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Keller Williams lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Drivin' on down 2-19 Not a Blue light to be seen I'm a comin' up on seven oh (7-0) Down six hundred (600) I do go I'm a crusing along with the radio on and my hands upon the wheel as I race I can almost taste life in me traliers, logs, horses, dogs for you to see It's a day in the life IN PASSAPATANZY I've got enough wood to last a week the ol' piles are pretty neat well to pick a load at half a ? any more we'd need help from ? there's pleanty of kindlin to lay out in the yard and if I run out of newpaper we can use an old deck of cards take this whole section off a rotten old down tree sweatin in the free IN PASSAPATANZY Well now she was in heat and we can't compete with her boyfriends the nights were fun she sleeps in the sun she don't want to be let in that silly mut she's givin it up there ain't no need to fuss she brings at her home everynight that K9 eats better than us My love makes you feel so tall watch out for the ceiling fan will catch you in your jaw my wicker chair will rock you right to sleep even if you dangle your feet my watch will bang a tribal beat so we can tap our along appliances can make music to but can not write no song won't you please take my hand dance around with me It's a day in the life IN PASSAPATANZY


JANIS JOPLIN "Big Brother & The Holding Company"
You come around here Trying to make your demand. You've got a need, darling, I've seen it grow and expand. Yeah, you want to reveal my life With your own two hands. Well, tell me now What are you trying to do Those holes in your life Show what you require. You're needin' new eyes, Oh Lord, honey take any wire Yeah you've gotta save us all Before the next big fire. Tell me now What are you trying to do Walked in my life, Child, and I don't even know your name. You put others around behind ya As if they were lame. You insist a simple feeling Will be all the same. Well, tell me now What are you trying to do Now I look like I'm suffering, N-n-n-n-n-n-now I'm doing fine. One look at yourself baby, Child, I got you alive. Yeah, you're gonna take care of yours, I'll take care of mine. What are you trying to do Hey!


GENESIS "A Trick Of The Tail"
When you're asleep they may show you Aerial views of the ground, Freudian slumber empty of sound. Over the rooftops and houses, Lost as it tries to be seen, Fields of incentive covered with green. Mesmerised children are playing, Meant to be seen but not heard, Stop me from dreaming! Don't be absurd! Well if we can help you we will, You're looking tired and ill. As I count backwards Your eyes become heavier still. Sleep, won't you allow yourself fall? Nothing can hurt you at all. With your consent I can experiment further still. Madrigal music is playing, Voices can faintly be heard, Please leave this patient undisturbed. Sentenced to drift far away now, Nothing is quite what it seems, Sometimes entangled in your own dreams. Well, if we can help you we will, Soon as you're tired and ill. With your consent We can experiment further still. Well, thanks to our kindness and skill You'll have no trouble until You catch your breath And the nurse will present you the bill!

Subterranean Homesick Blues

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS "The Uplift Mofo Party Plan"
Johnny's in the basement mixing up the medicine I'm on the pavement thinking about the goverment the man in the trench coat, badge out, laid off, says he's got a bad cough: wants to get it paid off God knows when but you're doin' it again! you better duck down the alleyway lookin'for a new friend the man in the coonskin cap by the big pen wants eleven dollar bills: you only got ten Look out, kid Look out, kid, it's somethin' that you did Look out, kid, 'cause they keep all hid Maggie comes fleet foot, face full of black soot talkin' at the heat put plants in the bed but the phone's tapped anyway, maggie says that many say they must bust in early may orders from the D.A. Walk on your tip toes, don't try no doz better stay away from those that carry around a fire hose keep a clean nose, watch the plain clothes you don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows Look out, kid Look out, kid, it's somethin' that you did Look out, kid, 'cause they keep all hid Looks to me like you did a little to much hittin' kid you should've took it to the bridge before you started to skid Look out, kid the good god willin', we'll bebop to Bob Dylan chillin'em, thrillin'em, and red hot killin'em killin'em Get sick, get well, hand around a ink well ring bell, hard to tell if anything is goin' to sell try hard, get barred, get back, write braille get jailed, jump bail, join the army, if you fail But users, cheaters, six time losers hand around the theatres girl by the whirlpool lookin' for a new fool don't follow leaders, watch the parkin' meters Look out, kid Look out, kid, it's somethin' that you did Look out, kid, 'cause they keep all hid


Black Frank "Frank Black Catholics"
In the midst of the war He offered us peace And he came like a lover From out of the east With the face of an angel and the heart of a beast His intentions were six-sixty-six He walked up to the temple With gold in his hands And he bought off the priests And propositioned the land And the world was his harlot And laid in the sand While the band played six-sixty-six We served at his table And slept on the floor But he starved us and beat us And nailed us to the door Well, I'm ready to die I can't take any more And I'm sick of his lies and his tricks He told us he loved us But that was a lie There was blood in his pockets And death in his eyes Well, my number is up And I'm willing to die If the band will play six If the band will play six-sixty If the band will play six-sixty-six

Get A Life

FIREHOUSE "Firehouse 3"
Well I'm sick and tired and I am totally wired Why don't they just leave me alone Just 'cause the length of my hair and the clothes that I wear And the things that I do don't conform Everyone's got an opinion but I don't need no advice Seems they're mindin' everybody's business but their own Well I do things my own way and I ain't afraid to say Chorus: Get a life I've got better things to do than to mess around with you Go out and get your own life Get a life I'm always walking the line when I ain't done no crime I get hassled for no reason at all See I've got my own plan tryin' to be my own man Still they don't understand what went wrong Everyone's got an opinion but I don't need no advice Seems they're mindin' everybody's business but their own Well I do things my own way and I ain't afraid to say Chorus So here's a word to the wise, you've gotta realize You're no better than anyone else Before you criticize you'd better open you eyes And take a good look at yourself Chorus Get a life You've picked the wrong one to harass why don't You stick it up your ass, go out and get your own life

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