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JOSEPH ARTHUR lyrics - And The Thieves Are Gone

Anywhere With You

Original and similar lyrics
(Check) Belief is just a resident Of things you heard when the pain was clear You've been traveling in so far Only to find out your still nowhere near You're the creator of the gods And the whores of the Babylon Most just want your money But one or two will kill you for a song Singing to the drifter Singing to the banker and the maid Singing to the sling shots Singing to the diamond and theĀ ??? And the Thieves are gone And the thieves are gone And the thieves are gone I'm ready to go anywhere Anywhere with you And we sing this song over over With you my love Shouting at the fire engines Rolling down Jefferson at dawn Everyone corrupted And looking like there's nowhere to belong I see your eye's are spinning Swallowing the world the way it blooms The walls began to dance And your thoughts began appearing in balloons So when the strangers sugar coat servants at the seam As the beggars bleeding butchers betting back the bread the bank round you to bring And trucks with number flames roll undisturbed thru greenhill, so will I Your trying to nurse the sprit, but it's enough for most just to survive And their eye's are gone I'm ready to go anywhere Anywhere with you And we sing this song over over With you my love Someone needs an operator Someone else is broken on the road The one by loves it's self too much That never got around to explode Games and animators say We'll be forgiven and do time But there has always been an alligator Biting off the heads of those who shine Nothing here is real And nothing here holds any true weight Heading out of Troutville Bleeding hands reaching for the bank Pull me from the stream And I will fight like danger in the air And as you are driving by the accident Each review will start to stare I'm sending you a postcard I'm ready to go anywhere Anywhere with you As we sing this song over over With you my love I'm sending you a post card But I am nowhere And you are nowhere too Well I don't have a stamp So I'll just burn it if it's all the same to you It held no information Cause every word that's spoken is a lie For you were never born So there is no way you will ever die What's the use of feeling for someone That you made up in your mind You dream that you are lost And you imagine that there is a you to find But there just ain't nobody No savior, no heaven and no hell Just a load of broken junk You're looking for an idiot to sell Your life it doesn't work But you've resigned yourself to live it till the end The way you look so kind But no one seems to notice so you just pretend Then you get depressed I'm ready to go anywhere Any where with you As we sing this song over over With you my love Then you get depressed [?] So you find yourself a doctor and a pill To make the line more comfortable And make-believe your following your will

Everybody Get Up

5IVE "5ive"
[Chorus] Everybody get up singing 1,2,3,4, Five will make you get down now (Baby bring it on, bring it on now) Everybody get up singing 1,2,3,4, Five will make you get down now You gots to keep it real You gots to keep it raw I'm lyrically blessed so don't try to ignore Time for some action creeping up your back and keep the beat nasty like Janet my reaction hard I'm addictive better lock your kids in Coming to you area ya don't know what you're missing go tell your family here comes the enemy blowing up the spot tech remedy [Chorus] Everybody get up singing 1,2,3,4, Five will make you get down now (Baby bring it on, bring it on now) Everybody get up singing 1,2,3,4, Five will make you get down now Keep it move, keep it move, keep it moving on Keep it move, keep it move, keep it moving on I'll be the resident president, I'm the 5th element Jimmy fly snooka stone cold is how I'm hittin' em' better get together, put your hands in the sky stick em up punk hit em low hit em high Now I'm the bad boy that you invite for dinners ain't got no manners cos I eat with my fingers Lost boys terrorize the neighborhood and hounds of the baskerville will be up to no good so come on come on everybody keep checking us coming with the funk being it on wickedness [Chorus] Everybody get up singing 1,2,3,4, Five will make you get down now (Baby bring it on, bring it on now) Everybody get up singing 1,2,3,4, Five will make you get down now Everybody better recognize we got the funky rhymes Keep it together, baby don't even try to organize We be the roughnecks no concept no business We here to get down and make em grab your biscuits So everybody, anybody, somebody put your hands together represent like John Gotte paragraph after grammar for gas The party's armaggeddon hit em with the heavy class I'm bugging, hitting with the hooligan bamn I know you wanna stand-up so baby jump

