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JON BELLION lyrics - Translations Through Speakers

Don't Ask Cuz I Don't Know

Original and similar lyrics
Yeah. See check the bounce out [Verse 1:] Welcome to the dope flow, welcome to the bounce mane Live inside my music, so welcome to my house mane Welcome, I'm a beat carpenter and I'm a wordsmith Welcome to that brand spanking new you never heard shit Welcome to the kid that bring a industry a new day But some hater chefs cooking bullshit souffle Welcome to the grindstone, welcome to the pipe dream Bounced up out of college cause I'm taking care of my dream Welcome to the definition of a freaking lab rat With just a dream, a dollar, and a backpack But all he cares about is family and good tunes So don't ask him about his next move [Hook:] I haven't even picked out my socks How could I tell you about my future Tell you bout my future How could I tell you bout How could I tell you bout, t-t-t-tell you bout Please don't ask me what my next move is Cause I just don't know [echo] I just don't know, I just don't know, yeah Middle finger to the sky like this Cause I just don't know I just don't know, I just don't know, yeah [Bridge:] We just don't know, we just don't know, yeah We just don't know, we just don't know, yeah [Verse 2:] A Beautiful Mind Welcome to the positive, negatives a no-go Young Sensei building up his dojo Young Boston, got the smile and the mojo He dreams Yachts while he sleeping in a rowboat Almost there, almost there, so we go-go Go, go, stop, stop. Stop, stop? No, No I'm a Wizard of the Oz. Toto Dancing with a Dorothy, telling her to "go slow" [x3] [Hook] [Outro:] Cause I just don't know Cause I just don't know Ohh I just don't know, I just don't know, yeah We just don't know, we just don't know, yeah We just don't know, we just don't know, yeah

Year 2000

XZIBIT "Intro (The Last Night)"
Year 2000 I wanna speak to you motherfuckers for a minute Yeah, what's happenin? Yeah thanks for the lighter Anybody smoke here? Yeah, aight That's uh that's more for me you punk motherfuckers Look, check it, look [Xzibit] Everybody here was born to hustle It's a very thin line between the boss and the muscle We foot soldiers, face first in the trenches Only time I'm on my back is fuckin these hoes and weight benches Yeah, Hell's Kitchen, raw tension Never cryin and bitchin or settlin for less, heh Metal in your chest, take a final breath Revolutionary, it's X-Man the mercenary, heh Carry a .44 Desert Eagle Feeding the people, even if it ain't legal Lowridin in the Regal or the Cadillac Money stacked probably give your ass a heart attack Purchased your last CD, I want my money back You see the battle I'ma see you in the street Survival of the first to draw the heaters and the cannons I'm guaranteed to be the last man standing [Chorus: repeat 2X] Crack a bottle for your hard time It's dedicated to my soldiers on the front line This one's for all of us Thinkin bout your casualties Learn from mistakes, protect your family cause it's the year two thousand [Xzibit] Everybody wannabe king, fuck everything All this shit is bout to me mine, I hear it all the time Live your life for the day Easier to burn than paper-mache Started with Dre, graduate to radio play I still ain't satisfied, bout to blast off worldwide Get in line check the politics Ever wonder why only certain motherfuckers get rich? Ain't this a bitch, barely can eat, barely can pee I dedicate my life to the street It's not for you if your stomach is weak Relax with dead bodies covered with sheets That's the only time I really find peace Havin violent stand-offs with the police North Hollywood beef, grindin my teeth Have you stuck and stunned in disbelief New breed I'm the bad seed Smokin weed 'til my motherfuckin eyes bleed Dedicated to the niggaz that despise us So ain't nobody 'sposed to be here besides us Catch a flatline [Chorus] [Xzibit] Broadcastin live from Planet Los Angeles, right? Huh, it's X to the Z Xzibit What? New millenium I was one that never begged for nothin Me and my homies build penitentiary huffin Runnin your mouth like a bitch cause you all on my dick What is he Dogg Pound now? Is he still with Tha Liks? Is he rich? Is Xzibit a Crip? This is business stay the fuck out of my family shit, heh A grown man, the back of my hand is what you receive The X-Files make you believe You check the Soundscan and do the math Me and my staff run a worldwide warpath A bloodbath make Xzibit have a good laugh It's goin down, hit the ground like a plane crash You lil' fags ain't prepared for the X-Man, scared and desperate Young and restless, there is no guest list Move to the back of the line, yo it's my time Prime time only where the beats and the rhyme shine [Chorus]

Beanie (Mack Bitch)

