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JON BELLION lyrics - Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1

The Right Direction (Intro)

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[Intro:] One, two, three Uh and here we go [x2] [Verse 1:] Sending this message into space with my ray gun Hoping that important ears will hear this when the days done So far it's been great fun You would swear I've been playing with myself Cause I been doing me since day one They used to swear that I would never have a smash hit Now I see them haters double-take no adlibs Cause what comes from his lips is crack, chapstick What I'm composing, I'm singing, mixing, and writing bars So I guess I make it easy to pick out my flaws Cause when one things crazy another's subpar So I guess I gotta make it work tr-tr-triple times as hard The engineers will have my head is the mix is off Rappers will be coming at my neck if the 16 is wrong Singers keep telling me that I got a couple vocals flaws But every single one of them is like "Yo! Your talents raw" [Hook:] I think I'm heading in the right direction [x4] Oh-oo-oh-oo-oh-oo-oh-oh [Intermission:] A... yeah first time listening to me If you just popped a mixtape in or something This is what I do. I make feel good music I guess don't expect anything more or less I just make whatever I feel like making [Verse 2:] So please don't try and save me This is how my story ends This keeps me from going crazy So I'll be writing 'til my death I'm on my 3AM flow and I'm chilling with these lights low This tracks too sexy I might just call a friend and see where the night goes [Hook] [Outro:] Buy yeah, like I said The label is Beautiful Mind My name is Jon Bellion and the mixtape is Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1 Welcome, hope you like it. Word! Yo, This beat is tough I mean I made it but this beat is tough I can say that


NO USE FOR A NAME "Hard Rock Bottom"
I can pretend for you, that I mean every word said it's true That I'd probably rather be like a stranger in disguise And act as if nothing ever.. Died or faded away, got lonelier with age And time isn't on our side I'm sorry to take the thoughts that keep you awake And make it seem like they're overrated You certainly talk about me more when I fall down And when I get up, my time is never enough Loved in front behind my back hated I guess it has everything to do with luck I can defend the truth but I sound like white noise to my friends As I raise my glass to you In a stupor we speak words That couldn't be more honest Lies we lived before are fights without a war I'm dead when it's in your head I'm starting to think that all the buoys we sink Are cutting our chances of being saved I see that the end is all we have to let us know I'd like to believe in something more than a dream For when the will to be one has faded I guess the truth will soon be deceived My friend that isn't there, My solitaire.

Feel Good

Ain't no more sunshine Just rain and cold suffering Generations born to die with their eyes wide open The clock strikes The wrong rights The mob rules The second armageddon igniting the lit fuse No turning back Every soldier's on point Ready to die The confrontation's coming ready or not It's on again It's time to say your prayers again It's not the end Just the beginning of the end [Chorus:] (Is it hard?) Yeah I can hold it down like that! (Is it real?) Yeah you know I break it down like that! (Is it rough?) Don't even try to front like that! I'm on fire baby A big dog will hunt like that! Another day Another busta wanna battle me Another mama crying Now here baby is a casualty I'm ready nigga Slice like a machete nigga Confetti nigga Never spend it on Betty nigga I hit and run Never stressin' to look back When I look back I think about the love I never had Then I wake up I get fucked up and I get even Approach you from the front But in your back a knife I'm leaving (Is it hard?) Yeah I can hold it down like that! (Is it real?) Yeah you know I break it down like that! (Is it rough?) Baby don't even try to front like that! I'm on fire girl A nigga will hunt like that! The sky is falling I don't care (I just want to feel good) Her train's leaving She don't care (She just wants to feel good) The world's dying We don't care (We just want to feel good) It's all over We don't care! (We just want to feel good) [Spoken:] Haha hey, let me get some of that Jack Daniels' Let me check out some of that porno dog Let me hit that joint No, no, no, no, no, no don't take em' off Don't take em' off Leave em' on, leave em' on I like that shit Now roll and light that shit And get on with this shit! No, we can't compromise like that! No, we can't conform like that! I'm saying fuck you and fuck the norm like that! Revolt and transform like that Make a difference Have a motherfuckin' impact It won't stop raining It's flooding The revelation was all true You drew first blood Jesus is coming to take you Coming to break you Make you just like new Satan's laughing Spreads his wings and gets a new tattoo A new platinum chain A new pinky ring The Rolex, the Benz, the huggy bear pimp thing Nigga it's midnight Never forget where you come from Keep your mouth shut Back the fuck up Watch what you doin' Punk! Bitch! Motherfucker! [Repeat Chorus]

