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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Rocky Mountain Christmas

Dreamland Express

Original and similar lyrics
I caught a ride on the Dreamland Express last night I was sailing on an ocean of blue And right there by my side, much to my surprise, was you I said, come over here baby, let me look in your eyes Let me see the very heart of you And I couldn't believe it, TO conceive that my dream would come true Cause you said, hey there sweet daddy, everything is alright for miles there's not a telephone line There's not a soul to disturb us dont be nervous Just come and be mine You said, let me be the end of your rainbow Let me be the stars up above Let me be the one that you long forgotten Let me be the one that you love, oh, oh Let me be the one that you love And now it's four in the mornin',Honey I can't sleep I can't seemed to get you out of my mind I keep tossin' and turnin', I'm yearnin' for the sun to shine I'd like to send you a ticket on the Dreamland Express And take you far away with me I've got a vision of heaven and you livin' there with me Let me be the end of your rainbow Let me be the stars up above Let me be the one that you dream of baby Let me be the one that you love, oh, oh Let me be the one that you love Let me be the end of your rainbow Let me be the stars up above Let me be the one that you dream of baby Let me be the one that you love, oh, oh Let me be the one that you love


MYSTIKAL "Unpredictable"
Michelle Elizabeth Tyler [4X] There we go right there, ok were on the air Let's go We grew up with showbusiness on our mind In hope to make a big name Thats why me and my sister was a stiff competition Show off when company came Nothing but little, cause I was too shy Stupid in front of the rest of the family SHAKE THAT ASS! Although my sister was the one with the beautiful voice I still had to go last Everybody wait, now I'm a cut the fools The nigga laughing, acting goofy I either came in the room when everybody go bye And do the Michael Jackson and just act stupid But lately, me and my people ain't been havin' to many family groupin's Or maybe, it just some times heard a sweet melody of my baby who be You was there through the struggle As y'all come and try to reach the big picture I'm tellin' ya It hurt when you plan to do something with somebody you love When it's time to do it, they can't be with you I'm feelin' guilty to take it there, but better since you been gone Well no matter Must we fix up the furniture ain't the same when you ain't home baby I'm 'a miss you forever, forget you never But you gonna see the world through my eyes And live what I never saw So if you can see me way from Heaven, over the cloud You could be proud of your little brother, so look down and smile [hook] Shine my lady, I miss you baby For your my baby, my love is crazy Your my sister, I'll always miss you No one can get ya', cause God is with ya' Shine my lady, I miss you baby For your my baby, my love is crazy There's no other, it's from your brother Your son and mother, cause we all love ya' All the sad songs in the world Probably couldn't express how much I miss my baby I just thank God that I had a big sister The 29 beautiful years that he gave her Even the days when I misbehaved And I knew she was gonna get that belt to pop me I could see the aggrivation in your face My momma said that they had to watch me 'Michelle, if you go somewhere, take Michael with you' Know what that meant All up and down the house trying to find how your time gonna be spent Cause I was too hard-headed Everywhere you said 'Don't go', thats where I went Always flipping, jumping around like a jackass, somewhere climbing a fence Bring me my Rocking Robin, my double dutch bust She had some song to sang for us, we had some name brands to discuss Plus, I want to tell her I was sorry for leaving the toilet seat up And not cleaning out the tub, and leaving peanut butter and jelly And drinking out the Kool-Aid jar I pissed you off, burned you up When you told me 'Cut that music down', I turned it up Bickering conflict cause y'all doubt how we showed out love You was my flesh and blood, we was brother and sister And it meant so much Now I'm doing it, you supposed to be here We supposed to be righting songs together I'm telling ya', that girl tore talent shows up But owned Tina Marie records What you left us with, never be in vain You gonna be shining, and they gonna know your name Too many damn things left unexplained But since you was an angel down here, then an angel there you shall remain And thats always until my time, you're my strength, you're my life Shine [hook]

Where Do We Go From Here

SARAH CONNOR "Green Eyed Soul"
[Verse 1:] No matter how hard I try A love like that keeps pushing me inside But after all is said and done You're gonna be the only one I wish that you were near me now And get tangled heart to heart I never felt a love like this before You're the one I adore [Chorus:] Boy come to me cause love won't wait Make up your mind, babe it's not too late Boy I can feel there's love around Uuhhh baby Treat me like a lover Sweet words of love I gave to you Let yourself go, cause I'm feelin' blue In my mind, you were always near Uuhhh baby Where do we go from here [Verse 2:] So tell me now can there ever be Anyone else for you but me No other love can take your place Or match the beauty of your face I need to hold U in my arms I got that lonely feeling again You trapped me in, don't wanna waste my time Please help me to ease my mind [Chorus:] Just like a planet needs water Love needs a heart to survive I hope that sooner or later You'll realize... [Chorus]


