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JOHN DENVER lyrics - The Flower That Shattered The Stone

Raven's Child

Original and similar lyrics
(Denver/Henry) Raven's child is chasing salvation, black beak turned white from the crack and the snow. On the streets of despair the answer is simple, a spoonful of mercy can set free the soul. The drug king sits on his arrogant throne, away and above and apart. Even children are twisted to serve him and greed has corrupted what once was a heart. Raven's child keeps vigil for freedom, trades for the arms that once made her strong. With nuclear warheads and lasers in heaven, fear does the choosing between right and wrong. The arms king sits on his arrogant throne, away and above and apart. Bankers assure him that he needn't care and greed makes a stone of what once was a heart. Raven's child is washing the water, all of her wing-feathers blackened with tar. Prince William shoreline's an unwanted highway of asphalt and anger an elegant scar. The oil king sits on his arrogant throne, away and above and apart. Lawyers have warned him he mustn't speak and greed has made silent what once was a heart. You know there are walls that come tumbling down for people who yearn to be free. Still there are hearts that long to be opened and eyes that are longing to see. Raven's child is our constant companion, sticks like a shadow to all that is done. Try as we may we just can't escape him, the source of our sorrow and shame, we are one. The true King sits on a heavenly throne, never away nor above nor apart. With wisdom and mercy and constant compassion, he lives in the love that lives in our hearts.

Im Gonna Be My King

I didn't see it-no I didn't hear it I was just trying to Remember all the things I'll never know Well I was walking along-and I'm trying to stay strong-but It's always so hard because something's going wrond-but I try to remember all the things I'll never know And then it crashes on down without a warning there's a sound And the next thing I know is I'm flying off the ground I try to remember all the things I'll never know If you could hear mt heart-it'd sound something like this Not from my memory-what do you want from me Spinning through the ages left laughing at the dazes left me nothing that I want nor I need My pain is running plenty, my anger's nearly spent me getting harder from the suffering You crash my world and you're going down, run away and I'll hunt you down Start me up and that's the way it gonna be I gotta rule my world I'm gonna be my king I got it all set up I'm gonna be that everything Ssh! now listen up... my heart's got something else to say! Out of my memory... that's all that's left of me I'm tired of your lying, have no more of your denying... never want the future to turn to that past Thoughts annihilated-you're mentally constipated to disturb, it from the things that don't last I'm gonna be my king Ripping apart at the mind Ripping apart at the mind-you mentally try to slay me Ripping apart at the mind-why you trying to do me Ripping apart at the mind-why a king couldn't save me when you mentally slay me A simplistic introduction to a complex destruction from the friction that they're sponsoring Unable to delete the memories incomplete cause the hope and joy they're conquering It's spiritually uncleansing-the nightmare's never-ending now you're striking the proverbial kill But you underestimated how highly agitated was my purpose and my power and will Can't nobody stop me can't nobody stop me I'm gonna be my king I didn't see it, no Ididn't hear it I was just trying to remember all the things I'll never know

