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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Seasons Of The Heart

Nothing But A Breeze

Original and similar lyrics
(Winchester) Life is just too short for some folks, for other folks it just drags on. Some folks like the taste of smokey whiskey, others figure tea's too strong. Well, I'm the type of guy who wants to stand in the middle, I don't like all this bouncing back and forth. Me, I want to live with my feet in Dixie and my head in the cool blue north. In a small suburban garden, not a single neighbor knows our name. I know the woman wishes we would move where the houses aren't all the same. Say Johnny, I would like to go where the grass is greener, I couldn't really say where it may be. But some place high on a mountain top, down by the deep blue sea. And there, we'll do just as we please. It ain't nothing but a breeze. One day I'll be old gray Grandpa, all the pretty girls will call me 'Sir.' Now when they're asking me how things are, soon they'll ask me how things were. Well, I don't mind being an old gray Grandpa as long as you'll be my gray Grandma. But I think we should move with our tea and cookies to the shade of the old pawpaw. There we'll do just as we please, It ain't nothing but a cool breeze. Life is just too short for some folks, for other folks it just drags on. Some folks like the taste of smokey whiskey, others figure tea's too strong. Well, I'm the type of guy who wants to stand in the middle, I don't like all this bouncing back and forth. Me, I want to live with my feet in Dixie and my head in the cool blue north. Me, I want to live with my feet in Dixie and my head in the cool blue north.

Hey Friend

Anytime you see me acting kinda mean honey, don't take it hard, you know it ain't what it seems. It's just one of those moods, everybody gets into, well I'm feeling like a trumpet that's playing out of tune in a downtown bar, a smoky saloon and you can't tell me it ain't never happened to you. Hey friend I'm depending on you, you'll be making me grin in a minute or two, 'cause with a lady like you I'll never need to pretend. Hey friend I'm just letting you know so you can ride with the tide, you can roll with the flow. I'm just getting my head back on its feet again. I'm just getting my head back on its feet again. Well nobody's dying??? And no I ain't ill. I've got a lady I love and I've paid all my bills. And I can work it out what's messing up my mind, but maybe it's a thing I don't need to understand. Like the faze of the moon 'cause even a man can have his own kinda regular ups and downs sometimes.

Strawberry Letter 23

hello my love i heard a kiss from you. red magic satin playing near too all through the morning rain i gaze the sun doesn't sun rainbows and waterfalls run though my mind. in the garden i see west purple showers, bells, and tea orange birds and river cousins dressed in green. pretty music i hear so happy and loud blue flowers echo from a cherry cloud feel sunshine sparkle pink and blue playgrounds will laugh if you try to ask is it cool or is it cool if you arrive and don't see me i'm gonna be here with my baby i'm free flying in her arms over the sea feel sunshine yellow candy screens see speakers of kite with velvet roses digging freedom's flight a present from you strawberry letter 22 the music plays i sit in for a few

47 Goonz

JOEY BADA$$ "Summer Knights"
[Verse 1: Joey Bada$$] Yo, Badass don't act or pretend, back at it again Hit it from the back, she a addict within I got her on some shit like "I'm a get tatted for him" She a ride or die, slim, when she in the denims Remember it like it was yesterday Another case of "I fucked your bitch, nigga" but a more clever way Caught in the room the elevate, said if you ever may Slip then hit her on the hip where the Beretta stay Catch me somersaulting my eyelids Awakened from a dream, just perceived how I live So it's make believe, rather unique Lavish, sweet all live in a rapper physique Hit up a show then after retreat back to the telly with freaks Pack up a bowl and we ain't even eat But we got a appetite for cookie creases and treats And they all got tricks up they sleeve [Verse 2: Dirty Sanchez] Mansion on the bridge, Mary Jane, fuck your cigarette I'm laughing out loud, ask me if I'm still stressed, possessed Hope the boys in blue don't arrest yours truly Respect but suspect, protect your neck jewelry 47s and Uzis, well-connected and recruiting I be with my Mexicans, I know they got the toolie I'm smoking doobies with like 20 of my goons Hotbox the whip and let smoke fill the room Even through my lenses, my sense is on the moon Dirty be the name and I came from the black lagoon I'm sick with the ink like infected tattoos Just one love but the two-three's branded on my shoes You would think I had a eighth the way I'm crushing them grapes Had her whining for a taste, that's why she's up in my face Them Apex taking over like we running with Apes What's the verdict? Nothing but a fucking disgrace, nigga [Verse 3: Nyck Caution] This ain't Quidditch but you know the snitch get caught Then get bitched like the bitch she brought, throw your fit then walk When they clip all of your Christmas thoughts There's no giving when they take what you got Placed in the crop circle, doc with a smocksie Art what we drop, dropping car with Da Vinci, whimpering Leave that risk to your Pros Wrist full of stone, lapidate if they pass me the smoke I'm strapped and irate, daps from the fake Get me mad and I contemplate irrational mode Don't think about nada, strung you by your collar The flow father who balanced out his chromosomes proper I'm going home partner like Posada, they talk beef But toss the ensalada, peep the blue Impala There's arrogant cops who stay intruding Can't stop the 47 like protagonist in Absolution Them wack rappers who track-eluding Critic is a random student who use the era as a new rap influence Faster than ransom shootings or some cancer fluid I still kill and you can't lose it


