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K.M.D. lyrics - Mr. Hood

Mr. Hood At Piocalles Jewelry

Original and similar lyrics
[Mr. Hood] Let's enter this jewerly shop. [Zev Love] Ahc'mon Mr. Piocalles man hook it up 14K def bracelet you can't beat it kid! [Piocalles] No I cannot do that. This is not a pawn shop this is Piocalles Jewelry! Ahh Mr. Hood my favorite customer! What can I do for you today? [Mr. Hood] I would like to see some gold rings. [Piocalles] Ahh yes we have these stupid phat gold rings perfect for your masculine hands. [Mr. Hood] Some earrings for my wife. [Piocalles] How about these elephant studded diamond earrings, perfect for the woman of your dreams. [Mr. Hood] And a watch, for my cousin. [Piocalles] Ahh yes we have a Rolex for just under three-thousand seven-hundred and ninety-two. [Mr. Hood] That is a beautiful watch. [Zev Love] No actually it's two-thousand, three-hundred and thirty-six green. [Mr. Hood] Many thanks for your help. [Zev Love] Yeah he's always trying to jerk people! [Mr. Hood] My name is Mr. Hood. What is your name? [Zev Love] Hmm... yeah I'm Zev Love X from K.M.D. [Mr. Hood] I am pleased to meet you. [Zev Love] Oh yeah likewise uhh, how ya doin anyway? [Mr. Hood] Perfectly well, thank you. And you? [Zev Love] Ohh... I'm just chillin, ya see uhh but I got one problem. I come in here to pawn this bracelet, see cause this rhymin for nickels business ain't makin it. What I need is a job uhh... where you work at? They hiring? [Mr. Hood] Follow this avenue (yeah) turn right at the corner (uh-huh) go to the left when you reach the square. (yeah) It is the house next to the theater. [Zev Love] Ohh. Huh. Yeah I know the line of work you're in, yeah. [Mr. Hood] Would you care for a spoon? They are not too expensive. [Zev Love] No go, I don't deal with that stuff. As a matter of fact... This reminds me of the days of dwelling with those who killed off the weak for fancy clothes and hoes too Not opposed to the picket fence dream Where both lines are same side of the gate It seems that it's all coming back to me now Yeah ummmmm ahhhhhh I figured it was about two summers ago No joking, no I lie to win Cause it was a crackpot, yeah Crackpot Jenkins I first met Crackpot in like Head Starts And then I knew he wasn't too head smart cuz I scribbled in art He insisted on standing in the sandbox to collect unknown amounts of pebbles and stones to throw rocks Dissin the wrist he flicked was suddenly an early physics lesson Two atoms can't occupy the same space at the same time, acknowledged by the playground's boot to wesson Who felt pops rock then cracked pops face Considering his aim, I warned he could hurt others with his game Ms. Kristmahn warned the same Although, he didn't care the heat cuz in a decade and one year He continued to throw rocks for a career Pain and more pain as he pelt rocks felt by Every brother and brown will soon be dealt One more rock thrown, ahh shoot Under the van was a boy in a blue suit Still a lot of rock throwin goin on up the block But a pocket full of pebbles what locked up Crackpot Should've used his wrists for the cut like Subroc Maybe then he'd have avoided the cacophony jackpot Yeah, the phony jackpot [Zev Love] Yo man, we got much better things to do with your time [Mr. Hood] Show me something better [Zev Love] What, something better? We built this place man. We're the Gods of the Universe, Kings and Queens of the planet. (If you or I could see this individual, we might call him an impractical dreamer, or a crackpot.) [Zev Love] No, I'm not crackpot. (Would you have seen the scientific, intellectual, creative genius, in a small ragged negro boy?) [Zev Love] Uh-oh, uh-oh, ohh no. You're gonna set it off!

