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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Windsong

Shipmates And Cheyenne

Original and similar lyrics
(Denver/Henry) Shipmates and cheyenne, raindrops and crying haunt the dreams of an old, old man. Candles and church bells, laughter and farewells revolve in his thoughts like the wind. Stallions and blizzards, steelies and lizards drift in the meadows of time. No sense of progression, of age and direction, no meter, no form, no rhyme. I'll hold me one, just one rising sun long after daylight is gone. I'll hold me one, one more rising sun till my daylight and darkness is done. Kingdoms and cupboards, losers and lovers and evenings of blackberry wine. Falling like sand, the memory of hands and kisses, and whispers and sighs. I'll hold me one, just one rising sun long after daylight is gone. I'll hold me one, one more rising sun till my daylight and darkness is done.

My Time

JOE BUDDEN "No Love Lost"
[Intro:] The alternate route is a long one But ultimately, in the end, it gets you to the same exact destination Yes sir, the journey's been long And the wins have been short But today, none of that matters [Verse 1:] The time is now, zoom, get close The ego is gone, the room is for growth But talent is there, the feeling is new I mean, bottom is gone but the ceiling is too I was higher than Whitney, headed toward the top again Everything I write crack, like it's with a Bobby pen But it's more than what you hear in a song The wings are extended, the fear is gone Hold up, the clips are loaded, safety is off The business is in the black, I ain't taking a loss Hold up, standards are high, hoes never hold out The touring is cool, the shows always sold out The foes are mad, but fuck it no one else cares The kicks are custom, you'll never see em elsewhere The stakes are high, the risk is crucial And they love to hate me, but I love it when they do too [Hook:] I've been waiting here for so long Gotta take what's mine Since time will never wait Who am I stand up fate? It's my time, it's my time, it's my time [Verse 2:] Look, I've been hurt, I could pull up scars Now the earth is my pull up bar The journey was long, the roads were slim Though I thank God today, I probably owe it to sin Streets were hungry, I was torn apart Even though them jails were cold, they warmed my heart Was living the worst, but prayed for the best Ain't have a thing given to me, had to rape success Had to be used for approval, had to use whatever was useful Had to act old even when youthful Money don't make me, that ain't what I kill for Cause I was richer than I'd ever been, and was still poor Some never thought he would propel Some talked to me just to speak to themselves Some broke their arm, all while reaching for wealth So when you come into the game, make sure you leave with yourself [Hook] [Verse 3:] We all got demons, a few I rivaled Looked em in the eye, and they became suicidal They thought it couldn't happen, they were too prideful His head's an ornament on the wall as proof I survived you Bills were high, money was low Strip club was popping, wasn't money to go Going nowhere fast, but drugs was a one stop Couldn't shine selling that tan, I had my son blocked Now I'm on acres, in a house, with a loft The women are foreign, their blouses are off It's a whole new me, I redefined my style And since yesterday's gone, I guess the time is now [Hook]

Curse Of The Traveller

CHRIS REA "Dancing With Strangers"
On the restless road to nowhere There's no certain peace it seems Desire to keep on moving till the river of dreams Is it just because someone told you Is it just because you found Old freedom feels uneasy when duty is around When allegiance asks the questions Old freedom twists and turns And chokes on codes of honour On the sword of no return And it's the curse of the traveller The curse of the traveller Got a hold of me And it won't let you be And in sleepless nights You'll call her name And feel loneliness cold to the bone And when the daylight breaks This old tired heart aches To be such a long way, such a long way from home And you long for the harbourlights But you'll never be free Of the craving for refuge And the call of the sea Always wanting to sell up But always needing to buy So till the road leads to somewhere And that river runs dry It's the curse of the traveller Ain't gonna let you be The curse of the traveller And it sure got a hold of me

Till The Cows Come Home

Boys Farmer
You told me to hold on here To hold on like day old beer To hold on for your return May I yearn and burn? I sit in my rocking chair And swing like a doctrinaire On things that won't be so Up and down Day by day, all night long, All the years you have been gone I hold on here Till the cows come home The bitterness inside me Embraces me totally And opens me finally I have been alone I hold on a rocking chair again And swing like a doctrinaire again On things that won't be so Up and down Day by day, all night long, All the years you have been gone I hold on here Till the cows come home Oh god I'm yearning, I'm always burning For things that are gone But now I'm learning To stop turning around, to hold on That's not a song about you, not about me, not about anyone Maybe an outstanding account to be paid For all the days, all night long, all the years I hold on till the cows come home