C'mon [repeated] When he was a kid he was the joker Low potential, straight mediocre Class clown, sneak off out the back door Long hair leave a grease spot on the black board C'mon honey take off that bra Tryin to hit a homerun in your mom's garage He loved graffiti, it opened him Creeped down the alley with a can of rustoleum Canvas, that flat surface He learned quick to control the nervousness If it aint buildin he burnt the bridge And no he dont give a damn what the curfew is Chased away all the saving grace While them old folks bitch about the way hes raised Southside Minneatmosphere Get ya running from the cops just for practice here Well what do ya know he got older Trying to apply what childhood showed him Everybody left out in that cold To try to learn how to manage all that weight on his shoulders We all want the easy life a piece of the pie that'll keep us high So turn it up til' the speakers cry And don't quit til' you reach the sky, c'mon c'mon [repeated] And as an adult he took a good look Stayed away from the gangs and the crooks Even though he came from the same neighborhood So he fully understood that gang textbook Stay original be individual Push the pedal and never settle for the typical Feed your children look out for your people Live and let live and each one teach those Good luck get a tight defense And i hope you can depend on your higher sense Blanked emcees let em grow for The followers, felons, the fallen soldiers Hey rapper, we know it don't stop But don't forget about the folks on your block hey dopeman what you doin with the cash crop fuckin up gettin fat, fuckin up fellow have nots hey preacher, politician is that the house you live in how's the kitchen hey policeman dont bother even as a kid i only played robbers and robbers headphone activists aggressive pacifists i aint saying you gotta kill cops just look at your life check what its built off c'mon [repeated]

Boogie King

JERRY REED "Red Hot Picker"
Well now he rolled into High Point North Carolina In a 1929 Chevrolet cut down coupe Sportin' them alligator sneakers and wearin' that Real bright outta sight tight fittin' double knit and pinstriped suit He said folks I come from Hump Alabama My old man played doghouse bass and he was outta sight He taught me how to do my thing Makin' music in a redneck joint every Friday and Saturday night Said people call me the Boogie King I like to make all of God's chillun sing Stand back woman let me do my thing Uh careful I'm gonna lay my Saturday night move on ya again Boogie boogie boogie boogie Well now he come on so strong with them pearly teeth And them tailor made clothes and all that slick black hair That he had all them folks around High Point North Carolina Just scratchin' their heads sayin' I declare Well before too long he done opened a joint on the edge of town Called the King Of Clubs out on Highway One Where all the folks includin' the mayor and his cute little wife Used to come every night and just dig all the fun People really dug on the Boogie King They liked to hear the boy pick and sing They got all tore up when he done his thing Oh don't get close to me honey I might rub off on ya Well the Boogie King he just rocked right along And the town folks thought he done found him a home And was settlin' down until the day the boy turned up gone And so did all of the money from the local bank downtown Well the police said my it sure looked strange The day old Boogie King up and left town all the money left too But they said whoever done it really knowed his stuff Cause he was slick enough to get in there and get it and not leave a clue But I'll betcha in another little town somewhere There's a fast talkin' devil with slick black hair Makin' all them women say well I declare He calls his self the Boogie King Ah come in there sideways son with them hot licks Honey they call me Killer Dealer Ha ha ha the Nashville Thriller Ha ha ha ha ha how'd ya like that move I laid on ya there huh Ya can't get that at your local Five And Dime

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