The Splendour Of A Thousand Swords

Bal Sagoth
ALTARUS: Gaze deep into the mists with your spirit-eyes, Xerxes... look far, and tell me what you see. XERXES: I see a land far to the north... a vast empire of dark endless moors and snow- crowned mountains... a land of brooding citadels and warrior-kings who hail to grim gods. ALTARUS: Look well, Xerxes, for enlightenment hides within the fog-swathed vales of Hyperborea... The King's Dream: By the onyx sceptre of my forefathers, the air is churning with auguries of dethronement... Impending dread thus prophesized! In a dream I was bade ride the argent-eyed unicorn to the Ring of Stones... There a torrent of viscid slime assailed me, as pipes and horns sang the clarion of my dissolution... And the usurpation of my ancient azure throne. Assassins stalk the nighted halls of my palace... poisoned blades and chalices surround me. I thirsted for a balm, but my thirst was slaked by an envenomed draught. My swordarm shackled by tendrils of sloth... enthralled by the chasmed gloom... Borne upon wings of labyrinthine dread... I awaken! I shall seek the counsel of the sorcerer, keeper of the ancient scrolls of wisdom, and the Crystals of Power... The Words of the Sorcerer: My liege, great and regal king... the mists disclose their secrets... you are destined to wield a great dark power. Drink deep of the potions of the apothecary, for upon thee now I bestow a shard of the mystic Crystal of Mera... sacred artefact of the Atlantean mages, won in battle by our legions. My liege, the Crystal of Mera shall unveil the truth lurking hidden in thy most fever-haunted dreams... The Voice of the Harbinger: The land awash with spilled blood, and viscera torn forth from the sundered dead... Gorge the earth with flesh darkened with the claw and fang of war... rent open the ravenous maws of worms... The King: The Crystal illumines dark secrets, the truth is known... a dire and ancient threat is ranged against me. Hearken, the clarion is upon the winds, now the call to arms is upon us all, Grim warriors, take up thy spears and hone thy gleaming swords. Archers, string thy bows, brave knights, saddle the steeds of war, The glory of battle is nigh at last, our banner shall fly this day in victory! My warriors, a legacy shall this day be wrought by our blades, decreed by the gods, Blessed by the blood of vanquished foes. Our destiny beckons... Lord Angsaar, Dark Liege of Chaos: Come, great king of Hyperboria, march against me with your splendid legions and shimmering swords. I, the Bane of the Atlantean Kings, the Scourge of Lemuria, Archfoe of the Immortals of Ultima Thule, shall Crush you! I shall visit a thousand plagues upon your realm, and wreak untold havoc and bloody carnage until I have your throne... and your soul! ALTARUS: And thus, flanked by the splendour of azure banners, a vast army marched forth from the great walls of the Imperial City of Hyperborea, and at the forefront of the mighty legions, astride an ebon war-stallion, rode the king, sunlight glinting upon his splendid armour... compelled by dreams, and guided by the Crystal of Mera... XERXES: Where? Where did the king's path take him? ALTARUS: The king was compelled to lead his forces to the shadow-haunted Mountains of the Dead, a grim and brooding place steeped in dark and ancient legendry. Alone he rode into the gaping maw of a huge cave hewn into the side of the tallest mountain countless ages past by unknown hands. For three full days and nights he did not emerge from the cave... until, at last, he rode forth from the eldritch mountain once more, a terrible knowledge shadowed in his icy eyes, and bearing in his gauntleted fist a huge black sword, a magnificent ebon blade which no human blacksmith ever forged. Fearsome sorcerous power crackled within the yard of black steel, dancing upon its searingly honed, glyph-scored blade... and its bejewelled, dragon-carved hilt did whisper arcane secrets to the king in a strange, elder tongue. XERXES: But master, what powers did this blade possess? What secrets did it hold? ALTARUS: Many centuries ago, before even were waged the Great Wars between the ancient kingdoms of Atlantis and Hyperborea, Lord Angsaar did rise from his charnel-tomb and do battle with a powerful immortal warrior-shaman over the possession of the elder Crystals of Mera, mystic gems of unparalleled magical potency. Angsaar, his power swelled by forces from the vast Outer Darkness, did smite his foe to the brink of destruction... but, with his fading sorceries, the immortal mystically transferred his life- essence into his great black sword, and scattered the magic crystals across the galaxy, leaving Angsaar with a hollow victory and forcing him to return once more to his dark Chamber of Slumber. The sword was lost for centuries, as were the crystals, until the one gem to remain on this world was discovered deep beneath the northern seas by an ancient Atlantean wizard. And the sword... legends spoke of how its final resting place would be made known by the sorceries of the last crystal only when the blade's power would once again ne needed to battle the Chaos-liege. This was the immortal's final, most powerful spell... upon the reawakening of Angsaar, the sorcerous energies and undying lifeforce encased within the blade would be transferred to its wielder... aye, the one who discovered the Shadow-Sword would be imbued with the power of the immortal, and by the art of elder spellcraft, he would do battle with his ancient nemesis once more... XERXES: Then there looms such a cataclysmic battle! ALTARUS: And so, from his Black Citadel, the Chaos-liege did send forth his Horde of Wraiths to engage the army of the king... THE KING: Behold, a legion of undead fiends meets us upon the field of war. Face me, Scourge of Lemuria, I wield thy bane, the Shadow-Sword... (and darksome sorceries now empower me with thunderous might!) Hearken, the clarion is upon the winds, now the call to arms is upon us all, The glory of battle is nigh at last, into the fray we ride! XERXES: The outcome, master... who left the field victorious? Did the king prevail? ALTARUS: The mists begin to disperse... for now, the images fade. That tale shall have to wait 'til another day... Lyrics: Byron Music: Jonny Maudling