You know my name, bitch Uhh.. yeah.. hold up The streets gave me heat, and the Eagle was the thing that they gave me It's the rap guerilla that still clap.. fucka Yeah, guess who's back [Verse 1] Mack, bitch - I move blocks and pounds I move out with small blocks from towns Move out with small glocks and pounds (uh-huh) And I take everything to the table bag and rock it down Fuck who watchin now; the neighbors, they in pocket now Fuck you haters cop some pocket now When it come to coke you cant outwit me, mine cheap Bout to take over the city of Philly like John Street Nigga ask all y'all fiends, they call me Chef Boyar-Beans Beanie Crocker, cook coke proper Right amount of flour siffin it up Coke spots runnin by the hour shiftin it up Graveyard shifts, move packs in bundles Braveheart kids, use gats don't rumble Gorilla niggaz goin ape in this concrete jungle Banana clips'll make them monkeys humble [Chorus] BEANIEEEEEEEE! Sigel was the name that they gave me BEANIEEEEEEEE! Sigel was the name that they gave me BEANIEEE, BEANIEEE - Sigel was the name that they gave me BEANIEEEEEEEE! Yeah, but guess who back [Verse 2] It's Mack, bitch - uh-huh, back in the mix or the scuffle I'm in the hood with them chips like Ruffles Boxman, Frito Lay, for that free dough boxin You will lay, nigga I'm not playin Listen, whether I make cash or take cash I'm in the hood eatin with my dog like when we break-fast B's on the hood and the wheel and the brake pad Sheeit when I skate past, bitches shake ass I sit four-thirty deep in wheels You bout, four-thirty cheap in wheels - small Benz Look at your small rims, small wheel, small grill Big Beans, sittin in Bentley my heart peels Zero to sixty so quickly how you want it You can have it Drop top, stick shift, automatic Back wheels still smokin 64 still rolling, 3 wheel motion, it's ferocious [Chorus] [Verse 3] Mack, aiyyo On the low doe (shh!) the whole city is mine I'm trying to flood the whole city with dimes (yeah) I'm in the kitchen yeah, with that vision wear Get them digits clear you can come and get them pigeons here Niggaz talk about the crack game slowed up, BULLSHIT You switch to hustle when the rap game showed up (uh-huh) While you wastin your time spittin the rhymes I'm gettin mine spittin them rhymes, but still pitchin them dimes And the spot still sick with da grime Glock 26 nigga but I'm sicker than nine I'm live with the pound, small silencer calmin the sound Stick with the seven, strickly smith with the seven (shit) When I drop back and cock back And pop that, I'm poppin for keeps - I'm not gettin stopped in the streets Imagine that a nigga tryin to rock Mack Only nigga did it was Jay and he did it when I signed the contract [Chorus - 2X]


WILL SMITH "Willennium"
This here's a record I wrote about friendship The kind that X and Ja 'Lil was talking bout When they wrote Friends, how many of us have them? I'm talkin 'bout, friends Ones we can depend on [Will Smith] I'm talking 'bout a friends til the end if I lose or I win If my ???? (wus up) you still my friend (hell yeah) Down for whatever (uh huh) tougher than leather (uh huh) Like Run and D, you and me, Together Forever (that's right) Let's say we balling (uh huh) somebody calling (uh huh) Me and my man (wus up) we gon' be brawlin (hell yeah) Let's say we out (uh huh) something go down (uh huh) 5-0 around (uh oh) you still around (true dat) Ever since I was younger (uh huh) Kinda always had a hunger (uh huh) For a fairy tale friend (uh huh) Kinda like your brother (uh huh) Everytime I go out (uh huh) everytime I turn around(uh huh) Ain't gotta one around (uh huh) what the brotha doin now (uh huh) You've been my friend, from the beginnin to end We flowing, nowhere we going Cause lord we know we been through the storm Before the calm, life could drop a bomb Cause Jazzy we gotta bond, like we was in vietnam, trust is Chorus: Everybody need a partner To stand right by they's side Not only down through the good times But also down through the bad times Everybody need a partner To stand right by they's side Not only down through the good times But also down through the bad times [Will Smith] Now you my lady (uh huh) now you my baby (uh huh) No if's or maybe's (uh uh) til' push you ?? (that's right) You on my arm (uh huh) keep you from harm (uh huh) Won't break that bond (uh uh) word to my mom(no doubt) Tell me you love me (I love you) tell me you swear (I swear) And if I need you (just call) you gon' be there (right here) Til death do us part (uh huh) through thick and thin (uh huh) You got my heart (back at you) Girl, when the night's cold and I'm warm Holding the fact, that I got you holding my back When my feelings stealing the blue of the sky Leaving them gray, girl you the sun the brighten up my day When it seem like the hill to steep and my vision getting blurry Call on you my dub, be there in a hurry When all is going wrong and I can't go on You my angel and more than lives, than song Baby forever Chorus [Will Smith] Aight what we 'bout to do right now We bout to take the partners oath So wherever you at Put your right hand in the air We gonna pledge alligiance to our partners right now Y'all my peoples (uh huh) y'all my dogs (uh huh) In the sun (uh huh) through the fog (uh huh) If I'm wrong (uh huh) tell me the truth (uh huh) But if they wrong, we blow the roof (boo yaa) Share smiles (uh huh) share tears (uh huh) Lean on you (uh huh) ease my fears (uh huh) Till the end (uh huh) from the start (uh huh) Minus the greed (oh yeah) cross your heart (oh yeah) Me for you (no doubt) you for me (no doubt) That's the way (no doubt) it's gonna be (no doubt) Inseperable (no doubt) never sever (no doubt) Us forever (no doubt) we's together (whoo) How ever far (uh huh) we be apart (uh huh) One vision (uh huh) one heart (uh huh) To my friends (uh huh) to my dogs (uh huh) To my fans (uh huh) one love (whooooo!) Chorus 2X ¡¡

