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Junkie XL lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Mix it with mine, with yours if the othordox ways crime ingnorance tricks the men sting again like porcupine skin complexion won't give direction hail to mulatto italiano farrago anything with a twist yo for the night flows hot like sirocco mix with all for the ritual. Win skin like Marlon Brando in the last tango now I'm single in the disco club schizo when the disk spins loud colloyuial go. Juices up loosen up let the lust overflows my cup pop. Mix it with mine, blend it with yours. Seeking a true force melange. Never mind check the signs intertwine, cool: melange. Ascetic aspects get no contact amatory looks for hot sex, screaming from your voice box, larynx o yeah! Steppin' to a girl that basically is way out of your league out of reach, but the peach makes lips glisten, blushin' your cheeks, hold the courage and the guts aided by Millerquads or Buds alcohol creates the stud to strut in perfect duds so much for phase one, it takes one line to flake out son as you glance top - bottom, butt gives the shakes on shoot the gift for swift quick linguistic let libido uplift, arrange the melody on the Freud theraphy tip figure you have potential, she wetting lips. It was a test, now your perfect match cos' the fire is lit. Background unknown but the sex drives the prone get the conversation on, and dig out ones skulls to bone.


ATMOSPHERE "Overcast!"
When I first landed the damage was outlandish anguish, anxiousness, and taking it for granted but when I first landed I was so relieved I lost my focus so we exceeded recommended dosages now I hold the crib? that holds the soul that holds the poet skills exlcusive it leaves illusions of unfocused flows I don't suppose you're taking too much time breaking too much mind trying to unravel the parable? that dismantled and left the lines in need of some assembly so I can find the secret key and free all the emcees this planet spins on a thin axis all axis passes won't help you to grasp the atmos' I mean, what did you think my agenda was to freestyle, smile, get paid to smoke weed, and grab the mic and spoonfeed? there's more to this than just paying the rent if you're riding on this song you need to ride it to the end [Chorus] what could you say as the Earth gets further and further away? planets as small as balls of clay (x4) some shells get broke some keep their wigs closed some get exposed as little man big pose some make moves and some stay daydreamers but everbody seems to want some loot, food amd a beemer well make mine hunter green with camel insides, 10 percent tips, Mr. Pibb and some french fries inch by inch I take it closer to the shoulder but day by day it's getting harder to stay sober once again on the edge, head's inebriated movement needs motive, it's easier to be sedated what makes me mighty and another tiny? why does my psyche give a damn about whether or not you like me? if this crime's right I might be wrong I grip this mic tight because it's all I really have a grip on so let the losers lose and let the players play the difference is the day to the dust some clay, what [Chorus - 4X] who's world is that? it ain't mine, and I'm grateful already got a plate full of clay on my table I'm capable of handling fate, I know this so do the people that get pissed when this microphonist spits too many get caught up in the lines that emcees thought up but it's clear to me the ones that fear me are the one's that outta I spot a blemish on your planet's existence I deliver subtle terror submerged in clever sentences instantly pissin? away the misfits the only residue that came of the hypothecially spew they sprayed when they swayed I'd have em half of 'em can't fathom where the 'Mats? from I may be on those you can ask 'em at last, when we get down to it there's more than sand and fluid in how I revolve and evolve can we solve the secrets? No. can we take trinkets? No. so when the ink hits it's more than just a sequenced flow I can't bring you with me so I'm a leave me here centuries from now they're gonna study Atmosphere carefully I steer, I'm aware life is fatal when I go, I wanna go like Ho, taken by the play-dough [Chorus - 4X]

Through The Eyes Of Uriel

ALESANA "Confessions"
On the edge of reason, beyond understanding Silent she waits, perfect oblivion She’s crawling to the end, perfect oblivion I live behind mirrors within a prison without any bars Yet I remain lost to the world In hell I’m suspended within a prism So many walls, so many years, so many lives Too often I’ve watched them die Images of yesterday feeling so far away I can’t let go of the past, the years, the sweet romance I am a ticking time bomb waiting in a trance I need you more tonight than you will ever know I swear to never forget this heartbreaking dance The hell of being trapped is simply not a match for death Heaven awaits Now I know not to be afraid of the end My love awaits, will you be there? Take me away I’m ready, I’ll be home soon Images of yesterday feeling so far away I can’t let go of the past, the years, the sweet romance I am a ticking time bomb waiting in a trance I need you more tonight than you will ever know I swear to never forget this heartbreaking dance beautiful pure silence, come on! Embrace me sweet perfect nothing swallow my fears, come on! If I had just one wish I’d choke prophets, hang angels, burn children oh, I’d drink oceans, eat the moon, flood the world, end everything breathe in, breathe out we could run far away but then how would we sleep at night? I’ve been looking for the words to say our last goodbyes Hold on to fleeting hopes that I just might survive Give in to the pleasure make it last forever Hold on hold on to everything we are

