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JON BELLION lyrics - The Separation


Original and similar lyrics
One, two One, two, three, quatro See I need an excuse to call a couple buddies And you need an excuse to dress a little slutty You could be my Nicki, we could ditch like Summer Jam You could be my Alice, treat Manhattan like it's Wonderland Transporter, Jason Statham, in my brother's van Give money to the bums, I'm trick-or-treating with a couple grand When I kick a dirty verse, get the dirty hearse Cause I can be October, baby you could be the 31st [Hook:] Oh, ho, ho We'll kill tonight no suspects Oh, ho, ho You're Marilyn and I'm James Dean Oh, ho, ho Dance like a stripper named Candy Oh, ho, ho Treat every night like it's Halloween Go, Go, Yeaheheh You could be Rihanna, I could be the rude boy You're the desperate housewife while I could be the pool boy If you tryna jerk then I could be a New Boy You could be the pitbull and I could be the chew toy, woof! Garbage man, janitor, mop it up I'm be Seth Rogen, I'll pretend to knock you up Treat me like I'm King James, heat it up, Wade and 'em Treat you like I'm Rocky, I'm a beat it up, Adrian [Hook] Treat every night like it's Halloween, oh, ho, ho [x3] [Hook]

Isn't It Cheap

A1 "Make It Good"
This punky clubwas spinning fores off a funky tee I'm on the floor and she's watching me Guess she was fine with a head to thigh inspection With my back against the wall I play it casually Man, I don't know but when she smiled at me And started grinding her arse on the horn of some dirty trumpet I had to say something Camera shy, no style, getting it right I said I wanna take you home, tonight. And she said *Let me take you to a place I know Right beside the dirty little picture. Love me if you like, but I'm not what you need. And nothing comes for free. Isn't it cheap As soon as she got me alone there was no(huh) hesitation And she started taking off all her clothes to Lady Paris singing I was jacking her up all night with a lethal injection The way she alomost put up a fight, was so close to perfection Tired eyes, no ties, turn on the light I want to see what gets you hot, tonight. And she said [Repeat*] isn't it cheap, when I'm down on my knees. Talking sweet just to meet your demands. See your delight as your stealing my night Just to play it straight in to my hands [Repeat*]

Halloween On Military Street

INSANE CLOWN POSSE "Forgotten Freshness Vol. 2"
Halloween On Military Street Chorus: Fuck damnit, another Halloween People on Military know what this means Houses on fire, their blowin up cars Creatures on the streets, and razor blades in candy bars. /End Chorus Went to trick or treat the first house on my block, Spit in my face and gave me a rock, I tried to give it back and said I'll take nothing instead, Turned around and walked away and felt the rock peg me in the head, Walked to the next house directly next door, And there I found an old lady dead on the floor, I said excuse me miss, but do you have a treat? She lifted her leg and scraped flakes off her dead feet, I ran to the next house happy and giddy, There I seen a fat woman holding up her titty, I said Trick or treat she said Treat or trick And squeezed on her titty until it fucken.....its to sick! The next house I was set back in the woods, I was a little frightened but fuck I want the goods, I knocked on the door, I heard a knock back, And then I heard Come in and yo I'm like, Fuck That! This house belongs to Ms. Cherryspoon, She said Drop your drawers and your treat is commin' soon I quickly grew a stiffy but kept my eye's shut, A hand came out the mail chute and flicked me in the nuts I wobbled to the next house ready for the worst And chillen in the drive was a long black hearse I rung the door-bell and said Is anybody home? Of course little boy have a sugar coated kidney stone I walked in the field and to the next crib, It's friendly Mrs. Witherbee in her cooking bib, I said How bout some candy? She said How bout instead, a nice hot fresh home made loaf of yeast infection bread? My bag became heavy so I rest on the curb, And riding on his bike, here comes little Larry Shurd, I snuk up behind him, and kicked 'em off his seat, I punched 'em in the neck and power bombed 'em in the street! Now my sack of candy has doubled in size, Up to the next house for my scary prize, I'm like Trick or Treat, Trick, Treat, Tricky, Dick, He opened up the door slapped my lips and didn't give me shit, Rocks through his window and ran across the street, To the big mansion, I'm in for a treat, I dinged on the dong, and here comes the butler, A big gumpy, tall ass lurch lookin muther fucker, I said Hello Mr. is there somethin for my sack? He reached into his pocket but I think he hurt his back, It's taken him an hour, my bag is open ready, But then he finally dropped it in my sack, a fucken penny, The next house is abandoned so forget it, But wait a minute, I think somebody's livin in it, I ran up to the porch, Trick or Treat you can't hide It was a crackhead he crawled in my bag and died, The next house was mine, the last on the block, My mothers sitting on the porch shining up her glock, I climbed on the roof with my brother Jump Steady, And we yelled: HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND CLOWN LOVE TO THE WHOLE CITY!!

