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Karma to Burn lyrics - Karma to Burn

Twin Sisters And A Half Bottle Of Bourbon

Original and similar lyrics
I love to ruin my tent, I love the romances From the bag of angels a sawn-off broken wing They're drinking whiskey, they're getting high They cast the shadows and the passing of the summer sky The passing of the summer sky The King is dead, the well is dry The well is dry She's shooting broken arrows, she's shooting crooked smiles All along that wicked bench from the belly of a swine She's pouring whiskey, she's getting high Too scared to see herself, reflections of the devil's eyes Reflections of the devil's eyes The King is dead, the well is dry The well is dry The need may be your twisted needs It may be you're crave To rest my head on souls of fire Sight the swarm I kiss my eyes

A Woeful Summoning

Gaze into my broken eyes, where laughter and sorrow collide. Scattered are the pieces which time forgot. See the cracked mirror walls, emerald mist flowing down the halls. Shattered pieces of a forgotten puzzle. Feel the shaking of my room, welcome to my most humble tomb. Lay your head upon the crimson velvet pillow. Relax as I tell you a tale when lunacy reigned and madness prevailed. Long nailed fingers run through silken hair. Our poison tongues now dance, wet with entrancing liquors. We drown in burning ecstasy, but you seek something more than this. Tonight another looking glass will crack. My promises too broken, did you believe what I've spoken? The echoes shall splinter your mind like they did mine. Prepare my darling, for the nocturnal wedding. Gaze into my broken eyes, where a deranged love rises, to greet your lovelorn flesh. Hallucinating like undead shamans, You feel the rapturous sting of first death and collapse into lonely arms. Look now with night piercing eyes, not quite broken, but time shall remedy. Lick my blood-soaked lips once more, taste the stain of wondrous insanity. The constant shrieking in your mind drives you crazy. Yes, my darling, I can hear it too. The answers you seek lie in the reflection. Be still, allow the images to caress you, here everything is upside down. Cackling like undead hyenas, you feel the boggling slap of dementia and collapse into delighted arms. My little pet, how foolish you've become. Yesterday's sweet dedications of love are part of an infantile dream fading fast. You raise your vampyrie eyes to consume my heart. But since it's been viciously torn apart, you see, a time will fortunately come when you realize our kind cannot stomach 'togetherness', for love is but an arduous game mortals play. So from this day you are mine, to be my immortal concubine.

London You're A Lady

THE POGUES "Peace And Love"
(Shane MacGowan) Ah London you're a lady Laid out before my eyes Your heart of gold it pulses Between your scarred up thighs Your eyes are full of sadness Red busses skirt your hem Your head-dress is a ring of lights But I would not follow them Your architects were madmen Your builders sane but drunk Among your faded jewels Shine acid house and punk You are a scarlet lady Your streets run red with blood Oh my darling they have used you And covered you with mud It was deep down in your womb my love I drank my quart of sin While chinamen played cards and draughts And knocked back mickey finns Your piss is like a river Its scent is beer and gin Your hell is in the summer And you blossom in the spring September is your purgatory Christmas is your heaven And when the stinking streets of summer Are washed away by rain At the dark end of a lonely street That's where you lose your pain 'Tis then your eyes light up my love And sparkle once again

Here We Go Again

Captain Tractor "Bought The Farm"
I knew you were absurd but did you think you were the lord when you said that vengeance is mine Before you pushed me out without the slightest hint of doubt into the path of the number nine so if it's on it's way on a sunny sunny day to the beach where we first met oh how I wish I'd drown instead of being brought around in your arms in the first aid tent Here we go again (x4) In the ambulance that day as they were taking me away you looked into my eyes You said you were in love but that it struck you from above when you thought of my demise Is it me or is it you with the sense of Deja-vu as I brush with death again and it's really no surprise as the tears well in your eyes You're in love with me in pain Here we go again (x4) Well once upon a fateful day yes once upon a time In my little world I met a girl who said that she'd be mine How could I know that deep below her love was S&M and if I ever try to leave I'm dead Here we go again (x10)