I Am What I Am

Chubb Rock "The Mind"
[Verse One] Here we go, ha ha Thou shalt not have no other great one but me Transcribin my lyrics is the C-H-U-B The lyrics that you hear is not his but mine While, biblical words don't need to ra-hyme I said, Let there be a light, and there was light and the breeze (?), like that kid who made I-Ight But men took mad dominion, over men Hard bondage with backs and, knees that must bend but only in prayer, I make your head need Ibuprof'/Bayer Call me, the number one player But hey.. the one pharoahes, parlayed in the land of Egypt, when that slave shit behaved Bythia(?) drew me, from the Nile to smile on the people After me there will be a sequel And I'll praise my name, in the jam Call me what you want, but I am what I am [Verse Two] Hehe, I live in the souls of men, and women and pilgrims and children who wiggle, to the rhythm Just go, the people have corrupted themselves They toke the devil's smoke, puffing their L's I'll send, my only son down, to bless you and observe how you know him, and that will test you Years, of sufferation, will burn the nation with adultery, skirt-chasin and crotch-blazin You never learn - look how many times I kilt ya I burnt ya, I drowned ya, I froze ya I stripped your land and destroyed ya culture Next time you better give me some R-E-S-P-E (C-T) now hold ya but I love ya I invented AIDS but also, invented the rubber Each one teach one brother Take my name in vain and you're gone like damn Call me what you want, but I am what I am [Verse Three] Ha ha Now you got light skin, dark skin, East coast, West coast Old school, new school, dumb-ass fools One land, one people, I am the one Figure you disobeyed so I made the word nigger You can change the diction, but can't change what I'm writin I script those Pulitzer books for that kid, Michael Crichton like {*tch tch tch*} I am the hi-hat I am the M-I-C, I am Easy Mo Bee and Easy Mo is me, he gets down when I want him to get down I put the heights in the crown I wrote the dead sea scrolls, I'm Strictly Business I made Erick and Parrish go gold My crew is tan, darker than tan, I made the Ku Klux Klan I made Rush +Def+ but, able to +Jam+ I'm flam, and I'm intricate You must and should be a fan and I am what I am [Verse Four] The praise of the Goodfella is long past done DeNiro's an actor, on cue, totin a gun ACTION! Forty-five colt bolt, it gets messy then copycat murders flow to Joe Schmoe Pesci Then the ladies, sex, to the break of dawn and another quaalude, and she'll love me in the mornin Fast pace, Scarface, you can't win, God's race when you're sparkin Noah's Ark, and you're in God's place Baby - cock up your foot and you act crazy Every Distinguished Gentleman wants a lady You can't bug, when you wanna play real life cocoa when you're Down and Out in Beverly Hills with Oprah Mi Vida Loca, and then it turns to weed smokers Then you're dead, dealin with them kids from +cosa nostra+ But no autographs you must, already be a fan I am what I am and that's all that I am

Messenger Birds Song

the kitchen is cold but the coffee is warm and the suns coming up the day has just begun and your already bored. bored of cheering me up bored of calming me down bored of drying my eyes but there once was a time when you were the one. you were the blue of the sky you came after the storm you were the switch on the wall in the dark of the hall im still fumbling for cuz im lost in the black i dont know where I am. arms strecthed out in front im calling your name just as loud as I can I know theres words that we will never speak and the questions cant be answered easily but I wanted to be easy so nod your head if the plans have change shake it, love, they stayed the same smile at me and I will stay start to cry and I'll go away just please dont leave me guessing. so you made me come then you sent me away like a messenger bird so I circled the earth blown away in the wind but I always returned with some new little song some sad story to tell of a breif love affair with a girl I compared to you and she failed you said you dont want me to beg then you said get down on your knees cuz you knew that I would if I do any good satisfying your needs. and I know all about those things we cannot speak and just so you know well they dont bother me so you dont have to be worried just nod your head if the plans have changed shake it, love, if they stayed the same smile at me and I will stay start to cry and I'll go away just please dont keep me waiting just nod your head if your mind's been changed shake it, love, if some hope remains just say the word and of course ill stay roll your eyes and Ill go away just please dont leave me guessing. just please dont keep me waiting.

Killing Time

Clark Anne
Stumbling words and stuttering lips Make the sentence complete A death sentence complete Create hell our of hopelessness Confirm the failure of it all Falling and calling Falling and crawling A Stick in the ground scratches your name A scream in the darkness is searching Again and again Watching eyes wait for sadeness to rise True superstitions combine and thicken This poison that reaches my Soul This terror that blackens my Soul I must smile at your strategy And laugh at your plan And the execution of it all Like death itself love is rotting inside of me But there'll be no protection for you - you cannot hide me I am cold on a bed of ice But like seasons I know it will pass It will always return again though A Summer of love is a momentary and transient thing Winter will always return again.

If You Really Knew

Out Of Eden
What you don't know can lead you to the extremes Shunning help though you feel a need You fear to be caught limping and you lose your place And 'Leaning On The Everlasting Arms' is not your taste Maybe you've heard those stories, Laughed at what you saw on TV Or felt disgust as He was used as an excuse for bigotry But I've got to tell you, that's not what it's all about 'Cause the truth I know will turn you around Chorus If you really knew You would change your mind If you knew the God I know You would have the time If you take a chance, I know you will find Everything you need in love of another kind I, too, have been hurt by those who claimed to show the way It was crazy, their two faces like night and day But you don't stop believing 'cause you once been burned In everything, there's a lesson learned Man is imperfect, there is just One Perfect Soul So much more loving than than one that you've been shown, oh How long is it gonna take for you to realize? I wish that you would open your eyes Repeat Chorus Bridge I apologize to you, On behalf of the untrue Because the God I know would never do the things they do Mercy and compassion on the right and on the left Can you give anymore than your last breath? Oh, too hard to see, well put your mind aside And stop using fear to hide behind Chorus X2 Bridge 2 God's love is enough for you And it's waiting, if you only knew (Repeat) Bridge 2 till fade

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