CITY HIGH "City High"
City High, Booga Bassment Here come another one, uh I know things ain't work out for you and me But don't worry 'bout my child Cause I'm gonna take care of him baby But I can't keep coming around breaking you off Cause it breaks my heart when we make love And ain't no love involved [1] - Why should we screw If we can't get along What's the point in gettin' it on You know that it's wrong When all we do is sweep it under the wrong What's the point when we touch If we're no longer in love This makes no sense to do what we do Cause baby I've been moved on And I know you got someone knew Said we promised each other we wouldn't make this a sexual thing Cause it feels good, while we bang But when it's over You know we be fighting again [Repeat 1] Why - tell me why it seems to be The only time you work with me Is when we're between the sheets When I'm working your body That's when we get along But when you put your clothes back on We're back to the same old song We got it all wrong [Breakdown] [Repeat 1 till end]

Lady (Remix)

Hook: You're my lady (x4) Don't think I don't see them looking at you All of them wishing they could have you And as a matter of fact, uh A bunch of them are itchin' for you to scratch 'em I'm tiried of hiding what we feel I'm trying to come with the real And I'm gonna make it known Cause I want them to know Hook You're my little baby (baby) my darling baby (baby) I swear you're the talk of the town and everybody wants to know what's going down Babe, I know they've seen us before Maybe at the liquor store, or maybe at the health food stand They don't know that I'm your man Hook I can tell they're looking at us I pick you up everyday from your job And everyguy in the parking lot wants to rob me of my girl And my heart and soul, and everybody wants to treat me so cold But I know I love you and you love me There's no other lover for you or me AZ: Yeah, yo though I only paid you occasional I'm raising you up then those ivading you Pushing up persuading you with conversation That consist of solicitation false information See I deal with sophistication, shimp and lobster style You see me dressed up proper in crocodile Crock awhile I leave alone, unofficial is not your style My innger vision is this plush life living, me escaping the inner city prision Raping our women is causing havoc Breaking bonds that birth marriage this Earth was once lavish Now it's ursed left for a savage Mind, I tech mine, respect mine, let's connect projects Lex wet sex and wine all the time, the Firm staff on the climb Nas the trio, D'Angelo and Primo You know how we go Firm affiliation 9-6 Hook


LL COOL J "10"
Uhh, yeah.. mmm, c'mon You know how long I've been waiting for this Mmm, you know how bad I want this (mmm, mmm, mmm) [Chorus: Girl + (LL)] Kiss me from (uhh) head to toe (I will) Oooh baby, I love you so (c'mon) My sweet love, ain't gon' stop (uh) I'm gon' be, your lollipop (lollipop) Kiss me from, head to toe Oooh baby, I love you so (I know) My sweet love, ain't gon' stop I'm gon' be, your lollipop [LL Cool J] Lolli-lolli-pop-pop, boppin down the block-block I've been lovin you since junior high, ma you got Everything I need, everything I want You're the type of dime a real player wanna flaunt Lovin them lips and the shape of them hips When I see you in that whack brother's whip, I FLIP I hate your boyfriend, that cat is corny I kick it to you and I dare that clown to run up on me When nights are stormy I be thinkin about your pretty smile, gritty style But duke got you locked down like Riker's Isle I wanna break your man off, I can't control it, I'm a hater Especially, when your perfume lingers inside the elevator You're the one, the only one That I would beg, to give me some Playerism's for life, eternal flossin, proceed with caution Baby toss him, divorce him, let the boss in [Chorus w/ variations] [LL Cool J] So ballalistic, mystic, twisted In my dreams I kissed it, never missed it, I frisked it Searched it, worked it, lollipopped it and jerked it You followed, swallowed, scratch my back, baby burped it Red Passion, high fashion Nobody got to know I'm smashin, I'm sayin shorty Rock, Miss Thang, playin childish games Standin on the corner knowin damn well I wanna blaze Sweet get to it anywhere you like On the rooftop, at midnight The project stairs, I'll be there Runnin my fingers through your hair Anyway, the untouchable, magnetic Kissable loveable huggable energetic, call a medic Your man'll regret it, when I hit it I'm athletic Energize your thighs you'll recognize the size It's epidemic.. [Chorus w/ variations] [LL Cool J] When y'all alone in the Brooklyn brownstone Starin at the high ceiling, what a feeling Clothes peeling, finally you're double dealing I'm walkin, he's wheeling, it's unreal when You got the dime of your fantasies My lollipop ecstasy's on top of me Just like I thought, it's a small world after all I don't care if your neighbors hear us down the hall Make 'em jealous, what they gon' tell us If you don't tell your girls baby, I won't tell the fellas If you don't plea, I orchestrated icebergisms Visions of my lollipop's thick risen, for my wisdom Plop plop fizzdom, what I give them Make - yea baby, right there - my new anthem I love you baby, take it deep deep deep Deep deep deep, now go to sleep [Chorus w/ variations] [LL ad libs to end]

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