Never 2 Far

EMINEM "Infinite"
Hey what up man? What up god? Ya heard? Chillen, cold as hell Yes it is, hey Busta didn't come here did he? No, hey look, you got fifteen cent? Nah, I got just enough to get on the bus, I'm broke We gotta go to the store alright man quick cause I'm short Yeah, we gonna have enough time to go to the store? Nah, look.. You should just, how much you got there? I only got 75, I'm sure I got a dollar know what I mean.. Just throw it in there they ain't gonna know You know what look, I'm sick of taking this damn bus everywhere man You gotta make some moves or something I know look, I'm trying to get rich, I got a baby on the way, I don't even got a car, you know what I'm saying? I still stay with my moms, 21 and still with my moms Look hey, we gotta make some hit records or something, you know what I'm saying? Cause I'm tired of being broke Verse 1: Cause all I do is yearn a life without a concern And dream of having a turn to earn money to burn Mapping out my strategies to get rich huh My desire is like a scratch that needs to get itched huh Cause man I live in the D, this shit ain't given for free Nothing's different to me, so what, it's easy to see I'll be the prisoner to flee, all of this misery I'm not wishing to be another fish in the sea But just an MC, so listen to me, but if you disagree You missing the key, you ain't even in the brisk of the tea Unconditionally my aspects to cash checks My objects were never to swab decks It's up to you the decision is yours If what you vision is tours, or a mission less course When shit is in the stores, cause you can be a star Chorus: No matter wherever you are, you're never too far From revenue huh, cause you can be king You can rule the world, you can do anything It's on you baby, cause you can be a star No matter wherever you are, you're never too far >From revenue huh, cause you can be king You can rule the world, you can do anything It's on you baby, cause you can be a star No matter wherever you are, you're never too far >From revenue huh You know what I'm saying, see what I'm talking about man? Cause that's it Yeah A million dollars ain't even that far away man Yo we got to get the money man, I can't be broke for the rest of my life Yeah I hear what your saying, look there's got to be something better, you know what I'm saying? I can't live like this for the rest of my life man, bumming rides everywhere I go Yeah, what's up with Lexus' and Land cruisers'? Verse 2: Yo I'm not about to chance it and dismiss handling business I'm canceling Christmas to gamble and risk this Financial interest is the matter at hand I got an adequate plan for stab at a grand I grab what I can and do what I must Pursue what I lust, it's true that I just choose The few that I trust, thems the people that I still got Fuck with gangsta fill pot, get your grill shot The 5 Elemantz for life my man Thyme Proof, Kyu and Denaun, we move through into time My crews true and divine, we never fronted We just wanted to be funded, and live to be a hundred Instead of hunted or being wanted as fugitives It's all about a man planning what his future is What he can do for his to be a star Chorus: No matter wherever you are, you're never too far >From revenue huh, cause you can be king You can rule the world, you can do anything It's on you baby, cause you can be a star No matter wherever you are, you're never too far >From revenue huh, cause you can be king You can rule the world, you can do anything It's on you baby, cause you can be a star No matter wherever you are, you're never too far From revenue huh That's what I'm talking about, I'm not trying to be the player, I'm trying to be the man, I'm want to be President Yo forgot that President man I'm trying to be king, making dead presidents, you know what I'm saying? Yeah Getting money anytime I want owning my own businesses and all that, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, I'm trying to be a millionare man, hahaha, but don't all you know You only live once ninety six baby

PMW (All I Really Need)

ASAP ROCKY "Long.Live.A$ap"
