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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Spirit

Sweet Sweet Life

Original and similar lyrics
This song was first released on the Whose Garden Was This Album. It is the only album it has been released on. It is part of a medley - the other parts were not written by John Denver. Sweet sweet life I'm living today Don't bring me down Don't go away Give me just one more chance To make you want to stay Yea, sweet sweet sweet life I'm living, I'm living today Don't bring me down Don't go away Don't go away Please, don't go away Words and music by John Denver

Jeevin' (Life)

[INTRO: Kardinal Offishall] Life [x3] It's life y'all, life Word up, life Uh, can you feel it? Life Life, we bring you in the light like this [CHORUS: Jully Black] Life is so sweet, thank the Lord for my days Oh, I'm living for today, life might be here went away Life is so sweet, thank the Lord for my days Oh, I'm living for today, life might be here went away [Kardinal Offishall] Lordy lordy, you took another body But he didn't cause trouble, didn't bother nobody He was, just a man trying to rock the mic But a bullet took his life, aw man Now my breadren eternally is wearing a dress suit with a shiny shoe Far stretched from a Gortex don't you think? I did, now all my man sees is eyelids Dreams turned into seven, prayers closer to Heaven Left his baby mother two weeks overdue Now the two join him, so what side it's truth Manifiested, because the bless-ed seem to go first Experience afterlife, the first light since birth Since we live amoung demons also known as Government Gangsters… and hookers made to walk the cement But I (I), Kardinal know the true flow I have no enemies, but every nigga is a foe And that's life [CHORUS] [Kardinal Offishall] Yo, life is what you do, choices between your crew or your girl I say f- the both of them and struggle solo Or so I tend to seek a bend in the road of life, mode of trifeness As brothers I was running with, dead and walking lifeless See the niceness is what you should be seeking When you... on the streets and the madness is peaking And you... should sit back and recollect Whether your self worth is in your hard work or a piece of leather More niggas worship idle Gods and call themselves what they pray to I sit back and meditate to clear my mind off all external pressure Sometimes pleasure of the body makes my mental feel lesser Guilt's a bitch when living for now instead of for the scripture But your afterlife will catch up with your Mister or misses kisses When I get you in my will and test the money, I find it funny Since I'm broke in the soul, my spirit's searching for longevity Ducking from stray shots is taking the best of me But I will maintain, success has a stain upon my brain What you make will remain, and that's life [CHORUS] [Jully Black] Life's so sweet You gotta thank the Lord for life You gotta thank the Lord for life [Kardinal Offishall] I want to be there to see the eyes of my baby girl Born into the world of chaos, money, AIDS and violence Silence breaks my concentration in my private world Organize, organize so I can flex with my boys Inside the lance will corrupt, trying to stick you for nothing Greed, sloth and five others are fillling up my brohters Word up Enemy is becoming a part of me and I'm all shooting glocks is making the block hot Spots rock, ‘cause niggas realize in between their finger Thinking buring completes the circle of being a rap singer The slogan used to be Just Say No, but now just say yo! And you as high as the sky go Imagine my mother said turn the other cheek But nowadays that will get you sprayed on your back you'll lay If I can't trust you, then unity never will exist It's the gritty quoted, yes it's just the life in the city Word life [CHORUS]

The Magic Roundabout

Stop your tears from hiding, See them mesmerise your skin, It's all that I can do to keep away from going in, I fed the ghost of plenty as the perfume turned to grey, If life is still worth living, how come I feel afraid? One day, some day, I will take from the air, The only way out, I can't deny the honesty, I want to stay but it's more than me I'm losing all the reason, keep forgetting what I've said, Oh I try to bring it closer but there's nothing in my head, I don't believe in ever and I don't believe in now, If life is still worth living, how come I feel alone? Suddenly, if it comes then I'm gone Whey don't you talk to me, see I'm not your enemy? I am right by your side, I want to stay but it's more than me. Each time you go down, don't forget to remember Everything is easy, most of all believing, It will take you over, it will bring you down, It's hidden in the language, it's in the words I say (I say so). ==================================================================== =======

Evil That Men Do

QUEEN LATIFAH "All Hail The Queen"
[Queen Latifah] You asked, I came, so behold the Queen Let's add a little sense to the scene I'm living positive, not out here knocked up But the lines are so dangerous, I ought to be locked up This rhyme doesn't require prime time I'm just sharing thoughts of mine Back again cause I knew you wanted it From the Latifah with the Queen in front of it Dropping bombs, you're up in arms, you're puzzled The lines will flow like fluid while you're guzzling The sip I drop you on a BDP-produced track From KRS to be exact It's a Flavor Unit quest that today has me speaking Cause it's knowledge I'm seeking Enough about myself, I think it's time that I tell you About the evil that men do Situations, reality, what a concept! Nothing ever seems to stay in step So today, here is a message to my sisters and brothers Here are some things I want to cover A woman strives for a better life, but who the hell cares? Because she's living on welfare I government can't come up with a decent housing plan So she's in no man's land It's a sucker who tells you you're equal [KRS-One] You don't need him, Johannasburg's crying for freedom! [Queen Latifah] We the people hold these truths to be self-evident [KRS-One] But there's no response from the president [Queen Latifah] Someone's living the good life, tax-free Except for a girl, can't find a way to be crack free And that's just part of the message I thought I had to send you about the evil that men do Tell me, don't you think it's a shame? When someone can put a quarter in a video game But when a homeless person approaches you on the street You can't treat him the same It's time to teach the def, the dumb, the blind That black-on-black crime only shackles and binds You to a doom, a fate worse than death But there's still time left Stop putting your conscience on cease And bring about some type of peace Not only in your heart, but also in your mind It will benefit all mandkind Then there will be one thing that will never stop And it's the evil that men do

