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KAREN O lyrics

The Moon Song

Original and similar lyrics
I'm lying on the moon My dear, I'll be there soon It's a quiet starry place Time's we're swallowed up In space we're here a million miles away There's things I wish I knew There's no thing I keep from you It's a dark and shiny place But with you my dear I'm safe and we're a million miles away We're lying on the moon It's a perfect afternoon Your shadow follows me all day Making sure that I'm okay and We're a million miles away

Stutter (Remix)

JOE "Better Days"
(feat. Mystikal) [1] - [Joe] My dear, my dear, my dear You do not know me But I know you very well Now let me tell you that I caught you My dear, my dear, my dear You do not know me But I know you very well Now let me tell you that I caught you Talk to me, tell me, where you were Late, last night Ya-you told me, you were with your friends hanging out Late, last night Ya-you're lying cuz you're studdering Now where were you Late, last night Stop lying to me cause you're ticking me off See you're ticking me off, ooh [2] - [Joe] I can tell you're lying Cause when you're replying You stutter, stutter, stu-stutter, stutter [Repeat 2 (3x)] [Mystikal] Watch yourself Watch yourself Quit your lying heffer Watch yourself heffer [Joe] Listen I called you on your cell phone No answer, tell me why So I paged you on your two way Still no response, tell me why I took care of you, I love you And you played me, tell me why Stop lying to me about where you've been Cause you're ticking me off, tick-tick-ticking me off [Repeat 2 (4x)] [Repeat 1] [Mystikal] Quit your lying heffer, watch yourself Yeah, I'll give the whips but leaving you out here by yourself I'm keepin' it gangsta with all the tattoos and platinum mouth I was the rapper you heard about strappin' up in the waffle house Right next to niggas when I be sparkin' 'em out And I'm way too cold to plain let you come and dog me out Should've of knew what you was up to when you got here Get off my couch, get And I just can't change it It's gonna be good Get out on ya route My bad, you're out I seen it coming with that nappy hair She was running docked out wanting what you had You let him set you up and you fell for it Now it's 'I-I-I'm sorry, my a--!' That's why you're paying for it You got the garbage, I got the trash can for it The man ain't gon stand for it You better respect my flow Don't be stuttering when you're talking to Mystikal Or lying when you be talking to Joe [Joe] I smell cologne damn it's strong How did ya get it on I'm not dumb He messed up your hair Make-up's every where Ooh yeah I'm not dumb Girl I'm crying 'cause your lyin' To my face, I'm not dumb Stop lying to me about seeing a man Cause you're ticking me off [Repeat 2 till end]

How In The World

Tell me How in the world does a bird in the sky keep flying higher will's trying Tell me how in the world does a flower bloom show such beauty What of the trinkets we're buying A world behind Can't you see the sunshine Roses bloom Flowers in the field The pool of light Reflections in the moonlight A dolphin swims Tell me how in the world can a smile of a child be healing What the doctors are dealing How in the world Does the Autum, summer, spring Give a life to what has been And welcomes winter in The eagles fly Higher than a mountain the blue whales swim Deep within the sea and as we destroy and why we destroy it the world we in surely you have to see How in the world can we see a shinning star and place it on a jar yet it still to far How in the world can a man be on the moon yet it still to soon for peace to be here soon How in the world can a runner full right down to a place that is never found but we're still look to the ground you see we search to find the goal from the story that I'm told to see the greed that has been generated the young from the old How in the world Can you see a shinning star see a shinning star and place it on the jar place it on the jar and yet it's to far How in the world can the man be on the moon man be on the moon yet it still to soon still to soon for peace to be here soon How in the world How in the world can you see a shining star and place it in on a jar ooooh yeah and yet it's to far How in the world can the man be on the moon yet it still to soon Still to soon.