[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky] All I think about is life, nice, sippin' on Sprite Little codeine, nigga get throwed right Two blonde dykes wanna kiss all night I just pray to God that the shit go right Little arguments in their fists don't fight Fuck a dog ho and the bitch gon' bite A$AP nigga, sip Cris all night So them R Kelly hoes gettin' pissed on twice Damn, how a young nigga get so nice? Young nigga cold like he sittin' on ice Fuck broke, tryin' to be rich all life I could've been a criminal and just rolled dice My nuts hangin', my top back Hoes screamin' that Pac back Throwin' Westside, bandana tied A$AP life, gotta Pac tat Harlem world my whole block strapped Hoes all on my jock strap My whip white but my top black And my bitch white, but my cock black Purple drink, got that Tell these hoes all to twerk somethin' Bounce on me, bitch, hurt somethin' Tell her pop that pussy like it's worth somethin' So shawty, she a stunna' and daddy, he a runna' Be that pretty mothafucka, you could call me what you wanna Cause I'm in love with that ass, she in love with the cash So she shakin' it fast and then makin' them stacks And I'm takin' it back and I'm takin' her back To the house just to bust in her mouth and I'm kickin' her out [Bridge] How 'bout me and you and you and I Take a ride to make this high On and on and on and on On and on and on and on So I say [Hook x4] Pussy, money, weed (Yeah) Pussy, money, weed (Y-yeah) Pussy, money, weed (Yeah) That's all a nigga need (Y-yeah) [Verse 2: Schoolboy Q] It's A$AP Q, where the bread at? Fuck around and bring the hush puppies back She fuck me and the homies, she was cool with that The block hot so I'm shaded in my bucket hat Pause a little bit, I gotta little advice If you fucked her once, then you could fuck her twice And don't get head from hoes with overbites Just giving out game, nigga, show your right Born stunna nigga, turn night to bright High as a kite in my Nike Flights Made 30 Racks it was just a flight Flew a bitch out too, it was just a night Shorty got the booty make a nigga say, "Woah" Can I suck your titties, tryin' to see how far I can go Try again and then again and she ain't tellin' me no Sweetie tell me how you feelin', can I feel on you mo'? She said, "I ain't fuckin' for free", but ain't shit I can't afford Shit, I'll pay you for it Now bounce that ass on my bungie cord Uh, yeah, whoopsie daisy Put a good kid in your Section.80 Turn a baby into a lady Now here go the keys to my new Mercedes Cause shawty she a stripper All you got to do is tip her She got ballers with some money When you fuck them other niggas Now do A through Z for a G Panties go down to her feet Pussy get wetter for me Smackin' that ass to the beat Give her that Diggity-D [Bridge] [Hook x4]

The Session (The Longest Posse Cut In History)

[Black Thought] From the Tunnels in the wee hours of the black morning From The Roots sprout the Foreign Objects family tree This is mad abstract All the way live from Philly, we got the hip-hop coalition called the Foreign Objects in effect It's like dat, now dig [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Trotter, a.k.a. [BT/Tariq Trotter] Well um, Black Thought from The Roots y'all [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Simmons, a.k.a. [AJ/Joseph Simmons] A.J. Shine, The Dollar Sign, funky bid'ness [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Pitts, a.k.a. [LA/Micah Pitts] Lord Akil, social misfit [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Greene, a.k.a. [MM/Tony Greene] Straight from Sector 6 it's Mr. Manifest [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Ms. Thompson, a.k.a. [SNM/Terresa Thompson] Shorty... pussy (Oooooh!) [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Cee, a.k.a. [Myself ? ? ?] Myself, me Myself and I [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Dorsey, a.k.a. [PP/Jamal Dorsey] Pazi Plant, The Soul Plant [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Armstead, a.k.a. [Bo/Conway Armstead] Bo-watt, The Rhythmic Priest [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Basset, a.k.a. [MB/Malik Basset] Malik Blizzunt, Foreign Objects [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Thompson, a.k.a. [B?