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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Rocky Mountain High

Darcy Farrow

Original and similar lyrics
(Gillette/Campbell) Where the walker runs down to the Carson Valley Plain, there lived a maiden, Darcy Farrow was her name. The daughter of old Dundee, and a fair one was she, the sweetest flower that bloomed o'er the range. Her voice was as sweet as sugar candy, her touch was as soft as a bed of goose down. Her eyes shone bright like the pretty lights that shine in the night out of Yerrington town. She was courted by young Vandamere. A fine lad was he as I am to hear. He gave her silver rings and lacy things. She promised to wed before the snows came that year. But her pony did stumble, and she did fall. Her dying touched the hearts of us one and all. Young Vandy in his pain put a bullet through his brain, We buried them together as the snows began to fall. They sing of Darcy Farrow where the Truckee runs through, they sing of her beauty in Virginia City, too. At dusky sundown to her name they drink a round and to young Vandy whose love was true.

Rocks On The Road

JETHRO TULL "Catfish Rising"
There's a black cat down on the quayside. Ship's lights, green eyes glowing in the dark. Two young cops handing out a beating: know how to hurt and leave no mark. Down in the half-lit bar of the hotel there's a call for the last round of the day. Push back the stool, take that elevator ride. Fall in bed and kick my shoes away. Rocks on the road. Can't sleep through the wild sound of the city. Hear a car full of young boys heading for a fight. Long distance telephone keeps ringing out engaged: wonder who you're talking with tonight. Who you talking with tonight Rocks on the road. Tired plumbing wakes me in the morning. Shower runs hot, runs cold playing with me. Well, I'm up for the down side, life's a bitch and all that stuff: so come and shake some apples from my tree. Have to pay for my minibar madness. Itemised phone bill overload. Well now, how about some heavy rolling Move these rocks on the road. Crumbs on the breakfast table. And a million other little things to spoil my day. Now how about a little light music to chase it all away To chase it all away.


JAMIE T "Panic Prevention"
[Chorus:] From here to Salvador the ladies dance To fill us reckless sons with the passions of the heart I've been around this town for so long She's been dancing since the first day I've been all around but I love coming back to see Lucy She swings me over to pull me out twirls around And I fall about in giggles and laughter Oh I'm plastered and can't deal help it I'm sorry love What's to falling feeling feet but you know Who dancing around these streets there Lonely like you and your falling to ask For a dance or two With a heart of gold and a face so pale With a second hand dress and the lips of a tempress With a barstool banshee who howled at me The kings and queens of the clubs evolved from pubs And too much broken heart love And singing up the blues in a locked box bedroom A whap bopalu bop to whap bam boo Are you gonna take the chance Why do you care no one play fare And neither do the lords of the dance [Chorus] Well a bang bang Anglo Saxons at the disco atishoo you all fall down Hound dogs rowl on the prowl for the next young girl Who told her daddy I'm going round Gemma's to learn and study Cos I'm young so free and I'm kinda sexy and when I'm on the floor All the boys that feel me and old dear diaries never been a friend of mine [Chorus]

Little Green Men

PROJECT 86 "Truthless Heroes"
Out of the playground's ashes Come little men with little games They're playing war They're planning new crusades like new arcades The reason for the season is to flood the media With suicidal mania And paint this landscape with this human waste So lets all sing a song of love Lets sing sing sing sing Sing until our throats bleed And if this child could sing he would say: I don't need anybody I don't need anyone I don't need your guidance home Watch as I build my empire Watch as I rise and fall Watch as I fight all alone History's a stage for re-runs For 3 A.M. insomniacs who quote the episodes If tricycles came with guns we'd all be safe Little green men didn't come from outer space With coupons in the Sunday Paper They came from corporate brains So until we all confess And admit we stole the candy These little men are playing games >From here to eternity But I'll be sitting by myself here Waiting oh so patiently Waiting for the sky to fall And purge frail humanity

Billy The Kid

Guthrie Woody
Billy The Kid I'll sing you a true song of Billy the Kid, I'll sing of the desperate deeds that he did, Way out in New Mexico, long long ago When a man's only chance was his own 44. When Billy the Kid was a very young lad In the old Silver City he went to the bad Way out in the West with a gun in his hand At the age of twelve years he first killed his man. Fair Mexican maidens play guitars and sing A song about Billy, the boy bandit king How ere his young manhood had reached its sad end He'd a notch on his pistol for twenty-one men. 'Twas on the same night when poor Billy died He said to his friends: I am not satisfied. There are twenty-one men I have put bullets through And sheriff Pat Garrett must make twenty-two. Now this is how Billy the Kid met his fate, The bright moon was shining, the hour was late Shot down by Pat Garrett, who once was his friend The young outlaw's life had now come to its end. There's many a man with a face fine and fair Who starts out in life with a chance to be square, But just like poor Billy he wanders astray And loses his life in the very same way. Note: This song -- a pretty good one, I think -- is remembered mainly because Woody Guthrie used the tune for the verse of So Long, It's Been Good to Know You. From Lomax-Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads filename[ BILLYKID play.exe BILLYKID RG ===DOCUMENT BOUNDARY===


A plate steel object was fired And I did not feel for my compatriots Hated even the core of myself Not a matter of ill-health It was fear of weakness deep in core of myself The fact attainment was out of... [Mounting orations/What generations] [Dumb populations/What emulations] To be humbled in Iceland Sing of legend, sing of destruction Witness the last of the god-men Hear about Megas Jonsson * Cast the runes against your own soul There is not much more time to go Work fifteen hours for the good of the soul And be humbled in Iceland Sit in the gold room Fall down flat in the Cafe Iol* Without a glance from the clientele Your coffee black as well, Hair blond as hell Cast the runes against your own soul Roll up for the underpants show And be humbled in Iceland And the spawn of the volcano Is thick and impatient Like the people around it. See a green goblin redhead, redhead Make a grab for the book of prayers. Do anything for a bit of attention Get humbled in Iceland What the goddamn fuck is it? That played the pipes of aluminum A Memorex for the Krakens That induces this rough text And casts the runes against the self-soul And humbles in Iceland [* Megas Jonsson is considered to be the father of Icelandic rock'n'roll ; he ridiculed the sacred Sagas of [Iceland], wrote scathing, surreal lyrics, got heavily into booze and drugs, was barred from radio and shunned by society. In 1979 he released a double album called Plans For Suicide, announced his retirement, and hasan't performed in public since he's now a dock worker. -- from Colin Irwin's 26 September 1981 Melody Maker article about the Fall in Iceland. --Ed.] [* Cafe Iol is a famous meeting spot in Reykjavik where MES hung out when in Iceland. --ed.] [* [From Paintwork]

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