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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Rhymes And Reasons

Yellow Cat

Original and similar lyrics
(Fromholz) It's late December and the New Year's never coming, time passes slowly in a two-room walk-up flat, The sun is silent, there's a cold rain's gonna come on, no one to talk to but my lady's yellow cat. Raindrops falling on the flowers in the window box, plastic roses that I planted yesterday. I didn't think they'd die so soon but they're all withered now, seems like everything I touch turns out that way. Well, I guess I'll just go walking, the cat's no good for talking to, He don't know what I'm saying and the rain is always playing on my mind, on my mind. Street lights drifting through the blinds that cover window-panes blending softy with the bare lights overhead. Then together they run swiftly through my memory, an eerie image of a strange and empty bed. The wind is whipping up the papers in the street below, I got some books to read but it seems they've all been read. Clouds are crowded in a misty drifting sky above, And I wish to hell I could remember what I said. Well, I guess I'll just go walking, the cat's no good for talking to, He don't know what I'm saying and the rain is always playing on my mind, on my mind. One crystal wineglass on a table filled with scarlet stains stands alone and empty where there once were two. The jug is silent on the table by a broken plate, the wine is gone, my lady, and so, my love, are you. Well, I guess I'll just go walking, the cat's no good for talking to, He don't know what I'm saying and the rain is always playing on my mind, on my mind.

Volume 4

Henry Rollins "Weight"
I spend time searching my mind, walking blindly I'm a live but I don't kow why, my thoughts plague me Paranoia, fear and guilt, I hope I don't explode I'm a bomb that I can't diffuse, a gun I can't unload I don't listen, I don't know, man I don't care Talking about all the Hell that you've seen, man I live there Talk to me and it goes right through, I never heard a word you said Save your breath, it's no use, you're talking to the living dead Bullet driven eyes What can you tell me I'm living in a nightmare I'm on the edge shrinking back from the ledge Looking out my window down upon my heritage Strip malls, thin walls, people paralyzed beneath the sun Why me why now I see the dirty millions and try to survive somehow Got no reason got no need I hear gunshots I hear screams What can you do to me What can you say I used to be alive but I threw it all away I used to have problems I used to live a lie But then I saw the sidewalk bleed and I watched his mother cry I used to use my mind I used to wonder why Now I go from day to day and wait around to die Like He did

Drink & Dial

JAMES OTTO "Sunset Man"
Well my good buddy John likes to tie one on And get drunk on Friday nights And he’s just fine till the beer and shine combine Then he’s Jekyll and Hyde Starts cussin’ ’bout his boss and the job he lost And what he’d like to say to him Then he reaches for his cell says what the hell And that’s when I step in and I say [Chorus:] Friends don’t let their friends drink and dial Don’t let their fingers do the walkin’ when they’re whiskey wild ’Cause they’re gonna wake up in the morning with a poundin’ in their heads And they’re gonna wish to God they could take back all the things they said So when you see your buddy reachin’ for the phone Say friend wait awhile ’Cause friends don’t let their friends drink and dial Well my sister Diane lost her man To her best old ex-girlfriend Now the only time he crosses her mind Is when the margaritas set in She’ll start thinkin’ ’bout his blue eyes winkin’ And how he used to rock her world She steps out in the hall to make booty call And I say hold on girl because [Chorus] It ain’t ever been a good idea To reach out and touch someone When you’re flying high half outta of your mind Blowin’ a .21 and I say [Chorus] You know friends don’t let their friends Drink and dial

The Wexford Carol

TRACE ADKINS "The King's Gift"
Good people all, this Christmas time Consider well and bear in mind What our good God for us has done In sending his beloved son With Mary holy we should pray To God with love this Christmas Day In Bethlehem upon that morn, There was a blessed Messiah born The night before that happy tide The noble Virgin and her guide Near Bethlehem did shepherds keep Their flocks of lambs and feeding sheep To whom God's angel did appear Which put the shepherds in great fear Arise and go, the angels said To Bethlehem, be not afraid For there you'll find, this happy morn A princely babe, sweet Jesus, born With thankful heart and joyful mind The shepherds went the babe to find And as God's angel had foretold They did our Saviour Christ behold Within a manger he was laid And by his side a virgin maid Attending on the Lord of Life Who came on earth to end all strife Good people all, this Christmas time Consider well and bear in mind What our good God for us has done In sending his beloved son

The Ceiling Is Bendin

Flaming Lips
Well, it's midnight in a liquor store In Texas on Halloween Salvador Dali watches From his window in a dream Jesus is a rock star who destroys all he sees Godzilla is a cowboy Who is dressed up as a queen She isn't as depressed as she used to be Come on over here, my dear Well, I hold my head real still So I can't see very far They got all these Vietnamese Heads stuffed into jars They got all these things That make them look like they're way in They use polythene plastics On their bods instead of skin If I had someone to talk to I wouldn't mind so much But it takes so long to get there Can't remember where I was And I wouldn't mind to talk to you Even if I could The ceiling is bendin' on my telephone Everything's gettin' weird And my skin falls from my bones


REHAB "Southern Discomfort"
I am the everything the all knowing The omnipotent one I watch the fields I do not feel I circumnavigate everyone I am the scarecrow, alone and disconnected You stare right past me undetected I am only here when you expect it And feel a sadness undescribable I hange here motionless holding a bible No revival I died and became apathy Then married vacancy Then moved my children to the tundra of complacency I do not exist in your world I've burned the bridges, I've cut the life line Now all I have left is my mind Which judges all of you Analyzes your dumb philosophies Inwonderment of how you all have ruined your ecology But you do not hear for I am to you only but nothingness And I can't understand why I'm the only one that feels like this It's all piss, I flee Out of all the people that have left me The one I miss most, is me I am the scarecrow and I am so alone And I've seen thirty years of down time The face of a clown, a stick for a spine From a grandiose small town mind And crows fly all around mine They shit on my shoulder I got no voice, no mobility I get older, heated but colder No yield in my field, fuck my opinion I stare at your houses in the distance Silent persistence at night windows glisten I got nothing to say cause no one would listen anyway So I remain against the grain I've seen sunny days with rain Busted knuckles and pain and never complained Dirt is my domain, my view is plain But I'm invisible, sound mystical Not really, the days are dry the evening chilly The only one who understands is little Billy when he's lonely Make me feel something, make me worth a damn Make me new again, make me a fuckin' man Seen the rise and fall the high and low the come and go And if you knew what I know, sometimes one does not reap what he sews The wind blows, the moon glows the water flows The rain turns to snow, and the ground is froze And only God knows why that's the way it goes I am the scarecrow and I am so alone

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