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John McDermott lyrics - Danny Boy

The Old House

Original and similar lyrics
Lonely I wander through scenes of my childhood They bring back to memory the happy days of yore Gone are the old folk, the house stands deserted No light in the window, no welcome at the door Here's where the children played games on the heather Here's where they sailed their wee boats on the burn Where are they now? Some are dead, some have wandered No more to their home will the children return Lonely the house now, and lonely the moorland The children have scattered, the old folk are gone Why stand I here, like a ghost or a shadow? 扵is time I was movin', 憈is time I passed on.


ANDRE NICKATINA "Hell's Kitchen"
OK... got some for me? [San Quinn:] Yeah, yeah, listen to the story I'm about to tell Another tale about that yayo Little girl once innocent and sweet 14 introduced to the street Started from weed, big smoke outs Before you could exhale, blunt in your mouth Sham, Nay, blew you blew Now you need something else to do A new high to try, a new place to go Introduced to the yay to the yo House full of girls, old and young Playin it on the table takin one on ones Use dollar bills just to snort the lines You see the big girls do it so of course it's fine Cocaine enforced on your mind Now blow, then they blowin ya time Let's go [Chorus: x2] Ayo for yayo Walk around with yayo, all in my nasal I must have been craze yo [San Quinn:] Chompin and compin kicks Supplyin people with they fix Where you fit? Fillmore Street is where you sit Don't go in the house till you move a zip Worked a day and night shift To stay awake, a nigga might sniff Not too much cause you might slip Instead of 28, you cookin 26 Keep a gat in the pack in the sock Take a couple of tubes, then it's back to the block Back to the service out the sack Experimentin with that salt, what about that crack, huh? One try, another try without a doubt Papered out, always at the Powder house Day time, night time, nigga powdered out Coulda been a papered up power house [Chorus x2] [San Quinn:] Like you and I, super high, like superfly One more line, one more rhyme like Peruvian Fine I can keep you down, and get you high You like to blow? like Boston George You want some more, for you and your whores? I kick off wars, and get behind walls And corporate doors, executive nose sore Rich man, high, eight balls and quarters They call me, placin they orders Bring me across the border, buyin the case Before I'm sold, they take the case Snortin habit, not with affordin Some use me, strictly out of boredom I hooked people before man, I warned them I took many people out before them Doin my job, connected with the mob Got President Bush, Whitney, and Bob Many others all walks of life have one on ones with me every night [Chorus x4] That's some good coke

One Time (HainesVox)

K-OS "BLack On BLonde"
[Intro:] One time, I give em one time. I give em one time. [Verse 1:] Watch to choke and don't bust Got the juice so don't bound with us Rock a faith, but don't wear things down Rock a boat but they're landing now Cheat things up, but don't die for the mill Rock the truth and go home fulfilled Back in the days I would hunt for the full, the blunts, and rip the mic at McGill Just get down, one time Try taking just one step back Choking, smoking, macking lacking Causing witchcraft blow, black I choose the facts Make a hit, then coast to coast and come back You thought rap was over, but thank Jehovah I'm back Taking over year, yeah beat that. [Hook:] One time, I give em one time. I give em one time. [Verse 2:] Forget the past and lets hang No need to blast or gang bang Lets be real because life's too short Told ya girl to absorb them thoughts Kick the truth but don't die to be right Then again I like how you fight Back in the days I would come over to your place from exchanging latex all night Ye-ye-ye-yeah, one time... Baby just take one step back When I met you girl I stretch you, wet you You twist the facts, make it seem like you and I are not back You thought we were over, but thank Jehovah we swag Kick him to the curb, lean back [Hook:] One time, I give em one time. I give em one time. [Bridge:] You're just another lonely girl So who gives if you run the world You're just another lonely girl A lonely girl, yeah [Verse 3:] Back to the middle, to the front, don't front On the style that was made, to be quiet and played Like a child with a new toy, this is dope boy Never know I never did coke boy Used to drink Jag, chug it back till I yak When I rolled with a pack of wolves on a black chop (Now I'm not) Keep it reverential like my Pop, you can say I like to cope like Spock boy Our solar system is floating through outer space We don't know our own face Won't act like a human race We strictly wasting our rhymes Thus wasting these young minds Realize you are human kind, lick a shot one time! [Outro:] One time, I give em one time. I give em one time.

