willing to trick? I'm a play you to the side So if you ain't rich, might as well not even try" Sigh... I asked the bartender for my card back "Sorry I'm not that dude, I'm a fall back." [Hook] [Outro: Like] Pac Div, Cook, what's good? This beat right here Make a nigga wanna start singing some shit like: She think she can have what she want Get what she want, take what she want But you ain't getting shit from me Nothing from me Cause I ain't lying We here grinding And you wasting time And I could give a fuck if you's a dime

In My Room

2:45 and the bell went off, Thank God, Many people think im odd But i talk with no one, And i walk alone,and i avoid sunlight with a chalky tone I get home and dont say hi, It aint no onw there, I dont care I walk in and go right up the stairs To my room Get in bed and just wait for dark cause thats when the real show starts (tap tap) 'tap tap' on the glass go the piece of ass' So young and pretty its too bad she past But she comes to my room and we talk at night,she's demonic and bloody,but she holds me tight In my bedroom,with her im never alone,and i kiss her cold lips until morning comes Then she gone, I can still hear her voice loom. But she only exists in the dark of my room [chorus: x2] Love... (i cant ignore you) In my room (do anything for you) Love... (i do adore you) In My Room... You and I I try to smile alot,but im always frontin,but i do love a ghost and atleast thats something. She dont talk much, When she do it get cold, Usually we just lay there and we hold each other, we're lovers we dont need others, One of my mother's cats jumped up on the covers And it scared my baby guess she dont like pets so i twisted its fuckin head off at the neck Look baby, Its gone its doomed please come back to the room i do anything for thy, dont ignore me this is more than a sick love story W/o you id bring a shotgun to school and i will if you want me to for any reason I hate that u leave when the lights come on and if i had it my way the fuckin sun would be gone! [chorus x2] Sometimes i kiss her and i start shakin,she slips me the tongue and it taste like bacon. Uh oh somethings wrong baby's upset She told me she was spotted by the neigbors kid She cant come back now cause they know our secret Uless i can make thenm keep it. If i do she may come to life now in their yard with a shotgun and knife Cut the screen Went in and found the kid Blew a bowl of spaghetti in the side of his head,the daddy was nextrunnin down the hall,i shredded his throat and he was Quick to fall,tossed themossberg and gripped the knife,started stabin the shit out of his wife, Went home a bloody mess with a job well done. Wash up and wait for my baby to come [chorus x2]

What Goes On Part 7

Do you wanna know.. what goes on? *2X* (Tell me baby!) Do you wanna know.. what goes on? *2X* (Tell me baby!) [Black Thought] Yo, niggaz can not see me, can not be me or capture the metaphoric phrase blasted off stage when I tour I am but a messanger born to blow up My niggaz knew it all the time, lyrically I was a dime At the age of nine, shorty Black, could rhyme On the mic I never wasted time, I'm, the exquisite wizard when I visit shorties I hit it I'm cool as a blizzard Nigga what? You wanna bust your fronts, with the butter, my black paper chase ya and then erase ya rhyme Sucker, MC's how I hate it when you waste your time My state of mind, shine like it's diamond studded I'm rhyme budded on stage, word is bond, when I'm on, I rage Got the 12 gauge had the reci-play, inter-terrestrial-ly My everyday M.O. is gettin dough cause times is rougher than a mother for brothers to scuffle shuffle your cards kid Cause the odds is, niggaz'll hustle and live, foul This wild environment hostile produce, the music in me So my style's the blend of what is and was You could get a buzz from it, but enter too deep and reach a summit you fall and then plummit beyond real Where you're killed if your raps ain't ill Another crab motherfucker 'nother cap to peel Through these amps, I motivate camps to dance Niggaz too advanced, I warn, I'm just tellin you what goes on Do you wanna know.. what goes on? *2X* (Tell me baby!) Do you wanna know.. what goes on? *2X* (Tell me baby!) [Myself aka ELO the Cosmic Eye] Inside my head, you wish to see The signs appear, the shit's not clear What if I flipped, would you know how to maintain your edge I'm takin heads because, there's no fuckin ledge I pledge allegiance to my cosmic guide I couldn't fit in three dimensions if I tried Civilizations I can delete, so crews don't bother me Battle with Jehovah gaining universal soveirgnty Niggaz run around like ?, I got planets and thrones Throughout the galaxy my name's well known (my name's well known) I'm all alone in my zone, you wouldn't understand Stare in my face, fuck around and catch a scar man (Malik B) [Malik B] Here on this agenda, there is no pretenders So when we begin to assassinate your cast members they shall ?, wavin white flags, man we surrender Those half-assed negroes know they're no contenders In syringes, I can shoot up lyrical vengeance And my grammar, might do a mandatory life in slammers You should regret it, thinkin about steppin to me niggaz forget it - you'll get gassed with lyrics leaded Most energetic, I never snag I'm tightly threaded I flip scripts like pattern twistness in calisthetics Black Thought, Elo and me a trio Tellin the the strong, word is bond I'm just tellin you what goes on Do you wanna know.. what goes on? *2X* (Tell me baby!) Do you wanna know.. what goes on? *2X* (Tell me baby!) Do you wanna know.. what goes on? *2X* (C'mon brother) Do you wanna know.. what goes on? *2X* (Tell me baby!)

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