Copper Canteen

JAMES MCMURTRY "Complicated Game"
Honey don't you be yellin' at me when I'm cleaning my gun I'll wash the blood of the tailgate when deer season's done We got one more weekend to go And I'd like to kill one more doe So I'll shovel the side walk again cause you're still in a stew And I bet the bridge tender's widow won't mind that I can't please you She sure got the run of the men Out here where the pickin's are thin there's not much to do I woke up last night In the grip of a fright Scared to breathe for I might make a noise But this life that we crave So little we save 'tween the grandparent's graves and the grandchildren's toys We grew up hard And our children don't know what that means We turned into our parents before we were out of our teens Through series of Chevys and Fords The occasional spin round the floor at the Copper Canteen Now the bix boxes out on the bypass are shavin us thin I guess we'll hold on a couple more years till the pension kicks in Then we'll sell all the stock in the store Leave only the lock on the door and wonder what then When I wake up at night In the grip of a fright And you hold me so tight to your chest And your breath on my skin Still pulls me back in Till I'm weigthless and then I can rest So if Monseigneur should pull you aside as you're leavin the church And I'm out on the ice droppin lines for the walleye and perch Tell 'em it's not your job to bring me to the fold And I'd rather stand out in the cold And honey I know The woodpile's low and you can't close the flue So I'll split up a couple more chords 'fore the winter time's through Hold on to your rosary beads Leave me to my mischievous deeds like we always do

Long Night

[Spoken: Hoodie] Hi, can I talk to Teresa? Oh, this is her mom? Oh, you Mother Teresa? Aw, I like that. [Bridge: Hoodie] Don't you tell me that it's all right Because I'm anticipating a long night [Verse 1: Hoodie] Man, I've been up so damn early that I'm sleepwalkin' Now my eyes are looking like Macaulay Culkin's Watch me roll around the city like I'm Steve Hawkins These bitches Waka flock to us when we walk in They wanna act like it's a big deal, Ron Burgundy I'm underground but I'm poppin' up commercially I keep it buzzing like I'm a fuckin' worker bee So I'mma need a couple Gs if you want a verse with me So let me take your pay check Now you gotta find another way to pay rent Your life sucks like the Ravens You ain't been on a date yet I take your girl to dinner Then go home and have some great sex Yeah, this gon' be a long night I guarantee it, we probably gon' see the sunlight Before our eyes wide shut I'mma make a couple bucks And a couple hundred drinks, we about to turn it up, like... [Hook: Hoodie] Don't you tell me that it's all right Because I'm anticipating a long night Ooh, woah Grab a Corona and pass out in the tub And when I wake up everything will be all right, all right [Verse 2: Hoodie] Yeah, I keep on running 'til I'm red up in the face Had a party at the crib, everyone was hella grate-ful Wait a minute, got a bedroom full of strangers I ain't talking Danny Granger, but I'm running out of Pacers I mean patience, nah, nothing can phase us I know you say your name but, my mind was on vacation Can't track that down, too many chasers I can't pack that crowd, too many lame-sters So let's just kick it in the back of my apartment Or at Madison Square Garden, we could go and watch the Rangers Central Park where we could go until it's dark And when somebody try to stalk you I just keep you out of danger So come to the crib just hop in Benz first I'm after the cat, but I don't mean Chesire Uh, shout out to Pat, he look like a Hemsworth I'm kickin' it with Chance so baby don't say the N-word [Hook: Hoodie] Don't you tell me that it's all right Because I'm anticipating a long night Ooh, woah Grab a Corona and pass out in the tub And when I wake up everything will be all right, all right [Spoken: Chance] Chance? The rapper? [Verse 3: Chance The Rapper] Ashin Ls in a hotel sink Management swears that the hotel stink Whole time I'm yellin hold up a minute while the doorbell rings When old coke glistening on my nose earring And niggas just tryna function 'til a nigga can't function And the weed so pungent that I probably won't punch it And imported in punches and they actin' inpugnant With a rock and a pin and they say pin I'm actin' 100 And I turn up turn up turn up Get high burn up burn up burn up I'm fucked up and she's fucked up and We not gon' remember tonight so Let's fuck in a Wendy's bathroom Get frosty, forget the Sprite [Hook: Hoodie] Don't you tell me that it's all right Because I'm anticipating a long night Ooh, woah Grab a Corona and pass out in the tub And when I wake up everything will be all right, all right

