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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Rocky Mountain Holiday

Home On The Range

Original and similar lyrics
Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam Where the deer and the antelope play Where seldom is heard a discouraging word And the skies are not cloudy all day Home, home on the range Where the deer and the antelope play Where seldom is heard a discouraging word And the skies are not cloudy all day The red man was pressed from this part of the west It's not likely he'll ever return To the banks of Red River where seldom if ever His flickering campfires still burn Home, home on the range Where the deer and the antelope play Where seldom is heard a discouraging word And the skies are not cloudy all day How often at night when the heavens are bright I see the light of those flickering stars Have I laid there amazed and asked as I gazed If their glory exceeds that of love Home, home on the range Where the deer and the antelope play Where seldom is heard a discouraging word And the skies are not cloudy all day

Long Road To Glory

JURASSIC 5 "Power In Numbers"
[All] J-U-R-A-S-S-I-C-F-I-V-E [Chali 2-na] He who is without sin Cast the first stone Blast the verse No matter the class I'm vers'tile Kickin' it for you hipocritic berzerk ohms I'm hopin' at worst Hopin' the words that touch home And clutch domes Ya' think Electrical sockets and wet feet How you infinitely get sleep The minute we get deep Ladies and 'gents peep One hundred percent heat Up undersea mistreats Now I'll leave you mince meat Yes I'm from UNITY My last name sits in the middle of opportunity (Huh) With two-laid plans and new-made fans My crew raid lands and punch like the Kool-Aid Man [Chorus:] [All] It was a long road to glory [All] Battle for territory Just to be called the masters of the ceremony Marathon Decathalon Word-play Mega-bomb Metabolism With the rhythm Keep it goin' on [2X] [Soup] The epitomy Five-hundred thousand so convincingly Street ministry J-5th-a-tune infantry Finna be About to be The best kept commodity Twelve incher LP We're representin' properly Now possibly the knock could be That old school philosophy That if it doesn't rock a beat It's not considered property Remember me Remember us Ice Cold Cold Crush 1920 Gold Rush Rollin' up Hold up! Now aint no need For you to be surprised When we impliment and improvise With each and every verse that I Get busy with Lacing it with murder talk Turn a 'sault Tom-A-Hawk Razor sharp Tribal walk [All] Fresh gear We're makin' our beds And we're doin' lots of things That we never did We went to Paris in the spring-time Bahamas in the fall We thank Alla We're doin' it all [Chorus] [Marc-7even] Pick a paragraph and phrase it Mentally you save it Kick it to the world and Suddenly they crave it Thats the way it is In this verbal warfare Workin' hard for the love But there aint no wars here Years been puttin' On a play with your foot in Cause you'll be comin' back Like the brother Dwight Gooden Seven's back again Slappin' men and askin' them If they really wanna fuck wit' the style we tappin' in [Akil] Hey yo, I just couldn't wait To grab a piece of my own cake So I can elevate And hold my own weight My mind state be the ghetto Street corner heavy metal Black like the pot and tea kettle My street credibility Minus negativity Multiplied energy What attends a few Ability sililoque Of a real MC Tastin' the grammar J5 slamma jamma [Chorus] (OH) (Here we go) Metabolism with the rhythm Keep it goin' on [scratching] Marathon Decathalon Word-play Mega-bomb (OH) (Here we go) Metabolism with the rhythm Keep it goin' on [scratching] Marathon Decathalon Word-play Mega-bomb

Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word

JOAN BAEZ "Any Day Now"
Seems like only yesterday I left my mind behind Down in the Gypsy Cafe With a friend of a friend of mine She sat with a baby heavy on her knee Yet spoke of life most free from slavery With eyes that showed no trace of misery A phrase in connection first with she occurred That love is just a four-letter word Outside a rattling store-front window Cats meowed to the break of day Me, I kept my mouth shut To you I had no words to say My experience was limited and underfed You were talking while I hid To the one who was the father of your kid You probably didn't think I did, but I heard You say that love is just a four-letter word I said goodbye unnoticed Pushed towards things in my own games Drifting in and out of lifetimes Unmentionable by name Searching for my double, looking for Complete evaporation to the core Though I tried and failed at finding any door I must have thought that there was nothing more Absurd than that love is just a four-letter word Though I never knew just what you meant When you were speaking to your man I can only think in terms of me And now I understand After waking enough times to think I see The Holy Kiss that's supposed to last eternity Blow up in smoke, its destiny Falls on strangers, travels free Yes, I know now, traps are only set by me And I do not really need to be Assured that love is just a four-letter word Strange it is to be beside you Many years and tables turned You'd probably not believe me If I told you all I've learned And it is very, very weird indeed To hear words like forever plead Those ships run through my mind, I cannot cheat It's like looking in the teacher's face complete I can say nothing to you but repeat what I heard That love is just a four-letter word