/Ahmir Thompson] BROther ?uestion, from Square Roots y'all (yeah, ha-hah) [BROther ?uestion] And we the Foreign Objects (yeah, yeah) And it's like this.. Now get loose, get loose, Malik B get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [Malik Blunt] Yes, I will address and press about my microphone me-ssiah, am the best siah? Yes-I am most quick to go because I'm equipped to flow a script I will just slay and disobey, I will display banana clips that slaughter with the words and the herds of the verbs I gots the urge to splurge, like a Bosnian Serb A-drift I means a-draft I means I riff I means I raff Rap's ca-tas-trophe, don't want no brass tro-phy So okey-dokey folks, most provoke me ? so hold your ? was willin, cause I'm strollin with the quotes Like Shakespeare, Mark Twain, or Edgar Allan Poe But since I'm a ne-gro, I flows like Maya Ange-lou No banja-lo was played, I means banjo betrayed so the guitar, had to take the bitch off, and slay You might think I'm a rookie or an amateur, but put me on a panel or a channel I'll dismantle like the vandal-er I meants to say the scandalous, vandalous, handle this like my man Emilio, what y'all should really know You couldn't get the picture, if you was in an orchard or fortress, (so you niggaz better forfeit) [BROther ?uestion] Now get loose, get loose, ? get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [? ? ?] Picture this as I get rugged with the scrpiture Evacuatin scenes, spreadin thoughts like a drifter I exit through my state of greater elevation, unifying grains through the force of the imagination, you dig what I'm saying? But I see your mind's playing tricks You thought you got the channel but you couldn't get a fix upon my mental -- I keep it complicated Explosion of the spirit cause I opened up my soul and created So now you dig the flavor, you're tasting what I gave ya Seeping through the cellar cause I be the freak of nature With, the images that I hold in my head I be the kid from the Fifth, so y'all holding what I've said I've said, I be the omnipresent factor from the void Fatter is the flow, so my styling is employed I'm ragged, pants worn bagged, and umm the ghetto be my home so I shouts to the slum Come, the misfit's got a tale, take you on a mad trip The thoughts unveil I'm too deep, you sinks down, I creeps round, the lowest of the levels, the positive raps that kill devils The abstracts, right and exact, knapsack's on the back Rip poetical flows upon the track My thoughts escape onto a tape, you'll play it back and listen, I brought to your mind what's missing [BROther ?uestion] Now get loose, get loose, Pazi Plant get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [Pazi Plant] I'm hip to release ill units, I displays major soul The ? out, so soul stays rhythmatic to the static when it plays, levels from the bass They chase but they'll never catch my patt-er-ns Soul surrounds this Plant like the rings upon Sa-tur-n Yo, I'm fatter than many, came to kick away any job Umm, cat, conniver if it's abstract I'm liable take portion cause I'll fly that head ? Dig the jazz that's closets from the Paz be-low bugged Groovy like the nickel bag of love, slidin through the groovy fuzz, Plants is the buzz Mad abornmal, is my flow, much confusion, enhanced in My scenario's too advanced'n, for duplication If it's violation, soul power, will shower ya defenses now you're falling, and crawling Cause your styles are infantile not poetically correct to test I'm laughin at ya, lyrical stature, cause my status be that is the coolest kid to do a bid on fakers with the grammar that be blamma, back in eighty-three I was the Grand Fruit Jammer, but now I gets down and wreck shit with the Foreign Objects.. Yeah that's right, the Foreign Objects [BROther ?uestion] Ahhh yeah, now two check, two check Now check it out, now check it out Get loose, get loose, Myself ? ? ? get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [Myself ? ? ?] Kinda like, ? catch, of the day is mad wreck I raise heck, no raise hell, you plays back, your tape's ill Show me just exactly what it is you want, I give you what we got We got flow, we got soul, we get off, a lot So lock