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JUICY J lyrics

In The Stars

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro: Juicy J] Play me some pimpin', man [Hook: Wiz Khalifa] Uh, hundred thousand for the car, uh Smokin' weed, I'm in the stars, uh Just bought it, now I need a Porsche, uh Juicy geeked up off them bars Smokin' weed, I'm in the stars [x8] [Verse: Juicy J] Taylor Gang in the strip club, ballin' out If you see a pussy nigga, gon' call 'em out My Bugatti outside, that's real money I got niggas in my circle that'll kill for me I take your life savings, spend it on a watch Made an anthem for them strippers, put it on the charts Pass that Grey Poupon, rich nigga talk Gettin' that white folk money, what the fuck you thought? Hell nah, I ain't shit Ain't no broad I can't hit Ain't no weed I haven't smoked Ain't no car I can't get Ain't nowhere I haven't gone No kind of rack I haven't spent If you ain't gon' blow it all, why the fuck you have it then? I make your bitch pay for the zip I let your bitch swallow my dick I let your ho ride in my car I took that bitch straight to the stall I took that bitch down to my greenhouse And let the ho leave with a jar I let the bitch open my rap book, and watched her sniff a bar [Hook: Wiz Khalifa] [Outro: Juicy J] Man, I'm high as a fool, man You know what it is You know I always get this money! 24/7 grind, bruh So, uh, let these hoes know They get more bread More rides Going to the mall And buying everything, all big-faced bills We gon' do that shit high as fuck So damn fucked up We gon' call your bitch, nigga [Hook: Wiz Khalifa]

