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JURASSIC 5 lyrics - Feedback

Gotta Understand

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[Soul sample cut] "You might wanna say it" Testing "O, Ya got to understand" [Chorus] "what ya gotta" speak the truth for real "you might want to say ?" "you got to understand" We trying to tell you the deal from our perspective The J5 collective will wreck cuz you "You got to understand" keep it together and try "you might want to say ?" but you "you got to understand" We're more than meets the third eye, words fly Reppin' from the bird's eye view [Akil] I ain't hating I just heard better Up the ante on the game and apply the pressure Understand I was a fan Before I was a member of your favorite rap band Understand that I'm still a fan [Soup] And you can keep playing after the fact Related to the game and came after crack Cuz every nigga I know is out ta get a plaque So why you wanna go and do that, huh? [Chali 2na] I don't know man cuz we see fiends who dream c.r.e.a.m Reppin' the west through special effects and green screens And it seems you need to be the one to flash that cannon Or sign the autographs till the last cat's standing [Marc 7even] Brother pass that action, and your trashin' is real Your only way of coming up is probably inking a deal While your thinking the skills, some are thinking the mills In a never-ending quest ta get the house on the hill AND THAT'S REAL [Chorus] [Akil] I need some understanding in this world between me and my girl She want the diamonds and the pearls to be a part of my world Twenty four-sev, but love don't pay the rent So love me when I'm home and cherish the moment [Chali 2na] Uh-Huh Cuz some of you women are men's mirrors I know some women who dodge balls like Ben Stiller Please understand, it's not to offend or seem bitter But every queen, need a king wit her [Soup - singing] Ms. Thing I don't know, but ever I leave you ready to go My Momma told me about how it flow But I didn't wanna listen but she told me so Now if it ever came to the bank account Who'd ya pack ya things and get up and bounce These the type of things that I be thinking about To all my other fellas "you got to understand" [Chorus] [Chali 2na] And all the times I tried ta do ?what this wanna god do? It's cuz I see the world from the Artist eye view You live life the next part is you die, too And there's no one on this earth it doesn't apply to [Soup] Now that's true, cuz every single day I live I'm obligated just ta say it like it T-I is And I ain't gon talk about no cat whose decision is poor Trust me man my hand is just as dirty as yours [Marc 7even] Either they like you, or they hype you, it's a cycle Choices that we make in the vi-tal Cuz in the blink of an eye it can all go awry And the next man will quickly take your title [Akil] Yeah, between me and myself and all of these things Understanding is a theme when we doing our thing From the job to my queen and chasing my dream The whole world needs a little understanding [Chorus (w/ad-libs from Akil)] [cut sample until fade]

Blow Your Smoke

This one is dedicated from Harlem to all ya'll This goes out from the streets of Harlem to everywhere Blow ya smoke And if you ride high, puts your lighters up in the air Blow ya smoke I'm blowin smoke with my top back I got my gun on me top that She started pressin buttons I told her stop that Can't front I was watching where them cops at The sun is out, my wrist rocked out I miss all my niggas locked out So I roll a blunt for the good times We was just in the slums like "Good Times" Keep a bad bitch like Malona Me and Dev was doing henny and coronas Getting money hustle hard they was on us And we still poor liqour for the goners We blow smoke like we blow money It's no joke but it's so funny She ate me up and said "it's so yummy" The niggas sho hate but the hoes love me Spend a couple G's on my bitches purse Lookin at the screen as I hit reverse Lightin up backin out of Neman's My jewlery loud like it's screaming And when the last time you seen him? Shootin past, something fast, european Capital B on the gear shifta No breeze from the ceilin let the air hit ya I'm god blessed like a Prayor scripture Lord knows tryna make it up there with ya Until then I light one up Stay strapped in case a nigga wanna run up I'm still watched by rap police They still search me in the club like I'm strapped with heat Might catch me pumpin out in backstreets I might be diggin out yo broad in the backseat... fucker I just wanna smoke trees in a safe place But when I do that I get a court case I get a P.O. who's an asshole I get bum smokers, always low on doe I get cussed out by my mom and them Changin all the locks, won't let me in I get cotton mouth, I get a bad rep, I get a book tellin me to take twelve steps Smokin on some refa, gettin on my Wiz khalifa Had my teachers concerned real talk But to preach what I was taught Master your high and learn to skywalk Life too short ain't got no reset So do what you want, not what they expect And in the meantime Clockin hella checks While you fly real high on them paper jets fool Real dreams come true