Saturday Night Holocaust

DEAD KENNEDYS "Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death"
There's a prefab building and a funny smell Around the hill outside of town Every now and then we wonder But we shrug our shoulders And get back to work There's a railroad there and trains go by And there's people locked in cattle cars And have you noticed The french fries at the A&W Taste a little strange I drive down to the disco Pompadour and pink lamme I bow and blow the doorman He parts the chain, says join the game A quick line in the girls room To the bar for the electrodes A coin into the right slits Tape my temple watch me go Now I want your perfect Barbie-doll lips And I want your perfect Barbie-doll eyes Slip my fingers down your Barbie-doll dress Up and down your spandex ass If I lit a match for you You'd melt before my eyes C'mere my pretty glow-worm You look so fine to dance with me The fly-eye lights are throbbin' I'm burning up the floor Whirling twirling Close my eyes No faces judging me But I want your perfect Barbie-doll lips And I want your perfect Barbie-doll eyes Slip my fingers down your Barbie-doll dress Up and down your spandex ass A Hitler youth in jogging suit Smiling face banded 'round his arm Says, 'Line up, you've got work to do We need dog food for the poor' A scream bleats out, we're herded into lines Customized vans wait outside I'm getting scared of my new home To Auschwitz condominiums we go Oh no Now I want your perfect Barbie-doll lips And I want your perfect Barbie-doll eyes Let my fingers down your dress One more time


311 "Music"
Mother nature supreme step back and dream the hydroponic scene. Found around knocked out of bounds wound into the mind of my stone cloud. Taste the thinnest of oxygen rising higher a stoner cus I can groove something. Wrecking nothing to prove see that's in my nature. So fresh, the vital bud of the chronic tastes of something thicker. Everything I eat is from the Earth, right. I am what I eat straight up Earth, right. Nothing but a walking sack of Earth nice to meet you how do ya do. Guess what. Ya you're one too. My skin holds me in my brain moves me then boom. I jump straight off the speaker in a form a celebration that we're moving. Freely disconnected I'm truly grateful I'm going back the Earth. I'm not gonna waste life being hateful. [Chorus] Kingdom coming through ya. Jumpin' out my skin. The skin I'm in. And the hydroponics' on. Did it because we wanna toke up until it's gone an abstract notion. Here to connect me to the ocean. 'Cause I'm water and carbon and not much else. I felt compunction. Conjunction junction what's your function. I'll be hookin' ups verbs and nouns and phrases and clauses as to the causes. Of misery quizzically I look to my own book hooked on trying to fathom. The solar systems and atom in a larger molecule called a galaxy cool. The milky way is where I stay. Astronomy steppin' stompin' a pow wow I rock the mike and shake up the ground. And I'm a bust out like wild dandelions in fat bloom. I'm shooting through the cosmos because I loom you know I'm higher I'm shining brighter yes yes. Like where water comes together with other water foamin'. Now I'm Homin'. Like a bird soarin' right to the mood. I'm a wildflower busting out I go boom. [Chorus]

Brothers From Brentwood L.i.

[Erick Sermon] EPMD.. Def Jam.. blazin.. Check it uh huh YO It's E Dub on the microphone My style be Elektra I'm the male Syl Rhome Homes walk around with forty four chrome on safety spike the mic in the endzone This here ain't the average shit you used to Front and automatic rounds will shoot you So knock it off like Biggie Smalls said Duke you soft Why you wanna fuck with the boss? [Parrish Smith] Where should I start? Breakin MC's or shatterin charts? It's Diablo, PMD Mic Doc with the purple heart The go-getter, getter, get wit 'er, hit 'er-split 'er Front and back, and if she wit it, straight in the shitter So heidi heidi heidi hydro, pack gats and ammo +Funky Piano+, van like the fuckin ?tano? with more cheese than Lambeau, more heat than Rambo Break down dismantle when I scramble Chorus: Erick Sermon (Parrish Smith) *repeat 2X* I just get down, and I go for mines Say check 1, 2 -- and run down the line (Inclined to shine) with techs and (forty-four mags and nines) Don't get too close because you might get shot [Erick Sermon] Uhh, yo, ey, and yo EPMD, fuckin with us is bad news Me and you got different views What you might say is dope, I say's not What I might call wack, you'll call hot The best thing for you, is to think and hope or get choked, and hung with +The Velvet Rope+ Cause you too theatrical, mess around and end up smackin you, jackin you, attackin you [Parrish Smith] That's why it's crucial, so stay neutral to collect the cash double beaucoup, just rippin up mics, is what my crew do Whatever suits you, pull out the burner, fuck the shoot through roadblocks and smear campaigns, with the two-two or tech nine, that'll chew, through your waistline I'm accurate, don't waste mine, spit on bassline Run with the unseen potential to be on Dateline I don't fake mine, you blaze crazy, while I pace mine [Erick Sermon] Yeah, now why y'all wanna mess with the vets? We've been doin this shit, since _Dear Yvette_, check I make shit that make you wanna smack your producer and ice grill him, and make you wanna kill him dead and walk around leakin, in the bed for the weekend for playin with the last Mohican ?Madi gon? - that's fuck you in Puerto Rican Keep quiet when you hear grown men speakin [Parrish Smith] Or get smacked, this ain't no game, the shit is serious Delerious, that's how we leave cats and niggaz curious The true legend, got caught shit you better call Kevin Big like Dog 40 and the Dutch from the 7-11 I'm danger like Norris the Texas Ranger The mic strangler, PMD, the fuckin _Head Banger_ Mo' skills fo' real for them cats that kill Pump a nine on the reg behind penetentiary steel Chorus

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