Boyfriend (Remix)

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz] (Boyfriend Remix) (2 chainz) 9 times out of 10 you a 10 If your schedule open I'll pencil you in Ight, wiggle it in, get with your friend Laugh now, cry later, hope you ticklish then Let's figure it out, I figured it out Shawty so thick she put a dent in my couch And dent in my wallet, I'm diggin' her probably I told her let's kick it, karate (damn) Got a black belt on, Versace (uh) Wanna get my eat on, Hibachi (two) 2 Chainz on with a pinky ring (ring) If I'm your boyfriend, you can have anything Anything? Anything, anything? Everything Everything, I can upgrade you to better things (true!) Hello, yeah that wedding ring And if you answer, then we settling [Hook (Justin Bieber):] I'd like to be everything you want Hey girl, let me talk to you If I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go Keep you on my arm girl You'd never be alone And I can be a gentleman Anything you want If I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go Never let you go [Verse 2: Mac Miller] Youngin' gettin' money, all these honeys say they love me Buddha belly, how I'm lucky, girls be rubbin' on my tummy I can be your man, get you everything you need Have you ever had a Rollie, Stewart Weitzman on your feet? And you can be my queen, couple thousand on the jeans Cause I'm down to do some spendin' on the women of my dreams Marvin told us we should get it on, right here in the restaurant Ain't no point in waitin' baby, I can get you what you want Leprechaun gold, got leprechaun gold And I came out hot like I was steppin' on coals But I never got cold, keepin' extra long dough For a rainy day, need a vacation, name a place, we can go Where I'm tryna take you, we gon' need a boat Independent raps, yeah my life is like the Beatles though Invest a big check to make sure you get fresh Cause if I was your boyfriend, I'd treat you like a princess [Hook] [Verse 3: Asher Roth] And we can be like Selena and Biebs Wild and free, a couple disobedient teens Sneaking out to meet around like 2 o'clock in the eve Paparazzi ain't a problem, we just hide on the beach Girl you hotter than me, let's go fly overseas Or just slide up in the closet, never findin' the key Cause 7 minutes in heaven ain't enough when we're together Kisses to the forehead, when I slide my hands to second Wait a second, smilies in a text I kinda be interested, I'm blind girl I'm obsessed Stylish sun dresses, legs in jean shorts Please pick me, love's a team sport I'll be your boyfriend, jokes and pillow talk Lay around in our undies, chill, play Tony Hawk Dance slow in the dark, come roll with Roth Cause when that falsetto hits, yall gonna know who to call So JB [Hook] [Bridge: Justin Bieber] So give me a chance, you're all I need girl Spend a week with your boy, I'll be calling you my girlfriend If I was your man, I'd never leave you girl I just want to love you, and treat you right [Hook]

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