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JON BELLION lyrics - Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1


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[Intro:] Dope little boy, Unh! Dope little boy 1, 2, 3 [Verse 1:] Stay steady rockin' Feel good flow with a half-pipe Jones Baby watch me drop in I think the key is to never feel locked in Just as long as you comfy in the pocket Kids explore options Don't listen to the outside world, it's obnoxious They will try to cut your balls with no topspin (get it?) Mentally and physically, you need to stay clocked in [Hook:] Dope little boy, boy Don't believe any of their lies Dope little boy, boy They can barely sleep with themselves at night Dope little boy, boy Never ever will they break your flow Dope little boy, boy Just keep doing things from your soul [Verse 2:] (Yeah, yeah. This feels crazy) I ain't on the guess list, cause I ain't a big deal Mouth so Fresh Prince cause I gotta a stronger will Smith and Wesson, keep bangin' on them, let'em feel Everything you do and spread love til the grinned' real Why, Look a live little boy? Cause you're up next Now that I'm making it, these girls are sending dumb text I won't change if ten-thousand and change Scream my name at a show like I had a lot of rough sex Please excuse the nerdiness, I'm flirting with a lot of styles Exploring lanes so insane, at a hundred miles I'm just a kid, scruffy hair, with a goofy smile But I had developed tough skin, no crocodiles In the process of dream chasing I will make what I feel like making Hip Hop to Pop is two languages But I'm somewhere in the middle, so Spanglish And if you're not putting out a good vibe Stay the hell home cause we're trying to have good time They say he's gotta climb, but he's been fine Cause he feels good music in the air, wind chimes Just know that my patience wearing thin Cause from cockiness to retardation is thin line Just know that I'm in it for the win Cause I'm pushing real hard like I been ventured incline Dilla and The Roots are stupid for this baseline Two thumbs up. Woo! Great time (Yo!) [Outro]

Bring 'em Home Safely

Chubb Rock "The One"
We left the people of Israel with, one thought.. that they are not alone -- The people of New York, people of the United States of America indeed decent freedom loving people everywhere stand at their side in this hour of need. [Verse One - Red Hot Lover Tone] Cries of wait please wait wiggity wait but Kuwait won't wait Desert Shield a field full of confused hate Soldiers fight because they're loyal, while tempers boil On U.S. soil, they're screamin no blood for oil Groups of recruits get fitted for troop boots while business suits shoot hoops eatin Fruit Loops Yo I don't understand the government plan Goin on holy land, killin a family man, and tearing loved ones asunder when things were really sunny, strictly for the money The money.. yo money You might reinstate the draft and I'm gettin bummy So I clear my head by goin testin testin one two testin and countin my blessings And pray for the brotherman with an M-60 in his hand, eatin spam So one more time, testin one two, and ya don't stop That's why we got this war Hobbes Yo I only got one thing to say chief Let's bring 'em home safely The State Department's ?? wants to mediate The Iranian president wants to meet with Iraq and then maybe the U.S. A Middle East expert here in New York has an explanation [Verse Two - Rockin Robin] Deep in the Middle East, in the belly of the beast We got men and women losin blood for black grease Oil - how could such a thing spoil a whole nation and turn it up into a turmoil Stealths wipin out every man's health Bombers got sisters brothers daddies and lonely mommas cryin, Oh my son, oh Lord help my daughter Calm the ragin seas, please fill the waters Readin letters under candle, delivered by camel Layin in a dug-out channel's kinda hard to handle So I say a little prayer to my maker in this blood filled place Please bring 'em home safe Baghdad radio is calling for terrorist actions against the nations fighting Iraq in the Persian Gulf. And the allies are concerned that cryptic messages broadcast this morning could be a signal to terrorists. [Verse Three - MC Serch] President Bush will bring us out of this recession We'll all have jobs when American numbers are lessened Blessings are said, so no one will get hurt Yo - I need a Shield, but it's not for the Desert It's a shield for the ills that builds with this rampant nationalization; we're not dealin in humanism P.O.W.'s, M.I.A.'s unknown soldiers in unknown graves Let's bring 'em home safe The F.B.I. continues to look for those responsible for placing six pipe bombs on, chemical tanks in the Norfolk, Virginia - or near the Norfolk, Virginia naval base The bombs were safely.. [Verse Four - Chubb Rock] Well hostility jumps on the scene in ninety-one No fun, large sons shooting machine guns Population adjustment will be adjusted by an intellgent villain Guerilla warfare killing Amplifies, fear tears blood embedded in mud Daddy falls to the accuracy intricate of a SCUD Black gold soul, patriots told nothing but lies Atmosphere develop permanent red eyes Destruction a product to develop and enhance presidential fees, blood from overseas spilled, uphill, peace of mind I'm, waiting for, waiting for the time Inner soul craves, for guidance for safety for the brave, P.O.W. slaves will be used as shields to pierce and drill to drip tears, when a declared won't mingle with the Man Upstairs, funerals for fear Confusion, nervous hands from a scared wife knittin Siblings infants weepin, continous tear drippin Impaled men please God let them cease Come home, Red Hot Lover Tone, Rockin Robin MC Serch, and for the last the verse let us rehearse, excluse men in the hearse Everybody what's the verse? Peace If one of the bombs had gone off, the resulting damage and loss of life would have been tremendous. F.B.I. agents on the scene had NO idea who placed them there. [Verse Five - Lucas] None of the bags coming back are filled with gallons of clout to spill out, to shake-up, break up, now blow up has entered the minds in Washington D.C., tell me Is this the land of the free, and in France see

