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Karma to Burn lyrics - Karma to Burn

Bobbi, Bobbi, Bobbi - I'm Not God

Original and similar lyrics
Down to the flower, down in the dirt A girl named Bobbi, washes her hurt Her momma kneels down, ? ? Don't buy any longer Dont buy any more Under the stone lies Daddy's head Under the stone, in the cold, to the shade Fellow died burnt from the sun Dried for days and had never begone Daddy, do you like me? (Do you like me?) Ever get with me? Daddy, do you like it? (Do you like it?) Take it on your knees (knees)


EMINEM "Encore"
(Intro Spoken) I know sometimes, things may not always make sense to you right now, but hey, what did daddy always tell you? Straigten up LITTLE SOLDIER. Stiffen up that upper lip. What you cryin about? You got me. (1st Verse) Haillie I know you miss you mom, and i know u miss your dad/ when im gone, but im tryin to give u the that life i never had/ I can see your sad, even when you smile even when you laugh/ I can see it in your eyes/ deep inside you wanna cry/ Cuz your scared/ when i aint there/ daddy's with you in your prayers/ No more cryin wipe them tears/ Daddy's here no more nightmares/ We gon' pull together through it/ we gon' do it/ Lanny? uncles crazy ain't he/ ya but he loves u girl and u better know it/ We're all we got in this world/ When it spins when it swirls/ When it whirls, when it twirls/ Two little beautiful girls/ Lookin puzzled in the days/ I know it's confusin you/ Daddy's always on the move/ Momma's always on the news/ I try to keep you sheltered you from it but some how it seems/ the harder i try to do that the more it backfires on me/ all the things growin up as daddy, daddy had too see/ daddy dont want u to see but u see just as much as he did/ we did not plan it to be this way, your mother and me/ but things have got so bad between us/ i dont see us/ ever bein together ever again/ like we used to be when we us teen agers/ but then of course everything always happens for a reason/ i guess it was never meant to be/ but its just something we have no control over and thats wat destiny is/ but no more worries rest your head and go to sleep/ maybe one day we'll wake up and this will all just be a dream/ (Chorus) Now hush little baby dont you cry/ Everything's gonna be alright/ stiffen that upper lip up little lady i told ya/ daddy's here to hold ya, through the night/ i know mommy's not here right now and we don't know why/ we fear how we feel inside/ it may seem a little crazy/ pretty baby, but i promise, momma's. gonna be alright/ (Verse 2) It's funny, I remember back one year when daddy had no money/ mommy wrapped the christmas presents up and stuck them under the tree/ and said some of them were from me/ cuz daddy couldnt buy em/ ill never forget that christmas i sat up the whole night cryin/ cuz daddy felt like a bum/ see daddy had a job/ but his job was to keep the food on the table for u and mom/ and at the time/ every house that we lived in either kept gettin broken into and robbed/ or shot up on the block/ and your mom/ was saving money for you in a jar/ trying to start a piggy bank for you so you could go to college/ almost had a thousand dollars/ till someone broke in and stole it/ and i know it hurt so bad it broke your momma's heart/ and it seemed like everything was just startin to fall apart/ mom and dad was arguin alot/ so momma moved back on the chalmers and the flat/ one bedroom apartment/ and dad moved back to the other side of 8 Mile and novara/ And that's when daddy went to California wit his cd/ And met Dr. Dre, and flew you and momma out to see me/ But daddy had to work, you and momma had to leave me/ but then u started seeing daddy on the T.V/ and momma didnt like it/ and you and lanny were to young to understand it/ papa was a rolllin stone, momma developped a habit/ and it all happened to fast for either one of us to grab it/ im just sorry you were there and had to witness it first hand/ cuz all i ever wanted to do was to make u proud/ now im sittin in this empty house/ just reminiscin/ lookin at ur baby pictures, it just trips me out/ to see how much youve both have grown its almost like your sisters now/ wow, i guess you pretty much are/ but daddy's still here/ lanny im talkin to u too/ daddy's still here/ i like the sound of that, ya/ it's got a ring to it dont it/ shhh, mommas only gone for the moment/ (Chorus) (Outro) And if you ask me to Daddy's gonna buy you a mocking bird/ imma give you the world/ imma buy a diamond ring for you, imma sing for u/ ill do anything for you to see you smile/ and if that mockingbird dont sing and that ring dont shine/ imma break that birdies neck/ ill go back to the jewlla/ who sold it to ya/ and make him eat every karot dont fuck with dad/ [haha] fu u miss chaine


