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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Rhymes And Reasons


Original and similar lyrics
Isabel is waiting In a room of many shadows Her eyes like flashing diamonds Shining brightly from the sea Her hair in silken tresses Like a robe around her shoulders Hiding tantalising treasures That the sun has never seen Isabel is watching Like a princess from the mountains For the first soft snows of winter And the icy winds they bring With a whisper of her sadness In the passing of the summer Her crown is wild red roses With a lace of forest green And she wraps her arms around me and she sighs And she sing to me in silence with her eyes And her hair upon my pillow comforts me Isabel is weeping And her eyes are full of wonder She knows that it's the time for her And she cannot understand She's a mistress of the moonlight To the stars she is a sister And the morning now awaits her To betray her once again And she whispers as she sadly slips away Then she smiles because there's nothing left to say And she takes with her the sadness and the sun


Shawn Mullins "The Frozen Man (James Taylor)"
Belong Words and music by Shawn Mullins I've got a suitcase packed full of memories and evening's drawing near The mountain smiles upon me now it's all down hill from here an Anchorage of silence, a port of serenity I had to bow and kneel before I ever knew the real me But I understand for the first time why I call you my home like a free man running from himself I had nowhere left to roam There upon your mountains wading in your streams like a distant star the city's far behind me (Chorus) and I ask you now will you take me in because I never knew what I had till it was gone I have to sing my song there's no letting go Just can't stop the show This is where I belong Now it's 0500 on a Monday morn under a starry sky with old Iron Mike looking over me and the sleep still in my eyes So wrap yourself around me now and hold me till the sun rises and another day's begun

Mamma's Arms

JOSHUA KADISON "Painted Desert Serenade"
Goin back to a tender age, so full of confusion and rage Daddy says boy's your mammas gone Theres a hand on your shoulder as you pull under, Someone says time heals the hurt Little man you got to keep on keepin on All you want is mammas arms Ride back home in a limosine, Its the saddest car that you've ever seen Your brother can not look you in the eye Lightning strikes, thunder roars, Its an early winter in that heart of yours You swear you wont let them see you cry All you want is mammas arms Neighbours come and bring you pie, In this worlds infutile sighs And you run up to your room and lock the door There you are in your Sunday best, The way your mamma would have had you dressed, And your relise it doesnt matter anymore Cause all you want is mammas arms Round and round and round it goes, The seasons change a young boy grows To understand its all part of some plan You use to wonder whats its all about, Now those are questions you can do without, You laugh them off and do the best you can And all you want is mummas arms All you want is mammas arms

Transylvanian Concubine

Marilyn Manson
If you want to know how To fly high, then go now To the place where all the concubines... Meet and converse with them Marvel at their pale skin Wonder how they chew on their pointy... Teeth and hair are beauty They know it's their duty To be countess in their hearts and their... Minds that have to whisper See in them a sister Look into their eyes and you'll become Transylvanian Concubine. You know what flows here like wine. Stay here with us, it's just time. Transylvanian Concubine. Sorrow is their master Cackling with laughter Now he's having just one piece of... Cakey is their make-up Catholics try to shake up All the things that form their lives, but they're... Dead, their sighs, their songs They know what they do is wrong. Stay here with us, it's just time. Transylvanian Concubine. Candelabra's lighted Satan has been sighted Never has there been an evening like... This is what they wanted Always to feel hunted You can never be too rich or too... Thin. The blood has run out. Fangs ruin any cute pout Morning has come now they've flown What have you learned from what has been shown?

New Morning

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds "Tender Prey"
One morn I awakened A new sun was shining The sky was a Kingdom All covered in blood The moon and the stars Where the troops that lay conquered Like fruit left to wither Poor spiritual food And the spears of bright sun All brave with it conquest Did hover unearthly In banners of fire I kneit in the garden Awash with the dawning And a voice came so brightly I covered my eyes Thank you for giving This bright new morning So steeped seemed the evening In darkness and blood There'll be no sadness There'll be no sorrow There'll be no road too narrow There'll be a new day And it's today For us


Fish "Sunsets on Empire"
I want to be there in the morning, I want to wake up by your side. If I can make it back I'll be there, if I can catch the early flight. I'll bring you dragon's teeth from silver beaches, shells from Africa. I'll give you China dolls and silken shawls, orchids for your hair, Treasures drowned in sunken galleons, jewels from desert caves when I get there. We'll see each other in the morning when the sun comes up We'll see each other in the morning when the sun comes up In the morning I'll guard you from the monsters on the TV, From the pirates in the corners of your dreams. I'll keep you from the cold and safe from trolls, from the bad men while you play. I'll hunt for crocodiles and snakes with smiles I'll keep them Far away from your innocence in all it's wonder. We'll see each other in the morning when the sun comes up We'll see each other in the morning when the sun comes up In the morning, in the morning, when the sun comes up

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