We Got What You Want

(Busta Rhymes) Yeah I though all y'all was goin' Uh, Yeah, yeah, yeah Were gonna take y'all on a little ride and shit You mean now, now, now, yeah We gonna sail in one of them big fat ocean liners on the street Swim through this mutha fucka Busta-Bus now, now, now (Busta Rhymes) Hop scotch I found a new bounce Just rock back and fourth while my beat knock (Aurgh!) Stop chips and cock glocks wit' clips Go sailing in hot ships and park big whips (oh!) Getting' them whips and bounce outta town Take trips ride slow through them hoods and park at the main strip Baby girl gimme yo hand cock fast (c'mon!) With a number in your hand, hot ass (hold up!) Shorty actin' just like she had a hit (on me!) Fuckin' while shorty's busy shakin' her shit (on me!) Man stop, just let ¡®em flop watch girlfriend let alone cock block Hot shit make a bitch wanna whine just like a reggae tune Make y'all niggaz wanna act and bust the AK boom! Everyday create a may lay today is pay day mutha fucka you better make way! (Hook) It's your night go get your money Get that dough bounce if ya want And light that blunt smoke if you got to Shake yo shit bounce if you have to Flimode squad back in the spot With all yo shit bounce in the truck Yes yes y'all bounce we go what ya want All my niggaz, all my niggaz All my bitches! C'mon! (Busta Rhymes) We stay spittin' on See what we sittin on Shittin' you see how my 20¡± be fittin' on nigga A 100 dollar bill shorty number was written on Hittin' shorty on the sink wit' the lights in the kitchen on C'mon! move quiet with all the DL chicks Who carry on Lincoln head up on my CL 6 Hit y'all wit' the shit split y'all Chicks all on my whip hoping ya ass fit y'all We suppose to reach most shit bang Watch how niggaz bounce in East Coast (Heaighh!) Choke y'all provoke y'all Killin' street everytime we distribute the coke all Check it, see now a days we caught cribs And caught big fat loss Fuck big fat bitches that make cliques back off The way we prove it to y'all Is just bang niggaz every time we do it to y'all (Hook) (Busta Rhymes) Yeah Straight black out shit fo show Making you back yo mack out quick Aiyo (huh) Yeah we floss and drop pricy things Talk slick and money and rock icy things She tried to get that score By throwing the pussy begging me to hit that raw (uh oh) We puts it on and watch bitches getting' a getsy Flimode up in this mutha fucka just for the record (Hook)

Bonus Track #1

[Choppa] While you walking I'm running, while you shooting I'm chopping Got me confused with them dudes, but who is you to be knocking Now I be marching like a soldier, and my army right behind me On that Westbank is where a nigga, might find me Fucking with me boy, you gon get your ish-a I represent from the heights, all the way to the pitcher And I'm all about a dolla dolla, nobody hotta hotta I can pull a Prada model, t-shirt holla wobble wobble We in the club pop a bottle, at the bar Tell your girl stop tripping, she could holla at a star Hypnotic in the car, is all I need to get mean We could mix it with henny, and we turning it green Like one say, left to the right right, to the left left, to the right Let me see you bounce with me, East to the West North to the South, back to the house, come blow a ounce with me [Hook - 2x] All my soldiers with me (yeah) All my whodis with me (yeah) If you hustle hard for a nigga praying (yeah) My soldieretts with me (yeah) My independent women (yeah) Them hoes hatin' cause you looking good (hell yeah) [Choppa] Everybody throw your dranks up, soldiers throw your tanks up Hit the flo', wild out, everybody drink something Its your set, throw it up, show me where the fuck you from What you drinking mix it with this, hit this weed and have some fun Girls got they butts up, y'all know what's up We drinking this straight out the bottle, whodi put them cups up I'm from the home of the Queen, that they call Anna I come to represent New Orleans, Louisiana [Master P] The New No Limit guerillas, we gon ride to get scrilla I'm a soldier till I die, and real niggas gon feel us I put that heat on your ass, nigga play and get bagged Uptown, thugged out, t-shirts and du-rags On the block where you find me, my niggas right behind me Third Ward Calliope projects, we on the grind G My bottle slang chrome, nigga tats on arms We gon wild out till, C-Murder come home [Hook] [Curren$y] Pull up in a big truck, on a set of twenty three's Twenty G's cash, in the pocket to my P. Miller jeans Playa hatas mad, they wish they could rid of me I'm always on the radio, I'm always on the t.v. screens Now am I bout it huh, whodi I'm bout it bout it Hop out the limo, watch the women form a crowd around it I keep the burner with me, never on the streets without it I put you in the papers, let your family read about it I'm going hard in the streets, and I own my own crib You'll never see a landlord, round me T-R-U nigga, you could ask my dog C And my money hell-a-long, cause I just got a check from P Huh bitches to Hot Spitter, you fuck around if you want And watch how quick a nigga, send you to the hospital Stick this baretta to your braids, me and my soldiers Sticking together like Franky Beverly and me [Hook - 2x]

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