Tearing The Veil From Grace

Biblical choirs soar beyond veiled light A swansong for ravens trapped flapping in night A tragic yet magickal fall from grace Too awful to taste for the led and the chaste Those whose long fetters are addressed to all saints Free shining souls torn from Giod's given Reich Defiled, reviled, exiled from sight And Hell knows we sought victory Chancing the leash But when bad die were cast We were cast down to die A steeple of needles thrust into our eyes So scholars might say we were blinded by pride Like the sin of Our Father (and the whims of our kind) Whom in Isaiah and Midian thrived Regaining His sights for the storming of skies... And after descenturies have crawled, vilified Our dark harkened day on spread wing now arrives For eternity is a coprophagic Backward figure head Gorging on Her own bitter end And We have eaten shit Until we're close to addicts Now grime is running out For us to make amends To retake what once was lost To exalt our throne above the stars of God To throw our fuck into gates and guts Of a severed neverland Where we, the damned Once pleasured ran Like seamen from the phallus sea Atrocious oceans must be crossed To exalt our throne above the stars of God The thirteenth sign of the Zodiac climbs Cowled and scythed to snuff the sunrise... Throwing shades of war before like prophecy Nightbreed freed from the vasty deep ...Nasty reap of freaks forsaken And when sultry Dusk disrobes they'll learn She is not a natural blonde For the lower She goes the darker it grows An Eve that blows on Her knees for Satan Fellated Satan Screams congeal in clotted pearl As He unfurls from aching hibernation Stormbringer drums thunder to full Dis orchestra As lighting streaks with fire Black clouds that shroud the Earth Whose cold breasts have held us in scar pillories But now the Sun is loath to come The crescent moon is freed... Elated Satan The scimitar slash to the undergash Of Heaven too slight for penetration We strike as wolves from the thickening fog To exalt our throne ove the stars of God Lowly holy goats bare the brunt Of rabid dogmas on a stellar bearhunt Bastioned in citadels and monastic cells that smell of blessed cunt Like a convent where crosses rust From thirty dirty habits of shaved nun There where deeper needs are begged of lust And cess and less impress enough Obtaining the ord of Our Gaurdian, Anger And Death's tunnel vision Bad thing in collision The locking of eyes and jagged antler Unpicking the seams of fate sewn over dreams Feasting from throats of celestial theives And God knows we seek victory Now that we are unleashed To drive nails home of blind faith through those Who drove us from error to terror below Refugees clung to a crown furred in flies Tarred with red honey, the plaster Of many a spire that aspired to rise Seeking Messiahs that by us soon die... In the start like a cast In morality plays Our hearts wore a mask Of dead rooks in the rain The World was our cloister No prayer, bent in shame Our once lucent plumage Stung with horn withered grey... and away... As Aeons slew so we grew to myth Revenge accrued to a monolith Bursting through from our roofed abyss Like an aether greased fist Now vulvite gates are so sorely missed Our horror pours through the orifice Where once the spheres and archangels kissed Phallelujah! Fellated Satan His coming assails The Night In Gales That bewail turned tides That engulf their nation Now divintity is a worm ridden mouth In a darkened high house Overrun by disease So let the truth be wrung That the Banished Ones intent On reinstatement have won We breathe by virtue of their rot Now our souls exult above the stars of God.

