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JON BELLION lyrics - Translations Through Speakers

Wutup Snow?

Original and similar lyrics
[Hook 1:] Her body is cold The conversation is cocaine I'll call her snow (Yeah, that's your new nickname) Her body is cold The conversation is cocaine I'll call her snow (Wutup snow?) [Hook 2:] Yeah, wutup to snow She always keep it funky like afros A little bit of panic Cause my hearts Titanic like oh he so DiCaprio She knows more than me about Dragon Ball Z How cold is that? How cold is that? (That's pretty cold son) She's so Andre to me, she's 3000 degrees How cold is that? how cold is that? (I think that she's ice cold then, right?) I'm making music in a blue room She walks in, in black lingerie And she likes Italian white kids So when we hit the bedroom We turning Fifty Shades of Grey Nickname stuck now she won't let it go So now I'm undercovers, screaming "let it snow!" No we rubbing noses like we Eskimos Beautiful mind, you already know [Hook 1] [Hook 2] [Blaque Keyz:] Say "Hello" to the woman frozen like pose in a tundra I wonder if I propose will she open up like umbrellas Or will she close, I would hope that you were in the no Cause that dress is wrapping around her like packets on bags of blow She so classic, I never pass it, so passionate, making racket When raggin', grabbin' her toes, a total package and all Never get in her face about movin' in steady paces Throw those other broads away, just so he waist don't go to waist I'm the detective on this case, but I've defected on this record Investigating a case and pursuing her in a chase I might ruin her when I'm through with her, but only she would know If I broke her heart in to pieces and dropped it when it was frozen And I'm a snow man, we hold hands, I melt when she gets close Grabbin' my carrot, I'm an addict, for this habit, I have chosen As the weathers getting warmer and the seasson is done I'm a make sure to keep you on the tip of my tongue I'll call her snow [x7] She's... so... cold Ba-bada-ba Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I'll call her snow [x7] I'll call her snow [x7]


The Fuzz
call me crazy while i'm standing at your door my have never even ever touched the floor would you still come over even if you don't know what it's for horses line the sky inside my leisure suit i've worn these clothes for 7 days that's nothing new and despite my coldfeet the sun will melt the snow again soon the sun will melt the snow despite the winter cold i thought you stopped and dropped by as your hands grew old and i'll take my shoes off once i know it's not so god damn cold

I'm In Here

[Hook] I'm in here Can anybody see me? Can anybody hear? [Kyle Lucas] I'm in here, can you hear me screaming? Can you hear, I think I need it My voices in my head just keep on feeling so I feed em' Now the code ain't got me leading These hoes just keep on leaving Leaving a hole inside my v-neck about the radius of phoenix Now I'm puffing Arizona, rolling up two J's like I'm Demon Demonic to the meanest shit, I'm hot just like my region I've been sent to murder beats, I got these whack rappers grieving Now they calling me a monster, okay bitch we ain't agreeing Just a diabolic pot head, the product of hydroponics I'm possibly psychotic, the partialist of my problems God I'm shaking like it's parkasins With fire like an arsonist A narcissist? Not really, because really these chicks are on my dick She blew on my harmonica sorta like she was Monica Lewinsky on her knees Until I bust her like a tommy gun All this chronic's really just anonymous with all this fun I'm a fucking pop star with hot bars all in one [Hook] I'm in here Can anybody see me? Can anybody hear? [Demon] Can anybody hear me? Yo, I'm in here Poison is bent Venomous I am a gentleman Up in your skirt like women's tennis at Wimbledon Half of you are the simpleton type Hyping your chest up, asking for my number You can 1-800 get fucked Collect dust, you busted, you'll never humble me Phone buzzing in my yellow jacket, I am the bumble bee Skinny jeans on, don't be afraid of the future I see a lot of snakes here, like I'm getting head from Medusa Yeah, I'm in here, come in, comment on the mic Steady ready for drama the yeah, we're alike German engineering, I'm unsafe, any speed Your rap's got no legs, call me the centipede I don't even know if you're ready for me I'm a murderous mad man in a straight sweater the haunts Freddy's dream I'm on anything, Kyle stood in my way You're peanut butter and jelly, so bad end to your day [Hook] I'm in here Can anybody see me? Can anybody hear? [Syd Vicious] Yeah I'm in here Flow tighter then women's swim wear We run rap, nigga We've done that and been there I'm limitless, with no little pill So nigga chill Fells like I gotta have niggas killed To get a deal, with the skill, I want the scrilla in the phoebus Don't cooperate I make my killers come and see ya They so cold they keep their non-milles in the freezer I run with a pack of gorillas like I was ceaser Busting in wherever you stay fighting Kicking the fucking doors in like the U.K riots Duct tape around your mouth, making you stay quite They started swinging and robing like the was Bruce Wyane's side kick No batman will be stack grams from rap jams They're getting ghost, pat scram, I'm Pacman All my dogs crazy, they need kat scans Going peanuts for that bread until the mat jams [Hook] I'm in here Can anybody see me? Can anybody hear? [Spoken In Background] At the feet of every enemy, sin will be defeated, death will be defeated, pal will be defeated, the devil that is strong will be filed down.

