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John Waite lyrics - Figure in a Landscape

Thinking About You

Original and similar lyrics
Thinking about old times Thinking about the things we said All the worthless games and lies I'm looking at myself And the mirror's unkind You're inside my mind And you're outside my eyes And I'm looking for something That's real in my life, something true, yeah! And I'm looking for something to hold on to But I guess it won't be you Thinking about Thinking about Thinking about you all the time You're on my mind But this song is not for you Of all the things I could've done I walked right out the door Left like a loaded gun Into the street And these new days drag on Through the long afternoon I'm smashed and Flintstones are on TV Repeat Yeah well sometimes I wake up round midnight With you wreathed around my skull Like a halo of lies most of the time And I'm in denial coming down from the ceiling I was just your stepping stone You burned out all my feelings Chorus out


Flotsam And Jetsam "High"
Tonight we take the stage again, To shock you and capture your holes. The victims before us, words can't describe, The kind you seize only in your dreams. Her striking glance tells the story, The lust in her mind is plain to see. She knows that I know what she's thinking. Thinking of poisoning me... Poison me - snakes that bite - poison me The time for gashing has come now, The reptile slithers to me. Just one more persuasion, Her cold blood boils from the heat. Penetration, injection is painless, Forked-tongue flicking about. A constrictor in the form of a woman, With such a grip... I barely got out! I'll poison you with my venom, Come to me, Viper... and see. The stage smoulders in silence, The pounding and banging is done... For now, only until next time, When for my venom, again you will come.

Final Goodbye

USHER "Usher"
It's time to say goodbye It's over now It's time to say goodbye Is there a reason why our love could not last I ask was it too strong for you to hold on pretty Lady I thought we had a master plan But it takes a stronger man to walk away Than to watch our love fade away I often wonder how and why I did not cheat I did not lie I hope you know how hard I tried But it's over for now It's time to say goodbye [Chorus] I can't believe how suddenly things change Yesterday we were in love but all I feel were Heartaches And pain Day and night I tried deep inside to work things out But in my heart I knew I still had my doubts I thought we made a symphony It's over now no more harmony I prayed so hard for love to fly (oh yeah) It's time to say goodbye Ooh bye bye bye bye bye [Chorus] Sorry I gotta leave Baby I'm beggin' please Ooh yeah yeah yeah Bye bye bye bye [Chorus]

Gotta Make That Money

TQ "They Never Saw Me Comin'"
Yeah uh mm give it to me Mmmmm yeah Yeah yeah Mm no no no no Seems like every night, right before I go to sleep I say a little prayer to the Lord that he keep me, that he keep me I used to be the kind of nigga that didn't give a fuck about nobody The slightest little thing would make me mad Especially if it involved my money And I can't tell you 'bout the next man But I love pullin' up in big sedans Wit all my niggas in a caravan Holla if ya hear me Now I'd love to break ya, bring ya down And take you back again But that would take too much time And I gotta hit the streets again [Chorus] And even if the sun don't shine, I'll still be hustlin' Gotta get that money, make that money Keep it comin', if it takes all night, can't be strugglin' Somebody come help me Can ya tell me why is slangin' always on my mind Must be buggin' I guess they figured I would quit and they could get me If they tapped my line Don't mean nothin' I'll still be hustlin' Now I hate to be the one to tell ya, but I don't mind Niggas can hate if they want to And I'm still gon' get mine, still gon' get mine Yes, I still be ridin' in a SC on dubs And I won't be seen at none of the clubs And uh, all your women would know who I was (And that you wouldn't like) And that you wouldn't like If everybody kept they mind on gettin' they scrilla Won't be no time to fuck with mine, so won't be killin' I'll just sit back and recline, smoke this Philly And keep my fingers laced with diamonds like Big Willie But for now, catch me on Compton Avenue With a handful of hundreds and a strap or two Puttin' it down for my niggas like they told me to You need some candy, so won't you come thru [Chorus] And even if the sun don't shine, I'll still be hustlin' Gotta get that money, make that money Keep it comin', if it takes all night, can't be strugglin' Somebody come help me Can ya tell me why is slangin' always on my mind Must be buggin' I guess they figured I would quit and they could get me If they tapped my line Don't mean nothin' I'll still be hustlin' [E-40] Sometimes I'm suited up Sometimes I'm bummy, lookin' like a crook Hair all nappy and wild - we call it the full nuk Mashin', mobbin' and thrashin' Woopers, horns and tweeters blastin' Throbbin', hoggin' and doggin' Godzilla ballin' When it's money callin' War-rank, war-rank Just ride your runners fool Be 'bout your bank Sittin' fat like chupling All about my money, duffle bags full of scratch Artillery fire arms and gats Reep my mill, cap my feddy, get my bread Hirries on my tail, but I'm tryin' for them, but they want me dead, dead Cuz I made it out the game without a clue or trace Used to sell that bass Rock cavvy candy, Never had to stop, enemies on the block, they knew it (they knew it) As far as I was concerned, man I do it Check it out Money schemin' Chris Alberchuck, Chocolate Philly, Glocks Garcia Vegas Black and Miles on the pack again (yes) What you know about that TQ and E-40 Fonzarelli a.k.a. Charlie Hustle, easy Biatch!!!