Don't Change

KAREN CLARK SHEARD "The Heavens Are Telling"
[phone rings] (hello?) (hey mama) (yeah) (can we kick it?) (can we kick it?) (I'm sorry, can I talk to you for a minute) (that's more like it) (well here's my story) [Verse 1] (becoming a lady) (yeah) There are so many things to learn (uh huh) About life and things that we're made of (now I see where this is all going) Don't wanna be mistaken For not being a christian girl (uh huh) And my fear is being made fun of (baby let me tell you how to cope) (tell me) 'cause ya mama went through the same thing (I bet you did) Be not justified by what your friends might think [Chorus] (mama I do my best To obey the rules that you and daddy set To keep me from doin' somethin' that I might regret Even though it's hard mama don't change) (being a mama ain't a easy task It's more than examples on how to cook and dress Discipline and values I know you need to get Even though your hard headed don't change) [Verse 2] (I know that I am special) (yes you are) Because I am a child (mama's baby) of the king But in the school they be thinking that I am arrogant (what now hold) I don't understand it (well) You told me to be proud of myself (yes I did) Why does it seem like I'm doing all the wrong things (let me tell you how to be When your attacked by the hands of the enemy Hold you head up high And in him you must believe) [Chorus] [Verse 3] (mama I know it looks like I'm not listenin' But I hear you and daddy too Thank you for showing me what to do) (we know you try we know it ain't easy to live this life sometime) (but as your by my side) (we can make it together) [J-Moss] I know what it means when you see them things on the T.V screens make a sista wanna (scream) You wanna make it quick everytime you see 23's or 24's thick on the floor But mama knows best Daddy told you whenever you come come correct Take your time baby and be a young lady You whole of your life a head of you don't change [Chorus x2] (can we talk anytime Can I tell ya what's on my mind Your my friend till the end Can I come Can I call Will say the right thing And explain what cha mean (I will) Can you show me (watch me) how to get through We I can see oh oh)

Major Ways

NB RIDAZ "Invasion"
[Chorus] [Verse 1] Take it like its force fed I'm the one who put the second asshole in your forehead running through your body like you made for track meets handing out your wack beats to these streets now these is where im taking it cuzz these is where I came from I got my name from I'm trying to make my city famous ( G city) now can you blame us I get down with the best of them I pull my dick out and piss on the rest of them I've done things that you never ever seen cuzz most of you cats are blind and fact your wack and cant rap and now you wanna do things that Ive done never I've just begun. [Chorus] [Verse 2] Who bring the heat to your street is that klick whose elite I'm here for hate extermination nastyboy world domination No hesitation to rock this whole fucken nation to the tick tock I wont stop till I drop these weak MC's who think their hot Your not you aint making major moves and got what I got Lets get thru the question of whats real hip hop cuzz I live it I eat it I dress it what. Nbridaz same klick new title back up in the street To get my peeps all excited cuzz everybody claiming they Gonna put it on the map but I 've heard your shit and that Still sound wack. [Chorus] [Verse 3] I never really been the type to talk awhole Lotta shit - but these sorry muthafucas just don't I know when da quit, Its like the more I give-the more they take, like them brand new homes where everything is fake. Step the fuck back, who put AZ on the map Hit the charts every time and where the fuk u at Damn! I cant stand the way fools keep talkin- use All kinda medafors and still sayin nuthin. 9 rappers outta 10- livin at yo mamas crib, got the nerve and wanna talk someshit, wanna beez- do ya homework and get some paper! Don't hold your breath waitin on the major lable. [Chorus]

Dear Mr. Man

PRINCE "Musicology"
What's wrong with the world 2day Things just got 2 get better Show me what the leaders say Maybe we should write a letter Said Dear Mr. Man, we don't understand Why poor people keep struggling but U don't lend a helping hand Matthew 5:5 say 'The meek shall inherit the earth' We wanna b down that way but U been trippin since the day of your birth Who said that 2 kill is a sin Then started every single war that Ur people been in Who said that water is a precious commodity Then dropped a big old black oil slick in the deep blue sea Who told me, Mr. Man, that working round the clock would buy me a big housed in the hood Cigarette ads on every block Who told me, Mr. Man, that Eye got a right 2 moan How about this bIg old hole in the ozone What's wrong with the world 2day Things just got 2 get better Dear Mr. Man, we don't understand Maybe we should write a letter Listen, Ain't no sense in voting - same song with a different name Might not b in the back of the bus but it sure feel just the same Ain't nothing fair about welfare Ain't no assistance in AIDS We ain't that affirmative about your actions until the people get paid Ur thousand years r up Now U got 2 share the land Section 1 - the 14th amendment says 'No state shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law' Mr. Man, we want 2 end this letter with 3 words We tired a-y'all

Nah Nah

Brown Ian
Fed up of excuses There's nothing more to say Sands of your patience have surely drained away Backed into a corner built of my design Peer into the future entwined is yours and mine I know this can't go on if things remain the same Drastic change is needed, it's driving me insane Nah nah nah nah nah Although we realise it I hope it's not too late Beggin' all the pardons please don't lock the gate A spider's web was woven full of much deceit I know you re exhausted too much to repeat I know this can't go on if things remain the same The words have failed me, theres nothing more to say Nah nah nah nah nah Talking about a real thing I'm too embarrassed to look you in the eye You stuck your neck out, gosh at least a thousand times There's no more courage just to ask the reason why Why, why, why? Talking about a real thing, talking about a real thing Nah nah nah nah nah

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