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KEVIN FEDERLINE lyrics - Playing With Fire


Original and similar lyrics
K-Federline, Bosko We got 'em on this one due [Chorus - Britney:] And they say I'm crazy For loving you For feeling you And maybe I'm a little crazy But they don't know All the things you do When the pen hits the pad It's in the left hand Every single word is worth thirty grand Or maybe more Don't think they understand How much cake the pancake man had So heavy like weight Moving upstate Care for my rhyme Like the crime rate I flick with your boy The prince of the bay Sit back, day to day Got two back packs Resno on one LA in other Whilst I'm holding my sons As I march through the valley of the shadow of death Dark hair on my chest Wife on my left Let's go [Chorus - Britney:] And they say I'm crazy For loving you For feeling you And maybe I'm a little crazy But they don't know All the things you do That's how I'ma ride For my family I'd die Bet you're all thinking I'm that guy Don't care about you 'Cause I'm the truth I ball like Kobe Shooting hoops Up in the roof Been the million dollar corporation Call me maloof Like I said once before I'm the truth Hollywood can't catch me But they got you Nothing fake round here I'm the realest do Haters feel us too I'm in and out the groove Every word out my mouth Make headline news I'm the best, I rule Come test my tools You do so square Get my slang out manuals, ha [Chorus - Britney:] And they say I'm crazy For loving you For feeling you And maybe I'm a little crazy But they don't know All the things you do [Chorus:] And they say I'm a little crazy But they don't even know you, baby So they base all their the accusations On what they really don't know So tired of all the speculation Fed up of negative fabrications You say just have a little patience But they are driving me crazy Never been a surfer But my chang hang loose Got so much flavour Like 2Pac juice Got dudes wishing you're in my shoes I'm a rockstar baby I do what I wanna do Tough pack My crew will come and clobber you Let the pope come out And watch it swallow you Not a pretty boy But I look like a model do Not a gangster But in my life, yeah I've fought a few Hit the hustle tight now it look Like I'm robbing you All yours flys Watch how I swatted you Better think twice how you come at me I'm a godfather now I'm about my family, yeah [Chorus:] And they say I'm crazy For loving you For feeling you And maybe I'm a little crazy But they don't know All the things you do

Tell 'em

ERICK SERMON "Double Or Nothing"
Intro: You abou to come through right. (Yeah don't stress it.) You about to come through. (I got this check this out man.) You ain't gonna front on me (I ain't gonna front on niggas man.) Make sure man I'm tellin' you right now. (Check this out. What I'm about to do right now.) You gonna kick it word up. Ha Erick Sermon: Personal ggats I gots about 11, without weapons I swing more bats than K7 Plus, I'm soup like Campbell without heaven Some rappers pack great big guns like Frank Drebbin In this century I uphold the crown, for bringin' Flavor In Ya Ear Plus I'm Gettin' Down, I manuver techniques for species of all kinds The third, yours and mine, introduction is in full effect I come with the mothership and some other shit Yeah all the way live like a concert The most respected brother, puttin' in some work Hook: Yeah if you got a crew you better tell em. E kicks rhymes from the cerebellum. Don't slip or you won't be around next year Well heres a little something that needs to be heard. - Slick Rick Rosalyn: Check the poetry in motion, from this bom bazi smokin' Bitch that get you open, it's mess if you tangle with my tresses Cause I posses gifts that's wickeder than Hexas That explode on the scene be all means, I be flushing MC's like queens And none of y'all can see me, got more boom bom than Manzini Your style is strickly primi, and I stomp with the big dogs Off the wall with a crew that rough enough to Rush Limbaugh We stay, strapped, part of Packed Pistol Posse I represent through mind soul and body In any form I'm doin' work over beat breaks Now even cheap skates is peepin' my tape release date Word born, I'm comin' in like a swarm Then I'm gone before you can ring the alarm Hook Keith Murray: A-yo catch this word bubonic plaque, in your head back chest arms and legs When I'm coming through grab your cranium for ultimatum Punk I faze them subterranium, my subliminals mix with criminal chemicals Got more milk than sylabals then alphabet cereal Place your bet and your whole entourage will get wet That's a promise cause the squad don't make threats I'm a, graceful poet with some distic ballistics, above and beyond all that other bullshit Linguistics will bless a anticeptive, nerve wreckin', conceptive or consistant contestant My deviant delieverance be leavin' MC's in the state of malmet depressive (word up) Damaging your medulla, cerebrum and cerebellum, you got a crew you better tell em