The Guidelines

Aceyalone "A Book Of Human Langauge"
Let's begin Asalaam alaikum, people of good will I offer you the greeting of thought manifested skill to finally reveal the open-end chapter As real as the flesh that you're embodied in to the skull cavity your mind is rotting in, I'll be riding in And there might have been a slight, rotation warp to curve the course of course I'm cordial when I'm reportin I won't distort, I don't contort connect conduct collect console or conceal In full control of the roll of the wheel My eyes are my appliance to decipher the science Omitting defiance with the high-tech mic check The buttons that flashed I pushed for absolute destruction your structure is lifted from the ground The foundation mound is broke, so you float around I'm embedded in what is known as beat Let it be shown, every enzyme is complete In time, you'll see the pace of the pulse pump rapidly, heart rate, happily marched I happen to be the dark man who holds the charts I arch my horizontal line to make a rainbow .. but it ain't the same though, yo The tried and true pros I chase and fools go sliding through holes, like small rodents It's obviously, evident my embellishment peaks at two-ninety-two I.Q. Cause Big Ace is the spinner, in the, center Inventor, and I plan to be a winner meaning I'll be in inner outer ovaries, overload, overboard overseas hearin oversees more, than the eye can I stand, limited primative, sentimentalist, escapist The way I shape this landscape, automatically makes this, vivid I give it a rivet, hold it, stand at the pivot I love it, learn to live it, then give you my exhibit Not inhibited, not even a little bit, when I'm inclined My attempts to redefine your hip-hop guidelines and you can play the sidelines, ride rhymes in your spare time My attempts to redefine your hip-hop guideline You can play the sideline, ride rhymes in your spare time cause I'd rather stimulate your mind than emulate your purpose And we have only touched on the surface of the serpent Consider me part of the dust, in the dusk I must collect the samples from the rust Penetrate the crust then trust no living Driven by the sonic, language passion Your ashes spark the flashes, of the neon from be-yond, what kind of planet could I be on? I don't know, but I'ma be on, for eons, and eons While many think that they can never play out Get trapped in a timeframe, and never find their way out I stay off the dramatization, and I balance Always seeking the challenge, to show the world the incredible talents, I cut the corners, smooth out the surfaces Worthlessness is just, half of the problem I read the greek kid, I did every column I note the animal kingdom, and the phylum WHYLUM style em, until they get to hit the target I mark it on the bullseye, of flies and the buffalo wing in the sky My architectnique sparks the dark streets of your resting ground I suggest that you warn your town I inhabit the oxygen, mark off the memory You will never forget to remember the lone wolverine marine biologist machine with the verbal Internal mind fertile, foot, over hurdle Tight, like girdle, and my word'll be the last I incubate, every other millineuim I fast and I hibernate, to pass any of em I am potent, untraceable No color no odor no taste no replaceable parts No heart, no head just a carcas The darkest days come, right before the light I watch my watch and stand right before the mic By the powers, vested in me, I digested MC's food for thought, caught on to the end of the rope and swung Then stood stiff, as if, I was on a cliff Not beneath sticks, my feet are made of bricks When I walk my footprints indent cement I am not practical, nor am I unusual Nor am I oblivious to, hideous crimes Every city is captured and trapped in my mind Given the spinal tap, as the final rap climbs My attempts to redefine your hip-hop guidelines You can play the sidelines, ride rhymes in your spare time My attempts to redefine your hip-hop guidelines You can play the sidelines, ride rhymes in your spare time Cause I have become the night owl on the prowl Master of the freebin pile style Cause I'm, om-nipotent I'm, some, government experiment that is out of control I'm from some big black hole I square up, select, and rec'd, every tangle I flare up, and you can try, any angle Even Bermuda, but I bury the barracuda then I'm, octa-gone in the wind with the pollen

Educated Guess

MXPX "Ever Passing Moment"
Everything's gotten so complicated Now you're older now you're jaded You despise what you used to love Cursing everything under the sky above When you think back does it ever make you cry Like it does me with the tears all in my eyes Crying, driving in my car Looking back on my life so far All the things that you believe in Lies all lies they've been deceiving you Deceiving me, deceiving you When we were young we were told so many times Prepare for your future cause it won't be easy They never did tell us to enjoy life, here it is Because before you know it life has passed you by All the things. . . All the time you have invested Wasted time not to be trusted Washed away from you away from me They've been deceiving, you deceiving me

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