Fire Coming Out Of The Monkeys Head

GORILLAZ "Demon Days"
(spoken) Once upon a time at the foot of a great mountain. There was a town where the people known as happy folk live. Their very existence a mystery to the rest of the world, obsucred as it was by great clouds. Here they played out their peaceful lives innocent of the litany of excess and violence that was growing in the world below. To live in harmony with the spirit of the mountain called monkey was enough. Then one day strange folk arrived in the town they came in camofuage hidden behind dark glasses and no one noticed them. They only saw shadows, you see without the truth of the eyes the happy folk were blind. (sung) Falling out of aeroplanes, and hiding out in holes. Waiting for the sunset to come, people going home. Jump out behind them and shoot them in the head. Now everyone is dancing the dance of the dead the dance of the dead the dance of the dead (Spoken) In time the strange folk found their way into the higher reaches of the mountain. And it was there that they found the caves of unimaginable sincerity and beauty. By chance they stumbled upon the place were all good souls come to rest. The strange folk they coveted the jewles in these caves above all things. And soon they began to mine the moutain, its rich seam fueling the chaos of their own world. Meanwhile, down in the town, the happy folk slept restlessly their dreams invaded by shadowy figures digging away at their souls. Everday people would wake and stare at the mountain. Why was it bringing darkness into their lives? And as the strange folk mined deeper and deeper into the mountain, holes began to appear bringing with them a cold and bitter wind that chilled the very soul of the monk. For the first time the happy folk felt fearful, for they knew that soon the monkey would stir from its deep sleep. And there came a sound, distance at first, that grew into a catostrophany so immense it could be heard far away in space. There were no screams there was no time. The mountain called monkey had spoken. There was only fire and then nothing. (sung) Oh, a little town of USA the time ahs come to see Nothing you believe any more but where were you when it all come down on me Did you call me out

Teach The Children

Eric B. Rakim "Don't Sweat The Technique"
No more time to pass time 'cause these are the last rhymes, 'Cause we're living in the last times... They wanna go to war, more wars to come But most of us fight more wars than one Discrimination in the racial nation While they destroy our strong foundation Nature's balance is way off balance They tip the scale, now it's no more silence The hole in the ozone layer is outta control But they wanna fight for more oil and gold Unemployment, I got laid off The streets is the last resorts to get paid off For more, more mint, no doe for rent I gotta shed blood to make a red cent Maybe I should ask the president Somebody give me the president But he don't want to hear it, it's out of the question 'Cause in my section it's worse than recession So I go to a rich neighborhood and play Robin Hood Take from the bad and give to the good First I go to Bensonhurst, steal a Benz, snatch a purse Pick up my friends, that's when it gets worse 'Cause I need government and they need government Alot of mint spent, now I gotta pay rent Who makes the most dead presidents in the projects You're gonna get robbed and wrecked I parked up the block to plot on a kid that made a knot Let's get him for all he got I approached him slow like I was a basehead Put the fo-fifth to his face and said You see those kids over there wit the hoods Walk to them real slow and give them the goods First the gun and the doe and crush the jumbos One false move and no one knows 'Cause I got a silencer to hush the bust And I'm in a rush, so hush the fuss Plus the poison you fed will no longer spread You good as dead, I'm a fill your head wit lead That's when I pushed him into his building To murder him ...but I remember the children... chorus: We gotta teach the children everyday, keep a song Show them the light, teach them right from wrong Make some sense so they can carry on Teach the children We gotta teach the children so that they can sing along Understand the words in this song Can't be done when we're gone, so... Teach the children ,save the nation I see the destruction, the situation They're corrupt, and their time's up soon But they'll blow it up and prepare life on the moon Sounds like Total Recall But who gotta spaceship, you get it, we fall So hope for the best and expect the worst The end is near and it's U-N-I verse... The one's that interfere wit nature Labeled you limited and underrate ya, His plans over rule when he separates ya Now it's U-N-I verse, the one that hates ya So we gotta let them know, we're hip to the script Change the skit, or we're about to flip 'Cause we want access to happiness Livin' the good life and much success Equal opportunity Self awareness and unity Education, the kids need a sculpture Teach them the abacus and their culture... And that'll help stop the robbing, raping and killing Poison neighborhoods are illing But they import more keys from across seas A drug disease hits the streets wit ease So keep on building.... 'cause we gotta keep building Till the answers are filled in And make sure you don't stop till then... And if you do, remember the children!

Welcome To The World

10CC "Look Hear"
You're through gestation so welcome to the world We've still got vacancies just waiting to be filled We're still delivering ten thousand souls a day And disproportionately packing them away The starving of the multitudes and the feeding of the few We're only humanoid there's nothing we can do You must do something or we'll all go up in smoke We'd like to help but we're afraid of losing votes They never listen to you They never listen to your cries We're not progressing we're only marking time You're on your own Think of your children Think of your children Are they welcome to the world If every Chinaman jumped up and down in sync Then California would be sucked into the drink You've all got bodies and a few of you got minds We'd like to juse them but we never get the time Though man's achievements are a credit to us all How come we're stading with our backs against the wall One thousand congressmen assemble every day They'll send us packing on a dreadlock holiday They'll never listen to you They'll never listen to your cries They'll keep on talking and wasting precious time You're on your own Think of your children Think of your children Look to your children They're only children Are they welcome to the world

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