Letter To The Game

JIM JONES "Vampire Life: We Own The Night"
Second floor my hotel I'm rollin up bout to blaze And zone out to this Frankie Beverly and Mayes As our days about to pass and them days in the past He set my mind free so my mind free at last So much that I don't even drink from a fuckin glass Id rather find the first fountain I can and do it fast Didn't understand a dream of a king now do the math Coincidentally on your birthdays I ditched the class Cause the younger me, dumber me was chasin the cash Chasin the ass, low life with his face in the grass Ridin home from school in front of the bus Not even thinking bout how Rosa Parks done it for us How she stayed behind bars and she done it for us And she stayed behind bars till she won it for us Sometimes I wanna give up or at least take a break That's when I close my eyes and see Coretta Scotts face Cause Sometimes I wanna give up or at least take a break That's when I close my eyes and see Coretta Scotts face... [Sample] [Nas:] Uh Word up Game Standing at the pue panoramic view of the seating Greeting, I've been meaning to do me some letter reading, to the King He forever breathing your messages never leaving Some of your homies, phonies I should say it when I see them Them sleazy bastards, some greedy pastors, jerks Some should never be allowed in Ebenezer Baptist Church, in Atlanta Some people be patient I know this ghetto grammar But I'm a street dude normally I just speak rude Martin Luther, the martyr, the trooper, hate killed him Noble peace prize winner they duplicate the feelin As a kid I ain't relate really, I was sayin Dreams speech jokingly Till your world awoken me First I thought your were passive, soft one who ass kissed I was young to be honest, I was feelin Mohamed I ain't even know the strength you had to have to march You was more than just talk you were the first real Braveheart We miss you Feels like King be in me sometimes. [Sample] [The Game] The word nigger is nothing like nigga Don't sound shit alike like Game like Jigga One came before the other like aim and pull the trigga One is slang for my brotha, one is hang and take a picture The rope ain't tight enough, he still alive go fix it Pour some gasoline on him, call his daughters black bitches Make him pick cotton, while they momma clean up the kitchen The same cotton in white tees that's the cotton they was pickin If Dr. King marched today would Bill Gates march? I know Obama would but would Hillary take part? Great minds think great thoughts The pictures I paint make the Mona Lisa look like fake art I feel the pain of Nelson Mandela Cause when it rains it pours I need Rihannas umbrella For Coretta Scotts tear drops When she got the phone call that the future just took a fuckin head shot I wonder why Jesse Jackson didn't catch him before his body dropped Would he give me the answer? Probably not [Sample] Second floor my hotel I'm rollin up bout to blaze And zone out to this Frankie Beverly and Mayes


AB-SOUL "Long Term"
Guess it's got to the point Where I just gotta spell this shit out for y'all, know what I mean? See, y'all niggas hear the name Ab-Soul, right? Y'all niggas think I'm supposed to be talkin' about mu fuckin' The flowers and the earth or somethin' like that, know what I'm talkin' about? I'm a real ass nigga though, on everything Lemme break it down [Hook:] I said A is for the apple on the tree I ain't far from B is for the bottom of the bottle of hard rum Dash to the finish line, chasing the S Which stands for my favorite three letter word (Sex) O is for all the ounces of dro I consume U meaning a unanimous decision of whom Is number 1, leaving the L which stands for Love I spread it like the blood of fallen soldiers above You put it all together and you get Ab-Soul- Lutely, the best, salute me or meet death Like Gaylord Focker met the parents of his girl Martha We're staring at you, will depart ya Thats the 38 special Commentary from the King author not the knights of the round table sponsor But amongst the dopest the west coast has had to offer since the '80s crack epidemic I play drums for the contraband Matter of fact, hit me King Blue you a fool for this one I ain't even gon' spit, just drool on this one My saliva's way liver than yours, rappers Shut your trap 'fore I set it Y'all gassed up like your guns, unleaded Yeah I said it, don't chat, no telling where we headed Close shop when I open fire Cause Soul known to carry the cannon like Mariah Yes I uh Bring it to you raw and uncut No buts like an empty ash tray, what the fuck Matter of fact, lemme break it down for y'all one more time, look [Hook:] I said A is for the apple on the tree I ain't far from B is for the bottom of the bottle of hard rum Dash to the finish line, chasing the S Which stands for my favorite three letter word (Sex) O is for all the ounces of dro I consume U meaning a unanimous decision of whom Is number 1, leaving the L which stands for Love I spread it like a virus, it'll kill you if you buy it I'm with your girl playing games like Who could get the highest at the Hyatt, real fun you should try it I got her wet, I'll send her back to you to dry it You ain't the flyest or the king of the jungle, but you lying And I can see it through ya iris Drink like I'm Irish, think like a genius Fall back I'm all that like Kel and Keenan Add a bag of chips and the baddest bitch I'll be posing with a black in my mouth, grabbing my dick Constipation is an understatement I ain't ever gave a shit You know you hot when You only get 8 bars in a song and it's still everybody's favorite My fault, my god, I'm a problem like a broke condom A editor just told me nobody was in my column Top Dawg 4th wheel and I'm still ill Open up the car door that look like a steel mill I hotbox like cable in the hood And I'm good like wrenches with a sentence, understood? And if it's not I'll leave you with this Top Notch muthafucka, like snot muthafucka, I'm sick Don't get infected Bitch ass niggas T-D-E

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