up, your doors, cause I'm Busting Loose like Richard Pryor, setting stuff on fire We got funky, rhymes Stuff you had swinging, like a monkey, I'm always hanging 'round, living off of Vine as in West Philly, 56th Street The kids be getting jay'd on the corner Swing my hat to the back, Kangol, no maybe 5 Soul Not no bootleg treat, you get from 52nd Street, word up Word to life, word is bond, word to God I'm like the bean he's like a bean I guess the stage is like a pod, ain't with no metamorphosistically I kiss a licorice and any miss I wish to kiss or else I diss like this So I step to the left, drop the mic, catch my breath then, watch the Foreign Object catch wreck, uhh [BROther ?uestion] Get loose, get loose, Shorty get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [Shorty No Mas] Can I kicks it? I kicks it for the others so I kick it for you I gotta nag a dog and note to Billy - I gets down Sound's got a lot I got my own I'm throwin passes Asses are grabbed, when I swing with The Roots Suits, I got none, but throwin off that accoutrements ever since I winced at the thought of a dress Yes you might be wantin to consider me a tomboy Boy get it right, I'm still strictly lovin men Send me your love, don't ever think I don't need it Shit I got problems, can you help me out? Shout a little louder if you're sure that you hear me Fear me not, I'm just another average girl Curls in my head, and yeah I think I look good Should I be the one, to break the bad news? Snooze when I'm tired, not when I'm hype, your type Yo I just came off! [BROther ?uestion] Get loose, get loose, Manifest get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [Mr. Manifest] Introducing lyrics for the year of ninety-three The black brainchild is about to kick the groovy speak out the head, provided for the hardrocks Here to resurrect the ghetto beats for the blocks You can dig the styles cause the styles are for the digging A fat sack of soul, that's how the Sector roll Never making fake material, why should I? The mind is so equipped to rip, so why would I give you less than that, you in fact, this is where it's at cause lyrics I've provided is about to swing the bat and shake up the levels from New York to Montego It's all about the lyrics, it's not about the ego Quick to make a jam and slam sound like the pro that I am It's profound, like the kids from the underground Every single lyric is prepared, in the hunt for the metro with scoops of fat loops and funky lingo Level's being felt, all over in the fifty states Breaking more beats than my moms breaks the china plates Transmitting, hitting areas we freak with funk when we come to planet Earth, with a trunk of fat, soul Alert doing work on the everyday Here to bring the swing like my man Donny Hathaway Just, follow the dotted line, and do what we do Because you gotta get a grip, if you want your shit [BROther ?uestion] Now get loose, get loose, Lord Akil get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [Lord Akil] Umm, from the Southern side of Philly yet of The Roots there comes me, who? The janky little brother of Mr. Bruce A jazz kickin kid who flows, like the river Jordan Not fond of Honda scooters, but I'll take an Accord and zoom right through your borough, because I'm crazy thorough No offspring running 'round but no my penile is not sterile Collects the crazy papes from, selling crazy tapes, umm Big heads be gettin swollen, I crush em just like grapes The level that I'm zoning, the one that's on the third Eatin buds or mad grass that gets you HIGHER than a bird Kinks, be in the head, cause I leave the curls to Jheri Got mad souls out the ass with shit, fat like William Perry A poor black kid with rhythm, a eye for jazzy beats Straight from the underground, found new life on the South Streets We ? off the jams that will uplift the people's souls Cause the Objects that are Foreign, the kids with baggy clothes are the cats that I'm coolin with, when we be together Two and two equals four but Foreign Objects be forever So, just let me flow as I reach up to the next plateau And then you'll give me my respect Uhh, cause I'm a Foreign Object [BROther ?uestion] Now get