Jude "430 N. Harper Ave."
George died in the fifth grade No one ever knew why He was out selling lemonade On the Fourth of July and he died Sister Claire said that he was An angel on earth She stood there and she told us She had clearly rehearsed every verse Of the lies that tie you down I've forgotten my first love I haven't seen her since when There's a bum on the corner He thinks that I'm his best friend, we pretend He says the rapture is anyday That's when God's coming around Although perhaps he should stay away They'll run him right out of town, like a clown Chorus: With the lies that tie you down There are times when a man feels That it's him against the world There are times when a man steals From the love of his girl There are days when a beast dies Long before the gun And there are days when a crow flies Straight into the sun, to be done

Blood Red And Goin' Down

TANYA TUCKER "Best Of Tanya Tucker"
chorus: That Georgia Sun was blood red and goin' down. That Georgie Sun was blood red and goin' down. Daddy said 'now come on girl we're headed down the road to Augusta' And faintly through his clenched teeth he called momma's name And then he cussed her He said 'girl you're young But some dude has come along and stole your mother But you can't steal no will and mind 'Cause momma's always lookin' for a lover' Repeat Chorus With dusty tear drops on his face My daddy cried in big steps he was takin' Halfway running to keep up My shorter legs, were so tired and shakin' 'Where did I go wrong girl And why would she leave us both this way?' At times like these, a child of ten never knows exactly what to say Repeat Chorus We searched in every bar room and honky tonk as well And finally daddy found them And Lord, you know the rest is hard to tell He sent me out to wait But scared, I looked back through the door And daddy left them both soaking up the sawdust on the floor. Repeat Chorus x2

Railroad Boy

JOAN BAEZ "Joan Baez, Volume 2"
Lyrics as performed by Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, Hughes Stadium, Colorado University, Fort Collins, CO, 23 May 1976, She went upstairs to make her bed And not one word to her mother said. Her mother she went upstairs too Saying, Daughter, oh daughter, what's troublin' you? : Oh mother, oh mother, I cannot tell That railroad boy that I love so well. He courted me my life away And now at home will no longer stay. There is a place in yonder town Where my love goes and he sits him down. And he takes that strange girl on his knee And he tells to her what he won't tell me. Her father he came home from work Sayin', Where is my daughter, she seems so hurt He went upstairs to give her hope An' he found her hangin' by a rope. He took his knife and he cut her down And on her bosom these words he found: Go dig my grave both wide and deep, Put a marble stone at my head and feet, And on my breast, put a snow white dove To warn the world that I died of love.

She Kissed Me Anyway

JJ LAWHORN "Original Good Ol' Boy"
I was stacking hay on a Saturday, I couldn't get her off my mind. Working like a dog in the barn loft, getting two or one bail at a time. He handed me my pay, and I made that old Ford fly. She was sitting on the porch, when I rolled up her drive. I was covered in dirt from a hard days work. When daddy cut me loose for the day She was all prettied up and I was looking pretty rough but she kissed me anyway Oh I've been dying to see her, and it was sure worth the wait Hey your daddy didn't like me and your momma was looking but she kissed me anyway We drove into town and we rode around, she kept smiling at me. She slid on over till she couldn't get closer. Beside me on that old bench seat. When I dropped her off, I thought "Hey I'm a lucky son of a gun" As i was driving home it hit me Oh man this must be love. I was covered in dirt from a hard days work. When daddy cut me loose for the day She was all prettied up and I was looking pretty rough but she kissed me anyway Oh I've been dying to see her, and it was sure worth the wait Hey your daddy didn't like me and your momma was looking but she kissed me anyway Oh Yeah! I was covered in dirt from a hard days work. When daddy cut me loose for the day She was all prettied up and I was looking pretty rough but she kissed me anyway Oh I've been dying to see her, and it was sure worth the wait Hey your daddy didn't like me and your momma was looking but she kissed me anyway Oh her daddy didn't like me, and her momma was looking but she kissed me anyway.

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