J Live "Apokalipse"
With or without the mic when my mind gets phonetic The mouth gets kinetically energetic its simple as your alphabetics My words you mark and never mock long as my name has been Jean Jacques I keep you open like your pupils in the dark. Dogs bark at the gate to negate what I create Still I write rhymes regardless of the stop signs In tough times or nice times For shade or for sunshine Throughout time all times have been the right time, to recite mine To mankind Who wants mine, come get mine You best combine minds Before you cross that fine line And say who is so called inclined Press rewind You'll find if you're blind, you can't see How this defines and redefines M U S I C Who I be H I P H O P, you know we As them strangers That some wish they could be or not to be Impossibly As it transcends from hte pen, to the key to the mind You will find an emcee, good enough to envy As long as I'm alive It'll send me to that next shit That some just can't get wit' or F with My almamada tolf you that it don'y quit kid, it don'y start until it all seems to be so easy Chorus: Easy, Emcee is my ambition, The incredible, lyrical and original emcee is my ambition Who in their right minds thinks they can put a stop to hip hop If it don't stop till I stop And I don't stop till it stop Fake emcees that soak props like rag mops must get dropped Risin' to the top of the bottom That's how I got 'em If your hearts glass ceiling is my mind's glass floor Whose style do you suppose Reaches higher plateaus While you kick those sellout flows In hope to sell out shows But get your spots taken easy as the wind blos J remains repin all the heads whole steppin Whose style shall be the illest With or without the weapon With or without a doubt I maintain with just the facts Improving skills with or without the record contracts And yet still If that beez the case my presence was a gift in its own right So I remain strong Long as Hands cap on Snare drums tap on J's word stays bond And cornballs who rap get snapped on Live lyrics will be just that Just phat Just right for all those who feel my flavors tight I'm dedicated to the flow The only way the true lyricist could ever make it seems so easy Chorus As I reserve the right to renovate the Raw Shack with lyrical scaffolds Heads are battled as tracks are travelled You're unraveled Or should I say unrapped in this world where mics get checked and all cornballs get slapped Alright rhymes get rewritten No bullshittin Perfected JL run point and stays on it Mastered styles look back and laugh at first drafts Freestyles make toes wanna paydownponit Do anything but lay down on it Anestesiatics get trapped like rats in attics To craftmatics but then transform like skilled wax to insomniacs with my name in your almanacs infact I let my glory be that never ending story Like those that still inspire since seven albums before me Cause yo From this old school comes a new degree Yet to be mastered till longevity seems to be so easy

Copper Canteen

JAMES MCMURTRY "Complicated Game"
Honey don't you be yellin' at me when I'm cleaning my gun I'll wash the blood of the tailgate when deer season's done We got one more weekend to go And I'd like to kill one more doe So I'll shovel the side walk again cause you're still in a stew And I bet the bridge tender's widow won't mind that I can't please you She sure got the run of the men Out here where the pickin's are thin there's not much to do I woke up last night In the grip of a fright Scared to breathe for I might make a noise But this life that we crave So little we save 'tween the grandparent's graves and the grandchildren's toys We grew up hard And our children don't know what that means We turned into our parents before we were out of our teens Through series of Chevys and Fords The occasional spin round the floor at the Copper Canteen Now the bix boxes out on the bypass are shavin us thin I guess we'll hold on a couple more years till the pension kicks in Then we'll sell all the stock in the store Leave only the lock on the door and wonder what then When I wake up at night In the grip of a fright And you hold me so tight to your chest And your breath on my skin Still pulls me back in Till I'm weigthless and then I can rest So if Monseigneur should pull you aside as you're leavin the church And I'm out on the ice droppin lines for the walleye and perch Tell 'em it's not your job to bring me to the fold And I'd rather stand out in the cold And honey I know The woodpile's low and you can't close the flue So I'll split up a couple more chords 'fore the winter time's through Hold on to your rosary beads Leave me to my mischievous deeds like we always do

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