loose, get loose, A.J. Shine get loose And just rock heart-beat showin you got the juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [A.J. Shine] First off, I'm burstin off shots of gab and gettin lifted by the gift, I start to jab The rhymes that I grab send schools to the slab As I write scores, the funky orator's gone on some next ish lookin for the next fish with a wish that used to be a duck but now you're stuck dumbstruck Trying to hang but you can't swim I think you're fucked You traded in your blues for boom, tap shoes I do shows and change all opposing views I get down, I go up as I blow up cause I got this O.M.B. rhyme you can't defuse Yeahhh, here to rock all of you rockers When I carry the ball, I stay be-hind my blockers I move swift, I needs no lift I don't have to riff because I shift the gift and now my name is Joseph Simmons, but I'm not Run With the mic in my hand, I've only just begun to hold mine, I'ma goldmine plus a ton The way I shine, I be the rising sun, huh! How many times must I have to say this I never miss yo when I display? From styles I paint the funky picture I portray and before I hit the court I made it my forte cause I got this, you can come and get this, cause my method is the most and I boast so you can bet this is like the best of the rest of the flock And now you're walkin down the hallways of the Always Jock Abbreviated A.J. here for the day Bustin rhymes in your face while I'm fadin away It's like that y'all, and ya don't stop The funky Bid on the root with the hip-hop [Black Thought] Now.. get loose, get loose, ?uestion get loose And, rock heart-beat showin YOU got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [BROther ?uestion] It's me the BROther ?uestion on the M-I-C to flow To bust a fat rat-a-tat rhyme one mo' gen' I'm flexin with my mental verbalistic chocolate Sucker know you're listenin so please get off of it A score and two years ago began the ?uestion's mission South of 52nd Street, on ? and anybody wanna diss the sure shot body rock fresh flowin dude, we can take it to the stage Sucker, Foreign Objects coming soon From the rat cave to a room with a view My brother's B.G., and my band is Josh U And the stank whole rhythmic funk, plus my nuc' You can comprehend the verbal letters that I send Ahh, ooooh, ahhhh, like Boyz II Men I don't have a Benz-y shoes are walkin like Jimmy Make em say, 'Yo ?uestion's demi,' make em squeal like ? Man, yo, I jams on every gram Move out the way, I gets on, rockin round the clock In school I used to doodle, nowadays I use my noodle And I'll be rockin planets, and soon I'm livin fatter I'm a levelheaded son who knows where I came from Umm, lights, camera... ?uestion [? ? ?] Get loose, get loose, Black Thought get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got the juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [Black Thought] Well umm, yik-yik yak-yak, chi-chi-chi-ka-SPLACK Thoughts that I stutter and brother that I left back behind Lines of swine I'm qualified for groovy stew achoo I caught the boogie like the flu and God Bless the Black Cardiac cerebral abstract cathedral The mental is the temple and the central sees you tryin to flam! Man I catch a lift like Bob Mar-ley, and par-lay On airy clouds I drop, bombs like a Sau-di, Arabian Flocks I rocks like Fabian It's the nipple sex upon the grits that call me baby and run a finger, through the knaps of the rap, singer that pull a scat, from the stack, that I keep in the shack of my soul, bring the bowl I got the flat out good That's why I'm dug by the hippies plus the pimps and hoods in the slum, could I umm, come, should I umm, come Yes I does, and gets down said I wasn't know that I was but they gel, that's why they blow up cause they didn't give spect to the erector of the Foreign Object, I collect, to preserve Plus develop and envelop in The Roots of rhyme Yo that's the end of the line, I got mine, and I'm out [Brother ?uestion] A-ha! Ahh, suki suki now It's the Brother ?uestion and now you know how it is when the Foreign Objects get wreck Like that, yeah, ha ha ha And we out y'all, and we out y'all And we out y'all, and we out y'all And we out y'all...