Thugs Always

Krayzie: It's 1999. Guess what? The muthafuckin' real thugs is in this muthafucka. Oh, shit! Krayzie: Always, always . . . What am I? What am I? A thug always, -ways, -ways. Uh-huh, uh-huh. Krayzie: Niggas look out. We in the muthafucka house. We in here now. It's goin' down, steppin' through the crowd, sippin' on Hen, and we get wild. Niggas lookin' foul. If he even move and step like he hatin'--knock 'em out. And then keep stompin' his head in the ground, and drag 'em out onto the dance floor. Tell 'em what it stand for: now when they came they had they pants on--we beat bitches up out their britches to show 'em how to tear up a club when they be fuckin' with the thugs. Nigga, we come to party, but I'll fuck up somebody, but y'all ain't feelin' me, is y'all 'til one of these bullets split y'all, hit y'all? If y'all thinkin' we some bustas or hoes or fags, then you should meet us, see how fast we slash your ass. You wanna rumble? I'm sick of bein' humble, give ya everything you come here for, so come on, ho. Sawed-off, slim, it don't matter. I got somethin' for him and him, and then them niggas that you bring back thinkin' you can win. Fuck your friends. Everybody talk that shit, nigga. Oh, yeah I know it. But who gon' show it, and who the ho is? I bet 'em a million bucks it's not us. Yeah, we might not get everybody. Somebody gon' get fucked [fucked], fucked [fucked] up. Flesh-n-Bone: You wanna come test me now? Come, I say, come now challenge me, the realer, can handle my business. I'm gonna finish, I gotta end this, I'm a diminish thee. Come, follow my profits seeking gifts. It ain't no stoppin' me. I gotta clock cheese. T-H-U-G. Pop niggas, they D-E-A-D. Bet I'm thug, don't test me block, trust my dogs. Hit 'em up with a left, right, spot 'em with the beam. There's five trues of mine. What am I? A thug always. Remember the way they play back in the day? Hit 'em with AK, you're made to hate me, baby. Whoo! We comin' to really make y'all feel us. Remember that nigga, Eazy-E, labelled me and my trues black nigga killas. Nigga, the realer gravedigger, brew-swiggin', lovin' bud, and if you think you can hang, then come up with a thug. And I don't give a fuck if you a Crip or you a Blood, but when you see a thug, you better show some love. Layzie Bone: Gotdamn, it feel good to be a thugsta--gettin' high, smokin' weed all day. Ain't got to listen to no bitches and I'm disrespectin' laws, just doin' it the Bone Thug way. Yeah, nigga, you got to be crazy, fuckin' with Layzie, and all these Mo Thug killas. We them ex-dopedealers and natural born cap-pealers. Feel us, nigga, if you want. Ain't nothin' but a high caffiene hit. We kickin' that raw shit. Fuck the law, shit, been screamin' it for years. Ain't no fear in my heart, thanks to the Lord up above. And I got a grudge against the people that judge, give 'em no mercy, no love. Let me see you shoot that muthafucka, shoot that nigga. Ride up, slip the clip in, any trippin', niggas spit that fire. We don't need no water, let this muthafucka burn, baby, and I know they hate me, say lately, Layzie actin' shady. Hey, it's the #1 Assassin [that's me], they just can't understand. I fear no man, put it on my #1 grave, 'cause I'm a stand-up true thugsta in a league of my own. The city of Thieves is my home, and I don't trust nann nigga. My mentality is thug, runnin' the streets sellin' drugs, off this nigga gettin' buzzed, packin' heat off in the club. Nigga, what? Nigga, what? They sayin' that Bone was split up. Niggas is jealous, tellin' rumors and lies, can eat a dick up, nigga. Wish Bone: Nigga, stay real. Thugs get high. While you call yourself a thug, that's how I feel inside. And we don't wanna hurt nobody, -body, but your fuckin' with us, and we shootin' up the party. Even if we're solo on some of that Bone shit we sayin', now you can bring it on, because we ready, we ready. Fuckin' with us is like fuckin' with no condom. That's dumb, better play with yourself. Nigga, I ain't the one. Ain't a thang changed: niggas still the same--made a little change, sendin' bullets to brain, fuck around, man. Nine millimeter, come and get some, get some. Shoot 'em with them hollows, 'cause you know he's got his vest on. And you didn't want it to come to this, did you? Fuckin' with them thugs: them niggas roll through. If you really want some, run [Krayzie: you better run], fuckin' with thug niggas--run, run. Krayzie: Yeah, and nigga, come on. We ready for combat, but y'all ain't ready. Carry a deadly machete, shred 'em and stretched, now they human spaghetti, steady smooth and very eager to bury enemies. If it be necessary, then nigga wet 'em, and better go get 'em. We pickin' 'em off with the heater 9-millimeter shit to sweep the streets, make niggas retreat. That's heat. Now, I repeat: if you want some, nigga come and get it, 'cause we still five, live, and vicious. Don't get it twisted, muthafucka. Run up on it whenever ya wanna get down and dirty. Still stand in the Land with the slugs in gun in my hand. Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy,Wish, and Flesh put it down to the north, south, east, and west. From back in the day, we claimin' the thuggish ruggish--no need to change it. Now everybody a thug. If you real, throw it up, but if it's fake, kill 'em and put 'em in with the rest of them phonies. Fuck 'em, and yes, it's like that. Krayzie: Always, always . . . What am I? What am I? A thug always, -ways, -ways. Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Out Of Control

Gonzoe "If I Live Nothing Happens"
[Gonzoe] (talking) *(alarms and helicopter sounds)* Fuck, no, not going back! Ahhh, ahh (coughing) ehh [Verse 1 - Gonzoe] Good, the world got me runnin from the posse Description on a walky-talky Do you copy? Brazilian boozin lightly We chasin this day Smoke and broccoli Off this shit, probably, we smelt the smoke Tried to stop me, but we took off Fuck the law! I got a warrant for some shit that went down and got found and tossed Not movin no post They found my fabrics A nigga tried to play me too close, I had to blast him Come on keep it movin Nigga, what you provin? It's me and you and we both got guns, I ain't losin They traced it Remember that night, high and wasted Breakin niggaz with naturals comin out the briefcase and shit And then it happened Somebody started cappin And it's me blackin out, I plugged up three Hit the beach When he gave us communion to the peace Immediately, get on some new ID Cause they'll kill me *(Police Sirens)* [Cops talking on police radio] Do you copy? Some of them from the correctional facility License plate 1MA-80G Looks like he's gonna exit Bundy Copy... (copy let's go) [Verse 2 - Gonzoe] No matter what I'm not givin up Fuck handcuffs! They can chase me all day or we can straight bust In the streets that's up in these corners Complete with the gangsta tactics to get away from me Police, fuck em nigga Got a glock, better tuck it And I'm stretchin on the one ten And all in the bucket Gang bet em, send me to Y-A all day I'mma slang it till I run out of gas and get paid (get paid!) [Guy talking about the chase] *(helicopter sounds)* Nah... in the hoods Looks like LAPD's in one of their wild chases again This is takin place in the freeway Looks like uh, What is that? a umm.. blue Oldsmobile... going west He's actually flickin off, look at him, he's flickin off the chopper [Verse 3 - Gonzoe] Hit every back street But still can't shake the police 50 squad cars deep Now or more DV Do or die, O.J. on the old 4-O-5 Gettin high in my shit bumpin When Thugs Cry Gonna be through with money Look back wondering why they want me See the sirens And now my life flash before me And I'm sick y'all Cause this it it y'all A young nigga Who fumbled and took a pit fall Shit y'all [Cops at end of chase] *(Sirens)* Get out of the car (Get out of the car with you hands on your head) Keep your hands up (keep your hands where we can see them) Keep still, keep still (don't make any sudden moves) Put your hands where I can see them You're movin too much! (stay on the ground) You're movin too much! Don't move! Don't move!! Don't make any... *(five gunshots)*