Balls Of Steel

SNOOP DOGG "Snoop Dogg Presents: Tha Eastsidaz"
[Snoop Dogg] Soldiers.. Gangstaz, gangstaz.. whassup my nigga Yeah I'm fin' to fall off into this party with my lil' bitch mane It's in her neighborhood Nah you ain't gotta roll with me it's all good I trust her dog Aw nigga shut up nigga, I hear you, don't trip Well the party didn't start til I walked in and I probably won't leave until I finish this Henn' but in between time or in the meantime I slid my bitch in the back do' an she crept in with the nine We came here together so we can have fun Me and you baby goin one on one It's yo' hood so I figure it's good But if them niggaz start trippin I ain't trippin shit I ain't Hollywood We handles ours from the all-stars to the handlebars with buckshots comin from the homies in the cars Aww yeah; how y'all wanna play this Naw hold on let me see how should I say this The bitch that I was wit tried to set me up Whatever fuckin reason would they wanna wet me up and get me up out the bitch wit da heat and a party wit a gang of off brands and a freak (where you from) I gotta dust em if I rush em and these niggaz don't look like they wanna tussle (fuck em) I'ma creep to the who-ride - all by my lonely Nigga didn't bring damn homie I wish I woulda, but I didn't I'm fuckin wit dis hood rat (bullshit ya bullshittin) That's whats wrong wit niggaz Steady thinkin wit ya dick, and puttin faith in a bitch Dogg is chillin, makin a killin What more can I say Top Billin' Thats what I get, I got it good Crackin bitches in ya hood bitch Would you stop schemin, and lookin hard I got a great big bodyguard So step up if you wanna get hurt Nigga mad cause I touched under his bitch skirt I get the money, the money I got Hoes call me Doggy when they feel real hot That's how it is, ask yo' kids I stole ya hoe while you was in prison Jail, for spousal assault You was jealous it's all your fault Dogg is chillin, makin a killin What more can I say Top Billin' Shootin dice came up short now I'm doin bad Lost the Coupe and the keys to the Caddy So bad that I'm livin with my momma now and my bitch done dipped cuz I done run outta chips I lost my balla doe and my balla hoe man to some sucka ass nigga man I'm fallin slow Can't ain't even call a hoe; I'm feelin smalla loc Next thing to do is rob a ball of folks (give it up nigga) Shit's real; we peel for the meal Take it, cause once we get it, y'all come kick it and bring them same skanless bitches (why) I got some homegirls layin low in the kitchen On a mission to keep on dishin all fools Doggy Dogg cold out shot us them hoes broke the rule They gonna get got, feel the pain, sweeter and sweeter Even bitches feel the heater motherfucker [speaking outro]

Pacifics (Ny Is Red Hot)

