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JULIE ROBERTS lyrics - Julie Roberts

No Way Out

Original and similar lyrics
Momma is cryin' the kitchen Even the dog can feel the chill She lays her head down on the table Next to a stack of unpaid bills Oh, Daddy puts his arms around her He says 'Girl, you're stockings starting to run.' I know it ain't never been easy, But ain't it always been fun, fun, fun. ~*Chorus*~ We fell in love And there's no way out We fell in love and there's no way out Sometimes you just gotta laugh about it, We fell in love And there's no way out Daddy's cussin in the backyard He's got the engine hangin' from a tree He's kickin the tires on the T-Bird And says 'T, you ain't gonna get the best of me' Oh, Momma comes dancin out the backdoor Snappin a dish towel in her hand She said 'Don't be waistin all the good energy, Don't you know how I love a sweaty man.' Oh Man, Oh man, oh man (Repeat Chorus) Fell in love and there's no way out Fell in love and there's no way out Fell in love and there's no way out (Repeat Chorus 2x)

Slow Jam

MONICA "I'm Back"
From Soul Food Soundtrack Verse 1: I was all alone, I was feeling rather low I needed someone to lift my spirits up, so I drooped in on a dance Just to take a glance and there this lovely thing was She was more than enough, I asked her for her hand Said would you like to dance, so pleased that I had asked She quickly took my hand, and we danced and fell in love, on a slow jam Ohhh Chorus Play another slow jam, this time make it sweet On a slow jam For my baby and for me Play another slow jam, this time make it sweet On a slow jam For my baby and for me Verse 2: Seems what you say is true, I feel the same way too You see I waited all night long just to dance with you And when you touched my hand, I knew you were the man To turn my world around, and make my dreams come true The magic in your eyes made me realize that everything I feel has got to be real And we danced and fell in love, on a slow jam Repeat Chorus Usher: I've been trying to find someone who I can give my good lovin to Never, ever did I dream I'd find someone Monica: Now I've been tryin to find someone too I prayed to heaven and then I found you I swear I fell in love the night you danced into my heart Repeat Chorus

Best That I Can

Border South
Its all coming back to me that thing is she again Couldn't been that is destiny a took from here Again I close my eyes and wonder why Do I have to feel this feeling again? And now that I you feel my life And I realize that love is here to stay Chorus: Now I should my life with you {oh oh oh} Girl my love could be true . . . . . You've been your all that Your need through the love that's so sweet I swear that I be loving you that best that I can Can believe this happening I thought I Fly has gone Till you took me in your own refill my life with own So here I fly my self again and knocking change of my hearth In the heaven I filling right I thought I've left and now I welcome Love that and I give you Repeat chorus: Feel the pain the love the fault So want a feel this any more I've lock my hearth and shy To leave alone try… But…. When you came in to my life So behind some lover new If I give longer risked All for you… Repeat chorus:

I Can't Get Excited

AIR SUPPLY "Lost In Love"
Every single feeling now Would take my life into a year ago You say you'll love me again I can't say what I cannot do It's been too long without someone How could you let me sink this far away from you Now you're here, wondering why you can't get near (Chorus) I can't get excited Can't get excited There's a thousand things to do I can't do anything with you I can't get excited Can't get excited You can see me look right through I don't feel like I used to do I'm turning back the pages now I've pleaded with you oh so many times Trying just to make you see Hoping I might be the one So calm down love, it will be all right The time to bring back love is not tonight I never thought I'd have to say That you should leave and go away (Repeat Chorus) Not in love Still not in love with you Not in love I'm still not in love with you Not in love Still not in love with you Not in love Tell me why you can't leave me lonely Tell me why I'm taking a chance on you Taking a chance you (Repeat Chorus)

Runing Back To You

How can you forgive me When I've often gone astray How can you think of me When I do things my way Turning my back from you The one who loved me first Having my own desires Renewing worldy thirst You told me you could keep me But I turned it away I've failed you so much now I don't know what to say Feeling so very weak You say I can be stron I feel I've gone too far You tell me to come home You love me still And I know this is real Chorus: And I am running back to you I see you're standing there for me Your arms are open wide And I don't have to cry no more You're standing there for me And I am running back to you Why do I go away when I know I am no good When I'm on my own You told me you love me And I should make up my mind You tell me come back now But I keep waisting time Using the same excuse That I am just a man You tell me you've been there And hold your nail scared hands so I can see Now I know I am free Repeat Chorus Bridge: I have taken advantage of your love and grace Forgive me Lord and take me home Take me home I'm running to you Jesus Please take me home You see i've been in the wrong way too long And I can't do right anymore I'm tired of pain and I don't like fear But Lord I want to be more sincere I never should have left your side Return me to your guiding light Repeat Chorus and fade out

Daddy's Money

can't concentrate on the preacher's preaching my attention span done turned off i've horned in on that angel singing up there with the choir robe on CHorus: shes got her daddy's money her momma's good looks more laughs than a stack of comic books a wild imagination a college education add it all up it's a deadly combination she's a good bass fisher a dinamite kisser *** country is'a turnin green shes got her daddy's money her momma's good looks and look whos looking at me her second cousin was my third grade teacher i used to cut her grandma's grass back then she was nothing but knees and elbows golly did she grow up fast chorus lord if you've got any miracles handy maybe you could grant me one just let me walk down the aisle and say i do to that angle with the choir robe on chorus

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