[Intro] All points in the region related gangsterish Serving dark dishes of true pimp horror Warriors stormy nights on leathery wings Sexy sirens in dreams of king Stephen killer mike Mad stalking midnight [Chorus: x2] Westside riders keep it (gangsta) Southside hustlers keep it (gangsta) Eastside killers keep it (gangsta) Northside monsters keep it (gangsta) [Killer Mike] See I in the V.I. staggerin and weed eyed Stumbling and laughin rollin in with 'kast 'nem Cold weather bubble goose 4-5er mashin From G.A. to L.A. Force 1's be my fashion Disrespect my space I'll push yo fuckin back in Spit in your face and hand your faggot ass a napkin Everything you did mu'fucka we done done done Ran streets took over traps carry gun gun I'm from a hood full of junkies and pastor sons We don't give a fuck how hard you come we don't run Our moms ain't raise no faggot ain't nothing queer nigga We don't give a fuck blood'll smear right here nigga [Chorus] [Killer Mike] Shit Them killers in the cut they conspiring they conniving Aint no fifth for them niggaz them niggaz shit we ride with Them fur coat and champagne suckers better hide when They peep a team of gully motherfuckers bout to slide in These bullets leave you shakin like that dance from N.Y. and I put that on my children and my young nephew Ty and And my nigga Kimjohn years away from frying He send me letters telling me how grown men be crying When they surrounded by rapists with lustful eyes in The belly of the beast where they don't let no light in Red velvet robbin crews totin lead pipes in To your suburban home throwin on kids and wife and You go spaghetti when these killers strike like lightning Niggaz go spaghetti when these killers strike like lightning [Chorus] [Killer Mike] Shit We don't give a fuck bout who your homeboy friends is We don't give a fuck bout what series your benz is All we gives a shit about is up all night trappin white Cop that yay weigh it right till lay lay equals glass pipe My side of town don't act right Every damn day is fight night These motherfuckers don't act ok These motherfuckers just spray they k Down the block over rocks hot 4-5's be coughin Mothers who couldn't afford shoes and socks They purchase coffins You scared motherfucker you scared (rich nigga) You scared motherfucker you scared (bitch nigga) You scared motherfucker you scared (snitch nigga) You scared motherfucker you scared (trick nigga) [Chorus x2] [Talking] All those who oppose higher glory beware For candelit crypt comes open and monsters see Two big rested vamps doin the snake-dog dance