(feat. RZA) [Ghf] Yeah [RZA] Word... these bitches be buggin God Reason why ain't got nuttin to do with nuttin [Ghf] Yeah, check it out y'all one two We back up in this joint! What Check the fly shit... yeah Don't black out on me [Verse One: Ghostface] Yo, black man watch out, she salt-water trout Al Deuce dug her back out, inside the dugout Heard the pussy was good, big niggaz fell victim Mentally stripped em one God turned Christian She know magic, soakin wet pussy on the matress Skin like Cleopatra's, the leading actress She been fuckin since we went to fourteen, look at Miss Thing With a ponytail kept a jar of Vasoline She's a big girl now, with a body that growl Likewise murder trial, smile attract crowds Most niggaz, would light the lord over this broad Big niggaz in they drawers pose one knee on the floor Little kids daydream of humping wildflower Hanna Barbera faint I'm riding no Rivera [Verse Two: RZA] Fat-ass whips big asses, colorful lips Wide hips, baller kits, chrome dipped wearing blue kicks, plus jeans boomin beats Loud horn beeps, crowded streets, the fusion yo the heat is on, never too black or too strong In one hour Wu-Tang Clan is about to perform Police barricade, sidewalk crowded like parades The arena now present, de event of the decade Long braids and fades, baldheads, spangle waves extensions, nails Friday, just got paid Headliner or marquee is the prime time rhyme crime family That shines Godly light Upon this hip-hop artform, yo Dunn We can't be measured by no chart, the God brung Never bust premature for sure You want it raw, let me plant my dynamite bitch deep inside your core, the explosion stops the menstration Causes stomach inflation Patiently waiting nine months for deportation Of the Earth from the Moon, black woman stay in tune Yo God, let me pour y'all the science about the womb It's a black hole for those who lose control Fertile soil before you are wise And spoiled many men and took many lives And all you brothers changed sides Only worth a decimal compared to those who died inside

My Main Roni

(talking) My main gul ain't that some shit. i ain't wit it Niggas ain't shit bitches ain't either all that falling in love and all that it don't work it ain't never work Adam and Eve couldn't even be tru to each other so how you expect me and another shawty... i ain't lying, i ain't lying (smoke) i ain't gon lie i admit i just wanted to fuck some get cha, split cha,hit cha, and trick you to suck some love ya and leave ya like Tina and Rick James but i fell for ya jazzy, classy and trick games you in the processs, i'm just trying to get cha naked not slip the bullet see and plus that you should be respected never neglected i gave you my all and all i bought you jewelry, nails, hairdo's and all your draws i called and called straight bug-a booin fa real that's when i knew this never imagined love for you was trill making love was like heaven right here on yo couch beating and digging each morning (smoke don't stop) my wife damn right and proud to say it my lady, i can trust i done finally made it my main thang, my shawty, my ole' lady took conversation with my hommies dis ho crazy dis hoe think we be going on trips and fucking groupie hoes and i be lying when i say i'm at the studio listening to he said and she said so she went and cheated she be giving me head and him too. heard you be caking him and callling him boo i want back my pink ice rings and Tim boots and you can get back all this shit you bought me you fooled me had me thinking you was my shawty,shawty caught her fucked up can't say shit so keep ya trap shut knowing ya wrong on my phone and i know when i tapped. chorus-- you was my main roni got all ya game from me but then you changed on me i i i never would've thought that you was cheating on me cuz you got game from me shiny diamond rings from me but then you changed on me i i i never would've thought that you was cheating on me knew it was plain for me but now it's plain to see you not tha dame for me i i i never would've thought that you were cheating on me cuz you put shame on me left me to hang roni love'll never be the same for me i i i never would've thought that you were cheating on me yeah yeah yeah back in the day when i thought about us gurl i thought about marriage me, you and new crib kids and a carriage thought everthing was all good all gravy you was my hope and i was yo bo grady fa real i loveded you so much my damn dick got hard thinking about yo touch you were sweeter than candy and had a pussy print that look like a midget man standin in ya panties fine muthafucker thick thighs and bo leggs thought you was a queen hell yeah i broke bread for slow sex and mo head than a asprin lately huff'n puff'n bus'n nuts gaspin fa air grabbing ya hair you booted over never reaching the bed legs spread on the sofa gave you my time and money that's all i had i ain't ask you for shit but you gave me crabs yeah i heard you was fuckin' and suckin' my boy dennis (shawn let me explain) wait a minute let me finish while i be at the job working bus'n my ass you be sneaking and creeping the streets fucking for cash i can't believe this shit girl i loveded you now i wish i wouldn't even fuck with you you can use the phone you better call tyrone pack ya shit and be gone when i come back home chorus 2x's (ad libs) never be tha same never be tha same yeah

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