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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Spirit

Polka Dots And Moonbeams

Original and similar lyrics
(Burke/Van Heusen) A country dance was being held in a garden. I felt a bump and heard an 'Oh, beg you pardon.' Suddenly I saw polka dots and moonbeams all around a pug-nosed dream. The music started and was I the perplexed one. I held my breath and said 'May I have the next one?' In my frightened arms, polka dots and moonbeams sparkled on a pug-nosed dream. There were questions in the eyes of other dancers as we floated over the floor. There were questions but my heart knew all the answers and perhaps a few things more. Now in a cottage made of lilacs and laughter, I know the meaning of the words 'ever after.' And I'll always see polka dots and moonbeams when I kiss my pug-nosed dream. There were questions in the eyes of other dancers as we floated over the floor. There were questions but my heart knew all the answers and perhaps a few things more. Now in a cottage made of lilacs and laughter, I know the meaning of the words 'ever after.' And I'll always see polka dots and moonbeams when I kiss my pug-nosed dream, when I kiss my pug-nosed dream.

Finish What You Start

JOELL ORTIZ "Free Agent"
[Intro: Joell Ortiz] I hear y'all talkin It's funny to me (yeah!) See, where I come from We act first, ask questions later (c'mon!) [Joell Ortiz] If I'm in there the whole place full up I'll use your lil' bar to do a pull-up Use your wack-ass tracks as target practice And tell the baddest broads to arch it backwards For years I wore the same Starter jacket and beat-up tees with the scars to match it Jeans with the holes, sneakers with no sole When Genesis dropped my Nintendo was so old Oh no, couldn't have that I put the pen where the pad at - VOILÀ! Magic I'll disappear in the booth, reappear messiah When I write, call it a night, vampire Ask around, your boy hot, and I uhh don't plan to cool off like a campfire E'rybody gather round, I'ma tell a story of a snot-nosed kid, try and smell the glory [Chorus: Royce Da 5'9" (Joell)] I, shoot first ask questions last That's how most of these so-called gangstas pass That's how most of these so-called gangstas pass That's how most of these so-called gangstas, gangstas {C'MON!} I - shoot first ask questions last A poof! How low, so low, so low, so low A poof! How low, so low, so low, so low I (Well I'ma finish what you start!) [Joell Ortiz] This for the block mister, the rock pictures Late night, cranberry and Cîroc mixers Parkin lot pissers, glock top shifters Dudes who stay fresh cause they shoplifters That's where I come from, so me no run from bumbaclot pussy drummer boy, rumpa-pum-pum You no tough stuff, you my son's son You just bluff rough, me say come, come I'll give it to anyone who wants some Go silly on they Achilles until they run's done I keep a hot line, 9-1-1 Everyone say hi to the hero that won't go unsung A moment of silence while I give Pun some Scream Borrrrricua 'til your tongue's numb What's your angle? Haha, I know mine If it's cheese, (Swizz) style, "SHOWTIME!" [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] I ain't a troublemaker but my flow cocky So all the pretty mamis yellin "GO PAPI!" Man that's so neat, and y'all so sloppy When you think I'm done shittin I do mo' copy[?] Just love to flex my rap muscle What muzzle? Dog, you just a Jack Russell Your bite weak and your bark a lil' pitch Relax, you no match for a hard-nosed pit' I can't find a track that my bars won't rip You guys are sick warrin with the Gaza Strip When I back out this pen all you guys'll strip Like you in Chippendales tryin to wind for tips (haha) No need to see, slow down and let the leader lead DJs, bring this back! I'm what the needle need And I don't mean to get all mushy like my last bitch (BLAP!) Damn, I love this rap shit [Chorus]