Divine Inspiration

John Reuben
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girlies From Upper-class America to minimum-wage employees Wherever you are, wherever you're at From Columbus Ohio to your point on the map It's that kid John Reuben, mic checkin' one, two'n MCs get the boot when they claim to be the shoe in nothing new Everybody wanna be a superstar MC As for me, I find better things in which to place my energy Diverse family, we up and at 'em full fashion Been locked up in the lab mixin up this contraption Smackin the mic with verbs and nouns of life I utilize my time right to hold it down and keep it tight And then decipher that I step through Yeshua equals life so I don't separate the two True peace 'n joy, more love to the connector Illuminate your town as we hit your sector Everywhere we rock, everywhere we go Every type of thought, every type of show We got divine inspiration, we got divine inspiration Well, let me come into the track, yes ya'll Bring it on back, yes ya'll One time for the mental piece release Mos def John Reuben will decrease Christ increased inspired lyrics hit your soul direct blow How we communicate graf DJ and break Take a minute, now listen and dissect the intuition More than ear candy but yo, I dwell in submission to Heavenly powers, hours on end I spend Lookin for creative combinations to blend Now that's a good combination, that's a good combination Chorus In the place to be bringin it out like... Like dots, I connect my rhymes to the spot Warp speed like I'm trekky, to bang heads of block To rock, to petrify, combust with mad rush More cool than that J to bring that cold crush Transcend, runnin through this whole scheme Seen with raps, stay fresh, more ultra to the V I'm clutching microphones and roamin thru them zones And melodies I release serk ambassadors and vocal tones Shooting missiles from the lab, I contract, bust verbal raps Ripping, torn thru, and spilling into laps, douse lyricals with divine divinity To rise above the normal mediocre plain MC Let me introduce cause I feel I'm rev'd and heated In a state of mass destruct MCs like they never existed Seein stars, like I'm spangle in your banner Christian manner, b-boy for Christ, roaring like I'm Judah Chorus

Sweet Marie

[Kardinal Offishall] Sweet Marie CHORUS [Nicole Sinclair] So sweet so sweet so sweet Oh sweet Marie, Marie, Marie So sweet so sweet so sweet Oh come on, sweet Marie So sweet so sweet so sweet Yeah So sweet so sweet so sweet [Kardinal Offishall] Sweetest Marie, it is to thee that I dedicate Me, myself and I for all of eterni-tie Without you I wouldn't have made it this far, this far Tell me how to live right and how to live wrong too But it only made me stronger Wisest of wise enough, strongest of the strong Now who love what I see In life, before me, stands a headstrong woman Overworked and underpaid, stress ridden First class middle class person Type rehearsing of your values Made an easy path for me to be who I be (let's see) One half of my creation, 100% Jamaican 50% T-dot, 50% not anything mentioned before But pure unadulterated love Even though sometimes I can't get down with your actions I'm passing that, for the positive things that I see in you Dedicated to the one sweet Marie [CHORUS] [Kardinal Offishall] Giving birth to a black man in this land Is similar to angels being placed in the palm of the devil's hand Corruption all around and surrounded by greed and lust And trust (trust), that you will appear when the sun But I am not one, all praises due to my mother I love my father too, but sweet Marie there ain't no other That show me more than you, how to stay out of the devil's reaches Pushing me to profit, rocking funky in peaches Society's leeches, teachers do yourself And all your sister's need, in pursuit of higher wealth Sweet Marie regardless of the treatment of your family Despite of what you don't have, you'll always have me 'Cause me and you we're tight, you respect my life's path When I'm in a position, in those who deserve it feel the wrath Of disrespecting you, we have the highest principles of blood It runs thicker than water, but hurts That's when eye's blood, sweet Marie [CHORUS] [Kardinal Offishall] Staying at a friend's house, 'cause Hydro is not paid Suffering in the dead of winter left dreaming of a grave Or atleast someone to save, is the feelings I remember Cold play in the Shakespeare on the Holy in December Never lived in the ghetto but suffer the circumstance Circumstantial evidence reveals the nature of my residence My presence and present, is the love and strength of blackness Fibers of a genocide and presence during Mantis(?) Because of my Mom, I've experienced parts of life My nigga could not relate to, but whose to shay that it's for better Couldn't afford to buy me leather, but my body stayed warm Couldn't afford to buy me diamonds, but I still had charm She could afford to give me knowledge, and teach to speak truth She taught me black lies were white reali-tie Forever and a day gee, I will bleed for my family F-O-S brothers and the one sweet Marie [CHORUS]

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