The Road

Jon And Vangelis
She came, as in the book, Mickey Spillane That Saturday night dark masquerade Had filled his friend with lead, the same, sweetheart But then, as nothing happens quite the same Investigation is the game He had to check her story right away-he dead Sam Space his buddy Archer first to go he got it She spelt it out, how could they know the 'Fatman' got it -he dead Her sister didn't really live at all-confusion-he dead His chase led to the Fatman, to face the friends of Mr. Cairo That night, the double crosser got it right Pretending he was really dim He slipped to Sam a double gin (Mickey Finn) He woke, the boys had gone, but not his gun They'd left a note to lead him on The chase to find the Maltese Falcon-you bet- Early thirties gangster movies Set to spellbind population From Chicago to Hong Kong Via Istanbul the Talking Tong Dirty rats thru' prohibition Money flowed thru gangsterism Acting out his fantasy In Hollywoods vicinity The best part for the best rendition Al Capone he sent to prison Citizen Kane came fast and quickly Conquerin ol' New York City Poking fun at superstition Media became television Give me Cagney anyday Or Jimmy Stewart for President Or Edward 'G' and all those guys Who always shoot between the eyes Between the eyes Between the eyes Father love do you work, do you work for Mother Chances could call, and accept that, be no other Science as it might, disappear correspond with colour Chance is the fruit, will outlive, what is now the brother Call for total wealth to distribute like a picture In black and white, give it joy, give it, let it hit you Spoil our existence by extreme gift to population Father love do you work, do you work for Mother Tell me straight be the Godfather be no other Media Kings give us now give us total movie Now being here, being now, being here believing One on one to talk to you Like film stars they get close to you You've mirrored his appeal He wants you so, he wants to be beside you Then you pass by giving him the other side of you Like the mystics do So that every time he moves, he moves for you Soul and light can always see The metting of true love and she This silent night and I, I guess a lonely mind might see I've seen love on the screen I've seen a screen goddesss and me-oh How often this, how often, this the power of you And so, I must confess Whatever I see I'm meant to be there with you With you with you With you, with you Silent golden movies, talkies, technicolour, long ago My younger ways stand clearer, clearer than my footprints Stardom greats I've followed closely Closer than the nearest heartbeat Longer that expected-ther were great- Oh love oh love just to see them Acting on the silver screen, oh my Clark Gable, Fairbanks, Maureen O'Sullivan Fantasy would fill my life and I Love fantasy so much Did you see in the morning light I really talked, yes I did, to Gods early dawning light And I was privileged to be as I am to this day To be with you. To be with you


HOUSE OF PAIN "Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again"
Truly, I say truly Truly, Truly Well if Jesus is your Lord Then Praise your God And if Islams's your Thing- Allah U Akbar And If you represent the 6 pointed star Well, then my Hebs back home told me say Shalom I put grooves in the mix I make moves like the Knicks I'll take ya strait up the lane And block you out the frame Then I freez it Believes it You needs it like heroin Before you git your fight on Kid, get your stare on Here come the Don Dada Makin' ghettos red hotter I drop the boom bada Like Jake LaMatta I can single you out And isolate you like Mato I'm undefeted like Rocky Marciano I hit you right below the belt Now you singin' Saprano Talk what ya talk Still you dont know what I know [Chorus] Something for ass Something for cash Some do the knowledge Some do the math Some stick to the road Some stray from the path Some do the knowlege Some do the math Now East Coast- West Coast Wonderin' what's the beef It's goin down rough Like swallowin teeth I say word to Din Lizzy kid, I get busy And I'll knock all of ya'll Off this wonder wall Cause on a daily basis I rock like Oasis Quick to be your style From a Fetus to a child I kill 14 billion cells Fuffin L's Stompin devils on all 9 levels of L check the transmission Hear the transition Observe the technition In fly night vision you high-light reels I lace my drug deals As you skim and check feels Off chics in high heels It's all bright and sunny When your holdin big money My Sonics got youth As my mud got honey I can be the king of grunge If I blow my spunge away there's a little black spot on the sun today Which I dont care if my souls are dead so come on and feel the sting of the true pain king [Chorus (2x)]

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