Westlin Winds

Burns Robert
Westlin Winds ~~~~~~~~~~~~ By Robbie Burns Now westlin winds and slaughtering guns Bring autumn's pleasant weather The moorcock springs on whirring wings Among the blooming heather Now waving grain, wild o'er the plain Delights the weary farmer And the moon shines bright as I rove at night To muse upon my charmer. The partridge loves the fruitful fells The plover loves the mountains The woodcock haunts the lonely dells The soaring hern the fountains Through lofty groves the cushat roves The path of man to shun it The hazel bush o'erhangs the thrush The spreading thorn the linnet Thus every kind their pleasure find The savage and the tender Some social join and leagues combine Some solitary wander Avaunt away! the cruel sway Tyrannic man's dominion The sportsman's joy, the murdering cry The fluttering gory pinion But Peggy dear, the evening's clear Thick files the skimming swallow The sky is blue, the field's in view All fading green and yellow Com let us stray our gladsome way And view the charms of nature The rustling corn, the fruited thorn And every happy creature We'll gently walk and sweetly talk Till the silent moon shines clearly I'll grasp thy waiste and, fondly pressed Swear how I love thee dearly Not vernal showers to budding flowers Not autumn to the farmer So dear can be as thou to me My fair, and lovely charmer.

The Last Day Of June 1934

AL STEWART "Past, Present & Future"
The morning is humming, it's a quarter past nine I should be working down in the vines But I'm lying here with a good friend of mine Watching the sun in her hair I pick the grapes from the hills to the sea The fields of France are a home to me Ah, but today lying here is a good place to be I can't go anywhere But as we slip in and out of embrace Like some old and familiar place Reflecting all of my dreams in her face like before On the last day of June 1934 Just out of Cambridge in a narrow country lane A bottle-green Bentley in the driving rain Slips and skids round a corner, then pulls straight again Heads up the drive to the door The lights of the party shine over the fields Where lovers and dancers watch catherine wheels And argue realities digging their heels In a world that's finished with war And a lost wind of summer blows into the streets Past the tramps in the alleyways, the rich in silk sheets And Europe lies sleeping, you feel her heartbeats through the floor On the last day of June 19... On the night that Ernst Roehm died voices rang out In the rolling Bavarian hills And swept through the cities and danced in the gutters Grown strong like the joining of wills Oh echoed away like a roar in the distance In moonlight carved out of steel Singing "All the lonely, so long and so long You don't know how I long, how I long You can't hold me, I'm strong now I'm strong Stronger than your law" I sit here now by the banks of the Rhine Dipping my feet in the cold stream of time And I know I'm a dreamer, I know I'm out of line With the people I see everywhere The couples pass by me, they're looking so good Their arms round each other, they head for the woods They don't care who Ernst Roehm was, no reason they should Just a shadow that hangs in the air But I thought I saw him cross over the hill With a whole ghostly army of men at his heel And struck in the moment it seemed to be real like before On the last day of June 1934

1000 Miles Away

JEWEL "Goodbye Alice In Wonderland"
It's morning time, wonder where you are wonder who you're talking to wonder if the sun has risen where you are it's morning time, i miss your hands on my skin this bed's too big without you oh god, what do i do? I'm a thousand miles away, and I'm lying next to you. The sun shines golden, and I feel like my car a little run down, a little beat up, maybe just a little green maybe it's my battery, maybe it's my starter, maybe my heart's too weak there's just this feeling, thought I had to get going got too scary, got too big, got to get out of here but now i don't know how to get home. oh god, what do I do? I'm a thousand miles away, and lying next to you. Mama says take my vitamins, daddy says "girl, don't stay out so late" sister says "there's other fishes in the sea" but love is not a rational thing, and my heart is beyond advice no, love is not a rational thing oh god, what do I do? I'm a thousand miles away, and lying next to you. these fields stretch out like patchwork, on my granny's quilt she used to tell me that "life is a series of strange and mysterious things one minute you think you're up, the next you find you're down" your mind says "girl, you gotta stick around" but your heart says "I'm too weak in the knees" oh god, what do I do? I'm a thousand miles away, and lying next to you.

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