Fa Ha

LL COOL J "10"
'Don't you knowwwwww, don't you knowwwww..' See this is worldwide baby 'That it's wrong..' Germany, Italy.. France, Japan 'To take what is given..' Many foreign lands.. Talkin bout {HA!} Queens I'm talkin bout, Brooklyn I'm talkin bout, Uptown I'm talkin bout, downtown Oh y'all with this too {HA!} Jerz! The girl like, Strong Isle (oh they wild) The girl like, Connecticut Yo they get them, they need to get more shoutouts up there, word up 'To take what is given..' {HA!} [LL Cool J] Breaker breaker one-nine, I had a rendezvous Pop vintage wine with this dime, hot as a barbecue {HA!} She was young, too wild without a curfew {HA!} Smile I hurt you, had me goin berzerk too I'm guaranteein she'll be leanin in the coupe Fiendin for your loot, little demon schemin for Tiffany hoops {HA!} Yeah, her right there, Dominicans is doin her hair The jewels and gear, it's all there, fully equipped Body sick, she never played fair, yeah {HA!} Far from classy, walk real nasty Talk real sassy, why you frontin Come smash me I can't do it baby-girl, your man might blast me for {HA!} I can't die for American Pie Hypnotized cause somebody combined thighs and lies, but it's {HA!} No surprise, your pipe will rise Don't bounce with her, puff a ounce with her, not wise, not with {HA!} Papi chill, get sloppy, get killed by {HA!} Blood streams the guillotine f'real, yeah {FA HA!} Pop bottles with hot models and rock throttles I guess your motto is I'm a desperado Leave {HA!} alone, end up like Castellano Believe me, she flap her gums like Sammy Gravano It's easy, child barely an Italiano But don't do it, she'll have your eight by ten on every channel [Chorus] {HA!} No honey can set your body on fire like {HA!} Make you wanna get higher and higher with {HA!} Put your muder game down so you can buy it for {HA!} Street dreams, you gon' hustle and retire with {HA!} Walk in the crib, filled with desire for {HA!} SL, the rims and the tires for {HA!} Third strike, and all of your priors for {HA!} Gave up your whole empire for {FA HA!} [LL Cool J] She do it so fluid it's hard to see through it, 'til it's too late You wanna time travel and re-do it, but wait You a inmate, or worse at the pearly gates Damn, all because you and {HA!} had an early date Close your eyes, recognize, visualize What's the real reason you really freezin them pies, huh {HA!} Tan lines, strawberry oil on the thighs Got you subconciously contemplatin suicide Shoulda learned, remember how your man died {HA!} Grabbed his iron, it was time to ride for {HA!} Multiple homicides, takin lives for {HA!} He's dead and gone, the next man's deep inside {HA!} Check one-two, I select a few jewels for those of you, who are still confused She's an obstacle, hot and tropical Fatty so rockable, that anything's possible with {HA!} [Chorus] [LL Cool J] Cheese fantasies, dodgin the D's to please {HA!} Livin life on a flyin trapeze to keep {HA!} Who's the one you want {HA!} Who you wanna flaunt {HA!} She haunted, but who's the only bird you ever want {FA HA!} Why you sell drugs {HA!} Why you a thug {HA!} Why do fools always seem to fall in love with {HA!} More advances than technology Every day I stack chips, whether music or flicks All these transparent cliques full of devilish politics Wish they could take my longevity and bottle it for {HA!} But they can't so they kill for Grants Smuggle iron in the party, pop {ex} for hot sex with {HA!} Love's an illusion, mental and emotional confusion Instant gratifacation oozin Exotic temptress, eyes just like a empress Spilt game relentless, I had to represent Miss {HA!} [Chorus - repeat 2X (skips at start of second repeat)] [LL Cool J] Yeah, oh yeah {HA!} It's my 10th album, ha ha {HA!} Heh, and you don't stop {HA!} I said this my 10th album, uh-huh, oh yeah yea yea, yeah {HA!} And you won't stop, knahmean {HA!} 10 baby {HA!} Easy 'To take what is given..' We right baby, huh