Questions For Heaven

Chris Rice
Feel the sun in my eyes Swat that clumsy fly Woke me up from a dream about Heaven Smellin' coffee downstairs Yawn a quick little prayer And get up at a quarter to seven Mirror catches my stare Got some nice pillow hair And I smile all the way to the bathroom Scratch my whiskery chin Now my cranium swims With questions I can't wait to ask You ...Like why did You bother with so many stars? Do You ever play tricks on the angels? And what happened to all of those dinosaurs? Where's the Garden of Eden? And what causes de ja vu? I guess in Heaven I'll learn I'll be waiting my turn To ask about quasars and feathers I hope the line isn't long I hope Your patience is strong It's a good thing forever's forever Do our jokes make You laugh? What's Your favorite cartoon? Can you tell me what's out past the edges? And what about UFOs, taste buds, and tornados? Why do we dream? Oh, and what causes de ja vu? Time to call it a day Time to turn off my brain It's already half past eleven Reach to turn out the light And close my sleepy eyes And save up the questions for Heaven I'll save all the questions for Heaven I'm saving up questions for Heaven


Eternal Tears of Sorrow
Alone with the questions, an outcast for many years He has seen those marble archways and the avenue of crimson tears Now shadows are staring at him but he turns his face away They remind him of his true self, gone with the first winter day Yesterday's like a dream and tomorrow's like a mirage When's the time to get eternal rest? When's the endless roaming over? His frequent groans were only silent whispers in the whirlwind He ended up in this timeless race just for his father's sins On his father's grave he swore: I'll accomplish your endless task But his wings were burnt by the sunlight and his mirth hiding behind the mask Then he heard the stentorian noise beyond the mountains The ancient coronach of flora and fauna He remembered an old gnostic tale of the coruscating crystal of tranquillity He had travelled through time, seen the runes of the light and the dark He found the answer to his questions: How to free his chained heart The eternal one can finally rest, he is one of the mortals now The beauty of the crystal glowing and his eyes shining with it, somehow Yesterday's like a dream and tomorrow's like a mirage Now's the time to get eternal rest, now's the endless roaming over