Freestyle With Remy Martin

BIG PUNISHER "Endangered Species"
[Big Pun] Yo yo yo What the fuck, Terror Squad All we do is battle what; what, what what Yo it's The Dream Shatterer strictly for cream team battler Ring rattlin microphone fiend spline splatterer King of the throne, bringin it home five nights Up in The Source - five mics Whippin a Porsche - high price Pumpin the 9-7, rhyme heaven her voice is mindbendin Imaginin Angie nuttin but panties and my 911 That's what I'm reppin the thug tech and the glove Step in the mud with less than a SCUD I'm splittin your rug It's just I'm in love with Mrs. Martinez Latin Goddess or Venus, you just happen to give me the hardest {penis} You wanna see us apart, you're chasin the dark Long as she run the battle she got a place in my heart [Remy Martin] Yo.. yo, yo, yo All of a sudden the big question is, yo who this bitch Remy-nisce Is she really thorough with her borough, can she represent Do Remy write every line and every rhyme that she spit Is she, really the shit, is her flow really sick Get off my dick, keep your sorry ass compliments I get mad quick y'all knowin me ain't got no sense Bitch don't try to play me, because you not a player Believe me, you don't really wanna see my gangster It's easy to cock back and smack the shit out a hoe Had to leave niggaz bleedin just so we could get our dough It get me heated, that's why I wild out for no reason on the Bruckner, like fuck you, gettin weeded and speedin I'm untouchable nigga I ain't never have love for you niggaz cause y'all pussy that's why I ain't never fuck with you niggaz Motherfuckers is scandal, on the avenue of Randall Don't slip into some shit you and your click can't really handle I ain't havin it, get the cash out the cabinet before I stab the bastard baby in the bassonet I'll, body a botty bwoy, blow his gut open Leave son chokin, gun still smokin Know how many niggaz like, I bet you Pun wrote it Y'all can all take a dirty dildo and deep throat it!

Have Mercy

ACE HOOD "Trials & Tribulations"
[Intro] Lord forgive ‘em, for they know not what they do As I walk through that Valley of the Shadow of Death See no pussy… [Verse 1] So I guess we finally meet again Should I kill ‘em? Well, that all depends Due to success I started losing friends Nigga sleepin’, only reason he don’t follow trends Never was a gimmick, the realest in it, come bear witness And I see them rappers is actors, boy, they so Robin Givens I kept it humble, my stomach grumble, my Rollie tickin’ They did me dirty, I may forgive ‘em, but won’t forget it And not to mention, they wasn’t worthy of what I’m spittin’ It’s God’s will, and them haters just pray they could prevent it I’m so addicted to gettin’ it, I need intervention The hottest spittin’, your favorite rapper scared to admit it Have mercy, let me bow my head I count a million up, that’s deadly bread Ain’t no more humble in me, shit is dead Tell them pussy niggas I ain’t never scared Poor niggas hate to see a nigga win Say you comin’ for me? Pussy nigga, when? I been coldhearted since I lost a twin I swear I love it when they hate, I made a hit again I did this before my niggas, then Use your bitch whenever like a membership Never bothered over Twitter beef We’ll probably never meet up where the money be Me and Kicko on the woodgrain, yeah, the money seats Five grand just to see him hit a three Balenciagas on a nigga feet Death to the competition, may they rest in peace [Hook] I know my mama prayin’ for me – I hope your mama prayin’ too ‘Cause me and my niggas gotta eat – we’ll die over these canned foods Have mercy on a real nigga - ‘cause I’m sinnin’ every day, Lord Have mercy on a real nigga - ‘cause I’mma ride for my niggas, dog [Verse 2] What the fuck these niggas talkin’ ‘bout? Load the choppers, bring them problems that they talkin’ ‘bout Roll the reefer, no Khalifa, you gon’ ride or die No homicide, it’s suicide before I testify That’s on my daughter, I’m runnin’ Florida, no kinda, sorta And I hear ‘em talkin’, that money callin’, them out of order Yeah, nigga – fuck all that talkin’, be ‘bout it, then A lot of small talk, there they go runnin’ their mouth again Bold nigga, ‘til they meet them gorillas Fuck a cavalry, my niggas ain’t got no feelings Money is the motive, family is the reason On my mama, ain’t nobody ever came between it And they never will, streets got me grippin’ steel These scared niggas need to go to church or either Dr. Phil I tell ‘em look me in my eyes, we are not the same Lion-hearted nigga, gunpowder in my veins [Bridge] Have mercy on ‘em… Bow your head… [Hook] [Verse 3] Pussy niggas still hatin’ hard Bitch, I just went and bought the boulevard Bitch, I just went and blew another check ‘Bout my money, catch a bullet tryna intercept Jumpin’ up out that whip, I let my chain swing Blood up on my sneakers like I gangbang Every day’s a struggle tryna maintain And free my real niggas in the chain gang I hear them broke niggas still talkin’ Watch your words, do be very cautious You threaten mine, you can pick a coffin Ain’t no talkin’, tell ‘em shock it once it go to sparkin’ Self-made Rollie and a pair of Js Hood nigga livin’ like I’m Bruce Wayne New Ferrari kickin’ like it’s Liu Kang Real nigga, ain’t it true? 2 Chainz [Hook]

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