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JOHN DENVER lyrics - The Flower That Shattered The Stone

Ancient Rhymes

Original and similar lyrics
(Denver/Samples) Two days before the moon was round, you felt the urge of sun's light beams. The muffled world of dolphin sound slipped down and back into your dreams. For nine full months that passed before, you learned of all life's ancient rhymes. Then mother sensed a farther shore and brought you forth into these times, so taste the air of your new world and gently guide us to your mind. It knows the winds and sails unfurled and holds to heart the dolphin kind. Welcome precious earth made child, we met you first in your father's songs and mother's smile and waters wild, it's in this place you now belong. I know you know of all these things and feel the faith of a dolphin's sigh for you were born on silver wings to taste the high blown crystal sky. So sing one day to all of us, the songs you learned in dolphin lair, giving hope to life as all we must and teach us how their grace to share.

The Homefront

Billy Bragg "Talking With The Taxman About"
Father mowsthe lawn and Mother peels the potatoes Grandma lays the table alone And adjusts a photograph of the unknown soldier In this Holy of Holies, the Home And from the TV an unwatched voice Suggests the answer is to plant more trees The scrawl on the wall says what about the workers And the voice of the people says more salt please Mother shakesher head and reads aloud from the newspaper As Father puts another lock on the door And reflects upon the violent times that we are living in While chatting with the wife beater next door If paradise to you is cheap beer and overtime Home truths are easily missed Something that every football fan knows It only takes five fingers to form a fist And whenit rains here It rains so hard But never hard enough to wash away the sorrow I'll trade my love today for a greater love tomorrow The lonely child looks out and dreams of independence From this family life sentence Mother seesbut does not read the peeling posters And can't believe that there's a world to be won But in the public schools and in the public houses The Battle of Britain goes on The constantpromise of jam tomorrow Is the New Breed's litany and verse If it takes another war to fill the churches of England Then the world the meek inherit, what will it be worth Mother fightsthe tears and Father, his sense of outrage And attempts to justify the sacrifice To pass their creed down to another generation 'Anything for the quiet life' In the Land of a Thousand Doses Where nostalgia is the opium of the age Our place in History is as clock watchers, old timers, window shoppers.

I'll Be OK

[Slug] Burn it down... Pad the circles 'round your life To capture all the sides you sight Magic tricks where skeptics sink The ice is thin, stay off the lake Waiting for a clock to punch Wish I could breathe and stop for lunch If I stop tocount the leaves on one of these here trees Not sure that I know what's pure Born to kill the insecure Some respect, some resent, some remain from start to end Wear my heart on my short sleeves I'm stuck out here, I lost my keys From the roof I watch the street And pray for those that's caught beneath [Chorus--Slug and Aesop] 2x As long as I know right from wrong I'll be ok, I'll sing my songs [Slug] I dunno what I have to left To give other than truth and breath Angel when she shuts her eyes Like we will leave to my demise Between my time is short About to start my last resort Wake me up when it's time to make babies Talkin planet earthquakes Tied the laces, touch the ground Let emotions ruptured now As long as I know right from wrong, I'll be ok I'll sing my songs Chorus 4x [Aesop Rock] I wanna lift every yellowbrick I never felt pressure to have to justify my selfishness At least not to your and yours Maybe just my friends and fellowships As long as the mood is somehow linked to my enhanced development I swear they'll understand!!! There's a storm outside my tenament Beats upon my windows with Mother Nature's adrenaline I guess that's why my homey Blockhead stays glued to the television Now I look less intelligent Cuz I'm the one that tried to bear the elements and lost Well it's warm by the filament Huddled up close in the company of all my relatives Stories lash like coffee and honest-to-God sentiment Cucooned in the unified efforts to all get settled in Away from where the rain pours! Well count your delegates Weed out the bums who practice migration under the elegant Of course I realize to fill the ring, procedure's delicate But lead devils inside to collide with your overzealousness And fall to rock bottom Spot em with their carelessness The urge could burst to turn even those hazardous to militant You can't even have half of free second The beat comes gelatin You gotta aim, fire and the spider be model veteran Buried in merit badges I'm stuck in the center and could care less About the eye of the storm and its monstrous measurements I got a defense that I call coolin with my brethren Sometimes I get wet But it's better than risking life and limb to me, don't you agree? Chorus 4x [Aesop Rock] *repeat to fade* If you wanna push, than I'm ready to push But if you pulling while I'm pushing Then why did you ask me to push?

Prayer Upon Deaf Ears - 05 - Day Of Apocalypse

I hear the trumpets of the apocalypse announcing the end of man, so please end this exploitation, exploitation... Thou shall not poison the earth. Essence of all existence for with her. We fall along into the abyss of avidity. Sealing our destiny with a kiss of death. Defense of innocent life is my declaration. Retribution, humanity harvests destruction. Ad we have shown desolation. desolation.. Vision of apocalypse complete devastation. Final Judgment falls upon us as we reap the land. When mother earth's lifeforce depletes, action must me taken to free the world from its sickness. Action for justice leads to freedom. Action for justice ... Scorched landscape burned to ashes. Original state of balance forever lost. Creation of nature is drowned into concrete. Oblivion embraces paradise while helpless species die. We forge this world into an hell. Industrial madness consumes gaia. Witness the demise of life under the siege of inhumanity. Breathless mother helpless she dies...

