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Come What May

Original and similar lyrics
Never knew, I could feel like this Like I've never seen the sky before Want to vanish inside your kiss Everyday I love you more... and more Listen to my heart Can you hear it says Telling me to give you everything Seasons may change, winter to spring But I love you until the end of time Come what may Come what may I will love you until my dying day Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste It all revolves around you And there's no mountain too high no river too wide Sing out this song and I'll be there by your side Storm clouds may gather, stars may collide But I love you until the end of time Come what may Come what may I will love you until my dying day Ohh come what may Come what may

Disney Girls

Art Garfunkel
Shattered dreams, worthless years, here am I encased inside a hollow shell. Life began, then was done, now I stare into a cold and empty well. The many sounds that meet our ears, the sights our eyes behold will open up our merging hearts and feed our empty souls. I believe when I fall in love with you it will be forever. I believe when I fall in love this time it will be forever. Without despair, we will share and the joys of caring will not be replaced. What has been must never end and with the strength we have won't be erased. When the truths of love are planted firm they're only hard to find, and the words of love I speak to you will echo in my mind. I believe when I fall in love with you it will be forever. I believe when I fall in love this time it will be forever. I believe when I fall in love with you it will be forever. I believe when I fall in love this time it will be forever. I believe when I fall in love with you it will be forever. I believe when I fall in love this time it will be forever...


ANATHEMA "We're Here Because We're Here"
[Spoken:] Intangible. Eternal. Without beginning nor end. The nameless, formless energy that permeates all living things. That sweeps through nature like a ripple in an ocean, Sending cascades of timeless wonder through the air, On the song of a bird, the freshness of the morning air. A clear calling for our inner nature to awaken beyond our every day lives, and fears. Love is timeless, love is purity. It is the lightless light, the rays of the sunrise dancing on the surface of the sea. Love is you, and love is me. It is the deepest knowing, The serenity of being, the laughter of the earth, The limitless breath of the wind, the wonder of potential, The power of thought, the gift of life, the highest vibration, The most profound awareness... the knower. Life. Love. Infinite. within you. Now. Always. For it is in love's gentle embrace that we come to know the space between us. A feeling deep within that not all is what it seems That we bear witness to a magic as deep as our own, To a summernight horizon that whispers 'welcome' to your soul. And in those fleeting, trembling moments that we share between the worlds, It is enough for us to know that in each other we must care, For alive and not alone are we the children of the world, Here to witness time and the unfolding miracle of the soul. There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer. There is no disease that enough love cannot heal, No door that enough love will not open, No gulf that enough love will not bridge, And no war that enough love will not throw down. It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble, How hopeless the outcome, how muddled the tangle, How great the mistake. A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all. And if you could love enough, You would be the happiest and most powerful person in the world. [Instrumental]

I Know Everything About You

I know you well I'm always around I've seen your life before the day you were born I know your heart, and I read your mind your life's an open book there's nothing to hide bought with a price nothing you've done it's a gift to you My love is unconditional Chorus: I know everything about you I know what you say and do but I still love you I know everything about you I know what you're thinking through but I still love you you wake up each day asking yourself will He forgive one more time if i fail each time you fall, look to the sky, it won't change My love for you it won't change My mind lift your head up you will always be Mine My grace for you will last until the end of time Repeat chorus I know everything about you I know what you're thinking through but I still love you everything you say, you do, you are, you want, you think, you feel

The Narrow Margin

Divided by loyalty, surrounded by emotion Nobody under here, remembers any mercy at all We stay down Deciding the borderline Maya, did no-one tell you ? I couldn't have made you mine 'Cause I feel your pain more than my own All the love gone astray There will be hell to pay this time For those of us born to die There'll be none to testify Time and time again I skin the world, keel it over Spinning on its side, beginning as it ended Through these diamond eyes Maid of Morphine settled in my side Did she intervene ?BR Don't know where I know you from Time and time again I've lived enough in silence It's getting harder now to keep the violence in me Someone I once was, raised upon a gallant rider's knee Mortal memories lost among the unrecalled Set the cross of fire (if I live) These are the only ones (if I've loved) Remember who they are If I look, I see them everywhere Don't know where I know you from Told me, go the way of your heart I'll be waiting for you But wherever you are, you're not inside me now Told me, try to sleep, I will come But I'm still waiting for you And wherever you are, I'm still inside you now I'm never going to cut through without you now If I get ascension or die All the love that was mine denied All the love that you qualified Like a desert I'm open wide There's nowhere for me to hide at all For your love, I can never go back Every one of us is herded and contained Not a single one invited Voices circulate around the musty hall And the kerosene's ignited Through the rising flames that lick against the flesh Incandescent in the crossfire Do my eyes betray the longest night of all Do I see or dream of Maya ? But he's got us where he wanted us to be Undivided, under control As the narrow margin finds us face to face As he laughs across the foxhole Nowhere was ever safe enough for all of us No one contender cared about getting out Tied now behind the hungry fire meant for us Scattered like dust and finally free Held together by fear I can't be the same, too much has changed Undeniably real and it's better left unsaid All the love you said was nothing Find a rhinestone not a diamond I never wanted this Left alive and laid to rest Told me I was brighter than most And I believed it all then Through the dangerous times I needed more than cold eyes I want to be alone To dream myself away from darkness and decay As I try to forget it No-one entered into my mind more than Maya Someone she believed I could be is burning in me Now I want to be alone like a stronger man Then I can understand As I try to remember where I know you from Provider, are you inside or am I ?

Hip Hop

ACE HOOD "Starvation 3"
I'm at a loss of words Just don't get it [Verse 1:] Dear the love of my life I'm sick and tired of the fights So we been fucking for years But you been cheating for life You give it up to them lames And then you blow em that night I Gave my heart to you baby But you ain't doing me right See I was young when I met ya Had me fallin in seconds Held me down in recessions I'm thinking God what a blessing Know my love runs deep I toss and turn in my sleep I need your heart in return And if it ever would beat I lost in touch with you once Had me stressing for months I started out in the barn We done been through too much I swear that life is a bitch And plus you easy to switch Ain't no worries lil mama I ain't taking the fence Keep on doin them lames Keep on makin em rich I'll be here for a while You'll be back on my dick Misses hip hop love I forgive and forget Still I wonder in time Will you ever commit I'm saying [Verse 2:] I went to war with some sinners Laid in bed with the devils Ain't no love in this game It'll turn a Christian to rebels Poured my heart and my soul I let my passion develop Why you playin with my feelings I ain't the type to be jealous Fuck that hip hop bitch Let that last line settle You fall in love with these rappers Know I'm ten times better Get it ten times wetter Plus I'm way more clever I'm from that fuck you era Plus I'm top 5 level What's a king to a God What's your life to my nine What's my life without you I can't envision my odds Why your hearts so cold Where the love at tho I deserve that shit You'll be lying if I don't You wasting time with them gimmicks Suck a dick for your critics Give a fuck who your favorite I'm the name that you mention You can look up the realest I'm your sure definition We been at it for years I think it's time for commitment I'm saying

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