I Really Like It

Harlem World "The Movement"
[Featuring Mase] [Mase] You make me feel... It's the real thing girl! Talk about it talk about it What you want huh? [Cardan] One two one two Yeah yeah yeah yeah One two one two Hah hah hah One two one two Yeah yeah yo yo yo Yo nowadays girls be out for the money and things But to me it's all sweet when I'm runnin' my game I give 'em nothing but game till it's stuck in their brain So once it's stuck in they brain, yeah my funnin' began I'm in the want-ad, lookin' for a special woman That's gonna gimme what I need anytime I want it I take a cruise to Aruba, I'll bring you wit me Then let you float out on the beach With the string o' yo' G I need a pretty momma Silly momma, diddy poppa Like that go to Great Adventure in they mini-chopper That get her own chips, push her own six And make me do my sits when I finish my dips [K. Price] 1 - I like it, I like it I really really like it You want it and you know it But you play hard to get boy I like it, I like it I really really like it You want it and you know it But you play hard to get boy [Stase] Yo, real chicks do real things Like find a man wit' a deal that still wanna sling Always speak my mind whenever I feel things Probably got no wings but I'mma still swing And my real chicks feel what I mean Am I right? Am I tight? Do this chick bring it to the light Is my body so right I could even attract a dyke Uh Baby Stase, uh Baby Stase While you was lovin' John Doe I copped a condo While you was layin' backs down, I was layin' tracks down I see it for a fact now, it's intact now It's no need to beef, it's my turn to eat Bring the drama to a cease, cars I don't lease I push a Green Z-3, watch a screen TV, what I'ma forever rise Rings be tetra-size Girls be petrified It's a heavy meza-ride Repeat 1 [Mase] Yeah kid Harlem on the rise All Out, All Out Yo, you better do what I say yo Get this through your head-o Long time comin', but waitin for my date-o My man Blake-o, leave the scene hardly awake-o If he could take three shots, he could take four I'm on the low though But wit a lot of dough tho' And I hate a smart chick givin' me a dodo That gimme mo' pleasin', and mo' reason Just to lay up in Cali in the Four Season Wit' a chick half Black, half Indonesian Appalachian, I know this sound unbelievin' Switch the rim's on the Benz every four seasons Open up a new account just to through G's in Got Blink chick follow me for no reason And my girl stick around if she know I'm cheatin', what Harlem World, Harlem World the clique Harlem World the clique, come on now Repeat 1 Repeat 1 [Mase] Yeah kid Harlem on the rise And you don't want no problem with us guys All Out, All Out, All Out M-A-Dolla' Sign-E, yeah Baby Stase Cardan Loon, Meeno, Huddy Combs, Blinky Blink Yeah, yeah Kianna, Stason Yeah, yeah Cuda Love Black Fred Me Chico Wha-what what what what J.M. Lil' Cease Kim Cristal B-Rock Gutter What the... what the, uh You don't stop Ruff Ryder, DMX, L-O-X Bad Boy, yeah So-So Def JD, Free, yeah, M-A-Dolla' Sign-E, all out