Action Silverado

[Intro:] That's right (sniff sniff) Bam Bam in the mother fucking building Queens New York Straight up Drop that shit It's me I built this shit Yeah [Verse:] Let me begin baby, my name is BronsoliƱo All I see is C-notes, silk shirts at the casino It's time to take those leather pants off, this ain't no dance off I know your hands soft, you're on the menu like the lamb broth This is a grown man's sport And, dog, I leave a motherfucker laid out on the handball court I never brag and boast, I'm fire out the dragon's nose My words pronounced just like a camel toe And every whip in the garage laced Keep that thing in the guitar case, bait the cops into a car chase Crash the mother fucking Jeep into the venue You better pray to God it's straight to Heaven where they send you Ah, why the fuck would I have a bodyguard If I look just like the mother fucking bodyguard Baby hair curls on my forehead, leave your whore dead Hop out that four times, four door and draw lead I'm underground and I need more bread And I need more head from some bitches straight from Morehead State your business cause I'm busy tanning naked My joint is shaking while I'm wearing bracelets Uh, your words are tasteless, your taste is basic My taste in Asics will lead your fucking spaceship into Matrix This place I made is quite spacious And dog I'm not the one to fucking play with Hear me?


WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
* appears on the international version of the album [RZA] Yo... this song is... Aiyyo Dunn this song is called Sunshower Cause we approachin the final hour You know I ahh all I can say to my brothers and sisters right now Is stay close to your families, and all your loved ones Cause this globe is about to explode with hatred They killin for pennies, knahmsayin Peace to the Gods, we got a heavy job... yo, yo Trouble follows behind a wicked mind, 20/20 vision of the prism of light but still blind because you lack the inner, every sinner will end up in the everlastin winter of hellfire Throw on this mix just picks your third eye out you cry out your words fly out, and sounds die out You remain unheard, sufferin eternally, internal external Along with your wicked fraternal from generals to colonels Releasin thermonuclear heat that burns you firmly And permanently upon this journey Through the journal of the book of life Those who took a life without justice will become just ice ice ice It's been taught that your worst enemy can harm you as much as your own wicked thoughts What devils fought we wrought, and let's annoint Now you're bein persecuted by that universal court court court Iron hell with the strong blend of rape and blend of sandal with rose petals and jasmine, as men use talismans Burn some incense, chantin witchcraft to reach high dimensions I'm convinced, Allah is God always has been always will be You could travel every square inch of the planet Earth and still be ninety-three million miles away from the sun Til you realize you and the sun is one, like the knowledge Know the ledge to where your heart is or fall off into the internal hell that's uncharted Light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second through time and space, until it reach a target And once we're freed of darkness, and show em where the path Yo as the Red Sea was parted, into these straight at the narrow gate, but why that's a road to destruction and hate What you thought life was a sport A game One hundred years short, know the soul is immortal Walk through many portals, and those who go astray will pay a judgment day, and these few years of wicked bullshit ain't worth the eternity inside a sulfur lake With dragons and snakes, and any pain you can imaginate Instead, I chose to become a newlywed to the true bread of life and fed God Degree of light to my head It's been said, the fool who sleep is already dead, so I stay awake And take care of my brother, and uncover reveal the skin so we can see each other, cause every color that makes the light appear duller, who's the colored man Who's the original, who's the biochemical Who's the grafted digital, digital, digital, digital Digital.. yo, yo, yo, yo, yo Two hundred thousand million atmosphere cubic feet of air we breath While niggaz minds are trapped twenty thousand fathoms beneath the sea of reality, they can't inhale deep, devils have em Stagnant, a trapping, the .45 magnum And shatter bone fragments Cops love the block you gettin backed up by Dragnet Thrown into a six by eight steel cabinet Flippin weights readin ancient tablets, back on the block nobody's havin it Those who haven't learnt get returned You freaky ass niggaz get burned Some walk around like they ain't concerned with the hell goin on inside the world Why do grown men molest little girls Is it because the girl's breast has swelled to the size of a woman, although she's twelve The whole world is sick, sick, sick Trapped up in six, six, six I started off as a pawn in this marathon of life Tryin to carry on, wishin I had a bomb to blow up Babylon A vagabond, tryin to steal his corpse we're from paragon goin in circles, like a ferris wheel Undernourished meals I cherish hope, drown inside the sea of life Use my third eye for a periscope, and take flight to the edge of night To far heights so dark that even wit a bright light you couldn't see a spark of light While others play ball, I recall, me and GZA, Dirty hangin in halls, bangin on walls Kickin rhymes three hours straight with no pause Boostin from Freeport sunrise to Amityville morgue Kept razorblade between the jaws, breakin all laws Started out writin fables to makin beats on lunchroom tables to wearin long cables that hung down to the navel So pack some crack and fat sacks of skunk to funnel the P-Funk, smokin woolie blunts Dust cocktails and primos, shot more dice than casinos Back when Wu-Gambinos were called F.O.I. MC's All and together now crew B.C.C. REC Posse, G.P., D.M.D. Ol Dirty stalked East New York GZA maintained Franklin Lane I was going to Thomas the Jeff, where students got slain Old Earth got nervous walked me to Shaolin sent me to Curtis Took share time in Marquis, U-God general contractin service While Meth Chef and Deck was off the Nu-dol For white boys who took steroids Buildin up bicep tricep pectoids and deltoids Back when our girlfriends was virgins Cuttin class with Ghost tryin to bag hoes in Mary Birchem A Maybeldine beacon night school Washington Irving These young Gods was seekin Hoes in Westinghouse and Clara Parton and Medina Girls who sung like Sarafina On the corner of Belmont and Picket Avenue I seen her As if I dreamed her I was dead broke, now I will use key notes to make G-notes So it's always hope See subway train run through the city like blood through the veins To the heart of Medina, but Shaolin is the brain So take heed to these words And feel the power of the Sunshower Approachin the final hour Power equality, Allah sees everything Let's come together under the wings And take flight, Wu-Tang, the saga, Ryzarecta In your sector

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