Pussy nigga whatcha doin! Hook All day I dream about, all day I dream about sex It's the way you move your sexy groove That's got my mind all over you All day I dream about, all day I dream about Your sex feels so savoifare I'm tired of jercking off cause your not there Big Boi 65' Chevrolet Impala peachy cream Oozing down the street like toothpaste Cause the ivory is clean Talkin' bout mean at the inseam on the inside of the ship Not a honey dip to hunch on, testes more blue than a Crip Or the blue man group caught that on the Vegas strip Chillin' with good game, Ju Ju, Pimpin Ken and my nigga Don Magic Pimpin Ken and my nigga Diamond Jit Pimps (pimps), lips (lips), legs (legs), arms (arms), Necks (necks), hips (hips), head (head) monk test It's the camel toe and that's fo' sho' My brain is on one track Like Marion Berry thoughts for crack Or like a rock star does for smack. None of that but the female genitalia's where its at I'm a man and I demand a woman for that act Personal preference plus I use the law of nature as a reference Now I don't ever recall seeing a man turn up pregnant, but that's just me Feminine female fantasies frolic freely in my cockpit Every thirty something seconds I can't stop it Hook Killer Mike Killer Kill from Adamsville and in my Bonneville I chill Heifers call me Black & Decker, I don't screw them hoes I drill I've been cuttin' cute lil' coochies since before the record deal Catch me daydreaming about them, thick, medium or slim Doctors call that thing vagina, in the hood we call it trim White boys call it snatch, Puerto Ricans call it chocha Nathaniel likes his white, I like mines dark as cola It's the first thing on my mind in the morn when I roll over All men young and old in the end its what we're after Even my grandpappy's happy. He got prescribed Viagra. (Granddaddy, granddaddy, what's up? what's up? It's me. Hey, let me get about three of them blue diamonds. I promise I gotcha back tomorrow) Hook Killer Mike When I drill I don't spill even if she's on the pill Keep my weapon covered concealed and in a shield Cause I don't need that A.I.D.S. A 'D' and a 'A' missing out my A.D.I.D.A.S. (plus) We don't need no DNA mixing between us We just need to keep this thing friendly and hush, hush On the down low, like R. Kelly and youngsters But over eighteen only cause baby I'm no perv! From the tour bus to the lobby, elevator to the room We can jump each other's bones but there's no jumping brooms! Big Boi Buffoon you are to consumed in the womb It is too early for you to jump the broom (boom!) Hook 'Monster' Verse One I'm an ungodly figure When in the company of hard liquor Texas niggaz turned me on to water I smoked the river Apocalyptic creature, stay lacing reefer Stay serving geekers, stay holding heaters Murder fanatic, killer fantastic Swerving semi-conscious with a half a blunt and an automatic Bought it to snort it, just in case I meet with static What I deliver to your address is dead tragic Your mother scream in that limousine Followed by some slow traffic Here's the reason for my murder tactics I'm Killer Kill I ain't a fuckin rapper! I'm a crack sacker! I'm a strong-armed robbery and kidnapper! I'm a carjacker! I'm a if you owe dough then yo' ho snatcher! I'm a Slumlord for life not a fuckin actor! I'm the fear that haunts you! I'm the tool that's used to haunt you! Hook I'm the monster! I'm your sick and twisted monster! (Repeat) Verse Two I'm the hate in the dark heart of heartless men! Deprived of love, feed crack, nurtured in sin! I'm unwanted children doped up on Ritalin by age ten At sixteen a fiend! Nurturing a weed habit and a bottle of gin I'm the soul of women that's been betrayed by men That trifling nigga looking to deceive her again Earn her trust again, then I lust again When she turn her back, I'm diggin in her friend again! I motivate your hate and embody your sin I spit it for Bloods, Crips and Mexicans I spit for Disciples and El Rukns This sick soundtrack to robbing and looting Neighbor shootings, murder and boosting Its fear engaged, with a fury and rage For my lost generation in these last days The fear that haunts you! It's the tool that's used to hunt you!

Exhibit B

JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
[Mos Def:] I spit that, orchesteral, Medina born exceptional, Extra Extra Terrestial, From out the ghetto vestibule. Put your yard up on knowledge like the lessons do, So fly fiends can get high off the residue. So real, and surreal, a pure deal, Dante flaco, flow handsome, guapo. The Sun, Moon, and Stars, Grits and The Gospel, School, I knock harder in the teachin of Apostles. Pistols, prayer meetings, player balls, car shows, Festivals, funerals, the grotesque and beautiful. Phenomenons normal, the needed hardly happens, Fresh V's at high speeds zoomin backwards, Fast forward to last moments to flash over, Trick trappin they clique clack then blast on 'em, Damn homie it was all good a week ago, Show 'em the truth but can't make 'em believe it yo... It's Curtains, the opening scene, Simpatico, remarkable, the article dream Wake Up and bear witness to what you never seen, Reach out and feel what they said would never be... Me... and J-A-Y-E, electronic motherball, Shut em off they sucker songs Fuck em all and the horse they rode in on You can't trespass the star gate I go in on Get off [Jay Electronica:] I bust through the gates of hell like a batterin ram, Clappin yelling profanities like Yosemite Sam, After that, I'm back home scannin the land, Twenty-three million square miles of contraband. I know ya feel me, but still hope the opposition kill me, Cause you don't wanna see god manifest really. UFOs and cabbage water, Willie the Kid, You ain't seen one of these in a trillion years. Abracadabra, I popped out the meat grinder shining, The elegant art form of rhymings just blinding. And that's just a regular hat trick, A trick lock, a ninety gallon tank, yeah I'm back on that shit. The ark building mad man from hotel deux, Act two, coming through a dream by you. Young Slumdog from uptown, Pocket full of rupees, Torn up sheets of looseleaf and one Lucy.

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