Because I Got It Like That

Jungle Brothers "Straight Out The Jungle"
Intro: A: Because I got it like that, uh huh Because I got it like that, wooh, uh huh Because I got it like that G: Like how? A: Like that Verse 1: Afrika, Mike G Dancin' on the dance floor Girl, it's you that I adore Step on stage, you scream for more Afrika got rhymes galore Snap my fingers, make you mine If not, I'll snap a second time After that, I guarantee You will be standing next to me Left or right side, take your pick But girl, you've got to make it quick Baby, baby, baby I know I drive you crazy MC's know me as Mike G Girls hold on to me tightly Warm personality That's why they get close to me Try their best to drive me wild Say they want to bear my child I go away, they say, Come back Why? Because I got it like that Chorus: A: Yeah, uh huh G: Because I got it like that A: Yeah, uh huh G: Because I got it like that A: A ha ha, uh huh G: Because I got it like that A: Like how? G: Like that Verse 2: Afrika, Mike G No problem, (why?) because I got it like that A Baby Bam beat and an African rap My partner by my side, Sammy B is on the cut Your DJs chill and chill, but hey, so what? Nuggets in my pocket, wine in my hand I got it like that, but you still don't understand It comes to me natural, it comes to me easy I just lay back and let the big beat lead me I never work a day in my life Single jungle brother, no kids, no wife 100,000 rhymes from one band, that's many But back where I come from, they ain't worth a penny You've got a lot of talent, but you fail to see You paid for yours, I got mine for free Play in the rain and don't get wet Walk through the desert and don't even sweat Play in the snow and don't get cold I'm just a cool young brother who looks kinda old Love around the world schoolin' the sound If I could bet a crowd and get caught us loud I've got ladies uptown and money on the floor There's not a thing in the world that I'm askin' for Chorus 2: A: Wooh, uh huh G: Because I got it like that You wanna know why, brother? Because I got it like that A: Uh huh G: I ain't jokin', I ain't playin', it's just my brother I got it like that A: A ha ha Verse 3: Afrika Used to be a player, couldn't be trusted But still in all, I never got busted Knowin' every part of New York City I thought it was fun, it used to look witty I had it all spread out, even one next door I had it like that, so what ya askin' for? 4 to 5, you see, was my minimum And every day, I used to go and get with 'em One for every hour on the hour One on the way while I was in the shower It sounds kinda crazy, it sounds kinda bugged But you see, Afrika was the one they loved So you see, it got to a point where they didn't care They didn't wanna give me up, so they agreed to share Chorus 3: A: Because I got it like that G: I hear you, brother, word A: Because I got it like that G: Man, you's one baaaaaad jungle brother A: Like that Like that Outro: A: Uh, wooh, Sammy B, B, you got it like that I know you got it like that Yo Mike G from the Jungle Brothers, man New Orleans got it like that New York City got it like that Los Angeles got it like that Cleveland got it like that Let me see, who else got it like that? G: Detroit A: Who? G: Detroit A: Man, yeah, Atlanta got it like that Philadelphia got it like that Texas got it like that, let me see Somebody else got it like that G: D.C. A: Yea, D.C., D.C. got it like that Boston, Miami, I know you got it like that, Miami G: Word A: Word up, yo, I'm outta here, you know why? Both: BECAUSE I GOT IT LIKE THAT

We Weren't Crazy

JOSH GRACIN "We Weren't Crazy"
We headed out to California Everybody tried to warn us Said we wouldn't make it any further Than that worn out Chevy would We broke down a time or two Thought "maybe we didn't think it through" We were all we had to turn to When it wasn't lookin' good We're lookin' back laughin' 'cause they called us crazy [chorus] We were young, we were wild, we were restless Had to go, had to fly - had to get away Took a chance on that feelin' - baby We were lovin' blind - borderline reckless We were livin' for the minute we were spinnin' in Maybe we were a lot of things But we weren't crazy Just a couple kids a couple years ago Now we gotta couple kids of our own We turn out right - proved them wrong Look at us goin' strong Lookin' back laughin' 'cause they called us crazy [repeat chorus] Coulda set it down When things got tough Coulda walked away from this love But that'd been crazy We were young, we were wild, we were restless Had to go, had to fly, had to get away Took a chance on that feeling We were lovin blind, borderline reckless We were livin for the minute we were spinning in Maybe we were a lot of things Oh maybe we were a lot of things But we werent crazy We weren't crazy We weren't crazy

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