Where It At

JOEY BADA$$ "1999"
[Intro] [Verse 1: Joey BADA$$] Let's get down tonight I think I might blow a whole pound tonight So shorty hit me with the spot and if it sound alright Then you know I'm in the house Let a nigga run his mouth It's going down on sight I'm always down to fight [?] a nigga in the wild no bluff Ain't no chuch when you're living in the wild I was hidden in the crowd Rippin' on some loud 'Till I seen the sucka nigga dick-lickin' on my style Wow must've been the material linen Whole night kept him in my peripheral vision All I gotta say is the word and imperials get him Word to my pops I know niggas known for cereal killin' But back to the women They tryna catch me slippin' So I gotta pack a mags to stop venereal venoms From entering my system If it ain't my moms or my 'sistant I cut 'em in the system [Hook: Joey BADA$$] So tell me where it's at and I'm in the spot (so what you wanna do) I said so tell me where it's at and I'm in the spot (we got a lot to come true) I said so tell me where it's at and I'm in the spot (so what you wanna do) So tell me where it's at and I'm in the spot (we got a lot to come true) I said so tell me where it's at and I'm in the spot (so what you wanna do) Tell me where it's at and I'm in that spot (we got a lot to come true) Let me know [x4] [Verse 2: Joey BADA$$] Yo let me tell you what I'm living like Same shit just a different night Super bad chicks and they all up in my kryptonite 'Bout to get down I'm tryna get up in the tight So roll the endo right And I can show you what them bitches like They just wanna come and have fun Told this little hun she could come But don't touch my funds I might get crazy I might bust a gun So just give me some money And I might bust her son Might bust and run They said love will come knockin' at my door Well I guess lust must've wrung The dutch touch the lungs and it was on Had her beggin' for the dawn 'till the crack of dawn Then I passed it off to Quan I said it gotta be the swank if it ain't the rank Cause some pull hoes like [?] Hold up Let me pull ove' Told her to hop in then put it back and drove And hit it out park like Al Pujols [Hook: Joey BADA$$ & Kirk Knight] [Verse 3: Kirk Knight] She's so enticing Derogatory thoughts when I'm sighting Slangs to get her wet And I heard you're overflowing I could test the waters like sea man And I heard you like sea man (semen) Well let me slide through I know you're feelin' the kid Cause these nonchalant lines is lettin' me in Cause on contrast I could see us lovebirds it's in plain sight And am I right cause I heard you like the international lovin' On a higher scale When I mean scale I do it well Let me go deeper feel like I'm doing it well Word on the street you acting like a bastard Can I be you daddy? You can hop up in my caddy And I heard you got the fatty Yeah cellurite Just remember it's amazing how I come up on the track So duck and weave And please believe My side effect is shakin' knees Damn here I go again with the suggestive themes [Hook: Joey BADA$$ & Kirk Knight]

Scandinavian Skies

BILLY JOEL "The Nylon Curtain"
The sins of Amsterdam were still a recent surprise And we were flying over Scandinavian Skies We climbed towards the sun, we turned and cursed as one We pulled the shades and closed our eyes, eyes The Stockholm city lights were slowly starting to rise And we were strapped against those Scandinavian skies The landing gear came down and touched the Swedish ground And we were all so paralyzed, -----ized, -----yzed On the plane we were mainly sound and lights In the veins, we could play the blues all night The tour of Germany was bleeding into our eyes And we were sailing over Scandinavian skies We had the Midas touch until we met the Dutch And they exhausted our supplies, -----ies, -----ies Who's to pay for this international flight? Who could stay? We were only there for the night We watched the power fall inside the Olso hall While all the cold Norweigians cried, --ied Who could say, what was left and where was right? By the way, I could play the blues all night

Knock Knock

J. COLE "The Warm Up"
Yea, we fresh off-mutherfuckin South Beach Yea, huh, Sometimes play the villan, sometimes play the hero Sometimes I be dealer sometimes I be primo Sometimes I be feeling, I got a big ego Other times a nigga swim a round like Nemo Uh, small fish in a big ass pond pushed around like a mower on a big ass lawn I get my weight up, Inflat up and make these old niggas open the gate up at the mansions that they laid up in Like, "Hello my name is Cole" I'm walking right up in and well known Don't give a fuck it you gon hate it man, hey fellow Either you follow me or swallow me bitch And I done hit to many hoes to ever pause that shit Now since I just seen my face up in the XXL A few chicks want to text let's chill-how obvious Girls from all over the world is my hobby and I got a chic who stay in DC like a lobbyist My old chick from Rawley that I still like to parley with Just to hear that accent, now come and get that back bent The moans turn to screams I can feel her climaxing Now if you faking that baby you need to try acting Hollywood shit, Had a nigga feeling like the milkman deliver that due to body good dick Feeling like I got game that Karate could'ntkick, Therefore I'm bagging things that you probably wouldn't get, what up! I'm a talk until you tell me shut up Huh, and we can walk the beach until the sun up Huh, I ain't gon lie I'm trynna get some cut up! Ay, so what up! Hey You heard that huh? Oh you ain't heard of me well I prefer that! Uh, I text my number to you did you get that? Huh, well when you lonely baby you can hit back And I I'll fix that Tell me is you with that, hey, ay tell me is you with that Ay tell em is you with that Yea, ay baby is you with that! Yea

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