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Poor Valley Girl

Original and similar lyrics
She could never give up the homestead on the farm Where they handed off tobacco in the big tobacco barn And the long straight rows that ran From the house down to the road That runs to AP Carter's store on the logging truck she rode She would sit and gaze at the foggy mountain top As the swift hawk circled round the Clinch Mountain rocks At the school down in Hiltons she would read about the world Created to be conquered by this Poor Valley girl Her mother was an Addington from over copper creek Her father was of solid stock; she was royal but meek Her laughter was infectious, her music was pure joy She'd win the hearts of man men as she did many a boy Her mother became famous, Maybelle and her guitar With sisters Helen and Anita, the family was four star June gave the world two daughters And a son with auburn curls And I thank God that he gave me This sweet Poor Valley girl

Wave To Ya Boyfriend

JACQUEES "Round Of Applause"
[Lil Chuckee:] Uh, hello ms. lady I heard your heart screamin out Chuckee come and save me, Yea I can take over your heart love voodoo, I'm your next now he your ex we outta here wave to him [Jacquees:] Aye, It's like a walk in the park, them other brothers throwin darts in the dark, they got no chance of even hittin the target, look at he lame I seen him shoppin at target Oh, Sometimes the best moves the fast move, your boy's trippin don't get hit with that wackjuice James Brown said you've got to have the feeling we're on a bike and yep your boys third-wheelin so let him go [Chorus:] See your a poor, poor, poor pretty little thing walkin all alone at this time of day, ya man thought he was to grown for ya, yea we gone fix that right but first thangs first we gotta wa-a-ave goodbye, Why don't you (wave to your boyfriend, wave to your boyfriend, wave to your boyfriend tell him goodbye [x2]), I don't mean to be rude but that girl she deserves that dude, So won't you wave to your boyfriend, wave to your boyfriend, wave to your boyfriend tell him goodbye [Jacquees:] It's like takin candy from a baby, she call me honey and I'm callin her my baby, you need to chill, girl you know I got a sweet tooth, I'm diabetic but I'm never gona leave you, Oh, now girl let's dip like the Tootsie Roll, you throw it over and I'll dip like the Super Bowl, now listen honey you can wave like a ball game, slap to the base and then is what we all sayin [Chorus] So won't you won't you won't you wave [Lil Chuckee:] Uh, Jacquees couldn't said it better, see ya'll don't have no chemistry all I see is a shadow of you holdin on with a smile that's what you battle, but all he doin is shadowin your blessin red devil, see I can rock your world, heavy metal, and we can tour the world, that's only if you let me, hugh and I can be your secret weapon, young Martin baby tell your ex get to steppin [Chorus]

One Tin Soldier

Listen, children, to a story That was written long ago About a kingdom on a mountain And a valley far below On the mountain was a treasure Buried deep beneath a stone And the valley people swore They'd have it for their very own Chorus: Go ahead and hate your neighbor Go ahead and cheat your friend Do it in the name of heaven You can justify it in the end There won't be any trumpets blowing On that judgement day On the bloody morning after One tin soldier rides away. So the people of the valley Sent a message up the hill Asking for the buried treasure Tons of gold for which they'd kill Came the answer from the kingdom With our brothers we will share All the secrets of our mountain All the riches buried there. (chorus) Now the valley cried in anger 'Mount your horses! Draw your swords!' And they killed the mountain people Swore they'd won their just reward. Down they stood beside the treasure On the mountain dark and red Turned the stone and looked beneath it 'Peace on earth' was all it said. (chorus)

I Luh Hur

AKINYELE "Vagina Diner"
My girl is pregnant, I'm ready to start splitting All around the town on the down low was the girl that I was hitting Everyone knows I used to luh huh I don't want this pregnant talk to get back to my mother Shit! I just can't believe it I thought me and this lady had came to a mutual agreement But I was dead wrong, her trick was evil and ill All along girlfriend I though you was still on the pill Step to the G-Y-N The gynecologist, miss, so we can put this to an END You'll need some dough, I'll probably LEND You wanna play Biz Mark AGAIN And tell him I'm just a FRIEND So buy me Newports, cause as I smoke All I do is think about you and child support But I don't got papes, I got money Sticking up and messing up when I went outta state So you can stop all that FIENDIN' With your damn SCHEMIN' You're Christopher Williams cause you must be DREAMIN' Wake up and escape And while you're at it why don't you throw away your Jodeci tapes Cause you can be forever my lady, but I ain't with no baby Ah, ah, no ifs ands or maybes I ain't old enough and ain't trying to hear it So don't steal my youth cause I'm still young in spirit That belly blows up, it's gonna be trouble Imma have to play like a pin and come pop that bubble Find Chucky if you want child's play I'll give your ass a hanging and drop you off in an alleyway This is a diary of a black man By making no alimony payments due to no wedding bands So ax that talk about MARRAGE Miss, you must of misunderstood, I want you to have a MISCARRAGE I'm fed up, and sorry that I've done it I'm ready to set her up and have my little man kick her in the stomach Or punch my fist through that naval Cause I'll be damned if this be the hand that rocks the cradle Or push her down a flight of steps I don't care or give a heck About the people under the stairs I'm all about a home made ABORTMENT My name's not Pat, so don't send Jack Black This ain't the damn Wheel of FORTUNE I don't want no pause or no PORTION Next time woman you should proceed with CAUTION It ain't all about boy and girl A half hour past the Cosby Show Cause you, it's a whole different world And yom that's how live I am Use a diaphragm, I get it off your chest like a mammogram Oh brother, word to mother Just cause I talk this shit don't get me wrong Yo, I still luh hur I luh hur (repeat 5X) Nobody tell her, because I luh hur I luh hur (repeat 8X)

Mountain Cry

BLUES TRAVELER "Live From The Fall"
Music Lyrics: Brendan Hill I met my girl on a mountain side Looking for warmth and a place to hide She took me in as the day grew long As we lay by the fire our love grew strong I left the city for its dirt and grime The factory wails to make mountain time I found love, but she slipped away Now I'm alone, but here I'll stay I keep on looking till this very day For my girl who's gone away I'll search this land till the day I die A sweet loving woman, make a mountain cry

Somebody's Hero

She's never pulled anyone from a burning building She's never rocked Central Park to a half a million fans, screaming out her name She's never hit a shot to win the game She's never left her footprints on the moon She's never made a solo hot air balloon ride, around the world, No, she's just your everyday average girl (but) She's somebody's hero A hero to her baby with a skinned up knee A little kiss is all she needs The keeper of the cheerios The voice that brings Snow White to life Bedtime stories every night And that smile lets her know She's somebody's hero She didn't get a check every week like a nine-to fiver But she's been a waiter, and a cook and a taxi driver For twenty years, there at home, until the day her girl was grown Giving all her love to her was her life's ambition But now her baby's movin' on, and she'll soon be missin' her But not today, those are tears of joy runnin' down her face She's somebody's hero A hero to her daughter in her wedding dress She gave her wings to leave the nest It hurts to let her baby go down the aisle she walks right by Looks back into her mother's eyes And that smile lets her know She's somebody's hero Thirty years have flown right past Her daughters' starin' at all the photographs Of her mother, and she wishes she could be like that Oh, but she already is She's somebody's hero A hero to her mother in a rockin' chair She runs a brush through her silver hair The envy of the nursing home She drops by every afternoon Feeds her mama with a spoon And that smile lets her know Her mother's smile lets her know She's somebody's hero

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