Digable Planets "Reachin A New Refutation Of Time And Space"
the ticky ticky buzz the sun winks the sky i fumble through my fuzz and buzz mr. i tell him scoop the beats in the flying saucer kit meet me at the port with the nickel bags and shit tell my pops i'm out earthbound with the crew he said butterfly may the boogie be with you left my moms a note with these quotes on a trunk it says i split to earth to resurrect the funk a dozen snapple pops and a little box of beats travellin through space with the funky funky beats stopped at pluto to cop some petrol met some klingons and got our things on cruisin warp 6 with mr. wiggles in the mix hendrix passin peas star child get the fix the saucer shook the heavens with the blooms and the blams because when we hit new york - shazam we droppin like a comet and this vulcan tried to spock it these martians tried to do it, but knew they couldn't cop it the others from our brother planet lands in the flesh from up in sector 6 yes y'all and it's good to be here when we landed up on lex stirrin up the ground with the sound of doug e fresh and the hard rockin kids that did it for the black with the pumas on their feet and the barmas on their back we learned and we earned it so you know you got to hand it we planned it when we left how to freak it and to slam it add a ladybug transformation is complete for the metamorphosis from the box to the jeep and it's good to be here gettin fly with the raps we love it where we from but we kick it where we at bumpin out with somethin that pops and transcends dps baby it's slim but not thin in amongst the pebbles we rocks on your blocks soakin in the ghetto for kids that have not slappin on some skin when we slam check the cheers so we greet their virgin ears with a kiss it's so good to be here we jazz up the streets to prove we have beats fat jazz fat style and the sound so sweet and there ain't no doubt that you got to check doodle, silk, butter, mec it's so good to be here yeah baby that's the style the jazz can fill a club or papers by the pile just ask toy soldier, toy soldier could of told you at the boomin funk hut it was the afro with the butt so to the flam lovers that crowd in dark spots so see em kick the lingo and grip that little crotch now we have arrived with crazy boogie sounds get yourself a mate today's to boogie down this is all we know we feel it when we slams you could hear the love, it comes out in our jams the hiphop diggin cats just deliverin the words from the ghetto-dwellin youth to the bourgies in the burbs and it's good to be here

I Got A Right Ta

COMMON "Electric Circus"
[Common] Yeah! Hah! Yeah, we got, come on Y'all cats know the abstract nigga with the attitude Pass the booze, and let's build on it I'm rolling in a Cadillac with the grill fronted I ain't even smoke no mo' but I feel blunted Yo I'm tokin on the freedom Stepping to the A.M., cats be tokin in the P.M. Tell the players I'm the G.M. Told my team let me get my plays straight, I'ma feed them They need me like I need them See the streets is bleedin Had to meet with my mind and to be defined and Stay on my climb I'm grind - ing, 'til I get blue balls Everyday, same shit new star Don't make me act like where I come from because he grew tall There's a place that to run from it if you neu - tral Hustlers and vogues, customers and smokes I kiss the sky feeling high off the stuff that I wrote [Chorus (x2)] I want to ride in my car, smoke my weed Keep my head high, let the chrome spin I got the right to feel hood I got the right to feel high I got the right to feel hood I got the right to feel high [Common] I'm the only cat in hip hop that can go into a thrift shop Connect, get up to the ghetto and get props If you gonna get that kick-a-box Make sure that not If you gonna get that glock don't be scared to big shot Hip Hop is changin, y'all want me to stay the same Sorta like Barkley on how I see the game I recognize game like a scout Ayo, I'm bound to wreck your lady as I turn your lady out I ain't about that Messing with no other man's women Because of jealousy then a man go under Understand a man and his mental Listening to Joan Mitchell With the fan and the window Can it be so simple then I rock Rockports, you rock Timberlands I want a Rover, but I'm thinking long range I ain't switch over, I just made my own lane [Chorus] [Common] Like a pimp to a hoe I connect to the track I feel it in my neck and my back A thug came to me, said it changed his life Said the love of his life, he used to bang to the light I'm trying to do better I ain't claiming Mister Right I'm a grown man, I'm too old to fist-fight I stay on point like trick dice Tweeking like the sound man who need to switch mike Sounding bitch like I know the block is hot, but we just can't get ice When our children's children sit nice I sing the song to make the fiend's strong King Kong ain't got shit on me I train days to rip emcees, I'm peaking But I still gotta get that cheese You on some monkey ball damn chimpanzees Mobbin through the Chi-Town to feel the breeze yo [Chorus]

The Last Candle

BLIND GUARDIAN "Tales From The Twilight World"
Guardian, Guardian, Guardian of the Blind (4x) Have you forgotten him (lead: André) Far from the land Where the sun is born down in the wood Caladon Do you know the place where the light is never seen and all the hopes are turned by the final cry Turned to Stone (4x) Whispering tunes in the wind all hopes are gone with the night when the old man will never come back remember his words and his songs And we see the raven's flying in the distance but no wizard's singing his song Ref.: Somebodies out in the night I fly in time The last candle will burn there's hope for everyone when the last candle burns high oh it's time for life (lead: André) The elves and gnoms have to hide when the moon is showing it's face and raging orcs will set their traps and the forest will burn they hate green trees and love the dark they don't understand that they're caught and left alone they feel the magic in the wind they're just fear the old man's song (solo: Kai) Ref.: Somebodies... Corrupted old gnom betrayer of all you know so much about all what is your price GNOM: Too much, too much you cannot pay with your silver and your gold there's just a little chance to save the wizard's life there's just a little chance for all you fools now pay (lead: André) And so I walk across the land and hope to hear the wizard's song Ref.: Somebodies... (2x) Outro: Somebodies out there I feel there's somebody Somebodies out there I feel there's somebody

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