Eskimo Blue Day

Snow cuts loose from the frozen Until it joins with the African sea In moving it changes its cold and its name The reason I come and go is the same Animal game for me You call it rain But the human name Doesn't mean shit to a tree If you don't mind heat in your river and Fork tongue talking from me Swim like an eel fantastic snake Take my love when it's free Electric feel with me You call it loud But the human crowd Doesn't mean shit to a tree Change the strings and notes slide Change the bridge and string shift down Shift the notes and bride sings Fire eating people Rising toys of the sun Energy dies without body warm Icicles ruin your gun Water my roots the natural thing Natural spring to the sea Sulphur springs make my body float Like a ship made of logs from a tree Redwoods talk to me Say it plainly The human name Doesn't mean shit to a tree Snow called water going violent Damn the end of the stream Too much cold in one place breaks That's why you might know what I mean Consider how small you are Compared to your scream The human dream Doesn't mean shit to a tree

And So It Burns

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Legacy Of Blood"
[Ikon the Verbal Hologram] yeah You frontin' style to me it's war when the beat drop just anotha mothafucka gonna see pac you the type that'll run when the heat pop the type that'll hide a gun when he see cops but not me, I'll aim a thirty-eight at the crown show up the next day at the wake and frown yeah, and then I'll laugh at the widow then my man stoupe blast through the window foul when I was young but I survived karma drop bombs like a b-25 on ya yeah, it's vietnam in the trenches just keep my seat warm on the benches I run with wild puerto ricans that hit L's and study classical verses by *Big L* we came up in the game at the same time and read one-hundred-fifty rappers with the same rhyme yeah, yeah, uh huh [break:] (when I touch the microphone I usually rock it...) I'm a mothafuckin baboon hit you with thirty seven stab wounds bury your body deep in earth inside a black tomb you scared of the rain, you fear weather I'm hardcore like pall-bearer in sheer terror I'll be ready for war with suede timbs on y'all ain't ready to brawl until Vin's gone won't stop till you dead in hell Vinnie Paz, mega-child daddy (eh-grendel?) this bread we fail, yeah, because the beast in all this I was rockin' Diadoras while you was eatin' porridge I was listenin' to the *Hilltop Hustlers* while you was duckin from sounds of popped mufflers you was playin' little games with your fathers I was robbin' mothafuckas for they Starters* you a novice, and I'm a old vet and I was there when the heavens and the globe met [break] yeah you ain't safe if the bomb exists so I side with the Vietnamese communists if you wit me mothafucka raise your arm and fist and we can bust a fuckin' cap and see if God exists I scarred your wrist, with a poisonous rusty razor if its Jedi Mind Tricks then it must be flavour and it ain't safe no more ain't safe in the mothafuckin' place no more get laced in your upper-body, face and jaw you the type of fagget we ain't got the patience for we break the law, while we pay our respects to Allah but if it's beef then we be sprayin' your neck with a four I love to hear the sound of a corpse drop so protect your fuckin' neck like a cough drop I let the four shot, from different latitudes so keep it movin' like a bitch that got an attitude

Lights (Can You Keep It)

AER "The Reach"
[Hook x2:] Can you, can you keep it, oh yeah Can you keep it coming round Can you, can you keep it, oh yeah You left me something I could sing about Friday night, no parents Gonna be at her crib So maybe we can sit out on the terrace And sip on the drink, but either way I'll be gone for the night Laying down, feeling alright Your silence is cut by Pilot Talk on the speakers Hooking up and untying her sneakers Taking off my new t-shirt She want to turn off the lights but then I can't see her Before I say I'm down to play some more My phone's off, the clock says to start the tour Of the body, the life inside the mind Connected in sections of the brain but outside I can see that she's into me Digging the feeling I'm givin' her like the Boston symphony But that shit's too sweet I'm just passing through underneath the sheets Can you, can you keep it Let me ride you Summertime on through Wintertime and do it all Freezing fingers outside, it's on me See the breath of a liar leave my chest [Hook x2:] Can you, can you keep it, oh yeah Can you keep it coming round Can you, can you keep it, oh yeah You left me something I could sing about She gonna see I'm-a that guy Coma the floor, no bed I'll assign myself to the betterin' of tonight The veteran of this crime I fill my cup up with somethin' Foam with a bit of lime I wanna skip the fine dine Maybe after high times If your friends come by Maneuver as our bodies are fuming from accumulating relations After conversation Full body elation And it comes and it goes And we both know it won't last long So we gotta roll with it while we can Never whip up in her hand Never rip up a too talented eye kind of man Like me, coming up from the MA On the up and up and open up an account in her name I'm just playin', babe I don't have the type of money to be playing with the game

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