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KACI BROWN lyrics - Instigator


Original and similar lyrics
Staring at the phone all day won't make you call me And sittin here plain' it off won't change a thing Writin love letters that I'd never dare to send you won't tell you How far deep I've gone since I met you [chorus] I feel I'm stranded on an island ANd you're miles away from here I try to make waves but the ocean's quiet Can anybody hear My SOS Closing my eyes to the truth won't persuade you And letting you hold my heart will only cause more pain Whispering prayers in the wind cannot save me Cause I'm still holding on to what's been gone [chorus 2x]

Something To Believe In

When I saw you for the first time Eyes the color of the ocean Something moved inside of me Long forgotten lying broken Now I can't turn away Watching you as you lay sleeping Can you hear winds of change Is this something to believe in I lost direction in the darkness Couldn't stop myself from running I could feel the sun on my back But I was afraid to let the light in Now I can't run any more Now I see this gift you bring me Can you hear winds of change Maybe this loser's luck is turning I will carry you in my heart I will hold you in my memory You could be a million miles away But when I call You will hear me

It's Over Now

ACE FREHLEY "Second Sighting"
You were life and love upon this island And it was hard but you made it all worthwhile So afraid that i'm gonna run away Well if i was, i wouldn't be here today, ay And you took me by the heart And showed me where i was Deep inside your love CHORUS: (You will) Never here me say the words Never feel the pain that hurts Never hear me say It's over now I look at you, and i see theres a fear Something's wrong but your holdin' back your tears Well here is where i am and where i'll stay So loose the bad thoughts, push'em far away, ay Hope and dreams will take the shape I'm shooting for the stars And diamonds for your eyes CHORUS: BRIDGE, LEAD CHORUS: OUT

Where You Are

In this quiet place again I can hear You on the wind Whispering to me In this quiet place again I have found a friend Who understands me Where You are is where I want to be In Your arms You will comfort me Far away from everything I used to be You know I have come do far To be where You are In this quiet place again You're speaking to my heart And I can know Your will In this quiet place again You tell me from the start Follow and I will


Dark Side Cowboys
Deep black water Come to me Take me in your arms Yes oh yes I will come to thee Take away my harm Just let me float Away with you Down into the depths Yes I'll fall into you Take the pain from my chest Take me my friend Draw me down Deep beneath the waves Yes oh yes I feel like home I know that me you'll save

Three Miles Down

SAVES THE DAY "Can't Slow Down"
Oh great here I go again I'm stuck in this rut and I'm not sure how to begin- should I tell you everything I'm feeling out of luck so I won't see you soon 'cause I know it's too soon for you to see me- if this is the last thing you do just tell me that it's o.k. for me to have these feelings for you and that it's normal to want to call you. Oh I'm dialing the phone and I'm letting it ring for hours and I'm pretending to hear your voice- Why does my heart always beat before yours does After a while you can make yourself believe in almost anything, so I'm making myself believe in you.

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