Will You Wait Here

Longview "Mercury"
September air comes cold Feelings rush back and unfold Speeing, crashing, burning through Memories in my mind with you Gone so fast too fast to catch Years have gone and can't come back So now i've closed my eyes Closing seconds of our time See the shore light up night sky See the beach swing summers high August shower after heat Smell of rain on dry concrete Feel the air turn cold around See leaves fall blur the ground Wet road slide slither by Catch reflections petrol sky Will you wait here It's coming around near When I feel I can't move on And my will is not so strong Moments of uncertainty Behind your smile I want to be Down the front where we used to talk Down the streets where we used to walk These places I will be Will you meet me? While I'm still please do not wake me 'Cause I'm in another place (repeat)

Go Away

SR-71 "Now You See Inside"
Once inside the door I check my face in the mirror, As I look past this lonely minute Was this the ride worth waiting for I'm scared to death that now I've missed it But she was not the only stone Skipped across this gravel road leading down the path of loneliness So I'll fly from this hate, pray my soul the lord will take me To a place through time and indifference I wanna know how do you feel I wanna know if this was real Then tell me what would you say If you can make this pain go away She plans her future looking bright ahead Leaves me in the past. I can't stand to hang out with my codependent friends My patience fading fast But every sign and every song is telling me I don't belong, But it's O.K. to feel scared 'Cause one day soon I'll find myself and realize that no one else Will make me feel stupid! There's this old man down in Fell's Point, Always hanging around Telling me, 'Son, the pendulum swings both ways But for you, It'll always swing down!'

So Sweet

Def Squad "Def Squad Presents Erick Onasi"
[Erick Onasis] Yeah, check it out Where Eazy at man? (I think he over there dude) Where he at? damn (Oh aight cool) Yo, I'm the rocka man (Who?) Glock cocka man (Who?) Blocka blocka man (You!) can't stoppa man Technique I freak Make chicks strip to bare meat Leavin' nuttin' on but their shoes No rules, I'm dumbin' out in the bathroom Gettin' sucked off 'till I bust off E single to mingle Blow somethin' in they ear to make'em tingle Earrings watch'em jingle (uh!) Leave the spot jump in the car escape Bouncin', with the new biggie smalls tape Dead wrong down sunset haven't had fun yet Me not the E, you wanna make a bet? Remember this, lounge you in the danger zone E got the blocks on snipe the drop zone (uh!) Peep the whip, I'm sittin' on twenty inch Brobbit's And y'all sittin' on garbage (huh!) Feel me baby the way I be movin' Watch what I'm doin', got the spot brewin' Off the hook in here, you can smell it, gangsta I'll let Eazy E tell it Chorus [Eazy-E] (4x) Feel the beat! Bein' a gangsta is so neat Yeah! gangsta beat for the street [Eazy-E] I got beef for the street to the beach I'll be rollin' Never see me strollin' 40's I'll be holdin' Girls in the daisys drive eazy crazy Rolled up my windows as I turned on my AC Rollin' down crenshaw see the hoe's joggin' Sunday nights poppin' See the 4's hoppin' My stereo's bumpin' the A-T-L funk You can call it what you want Either way the shit bumps Chorus (4x) [Erick Onasis] Yeah, yeah yeah feel me y'all (who?) The emcee y'all (yo!) Who I be y'all, E, thats me y'all Shining call me the black Jack Nicholson Heeeres Erick, for those thats listening Yeah, I'm right there block the glare when you stare Cover your face when I'm in the place (uh, uh) E, the boy in the east, got green eyes wit' telekenisis keep dime pieces, snatch ya feat, it's a full time jack move (RIIIIGHT!) Eazy E and E make a jack move The combo ya hear here, sound so sweet Gangsta beats for the streets Chorus (4x)

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